NEW SUUNTO 7 [Suunto Combines Sports and Life] – Advanced Sports Smartwatch Review

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

The all-new Suunto 7 is a SmartWatch that lies at the intersection of one for life and sports this watch has all of the tools you need to stay on top of your busy lifestyle and all of the features you want for tracking sports both indoors outdoors and off the grid

With downloadable maps Google's wear OS and Suunto signature software this watch promises to be one of the best of 20/20 but does it actually live up to these claims in this video I will dive in and evaluate this watch to show you

Everything you need to know about this advanced sports SmartWatch welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and this video is all about the Suunto 7 which is a very interesting

Watch which kind of mixes a traditional SmartWatch with where OS with one of the more off the grid kind of watches that we typically see from Suunto or other competitors like Garmin now this one right here could be one of the best

Fitness tracking smartwatches for everyday use and we'll dive into that later on in this video but I want to start off with just a physical tour to show you guys what we're really talking about and what we're working with here

So this is definitely a larger watch this one is probably on the order of 47 or 48 millimeters you have 24 millimeter silicone straps right there you have a 1.4 inch screen and this touchscreen display is vibrant and very bright

Getting up to about a thousand nits and it has as you can see here four buttons which is really nice none of these buttons actually rotate though which is interesting here they're thinking more about when you're you know swimming in a

Lake or if you're running a triathlon or if you're going on a long trail run a lot of times you just want quick buttons to see things and just kind of manage everything so a lot of the workouts and a lot of the watch in general can

Obviously be controlled by touch screen but a lot of the a lot of the apps can actually be controlled as well using the buttons you'll see that the button on the left is your home button also opens the app drawer if you tap and hold it

You get Google assistant the top right opens the Suunto app which is an app that you're only going to be getting on this watch and I'll talk more about the zoom to app later on in the video but it definitely is pretty much the the

Bread-and-butter of this watch it's really the reason you'd be buying this watch now on the right we do have the middle button which currently I have set to open and play music and then the bottom I have for a timer right now and

That's essentially the buttons that we have there this watch if you look on the right side and the left side for that matter you'll notice that it does not have a speaker anywhere but it does have a little like tweeter thing inside so it

Does give you some little beep notifications and it can make a few different tones so if you're running it'll give you tones when you hit like the one-mile mark the two-mile mark it'll let you know when it started a

Workout and if you start running and you have it ready but you didn't start the workout it'll notify you that you didn't actually start it yet and on top of that it also has some haptic feedback so it will vibrate on your wrist so between

The two I find that it can it's well enough for my needs but you cannot make phone calls on this and you cannot have Google assistant talking back to you because you don't have that speaker this watch is definitely very

Very durable its water resistant up to 50 meters so it's really meant to be going out there and doing some very active stuff it's a very rugged watch as you can see here the front screen is Gorilla Glass I kind of knew where she

Was sapphire so there was a little bit more scratch resistant but I haven't seen any issues with that yet maybe you'll get a screen protector maybe not then we do also have some stainless steel framing around there as you can

See we have the silicone straps which as I mentioned earlier are 24 millimeters and then lastly we do also have around the edge you'll see it's a glass fiber reinforced polyamide like I've mentioned this is shock resistant water resistant

And dirt proof so definitely good in every situation that I have used it so far so a quick aside if you're new here and have not yet subscribed please consider going down and clicking the subscribe button and the béla icon so

You don't miss future videos as far as the battery goes it's pretty standard for where OS and this is one of the compromises that we see between the real off-the-grid watches which can last some of them like 10 or more days and

This one which is really not lasting quite as long so this watch is really meant for the kind of people that have a day job and maybe on the weekends they like to run and do some crazy stuff where after work they want to do crazy

Stuff so the battery easily lasts about one and a half to they say two days what I've been getting was on the order of about 31 hours before it goes into power saving mode and then about 51 hours before it actually dies so just a quick

Tour for those you don't know much about where OS you'll see that it's pretty straightforward it's a really easy interface to use on the front you can tap and hold your watch face and you have several different watch faces that

Come with this one and so I have the heat map right here which you can set to show you a heat map of pretty much one of I think 15 different exercises I have running so it shows you where people run in the area you can also see this in the

App and in the map on the watch so it's definitely very nice if you're trying to find places to run near you and if we swipe to the left it gives you that my day thing tells you like what the weather is and what time it is some

Notifications about you know Google what they can do if you swipe up from the bottom that is your actual notifications so I've been down from the top is your quick and then swiping from the right side

Gives you some of the different little widgets that they have there the tiles the widgets whatever you want to call them and they do have some Suunto ones right here so you have one that tells you about your week they have another

One that tells you an overview kind of of your month and if you just tap the home button on the top left it brings you into the app drawer and you can get lots of different apps from the Play Store including like Spotify and Google

Translate contacts you'll find my phone there's a lot of apps on here I've talked about this in the past now of course this also integrates with a lot of other apps like Strava and pretty much any other athletic app you're

Looking for from what I've seen at least from the ones that I know but one thing this watch does not do is actually connect to other third-party sensors or any external sensors now looking at the back of the watch you'll see that you do

Have right there your heart rate sensor with two heart rate LEDs right there so pretty accurate from what I've seen right here in the charger as you see it comes in the box it just snaps on there it covers the heart rate sensor which is

Nice it's magnetically held on and it lines up very easily with those four nodes the next I actually want to go into the Suunto app I think that's something that is very important with this watch and it's a really big one so

When we open the app you'll see that it tells you the battery in the top left and if we swipe down it brings us into the map shows us where we are and we can use the buttons here or of course the touch screen to zoom in and out and it

Does really a good job of this you can also download maps offline you do also have all of your workouts below that so if you if start right there is going to start your most recent one which is running for me so if you tap on that and

Swipe it to the left it'll start it will show you that in a second there's tons of there's about 70 different workouts probably more by the time you're watching this and that you can see there definitely some pretty

Advanced ones so they have the category of running and you'll see there's not just regular running but it's like treadmill there's an over interval running trail running race running like lots of different options regardless

Whatever you're doing you can record that in the app and on your watch here and I'll show you the app in just one minute but let's go up and check out just one simple workout actually let's go down and check out a fun one so how

About paragliding if we go to start you can hear it beeps right there and then it shows you what the buttons do so top right is pause the middle button on the right is going to switch the screen so you

Have several different displays they can show you you can show you the map it can show you just like your elevation and stuff like that then it can also show you a map of your elevation so it does make sense for paragliding this makes a

Lot of sense so the top right is going to pause and then we can go and stop it by hitting the bottom so again really nice you can control all of the workouts just with the buttons on the watch then when you're done it shows you you know

Quite a bit about it obviously we didn't change altitude or go anywhere not paragliding okay so now I want to go into the Suunto app and show you guys what it looks like so as you can see here on the top obviously this week I

Haven't worked out yet it's beginning of the week but we have the sunrise and the sunset right there so it tells you that it tells you when you worked out last week it tells you how many minutes you worked out and as you go down just gives

You some other things about some recent workouts you did so I went for a run if you go down you see a different one and so if you go and check out any one of these so we can see like my workouts we go and tap on it and I can go in and

Check out this run right here so you can see on a map exactly where you ran right outside Philly at a park and as you go down they give you tons of analytics they tell you essentially what they are it tells you how long like you can see

All the analytics here as you swipe across just tons and tons of information you can share it with different people so if you're working out with like a group or you're in a run Club maybe be fun to share this with other people you

Can see your heart rate and you can actually go into this it turns sideways and you can actually go through and see your heart rate at almost every single minute and you can see your pace your speed your altitude your cadence your

Vertical speed and this is just for a run it changes for every workout you do you can go on the map right here and this will show you like where you are and you can see a heat map here and this is I think really cool so it shows you

Like in Philly there's obviously like a lot of people running but if you say you know what like I want to see this in a different view I want to see this as like a satellite view with the heat map on it and I want to see maybe just

Regular running so you shows you heat maps of where people run and I've actually already used this to make different routes which i think is really nice because you can see like more people it's more likely that people run

In good places to run so you don't have to worry about like running through a bad part of a neighborhood or running through like running across up that doesn't have a sidewalk like planning it out like this I think was

Really nice so if we want to start in like Logan Square for example or Logan Circle we can go and create a route and so it'll zoom in on like Logan Circle we'll tap that that's point a right there and then you can start tapping

Where you want to go so if we want to go here it'll list point B right there then you can just say like I don't care how I get back just give me back to point a right there so we tap on point a and it makes your route for you tells you the

Elevation the distance the like overall how long it would if you would expect to take to run that and then you can say done and you can actually save that route so in conclusion this watch is five hundred dollars and at first I was

Very skeptical I said $500 for a where OS watch seemed pretty ridiculous but once I started using it I realized that this watch actually does a lot more than your average where LS watch when you're trying to do some advanced fitness

Tracking so I think that it's very well-thought-out you can tell that the people that designed it specifically the Suunto app in here really thought a lot about the user and really thought a lot about what they were doing when they

Were using the app and I love to see when watch brands like Suunto or fossil did the same thing where they kind of modify where OS and add their own touch to it so here adding the Suunto app I think was a great touch there where this

App all the workout moans you're using are just perfect for what you're doing so I found that swimming was great because the screen was not really a problem I didn't have any accidental touches I found that the buttons worked

Out perfectly it showed me exactly what I wanted to see in every workout I did I found that it was very accurate with what he was doing and I found that the analytics were very easy to digest and were also very in-depth when you're

Looking at them in the app so overall guys who is this watch for that's it's a very specific group of people so this would it be for your everyday watch user possibly yes if you're looking for a larger watch that is a pretty cool

Looking watch then it definitely is pretty much as good as like the fossil Gen 5 or the Skagen foster 3 except it doesn't have battery controls so if you're okay with getting one and a half days per charge it's a great watch for

That but I think more specifically the group that this is really meant for is the people that go to work you know have a day job in five days a week 40 hours whatever and then after at work they want to go trail running with their dog

Or they want to go kayaking or they a mountaineering on the weekends they go camping like people that do some very in-depth fitness stuff just off-the-grid kind of things this is a great watch to track your fitness really well to really

Make sure you're getting in the best shape possible to see where you ran what you did and just track everything and have a really smart essentially a computer on your wrist so I'm very impressed with this I like doing all

That stuff myself I obviously haven't gone paragliding an admittedly but I've done like a lot of these other workouts and I really like this watch I think it's an excellent watch and I recommend it to that group

Of people I explained but whoo this is not for this is not for your everyday user that's looking to get a long battery life out of this it's not really for people that have a smaller wrist because it is definitely a larger watch

I think it looks fine on my wrist I've I guess a pretty average sized wrist but guys that's what I have to say about this watch if you enjoyed this video please remember to like and subscribe as always thank you all for watching I'll

See you next time

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