New Way To Trade Bitcoin On Paxful Make $100-200 A Day Trading BTC

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

In this video I'm going to share with you guys a second method on how you could earn 100 to 200 dollars a day paid to you in the form of direct deposit right to your bank account paid in cash trading Bitcoin or selling Bitcoin on paxville so without further

Ado let's go bank that pin welcome back to another video if this is your first time here my name is Francis and on this channel we emphasize the importance of crypto mass adoption decentralization and other Bitcoin related stuff like a

Banker's coin so if you want to learn more make sure you subscribe and also hit that Bell notification button so you don't miss anything that's right I'm going to show you how to earn 100 to 200 dollars pay to you in cold hard cash

Right to your bank account it roughly works out to be about 20% profit but first if you have not saw my last video where I showed you guys how to earn 20 to 26 percent profits worth of Bitcoin or and also you could also use your

Bitcoin to get anything you want on Amazon at a forty three percent discount I highly recommend you check out that video I would leave the car to that video right here in my last video I actually said that how only certain

Countries are allowed to sell on paxville I just want to make this known that is not accurate I do apologize for that information I did read that somewhere about two weeks before I made the video so I do apologize anybody

Could do this from anywhere in the world all you need is an internet connection even a damn phone you don't even need a laptop to do this or a computer I'm just a little bit of a little just a little bit of BTC and you will be able to make

Consistent profits or engine from 20% and up on packs well if you watch this video in its entirety step-by-step I guarantee you would be able to make consistent profits on packs well at 20% profits okay so you guys are probably

Wondering what is packed full right so for people coming across this video for the first time and you're hanging about paxville for the first time as well or whatever I'll give you a brief introduction because this video isn't

Really about you know a review and paxville which I would make in the future certainly but right now this video is just showing you guys how to make money on packs well okay so packs will in a nutshell is a peer-to-peer

Marketplace that hereis for the unbanked meaning people i Delian say india and africa who don't have the means of resources such as a bank account or even simple things like documentation to prove their identity so

Their resort to you know places like paxville right which will allow them to get onto the blockchain without those things I just mentioned and they're also willing to pay you a premium ranging from anywhere from 8% up to like I see

Even seen two hundred percent okay for a Bitcoin it's crazy right and then the other half of those people are people who would like to remain anonymous right and an amenity is something that I respect in this space so that's why you

Know we're able to put to make money at this premium selling Bitcoin it's kind of like a mango you could get a cheap in Jamaica but in North America is a little bit expensive think of Bitcoin like that it's easily accessible for people like

Us but for other people it isn't so guess what they're gonna have to pay that premium if they want that BTC so that's how this works now also you're probably wondering if paxville is a scandal if they're legit

They're not a scam I've done our research I highly recommend everybody do their own research and they're just actually pardoned with by Nantz and this was coming from by Nance com from their own publication and not a random third

Party so I can assure you paxil is not a scam 100% not a scam just like how we made money with Amazon giftcards out of 20 to 26 percent profit we're going to be using paxville again but we're going to be using a different payment method

Which is a one vanilla Visa cards or master cards to make this moola so play close attention I'm actually gonna share my screen with you guys right now so here we are at PAX Bill's website and here is where the buyer and seller meets

Here is where we're going to pretty much be selling our Bitcoin out of premium okay now just like the Amazon gift cards we're gonna have to set up our terms of the trade or offer terms or step-by-step instructions in which the buyer is gonna

Have to abide to this way we're gonna filter out any potential scammers or what-have-you and guys like I mentioned in my previous videos scammers are everywhere okay that's the part of the territory of investing in crypto or

Making money in crypto you're gonna have to be able to have the skillset of differentiating scammers from genuine buyers okay and here at PAX flows no different just like telegram I tell people don't click on phishing links

Don't Bitcoin to anyone don't give her any information things of that nature the same thing goes here for paxil so I'm sure you guys already are aware of that also for anybody who uses MyLink I'm

Going to show you guys like give you special one-on-one time so to speak through telegram I made a private taxable chat that's my own and people use my link who want to learn how to do this how to make money in which I have

Already vigorously researched and found ways to do it which I'm sharing with everybody those in my chats will get more time from myself ok guys so moving forward let's start this offer right now so we're gonna come here and just click

The dashboard button right here and it's going to direct us to this page but what you guys are going to do is you're going to actually click this create a new offer button but since I already have it here I'm just going to click edit all

The information is already plugged in though in which I want to show you so I'm just going to click that ok once this page comes up obviously you want to click sell Bitcoin cuz that's what we're doing here then the payment method you

Want to type in a 1 a vanilla Visa MasterCard gift card now there is another one called think it's in my prepared vanilla gift card that we're not interested in that we're talking about one of vanilla visa make sure it's

One in front in front of the vanilla there's all kinds of other gift cards like Visa gift cards Walmart Visa Walmart gift cards all that stuff we're not interested in that so make sure you choose the right one which is one

Vanilla MasterCard okay the preferred currency I'm gonna get to that in a second okay but for anybody living in America you want to choose USD very important USD is has the highest volume or sales so to speak when it

Comes to these one vanilla master cards okay so once you've done that click next step now guys this is very important please pay very close attention here so right here your % above market rate this is

Pretty much how much money you want to make on this on your markup this is your profit range okay so right here I strategically put 28.5% for a reason and again we're going to get to why I chose that specific numbers a bit later on in

This video you'll want to pay close attention over here is my trade limits so again this was me testing it I had it at twenty-five dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars just to get more experience again more familiar with how

This works and that's why I put in those numbers you guys could put more you could put less whatever I highly recommend you start off low and then you know gain more experience and when you get more comfortable using this jacket

Up and you know start making a little bit more money offer of time I put thirty minutes you could put an hour but thirty minutes I mean there's no reason why this trade should take longer than that now on the right side it just

Pretty much gives you a summary of your details of this trade okay the next page is actually a little bit more important but customer will pay you using one vanilla visa make sure it's that on the escrow service so a Paxil charges a two

Percent fee when using gift cards other payment methods they do have lower fees but this one here is two percent okay whatever 25 to 150 blah blah blah next step okay this is very important this is actually more important now again using

These steps we're going to mitigate a risk a lot we're not going to worry about scammers at all if we follow these very basic steps on this protocol okay so offer tags so make sure that it is a physical one vanilla gift card that

We're dealing with so physical cards only that's a must receipt required that is an absolute must now cash only this is telling the potential buyer that they must pay for this gift card in cash why because if

It's paid with any sort of like credit card there's no way for us to know if that credit card was stolen okay and if it's a stolen credit card that could always come back to us so for us to really verify that it was paid with in

Cash that means well didn't pay what they were the credit card so we have to worry about that problem but potential problem okay and it could be a small chance to get a charge back if it was stolen I don't know let's just crypto

Man there's there's a lot of shady people out there so I want all of my shit paid with in cash so I don't have to like worry about this later down the road okay now your offer label is pretty much you could put that as anything it's

Like it's like an advertisement so to speak so to grab your attention I say PTC release instantly and I mean that by once I verify everything and I have the money and I know for sure like you know all of these check boxes are checked off

Then one or at least a BTC and I'll show you guys what I mean I'm coming up soon guys trust me you don't want to miss this one you but better be in that seat watching this whole video okay very important

Shit right here offer terms of the buyer guys pay close attention here so Canadian gift cards or internationally accepted only I got to change that so when you're dealing with these one vanilla gift cards if you live in

America you could only cash USD gift cards and I wish I lived in America for that very reason because as I mentioned earlier the American marketplace is a million times bigger than any other marketplace on on paxil on just like in

General anything right selling on you make more sales there than you would on top CA the state of California alone has more people living in that one state out of 52 states than all of Canada not so crazy that's how

Big the American market is okay now these gift cards if I could only I could only I'm gonna give it away but whatever I might as well I'm doing the video now so I could only convert Canadian a gift cards into cash

I cannot convert USD gift cards into into cash if I live in Canada so if you live in America you can only convert these u.s. these gift cards there and you guys have the benefit there if you live in Australia you can only convert

Australian gift cards into cash if you live in England you can only convert that into cash the Sterling into cash in your country I hope that's understand I'll give you guys a visual later on so in our terms we want to see this please

Do not upload your card or card number without reading these steps okay kindly make sure that the card has the same balance this offer claims the Carta must be unregistered unused and unlocked step-by-step instructions provide me a

Clear picture of the full receipt that was paid in cash along with the four digits serial number which matches a card on the receipt I also have to take that off because the four digits on that's on the receipt and also in the

Card it could vary it could be a different number I think it could give us like some sort of like packaging number or something they're just different numbers so I'm actually gonna take that off right now trying to clear

Picture this those painting cash okay so take that off alright step number two provide me a clear picture of the front and back of the card with no fingers or hands in the picture lay down on the table or even on

The floor that would work okay these steps are very important because this is how we're gonna verify that the card that this gentleman is presenting to us matches the receipt and is indeed the same card that was paid for in cash on

The receipt okay that's our number one thing we want to arm you know we want to know for certain and verify pretty much train instructions is exactly word for what word what I have over here so copy and paste that here coming down to the

Verification now I don't recommend you checking off these boxes so this is pretty much saying you want to require that the potential buyer or your trade partner is verified they're emailed okay you want to require that the trade

Partner is verified their phone number or their verify their identification for me I don't really care about that because you know once I have these steps in check I don't have to worry about that and by me checking these boxes

Being selective or being customizing my customers it's going to minimize my sales so I don't care about that actually I respect an amenity for anyone who wants to be remain anonymous let them remain anonymous it's not gonna

Hurt us it's actually going to increase our sales so I'm all for that okay target country it's up to you I I haven't really seen the same amount of successor you know so pretty much like you know again for this particular

Payment method we want to deal with people in our country so you know I'm in Canada I'm gonna deal with Canadians because I could only use the Canadian cards to convert that in cash American USD gift cards you could only convert

Down and cash in your country so you might want to just list that there however there are times where people from like say Nigeria or Ghana or India have a vanilla one you SD cards okay so you don't you probably don't want to put

That there because you want get them on your list if you just target people from US US residents right so I won't put that for now okay going down going down whatever nothing really too much important here an update offer and

That's it from there you're going to actually wait for someone to message you and people do message you as actually if you could cash at the USD gift cards so I'm going to show you guys another actual real example of a trade

That I have executed with these exact one vanilla gift cards so this right here was for a 100 dollar USD 1 vanilla Visa MasterCard gift card rather okay so as you can see right here it says the buyer is paying 100 USD for point zero

Zero eight which works out to 80 dollars and 82 cents worth of u.s. dollars for a one vanilla Visa gift card okay so that is my markup and my markup is 20.8% as I showed you guys now as my instructions on my terms of this trade

Indicates he must provide for me a picture a clear picture of the receipt up front of the card and also a clear picture of the back of the card which I already opened up and you can see he sent those screenshots right here the

First thing we want to look at is this receipt as you guys can see now all receipts are different and you know this receipt does see somewhere in New Jersey what these guys would do is they have family members in the states that will

Buy them these gift cards and then they will just send them the picture over to these guys in Africa and then they sent us that's just how they do it I really don't give a shit okay so right here a first thing yes paid in cash 110 dollars

He got his change at four dollars whatever at the top here it says where is it all these receipts are different so here it is on February 14th at 11:51 a.m. is when he purchased this okay so those are two vital pieces of

Information now the next set of information I need is the front of the card where I already typed in in in this URL box you know the on the card number and what we're gonna use for this is what we're gonna do with this is we're

Gonna log in to the online account of this card which I'll show you guys in a second now at the back of the card the hair is where we're going to get the actual website to log in and we're going to need the 12 digit card number at the

Front the expiry date and this three digit number as well now we got to look a little bit closely for this website right here it says one vanilla com now when you're dealing with these cards these websites do vary I think I had a

One that said my prepaid vanilla calm and one vanilla prepaid com this one is just one vanilla calm all different but it's all one centralized system so you could get access to all those websites with any

One vanilla card okay guys pay close attention because right here is how you're going to verify if this guy actually paid this exact card what he's trying to trade you with for your Bitcoin paid with cash for this card so

Pay close attention okay so I already have one vanilla open up I'm gonna actually copy this and the expiry date was zero four to seven okay so I'm gonna put that in there I'm gonna press oops paste zero four to seven and what was

The three-digit thing it was two one two three digit number we're going to put that in two one two I'm not a robot and I don't want to save that okay so here it is guys very important stuff so right off the bat it tells us the card was

Activated at on sorry February February the 14th of 2020 now if we go back to this guy's receipt which is right here okay it does say indeed for every 14th of 2020 now that could be any card so it

Says that 1151 a.m. that happened that means when this guy went to buy this card at the corner store the gas station or he went to this store over here 900 marketplace in Hamilton New Jersey whatever that is may be a variety store

The cash or when you scan the card that's what this tells us he bought it exactly at 11:51 p.m. now New Jersey actually falls under my time zone which is Eastern Standard Time you might find four instances say

Somebody purchased this card in another time zone that times may be off so you're gonna have to work with your time zones if you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty okay so let's come back here okay we got that we got that

However you guys would see right here it shows on the following day the 15th at around 3:30 4:00 p.m. income which is a statement coming from vanilla one says that somebody logged in during that time that's also another that's like I said

The second level of verification you can look at it as that okay so to activate the card for the second time let's call it is when you log in now let's go back to my chat okay so this date says febri

15th 2020 at 3:30 4:00 p.m. I was talking to this guy around that time right it says right here you could see February 15th 2020 at 3:18 he gave me the pictures at 3:22 p.m. on February 15th February 26 so this is exactly the

Time right look right here 334 you gave me more information ok so when we come back here let's go back to the one vanilla sites indeed this was me I logged in on February 15th at 334 and that's when I checked the bounds of the

Card at the time it had $100 so right off the bat I know this card is 1,000% legit ok guys now what we want to do from here is assign ourselves a zip code I have personally called customer service of one vanilla and they said how

This is not necessary anymore before once you log on here and to make online purchases or or to charge invoices you have to first assign the zip code they say you don't have to but I would just do it anyways because I see

The option is there so you know assign it any zip code in this case this is a you SD card so as I need assign in the zip code within any state of America now for me in Canada zip codes are called postal codes so when I'm dealing with a

CED one vanilla card I'm gonna assign it a postal code I just assign them my postal code and that's that and then yeah there we go so you guys are probably thinking well TCL you know I having a gift card at a 20 percent

Twenty eight percent markup is amazing but at some point we're going to run out a Bitcoin which we are so the question remains how do we turn this into cash flow into Bitcoin well the thing is this with gift cards you can't go to an ATM

Machine and pull out cash with gift cards so you can't go to a cash register and you know buy something for 20 bucks and pull out the remaining 30 or the remaining $80 you know as as a as a cash back you can't do that you guys got to

Feel fortunate you met your boy to crypto lifestyle because I figure out a way how we could turn this into cash let me tell you something okay if you have an online store and you have a Gateway okay you could turn this into

Cash I'm gonna tell you guys what I mean there is something called a virtual terminal where you could charge like if I was selling t-shirts if I was selling merchandise online I could charge people could actually use these gift cards to

Buy my merchandise and that gift card will pretty much turn into cash sense to my bank account just like any other credit card okay guys and I'm gonna drop some knowledge on you guys right now so once I know for certain indeed this card

Was paid with cash and this is the exact card that matches the receipt from the time stamp I just showed you guys what I do is I bust on my phone and I charge this with this card immediately okay I punch in these numbers using this app

Called square up which is a payment gateway and they also have these virtual from your gateway okay guys I'm gonna show you guys out right now okay so you can use the app or you can actually log in right here using the

Desktop version okay so square up calm guys before you use this use before you come in register either use my square up link below okay guys to square up charges is 3.4% if you use someone's link you actually get 1,000 transactions

For free okay so I get that and so did you we both get 1,000 transactions for free and this is gonna cut us cost so the reason why I use 28.5% is this I'm telling you guys right now paxville takes 2% so now we're left with 26.5% in

Profits and now square up to turn our gift card into cash that via direct deposit to our bank account they charge three point four percent so three point four four point four five point four percent okay I'll get to the other fee

Thereafter so this is why we're using that to addy when it's all said and done we're gonna have a twenty percent markup okay guys so let me get back to how we do this normally I'm gonna bust my phone and I'm gonna put in this number which

I'm going to show you guys this in a sec I'm gonna put in this number just like you would any other regular credit card so that is a four nine one four six zero one one three nine one eight eight six nine one and then I'm gonna have to

Enter the an expiry year so 0:42 seven and also the three-digit number which we got right here which is two one two okay guys and then I'm gonna click charge card and that's it within two days I'm

Gonna get this money in my bank account – their feet I'm going to show you guys inside of my square up account how this works now I actually learned this the hardware guys member this trade here was USD and this guy was actually pretty

Cool about it after he gave me his number and I checked that everything was verified this is a legit card pinna cash all these things and I charged a tick here I rent a problem it wasn't going through and I didn't understand why long

Story short if we look at this card right here it says valid only in the United States my virtual terminal is registered in Canada so I'm screwed that's why I can't deal with you SD cards however I have successfully made a

Trade with this guy using CA D cards as you can see right here we did about a 125 dollars in sales and this again is just a test okay guys imagine doing 500 in sales which I could have done this guy wants to do it I just didn't want to

Do it I wanted to test it out that's that's given me $100 profit every day for like frickin five six minutes work worth of work fucking crazy all right so um anyhow it has to be C D card so let me show you guys how that looks I'll

Just show you guys this this right here is inside of my square up account ladies and gentlemen so again it's way more convenient to use a square up app and once again it do use my sign up link if you want three point four percent off if

You are doing transactions on our thousand dollars which I'm gonna scale up to you're gonna be saving yourself thirty four dollars every transaction times up by a thousand that's how much money you're saving bro okay so yeah

It's in your best interest to use that link cuz you're going to get free transactions it's going to cut your cost as an entrepreneur that's what we care about cutting costs at any given cost alright alright so from here I'm gonna

Go to virtual terminal as I showed you guys on the app I'm gonna click take payment I already showed you guys are such as sure you were here anyways type in the amount whatever it was say 100 you could put a note if you want you

Could but the fucking in you know customer whatever I just made up a name whatever card number expiration date charge card boom-boom-boom there your goal but let me show you guys the actual transactions

From this gentleman which is the transactions shit I already had it open – okay and this is my registered business the crypto lifestyle treating this just like a business right so right here okay this was the first one for $50

Payment okay as we can see right here was this guy's account he wanted to do this for $50 okay and we opened up another trade about half an hour later twenty one twenty minutes later for $75 okay guys so right here it says this

Paint this was a successful payment and I know it was because I verified that manually already right okay cool and here's the ollie whatever other additional information and then after that about half an hour later we did

Another trade for seventy-five dollars at a twenty point twenty point was a twenty eight point five percent markup okay guys there you go now slow and behold two days later ladies and gentlemen who are still

Watching this damn long video because you are a hustler your ass is still in that seat watching this video you are a hustler so I do have respect for you guys this money did reflect my background which I'll show you guys

Right now this is gonna happen in the post edits but as you can see in the screenshot I have an overall you call it deposit of one hundred and twenty dollars seventy five plus fifty gives us one twenty five

– there are three point five or sorry three point four percent fee that right there ladies and gentlemen works up to 120 dollars well what could I see it where hustlers all right that's what we do here at the crypto lifestyle man when

I first tapped into this my jaw dropped to the ground seriously I have to pick it back up it's crazy it's mind-blowing stuff as I said the name of this channel called the crypto lifestyle we just don't use that name because it sounds

Cute we actually use that name because we use crypto currency to feel our lifestyle and this video is a key example of that so guys that's incredible shit right there so for people who like the Amazon are out

Because you pretty much don't have to go through your bank and you could keep everything pretty much on the blockchain yeah some people I could see why you like that but other people would love to get the cash in their bag

And guess what I'm gonna do from there guys here the beautiful part about using all of this now once you have that money in your account and you're making twenty percent profits okay guys it's not just about the money

Where it's treating this like a business so what I am personally doing I'm not an advisor by any stretch of the imagination but what I'm gonna do is I am gonna use that money that goes into my bank account I'm gonna send it to my

Credit card I am going to get my travel rewards up I'm going to increase my credits okay I'm gonna build my credit and then I'm gonna send that money to an exchange here in Canada called shake pay that

Does not charge any freaking fees to buy Bitcoin okay but they act as a market maker for anybody in Canada and you want to find an exchange that has pretty much the least fees in there within this country

Use my link below you get ten bucks I get ten bucks anybody living in Canada and that's how we're going to use this okay guys once again for those who are not in Canada you can use buy Nance they charge two point five

Percent for their Fiat gateways okay so again the process works like this you have your Bitcoin you sell it at 20.8% okay you do it all the protocols make sure everything is in check verify the card manually that it indeed is legit

You used your square up account which is your personal virtual payment gateway and the registration process freakin took me like 45 minutes to get up and running I had to submit my banking information had to submit documentation

Proof of address and within literally 40 minutes I was accepted so it's fast okay guys we're gonna use them that charges three point four percent paxville charges us two percent that's a mom three four five point five percent

That's deducted from our overall twenty to twenty percent okay once we have that money in our bank account which will take two days for square up to deposit dad's we're going to go to buy more Bitcoin using an honor amp Fiat gateway

I will recommend buying ads for anybody if you don't got a balance account I'll also leave that link below but if you live in Canada certainly use shake P and you know what I am yeah you could send that to your credit card build your

Travel rewards build your credit scale it up travel away for free because we're using this everyday your travel awards are going to accumulate okay guys that's what we call the crypto lifestyle man we don't this

Channel isn't named the crypto lifestyle because it sounds cute it's called a crypto lifestyle because we actually use crypto to fuel a lifestyle okay guys I hope this video serves you well from there you could spend the money on bills

You know or you could pay off your mortgage or whatever you want to do it's your money but me personally I'm actually going to feed the beast which is the business and grow the business and make it bigger and really make some

Money and this way we have no limitations right we really don't we can make X amount of sales all a day long now if you liked this video bet your bottom dollar you're actually gonna like my third method which does

Not involve any third parties like like Amazon or like square up and we're gonna be making a 20% profit again and again and again all day long so if you appreciate this contact let me know my smashing like and also if you're new

Here hit that subscribe button I drop a comment below I always love to hear your feedback and takeaways okay okay guys so you know what there really isn't much left to see other there till the next video you're on your own baby

Mr. crypto lifestyle I'm about to Sun you Bank was a Gilman child you a liberal can't be where hates bro you deserve your subs like crazy said crypto you still working for money any for you take the Krypton lifestyle teach you

What you should do want the best kind of person I got something for you yeah just posting the same shit protecting this I don't know I shake your foul and buff cuz you don't know the facts you scant to put your face in videos you ugly and

Fat its encrypted livestock baby

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