NEW TicWatch PRO 3 Tries to Fix The SmartWatch – [4 Day Battery, SD4100, Apple Watch Features]

by birtanpublished on September 25, 2020

What you're looking at right here is a brand new smartwatch that is very likely to make my list in one of the top best everyday smart watches you can buy in 2020 for a couple reasons but two big ones in particular and i'll talk about those in

A second but if you guys have seen any of my other top 10 top five videos about smart watches you know that for everyday watches just like if you're trying to work out you're

Trying to just have notifications the basic all around everyday utility watch there's three that usually come to mind so the first one obviously apple watch is always on there the newest galaxy watch like the galaxy

Watch 3 is a good pick as well and then i usually have a wear os watch which for the past year or year and a half has been the fossil gen 5. so where os watches really haven't changed in almost two years now

Until this watch right here this is the ticwatch pro 3 and it's significant like i said for two big reasons all right so let's just get into the first reason why this watch is a big deal and that is because it has

The newest qualcomm chip on there the 4100 and just without getting too technical here essentially that means the battery life on this is going to be significantly better than we see

On the apple watches on the samsung watches on almost every google wear os watch out there instead of having one to one and a half days this watch is having somewhere between three and a

Half to four days from my experience so we know that battery life has been a big problem with a lot of smart watches out there one and a half days is just really hard to get by once you have sleep tracking

And it takes an hour to charge it or hour and a half to charge it like when do you actually get time to do that every single day it's become a really big complaint which is why this watch i think is going to

Satisfy a lot of people now before i get into the second highlight of this watch i want to kind of get into a physical tour here to show you guys what we're dealing with and you can see on the front the

Aesthetic of this watch is strikingly similar to the galaxy watch 3 which is really a good thing i like the way this watch looks i think it wouldn't look too weird if you're working out definitely doesn't look bad if you're

Dressing up professionally or if you just want it as an everyday watch i think it looks really nice it's not really that large it fits on your wrist it's pretty slim on the right side we have a microphone

In the middle we have two buttons over there you can customize these buttons to do you know open different apps to go into different modes on the watch stuff like that you can have your home button and i'll

Show you all of that later on in the video but on the left side of the watch we have our speaker which i will test out to see how loud that is but that does mean that you can use google assistant on here you can also

Field phone calls you can do a lot of stuff with this watch if we flip it over you'll see on the back we have a new charger unlike the old ticwatch pro which had a massive charger that went on

The back this one's just a really nice little wire you kind of just snap on there by magnet and it charges up reasonably quickly then in the middle of the watch it's going to be hard to see on camera

Here but just take my word for it guys there's 12 diodes in there that will be measuring your heart rate and your blood oxygen so that's significantly more diodes than the

Previous tick watch and this should actually be giving you a lot of great insights for your heart rate and as like i said your blood oxygen your sleep analytics your overall health

Should be monitored very well using these diodes and i'll test that out later on the video as well and then really the last thing to talk about well almost the last thing to talk about

Physically with this watch is the straps this comes with these kind of interesting little like leather silicone straps um they're kind of an interesting design i'm not sure how i feel about them like

From a distance they do look like leather straps but up close they look like either really cheap leather or really premium silicone like it's kind of i don't know comment down below

Let me know what you guys think of these straps like i said they're really easy to replace with some actual leather ones or some plain silicone ones whatever you're looking to do and now the last

Feature i wanted to talk about with the physical design of this watch is actually the second big highlight of this watch and that is the fact that it has two screens on a slim watch design which

Is really unique it's very different and you might be thinking like all right mike what the heck does that mean two screens i only see one and the reason is they're actually stacked vertically so you have

Your standard screen on the bottom full color you can see everything you want to and then on the top you have your lcd display that is going to show you kind of like an older calculator it's going to show

You like black and white there and it shows you the time it shows you how many steps you took in the day it shows you the date and so that's normally what it does for you always on display when you're not

Looking at your watch but it does more than just that you can actually go into a power saving mode where this is the only thing and you can last you know more than a month using just

This display here or when you're doing a workout something else really cool is it shows you like the time for your workout your heart rate and stuff like that so if you pick up your watch you don't have to

Hit a button or keep flipping your watch to see it and you don't have to leave it on all the time instead having this on all the time saves a ton of power and shows you what you need to see

This watch also has some cool features like wrist gestures so if i just flip my wrist up like this you'll see it brings up my notifications and scrolls through that i think that's a really cool thing

Just to make the watch a little bit more user-friendly you also have like the live weather watch face right here among a lot of other features in this watch getting into the health and the software they actually added a lot of

Their own apps to this to really customize wear os and add some kind of apple watch features that we're normally missing so for example you have something like the tick hearing is what they call it which

Is noise detection it lets you know when it's too loud in a room and could be damaging to your ears you have tick oxygen which is going to be your 24 hour spo2 detection your blood oxygen levels

Tick zen is what they call it the other one that is going to be like stress and mental health to help you realize you know when you're stressed out when you need to relax when

You need to calm down stuff like that and then you also have tick pulse you have tick sleep and so sleep is going to be your sleep tracking and i'll talk about the accuracy of that in a second

And then the last big thing they have is the speech to text on here for your recorder kind of a significant feature because if you're trying to take notes with your watch you know if you just had an idea and you

Want to write it down really quickly it's really hard to do by swiping around and sometimes it is nice to have text so it's more searchable later on so i think that's a really cool feature

To have on here but with that being said guys let's get into some of the testing of this watch to see how accurate and how capable it actually is all right so the first test i want to do

Is actually a speaker test with the watch so right now this is a phone call comment down below let me know how clear this sounds to you if you can hear what i'm saying and overall how good do you think the

Speed quality is now this is at full volume we'll test it out with google assistant next how long does it take to drive to cancun so you can see google assistant's actually really fast everything it's

Doing seems to be a pretty great speed what is the square root of pi the square root of pi is approximately 1.7 so you can obviously get a lot of

Different apps on this watch but when you're working out what i did for testing was actually just use the native apps on here so tick exercise and then of course all that all the analytics go to take health but you have

A lot of different exercises to choose from and so i did a cycling workout and a run with this you can see over here on the app the heart rate data just testing out the

Accuracy of that it was actually very congruent in the beginning when i was doing a standard run almost exactly correct plus or minus maybe one or two beats per minute uh and it did an excellent job capturing

My intervals until right around here i think this interval it struggled a little bit but again the next one it did a great job so overall the heart rate accuracy of this i would say is very very good

I would assume maybe at this point right here the watch might have become a little bit loose on my wrist so as long as you have a good fit i have really good confidence that this is going to be accurate enough for your

Everyday runner or biker or somebody just looking to keep tabs on their exercises now going down you have a lot of other insights with your workouts so it shows you like your average pace your step

Frequency your step length it shows you a lot of different stuff about that and then if we actually go down to gps you can see right here i actually went up and visited a friend and ran on

A local trail and so it was a rail trail that's why it's kind of this weird shape right here uh and the weird thing about this app right now at least is that you cannot zoom in on this you can't open the app

But i will say that the overall length of it was congruent with what the trail actually said so the gps definitely is pretty accurate it's not the best out there you can see a little tiny bit of junk wandering

Right here but for the most part i think it did a great job of capturing my speed and exactly where i ran so you can go back and see how far you ran how fast you ran

And where you were running so i think overall the exercise analytics on this were as accurate as i really could ask for for an everyday smart watch like this so like i said i've been wearing this

Watch for about three weeks now and admittedly i didn't wear it to bed every single night you can see right here which nights i actually slept with it on sometimes it's just not the most comfortable for me to sleep with a watch

On but you know the nights that i was wearing at the sleep detection so this actually was an excellent night of sleep gives me 95 sleep efficiency so it gives you a nice easy to digest

Number there uh but this is not always perfect it just grades your sleep based on how good the sleep was not necessarily based on how long it was so you can see this night i slept for three hours and it gave me 95 percent

Sure it was a good three hours but does that really deserve 95 it wasn't like a good full night of sleep i mean it's it's a little bit ambiguous and it's really up to interpretation for

How accurate you really want to do this sleep accuracy is always a tough thing for smart watches to do all right so a microphone test so if you're doing something and you don't want to take your phone out of your

Pocket and you just answer the phone on your watch it would sound something like this so comment down below let me know how good you think the thousands is clear enough you understand what i'm saying and you

Know what is the overall microphone quality of this watch so guys overall i really am impressed with this watch i like the battery life i like the dual displays i like the apps they added on here to

Make it more functional because google really hasn't paid that much attention to wear os so adding things on here like the sleep tracking and the hearing detection stuff like that i think is really nice to have

But of course there are a few drawbacks you want to be aware of from using this watch for the past two weeks the drawbacks i came across the first one is i mean it would be really nice to

Have a rotating crown or a rotating bezel just because it is a small screen and using it navigating it i think it's something that i'm really missing on this watch

And really the second big drawback i found was that it does not have qi wireless charging so yes it has a pretty nice little convenient charger but if i'm out and about if i'm on the go i don't want to

Have to bring that charger with me if i'm on a road trip for example i want to be able to just plop this in the back of a wireless charger or maybe on the back of my phone and charge it up whenever i need to so

That's just a drawback i've been holding that against a lot of other watches that don't have that feature but regardless overall i think this watch is very impressive i would highly recommend it to anybody looking to get

Aware of us watch it's the reason i've been telling people in the comments lately that you probably want to wait a few months to buy a watch when they were asking back in july

Because i think for a lot of people this might be the watch you're looking for but comment down below let me know what you think of the ticwatch pro 3 will you be buying it will you not be buying it

What do you wish it had and what are your thoughts overall on this watch thanks for watching guys i'll see you next time

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