NEW TONE FREE by LG Earbuds [UV Self-Cleaning Lights???] – VERY Different TWE Design

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Welcome back to the channel in this video we're talking about the LG tone free earbuds which are totally different in so many aspects from the touch controls to the self-cleaning UV lights to the shape of them to the case like absolutely everything about these

Earbuds is just so different from most earbuds on the market today so I figured it would make sense to make a video about this and we could dive in I'll show you guys everything you need to know about these earbuds and don't run

Them through some tests to see how well they actually perform know right off the bat I want to start off with a physical tour of these and specifically I want to start off with that physical tour with the UV cleaning which is kind of the

Biggest thing they're marketing here and is a very interesting and strange aspect of these earbuds so if you look closely inside the case you'll see you way down there there is a LED on either sides or two LEDs there

And each one is shining ultraviolet light at the earbud itself right at the earpiece there and the idea is that it should be killing bacteria on your earbuds and making it more sanitary we'll talk more about that in a minute

But continuing on on the right side we have a button right there with which lights up the LED on the front which is our indicator for the battery of the earbuds or when we take the earbuds out it's the indicator for the battery of

The case it'll also tell us when we are in pairing mode so if you touch and hold this you go into pairing mode on the right side then we have the USB type-c which is your charging port on the bottom we do not have any cheese wire

Las' charging unfortunately and the overall plastic feel of this is kind of a nice smooth matte plastic finish which is smooth enough that it feels nice but not too smooth I think it's a really nice design and the hinge itself is

Actually also very nice where it's snap shot with a pretty nice magnetic closure and it's not too hard to open it stays open nicely and I'd say it's a really nice case design also the magnets that hold the earbuds in seem to be pretty

Strong they really don't fall out but they're definitely easy enough to pull out and it feels like almost no effort when you're pulling them out so definitely did a really good job with the case design for the most part I do

Wish there was wireless charging but other than that they look really good looking at the butt itself then you'll see there are three nodes on the bottom for charging there is a proximity sensor right there

On the bottom and the top we have microphones so we have two microphones on here that we will test out later on video and then on the outside we have our little touchpad right there with a small indent which actually makes it

Really nice and easy for your finger to find the right spot to use for the touch sensor now you'll see that it is a much different ear tip here it doesn't go in your ear all the way and it kind of just rests in your

Ear gently similar to the old style that we might have seen with like the old Apple earbuds or the air pods one or a lot of older earbuds where it's a much more open design so it doesn't seal your ear off and instead you have three

Different little silicone tips right here and the sound actually comes out of the speaker right there now the battery on these is actually about six hours per earbud and with the case you should be getting up to 21

Hours and you actually can listen to one earbud at a time so if you're listening to only one at a time you could theoretically get double that now with the proximity sensors when you first put the earbuds in your ears they

Make a doorbell kind of sound to let you know that they're on and then they'll start playing music when you take them out they'll automatically pause now back to the subject of the UV cleaning unfortunately I don't have the equipment

To test out the bacterial count on these and figure out if it actually cleans but looking at the shape of the earbuds right there it actually is congruent with the idea that even if the earbuds are not self cleaned the shape of the

Earbuds does not go all the way into your ear and so I would expect that these are pretty much more hygienic in several aspects so if the earbud cleaning works that's great but also these don't go so far into your ear

Where they would be in contact with any kind of ear wax anyway so these should be fairly clean earbuds now I did some research with the self-cleaning aspect of these and kind of where that need came from and I found a statistic that

Said if you wear earbuds for even just one hour it can increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times which that in itself is kind of a kind of a gross fact to be honest for I don't have a reference of what the magnitude scale is

Is it like it was one bacterial cell and now you have 700 and it's not that big of a deal but I dig it I dug in farther and I have a link in the description if anybody wants to check that out it's an article about people actually getting

Ear infections from learning earbuds apparently it is something that happens it hasn't happened to me but comment down below if that ever happened to you or if you know anybody that it happened to and if you think more earbud

Should include self-cleaning UV lights in them just let me know I'm interested to hear from you guys if that's something that you're interested in so a quick aside if you're new here and have not yet subscribed please consider going

Down and clicking the subscribe button and the Bell icon so you don't miss future videos just like this one essentially that's everything to say about the physical aspect of these earbuds but let's start talking about

The audio quality of the buttons now these earbuds have Meridian audio technology in them which means that they're using the DSP the digital signal processing that meridians pretty much known for and essentially what that

Means is they're delivering undistorted audio kind of a more accurate representation of what the audio originally sounded like when it was recorded and so with these earbuds I mean sure lots of terms and acronyms

But what does it actually mean now when you listen to these they sound pretty good is essentially what I'm saying but I will say the shape of the earbuds mean that you won't be getting like a really deep thumping bass that you're getting

From a lot of the in-ear earbuds such as like the Galaxy buds and like the job rose the air pods Pro the ones that really go into your ears farther create a better seal and create better bass than these do now they do also get very

Loud as far as I could tell I mean it's almost hard to turn them up all the way so if anyone's looking for very loud earbuds these definitely do a really good job so now let's test out the microphone quality of the earbuds so

Let's switch over this is what it sounds like if I'm using the earbuds and talking to you maybe like on the phone or something yes I'm in a studio environment so it sounds a little bit better than it might in an echo a room

Or in a loud environment but comment down below and let me know what you think of this can you hear what I'm saying does it sound good and are these acceptable microphones so we'll get into the app now there's the

LG tone and Talk app is what they're doing or using and essentially you'll see I open them and they pair very quickly but there's really not a whole lot you're gonna be doing in the app you can change you can include your

Notification so if you go to that it's just gonna link over to your settings and make sure that your notifications are enabled you can find my earbuds and actually let's try that right now so turn the volume up and say find my

Earbuds and you can find one at a time which i think is really cool because if you lost one of them and the other ones in your hand it's annoying if that's beeping you're looking for another beep

Somewhere else so you get to say find it and let's see if we can hear that so it definitely can you hear that it definitely it's what makes this kind of weird chirpy sound and it does make it possible to find these now the rest of

The app you have a user guide you have a giant volume sliders you can see right there and this is something that I think is actually a drawback here I don't know why they added the volume slider I think that's something that I don't like it

All for mainly one specific reason and that's because like this is independent of the volume of my phone so if I change the earbud volume up or down it doesn't actually change the volume of the earbuds themselves it changes the audio

Output from my phone and so for some reason they decided to split those and the issue comes in with the the the notification sounds on the earbuds so when I first put them in my ear I remember how I said there's kind of a

Doorbell sound if you turn the volume up on these earbuds then the doorbell sound is like full blast in your ears really loud and really irritating despite what your volume is on your phone so really what you have to do is keep the volume

On the earbuds lower and there's cranked up the volume on your phone which is weird then because if you connect to other Bluetooth things that's automatically very loud so I just I don't know why they did that and it's

Kind of a confusing aspect right there now lastly in the app we do also have EQ right there and you have four different settings like I said so triple tapping or sorry yeah triple tapping the earbuds will go into the EQ settings you can

Change it from normal to base to flat to trouble and you to hear a difference but again the shape of the earbuds is a slight drawback there now let's break down the pros and cons of these earbuds the first Pro for some people would be

The shape for people that really don't like earbuds that go into your ear if you have unusually shaped ears or if they're if you have waxy years or whatever reason if you just don't like those ear buds these might be solving

That problem now secondly for anybody that really wants earbuds that if you're just a super hygienic person you want everything to be so clean you don't want any kind of earwax on them and you just want to make sure that you can share

With friends and they're just super sanitary then these might be a great pair as well you're gonna have some more peace of mind knowing that you have the UV cleaning in there and also the more open

Design so that doesn't really ever touch the inside of your ear as much these would be a great design for that now another Pro of course is the it does have decent sound quality like I said the shape is a little bit limiting for

The real deep bass at least from my style of music these do also have probably the best Google integration I've seen on earbuds so tapping and holding it just works seamlessly every single time to control the volume to

Skip songs to look things up whatever you're trying to do Google assistant does a really good job with these ear buds you can open Spotify and play songs individually you can just I I like that you can do that now some

Cons again the audio level situation is one that I found was really annoying where you kind of have to figure out where you want the audio level so that it's when you put these in you don't have to crank up your volume on your

Bluetooth but at the same time it doesn't blow your ears out with the doorbell sound that's just a weird con right there also for me a small con would be that I mean these are they fit nicely they're they're comfortable

They're good for working all day if you just add a desk or something you could do some moderate workouts but I wouldn't be expecting to do any kind of like you're not gonna do like an obstacle course with these like these don't fit

That well in your ear I think they could potentially fall out you know compared to like maybe the power beats Pro for example I think that kind of goes without saying considering the shape of these but more cons because the touch

Controls are different than most earbuds this does require speech to skip songs or turn the volume up or down and if you are in a very quiet environment maybe like a library that's kind of annoying that you have to make you know talk or

If you're just in public in general and you don't want to look like a fool talking to yourself then maybe that's not the best feature to have there so I do wish you could customize the controls as you can with many other earbuds but

Regardless you're not going to be doing in that with these back to the pros of these earbuds they do get extremely loud I think the volume at least from my eye pretty good hearing for me they get really loud and like way louder than I

Could possibly manage I know a lot of people comment that other earbuds are not loud enough so hopefully these would be loud enough for you I think these are louder than other earbuds I've used and also the find my earbuds feature is

Definitely a great feature to have on the so that's a huge win on the pro side there for these earbuds so two final drawbacks one of them is that they do not have Qi wireless charging and then

The very last one is that these essentially they don't have any kind of active noise cancellation or noise reduction and because these are an open design or a semi open design you can hear a lot more around you so I guess

Earlier I did say it was a drawback that they did not have pass-through mode realistically they don't need pass-through mode because you can't already kind of hear what's around you and for anybody that's wondering what I

Mean by this shape you can just picture like the older earbuds like the old Apple earbuds the air pods one the kind that just fits in your ear and doesn't like stick in really far they don't really seal that well but they do fit

You know reasonably well and it's kind of an older style of earbud so overall guys I think these earbuds are very interesting I really like using them and I think they're going to satisfy a very specific group of people

Who either have an ear shape that is most earbuds are not comfortable or they really like the older style of earbuds because they like how clean they are by not sticking really far in your ears on top of that anybody who is prone to ear

Infections might be better off using these earbuds instead of the other ones because the self-cleaning in here and of course because of the design the shape of them I would say these are maybe not for people that are looking for the

Absolute best sound quality on the planet I think you're better off looking at like some Sennheiser earbuds or maybe the Jabra elite if you're really looking for some heavy bass and of course these are maybe not the best for super active

Workouts they might fall out but for moderate workouts to be clear if yours going for a run or for your lifting these should be doing a pretty good job if you're doing like burpees and stuff like that that's where I'd start to get

Worried about these falling out but overall guys comment down below and let me know what you think of these earbuds are they interesting are they weird do you like them or not let me know in the comment section below as always guys

Thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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