NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDS+ [Full Review] – Better Mics, Better Features, Better Earbuds

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

The all-new samsung galaxy buds plus claimed to be among the best wireless earbuds with improved call quality spotify quick summon controls AKG audio 11 hours of battery per earbud and many more advanced features within the app but do these earbuds actually live up to

Their claims in this video I will not just wear these earbuds and tell you if they sound cute or not good I will put these earbuds to the test and show you how well they actually perform so you can determine for yourself whether or

Not they deserve a spot in your ears welcome back to the channel in this video we're talking about the galaxy buds plus which based on the claims on the box could be the best ear buds I

Have ever reviewed so I'm very excited to put these to the test and figure out how well they actually perform now the box says they have 11 hours of play time they've enhanced speakers they have three mics for enhanced audio quality on

The phone and they have wireless charging so honestly it seems like the full package there now I want to start off with a physical tour of the earbuds themselves and looking at the case here we have essentially it's a high gloss

Case very shiny very nice smooth feel to it and it feels pretty premium honestly when you open and close the lid it's not as Clippy as we saw in the past where they just kind of slam shot and open this one is a little bit stiffer but it

Feels nice so it's nice and resistant there has a magnetic closure of course and so you can see when you open it you can kind of keep it at any angle you want now inside we have an LED right there that's the indicator for the

Battery of the earbuds on the front we have the indicator for the battery of the case itself on the bottom we have wireless charging so you can put this on any kind of Qi wireless charger so the back of a galaxy phone or on a charging

Pad and that's a really nice feature that I love about these earbuds then on the back we have the USB C charging port right there so these should charge very very quickly I'll talk about the battery later on in the video but as far as

Charging is concerned we should be getting one hour of battery after three minutes of charging which is absolutely incredible so you just put it on the charger for literally one song and then you're good for another hour now looking

At the earbuds themselves you'll see there are a really similar shape to the original Galaxy buds and they are really compact and really comfortable that's something I really really like about these earbuds here and if you don't

Think that they're comfortable right now you can swap out the ear tips swap out the wing tips to whatever you want so they come with three different ear tips so you can make sure it's a proper seal in your ear so you have proper passive

Noise reduction and you have the best sound quality possible and on top of that the three different wingtips mean that these won't fall out of your ears after using the original Galaxy buds for over a year I'll say that it's

Definitely true works very well I can work out and doesn't didn't ever fall out in pretty much any workout I do now these are also IPX to water resistant which is nice if you're working out and you are sweaty or

If it's raining you really shouldn't have a problem with these earbuds they should be working just fine now if you look at the inside of the earbud you will see that there are two little nodes right there that's how you

Charge them two little copper pads right there then we have a proximity sensor right there so when you take this out of your ear or put it in your ear it knows to play or pause and something I really like about the galaxy bugs in particular

Is that they kind of they just work like they do a really good job of having a seamless experience where if you take one out of your ear but the other ones still in it knows not to pause and if you take them both out it knows that it

Should pause so it just has a really seamless experience when you take it out of the case it connects when you put it back in it disconnects just overall very nice design now also we have a microphone on the inside then we have a

Microphone on the top and on the bottom so three microphones will test out the audio quality on a call later on in the video and then of course on the outside we do have the classic touchpad which is a little bit more advanced now than it

Was before because not only can we tap it once twice three times or tap and hold but there are also testing out some new features where you can tap the corner to change the volume but let's jump into

The app now and I want to show you guys a few new features that they have in there as well as some of the ways that you can adjust your earbud so right off the bat when you connect these it pops up on your screen with Android and it

Says what the battery level is of each earbud and the case so that's definitely really nice right there and then all we have to do is open up the galaxy wear apps only just find that up right now so when we open up the galaxy wear app

You'll see again at the top it shows you the case and each earbud battery then we have ambient sound and what they have now is actually you can select the level of the ambient sound so we can set the ambient mode either off if you just want

The passive noise blocking so you don't hear your surroundings or you can go to low medium or high meaning the higher it is the more outside sound you're going to hear and it plays it back in your ears there's also an extra high mode and

I'll show you that in a minute then we have our equalizer here I don't have a custom one unfortunately but these do sound pretty good I usually just go to dynamic I don't know comment down below which one you

Guys like out of these different presets right there then going to touchpad it gets more interesting here when you tap and hold you can actually go and have a voice command you can have ambient sound you can go volume up or down right or

Left of course and you can open Spotify so you have to choose which one you want and admittedly they don't have more than just Spotify now going back you can actually go down to advanced which allows you to use ambient mode during

Calls I find that's very helpful so that I can hear myself talking so you don't end up yelling in a kind of quiet environment so it's just a really nice feature to have there find my earbuds still exist so you can go and if your

Earbuds are lost or you know sitting around if you drop them these are little spheres so with my old galaxy buds I found that I dropped them on airplanes and literally everywhere you don't want to drop them they fall on a roll under a

Seat and find my earbuds is definitely very helpful so when we start this let's see what it does it starts off very quiet with a chirping as you can hear there and then it starts getting louder and so it gets loud and it should be

Easier to find then and that's essentially it until you get to the very bottom in labs which is a very interesting new thing that they're doing here and the three things that they're doing in labs right now

Now of course depending on when you're watching this video this could change but double tapping the edge of the earbud means that as you can see in this little animation here you can turn the volume up or down by tapping the corner

Of your earbuds so I think that's a really cool extra control to have on the earbud so next let's jump into the claims on the box here they have four big ones the first is that there is 11 hours of playback time in the earbuds so

We'll test that out but they say you should have 15 hours of talktime and you should be getting 22 hours when you include the case then which is obviously very impressive in my opinion then the second claim here is the two-way speaker

For rich sound so honestly after wearing these I will say the average listener just your everyday person looking for a great pair of earbuds will think these sound awesome because they really sound good there they have a nice balance

You can EQ them in the app and overall they have a pretty decent sound quality I would say that they don't have the punchiest base that you see with like the Jabra elite 75t and the overall sound quality maybe if you are an

Audiophile you might not find these to be perfect but I would say they definitely sound really good and if you're listening to Spotify or just one of the apps that doesn't necessarily have hi-fi

These are really good now the third highlight on the back is the triple mics for clear call quality so let's test that out right now I'm gonna start recording and we're going to switch over to the microphones on these earbuds now

So this is what it sounds like when we're listening to or if I was on the phone with you using these Galaxy bud so comment down below if this sounds good or not this is a studio setting so let's go outside and see how they sound in a

Noisy environment alright so this is what the microphone sounds like I'm next to a pretty loud Road and is windy out here so let me know if it's acceptable in a loud environment like this okay so the last one is charging and a way to do

Is drop it on the back you phone and the light turns on and you'll see that it is charging now I was getting about 8.2 hours of battery per charge on each earbud it says it should be 11 I was listening in about 55 or 65

Percent volume so you could potentially get 11 at lower volumes so the controls for these are very straightforward on the touch pads if you single tap it plays or pauses the song if you double tap it goes forward a song if you triple

Tap it goes back a song and then touching and holding will give you the option to do whatever I showed you in the app now if you double tap the corner right there it can turn the volume up or down if you enabled that so let's try

This out right now if I tap and hold my left ear bud it opens Google assistant what's the weather in Miami so with the PC it's also very easy if you just go up to add a new device in Bluetooth open up your earbuds and select Bluetooth right

There it should find them and then we can connect so we see them right there we'll click on that and they will connect to the laptop so you can also connect to iPhones or basically any other device that's capable of Bluetooth

5.0 and with an iPhone if you touch and hold the touchpad you'll actually summon Siri and it works very well so getting into the pros and cons of these earbuds starting with the pros I really like the form factor of these earbuds they're

Very small very compact and they fit really I see in my gear so I love how comfortable they are and it's easy to forget that they're even in your ears especially with ambient mode you can

Walk around you can work all day at a desk and just have absolute comfort and not worry about any kind of discomfort from these earbuds so that's number one number two then is the sound quality on both ends the microphones and on the

Speaker's themselves I think they sound really good when you're listening to music and being on the phone people have said that it sounds great it has excellent sound quality when they're talking to me and of course from our

Test earlier you can see for yourself how these actually sounded and then the third biggest Pro is just the overall feature set right here I love how Samsung incorporated many different things into this especially within the

App right there so you have advanced touch controls you have ambient mode you can change the volume of the ambient mode you can change the EQ you can find your earbuds and of course there is also the labs feature we can tap the corner

And change the volume so just a big feature set that these can do a lot more than just regular earbuds and that's where you can really start to flex the technology here of truly wireless earbuds and the really amazing things

They can do that traditional wireless earbuds could not now the fourth one is just kind of the smooth experience that these have so like I said in the beginning when I take them out it pairs very quickly when I put them in my ears

It starts playing music if I take one out it keeps playing music and if I take both out in nose to paws so it does a really good job with that now getting into the cons I thought

Really hard about this and I've been trying to find met as many cons as possible but honestly considering the price point of these earbuds and the functionality of them there really are very few drawbacks now a con that I will

Point out that I notice with these is that the ambient mode seems to have a slight delay to it when I'm talking I can definitely hear myself but it sounds a little bit weird that there's a very slight delay there and that's not to say

That other earbuds don't have that delay but it's just something that's kind of really noticeable with these earbuds to conclude this video I really like these earbuds I think they did a great job designing these and so comment down

Below and let me know what you think of these if you like them or not and why I'm very excited to be giving you guys some updates of these eventually as I start using them more and more so if you want

To see those make sure you subscribe to my channel as always guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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