NEW SENNHEISER MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 [New Audio Quality King?] – ANC, 28 Hrs Battery, Comfort

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

The new sennheiser momentum to earbuds are the sequel to Sennheiser's first truly Wireless earbuds from back in 2018 which are still regarded by many to be the best sounding truly wireless earbuds on the market this second generation here boasts industry-leading sound

Quality active noise cancellation of 28 hours of listening per charge improved comfort and much more these earbuds seem to affixed every possible complaint from the originals and maybe early contenders for the best truly wireless earbuds of

20/20 so are these earbuds actually as good as they claim to be in this video I'll put these to the test and show you everything you need to know about the new sennheiser momentum through wireless – starting off let's take a physical

Tour of these earbuds and i'll show you everything you need to know about this pair so looking at the case first of all you'll see that it is covered in fabric very similar to what we saw in the first pair overall it is a relatively large

Case compared to like the galaxy buds or the air pods case you'll see that it is definitely much larger but it certainly doesn't weigh much more then when we look at the back you'll see that there is an LED right there that is your

Indicator light for your battery levels that you have the USB type-c charging you have a button right there to check the battery indicator so you press that and it tells you what the battery level is and then on the bottom you just have

A nice little label right there tells you a little bit about the earbuds but unfortunately this does not have wireless charging that's one small drawback there that you don't have Qi wireless charging on the case here but

Regardless the case does actually have a very very long battery life so they claim you have seven hours of battery in each earbud plus 21 extra hours in the case for 28 total hours of listening which is longer than the Galaxy buds

Which have claimed 22 and longer than the air pods Pro which have a claimed 24 now looking at the earbuds themselves you'll see that they do have quite a few nodes on the inside I believe the two larger ones are just four magnets to

Hold it in the case there and then the other four should be for charging and communicating with the case so you know what the battery levels are looking then on the inside of the earbud next to the nodes

You'll see there is a proximity sensor there so these do have the ability to detect when they're in or out of your ears which is very nice for the autoplay auto pause feature that they added here so

When you put these in your ears it'll automatically start playing when you take them out it'll automatically pause we have a small LED right there and this LED is just for basic communication let you know when you're in like pairing

Mode stuff like that then we have the squishy tip right here that goes in your ear there are four different ear tips sizes and I like how this has kind of a different design here so they have kind of a cross in the middle which does keep

Them a little bit cleaner on the inside keep stuff from getting in there and on top of that it adds a little bit of rigidity in kind of the right way in my opinion so these are pretty compliant but at the same time they're definitely

Firm enough that they fit in my ear they seal it really well and they have a really good passive noise blocking situation there and I say passive noise blocking but of course these do also have active noise cancellation which is

What you are using the microphone on the outside for and then on the bottom you see the little microphone for just phone calls and I'll test that out in a minute actually and then lastly you have the metallic finish on the Sennheiser logo

On the outside of the earbud there which is your touch pad you can touch it one to three times or tap and hold it all for different functions on each earbud and I'll get into that later on it is customizable and I thought this was

Originally going to be a little bit more textured it looks more textured than it actually is but I assure you when you feel it it's actually very smooth and it feels pretty normal okay so now let's get into a microphone test to see how

These sound on a phone call starting off indoors in a studio setting this is what they sound like and we are using the onboard microphones on the Sennheiser momentum to truly wireless earbuds right now so comment down below

Let me know if this sounds good or not and then let's head outside and see how it sounds out there alright so now I'm outside I a pretty loud road right now and there's a lot of traffic going on so we can see if you

Can hear me on a phone call right now now these have ipx4 water resistance which means they should be okay for basic you know if you're sweating or if it's drizzling outside you shouldn't have to worry about these obviously

Don't wear them in like the shower or if you're you know swimming or something but these for the most part should be fine it's also came with a USB C charging cable of course although I will say the charging

Cable is kind of short as far as comfort and aesthetics go I would say these are very very comfortable I can put them in my ear and like I said having a little cross design in the silicon tip there makes them very comfortable and I have

No problem wearing these for as long as really any other pair I own and you do have to kind of twist it a little bit when it goes into your ear they fit similarly to like I would say that Jabra elite 75t it's probably the most similar

Fit to these but it just feels very natural I think the ergonomics make sense on this pair of earbuds now with aesthetics I really do like how the case looks with that fabric and they actually have two colors now they have black and

White so if you want to see what those look like I'll actually drop a link in the description so you can go down and check out that link and see what the latest price is as well so next let's get into the audio quality and honestly

Out of everything with these earbuds this is the biggest selling point now I know that these have very long battery life and really cool features and they look pretty good but like I said really the biggest reason people will be buying

These especially at a high price point is for the audio quality and so getting into it the first thing that I really like is how well the balance translates to all different volumes so if what I mean is some cheap or earbuds you try or

Even mid-range earbuds as you go down in volume they start to maybe lose bass and you get a lot of treble and then when you go to the highest volume you may get a lot more bass and the treble kind of drops out or maybe the mids drop out a

Little bit whereas with these it's almost hard to tell what volume you're at especially when you have active noise cancellation on because all the volumes as you go up and down have like a very very similar

Balance and it sounds really good so that's something I really like about these earbuds they have excellent low-level detail they also sound very rich and very well balanced so just right out of the box just listening to

These they almost need knowi cueing at all and they do have an EQ in the app but honestly you may want to tweak that like very very slightly but for the most part it already sounds really good so like I said very rich very well balanced

It's like it's warm and pleasant and you also have a really good attention to like you have really good detail low level detail in different instruments from from my experience so a band like Dave Matthews Band that has like lots of

Horns lots of instrument in there you still get a lot of clarity that a lot of other buds really don't give you now I know audio quality can be somewhat subjective based on like your ear shape or what your ears are able to

Hear and what kind of music you listen to as well as what you like to hear in music but I would say overall I mean it's a very popular opinion but especially with the older earbuds as well these definitely have an incredible

Sound quality that is really kind of unmatched by many other pairs of earbuds so if you are looking for the best audio quality I think these are definitely a winner that you could at least try out and I think most people will agree that

They sound really good so these also do have Qualcomm AFT X which should be really good for your audio quality if you're trying to listen to title or other hi-fi music alright so taking a look at the sennheiser app here you'll

See that it is actually pretty straightforward this is the beta version when they release it I don't know if it'll be slightly different but at the bottom you can turn transparent hearing on or off and transparent hearing sounds

Pretty good you hear your surroundings pretty naturally it doesn't sound especially bad we're weird and it definitely serves its function the equalizer is similar to what we saw before we have this little dot you can

Slide all over the place and it just changes the curve you can kind of ignore all of the other colors it all just goes into one line eventually and so I like to keep it just slightly above center right there so if we just put that right

There you'll see it sounds pretty good for me then if we go to the settings on the top right I don't know why everything's up there instead of on the main part of the app but you can go and turn on or off you know all these

Different things like except auto accept call and you take the earbuds out active noise cancellation smart pause you can also go into earbuds customization right there and if you tap and hold for two seconds it'll show you what all of the

Controls are so the touch pads on the left and right work independently and something really cool about these earbuds that you don't have with most other earbuds on the market is you can fully customize all of the controls not

Just the tap and hold not just a triple tap you can choose the single tap on either one to be player pause or if you want the voice assistance so maybe for this one I want to turn active noise cancellation on or off with a single tap

So next let's start talking about some of the features that these have as well as the claims on the box to see how well they actually perform with these different features and the first one is active noise cancellation which

I have tried with it on or off and they also have kind of like a pass-through mode as well so you can hear things around you and you know I will actually compare these I know a lot of people might be interested

In this I'll compare these to the air pods Pro in a future video so you guys can know a little bit more about how it compares with the active noise cancellation and the microphones and the sound quality there but just looking at

These alone right here I would say that they do a really good job of cutting out the low frequencies and it's a very clean cut as well so if you're listening to just like static white noise and then you turn on the active noise

Cancellation it won't go totally silent but what it will do is it totally cuts out the low end of that and you only hear the high end which tends to be less disruptive when you're listening to music and also

It generally high-end sounds get more blocked by the passive noise cancellation of the earbuds themselves so if you are on like an airplane or a loud train or something like that please definitely do a really good job of

Removing like engine sounds and traffic sounds and a lot of the ambience that may be bothersome when you're trying to focus or listen to music the next one is the auto play auto pause feature so when you put these in or take them out of

Your ears they should automatically play and pause and one drawback here is actually the way these connect to your phone so they don't individually connect instead you have like the master bud slave connection as they call it where

One earbuds connected to your phone and the other earbud is connected to that earbud I will say if you're wearing only one earbud because you're worried about hearing your surroundings you really shouldn't have a problem with these

Earbuds because they do have transparency mode but what I typically do is I will take one earbud out after I wear them for I don't know maybe like three hours and it gets uncomfortable and you want one ear to kind of air out

And just stop being uncomfortable that's why I would typically do that and you can't do that with these earbuds next the battery life I have tried these out and they definitely last a very long time twenty eight hours with the case is

Absolutely incredible I wasn't quite getting that much I listen to music a little bit louder admittedly and then the last claim on the box is that these are the smallest and most comfortable Sennheiser earbuds they've ever made I

Mean obviously they're they're you know relatively small and they definitely are very comfortable but I will say they're not as small as like the galaxy buds or a you know there are actually many others

Out there that are smaller so you can see when I put them in my ears they do stick out pretty far on either side so they're a little bit larger maybe the smallest for Sennheiser but certainly not the large small astana market so

That was a lot of information but getting into the pros and cons of these ear buds starting off with the pros the first one and the most obvious one is the audio quality it's really pretty much uncontested by any other pair of

Ear buds or at least it is in my opinion I think it sounds really good the EQ sounds really good and the second one that kind of ties in with that is the active noise cancellation which again does an excellent job with very little

White noise and it really crushes a lot of the low frequency sounds around you so again if you are travelling long distance on a plane you can listen to music with really high quality you can not hear your surroundings and then of

Course the third one is the very long battery life that you know yes seven hours on the earbuds is good it's definitely good enough for me you know there are some better ones out there but you know assuming you take them out of

Your ears every six hours then the cases where you really start to win there with twenty eight hours once you include the case there that's a very long time to be listening to music getting into the cons though one of them

Is that you can't listen to only the left ear but I think that's a small drawback but nonetheless definitely a drawback on top of that these do not have wireless charging on the case of note G charging there that's something

For me I like having a charging pad and just dropping these on there that way I don't to worry about plugging them in and like having wires all over I just have one charger for like my watch is my phone and my earbuds but I will be Fino

Plug me in it's not a big deal but like I said it's definitely something there then I would say lag with these is minimal but there is definitely a small amount of lag that you may notice if it bothers you a lot when something is even

Slightly laggy I don't know if these are going to be the best but for me I'd haven't noticed any significant lag I can comfortably watch youtube videos where people are talking like this one here and it wouldn't bother me at all so

Overall what do I think of these earbuds I would say that yes these are a little bit more expensive but there are a premium pair of earbuds and you're not going to find a lot of this with other cheaper pairs of earbuds so between the

Sound quality and the act of noise cancellation I say these are only a very very tough pair of earbuds to beat so I think I can recommend these very comfortably and say this is a great

Pair of earbuds so that's what I have to say about these earbuds comment down below let me know what you think of them if you'll be buying them or not as always guys thank you all for watching I'll see you in the next one

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