New Release Makeup Recap – March 2020

published on July 13, 2020

Hello beauties family welcome to space today up here no oxygen but we are filming our monthly beauty recap this is for the month of March we're gonna be talking about just a few things that released in the month of March that are kind of interesting for good or bad

Reasons to be honest there wasn't much though this is probably not a very eventful recap but we're doing it anyway yeah but if you wanted to see sort of the longer videos and us discussing more information of course there's a beauty

News episodes but this is just a nice recap for people that just wanted to see what was released in March and what is vaguely interesting I guess okay we're gonna start with some pastels stuff yes so we're wasting that people were saying

That pastel things are coming this year and it's true and whether you like that or not unfortunately it's true oh and sorry also cuz the northern hemisphere is going into spring so we're just going to see more and more of it for a moment

Yeah yeah but the two sort of pellets or the two releases of nartz definitely heard or at least three pastel palette so there's the rose mint and lilac and these actually have a new formula which what they do played with

On the makeup break up oh it's coming when it's coming uh-huh so you guys probably know we can't really film together at this time due to social distancing laws so we're sort of staggering the makeup breakups that way

We have we did try to prepare as best we could in case this happened so there is there is a sneaky hooter video coming for you and I gotta say it was it was a little bit more interesting than I thought it would be

Yeah I agree and I think also the new formula is sort of interesting because it's like a super shock shadow yeah so now when when they these sort of marbled shades in here and as well as the shimmers in here like a mercy

Consistency so they're very different to what we've seen before from hooter she does seem to put in new formulas in new palette and this one yeah she's got a bit funny with I'm sorry I kind of like that she does that because it it almost

Like it entices me to want to buy them and try it out yeah yeah like I agree if you're interested in trying new formulas in here it is it is something different you know same old same old yes thickened pastel

Palette that we saw was from Menagerie cosmetics this was a pastel pup so this was completely different to who did have a new formula in it though one and did the Jerome so these are pastel shifting toppers now there's one in the palette

But they released another three I think alongside it yeah so that's interesting personally I felt like the pastel shifting toppers were probably the more interesting part of that release now there was some drama around the release

Of this palette the imagery on the front of the palette people called menagerie out because essentially it was almost like a cartoon version of a photograph that is I would say pretty famous on the Internet I'd seen it before I think a

Lot of other people had and menagerie basically said no we hired an artist to create like original content for an original image for the front of the palette as they always do and then it was discovered that the

Artist had actually basically car tuna fied a photograph word very very awkward if you are in the arts industry don't ever do that if is so bad the arm the problem here was though that they did the right thing because people were

Accusing them of taking a photo and putting it through a filter to make it yes like it was tweaked but they actually like no no we have the concept drawings we paid for this you know we did the right thing but it was the

Artist that took too much inspiration from a photo they got their money back from engaging that artist so they work I would hope so but we do have to mention that this ended with Menagerie really stepping up

To the plate they acknowledged that the image had been used unfairly and they actually paid the original photographer the royalties to use the image so they did the right thing good on them I'm dying that's good but

Yeah so this palette if you wanted a pretty much all Matt except for one shade pastel palette with a black and a white this is going to be your cup of tea I still think they should have got rid of the black and white and put more

Of those interesting Stoppers in there from colour-pop we did see some releases we had the Milan collection that was created for the upcoming live-action Milan remake this I don't know if this sold well I feel like this was around

The time so it launched on the 19th of march on colourpop's website and this was around the time when the world changed a lot and I think makeup was not on many people's radar so I had no idea yeah I did hear a

Few people say that they tried to buy it and things were sold out right shortly after they released this they pretty much said that they weren't keeping anymore so they yet they stopped temporarily shipping to keep their stuff

In their warehouse safe so you don't buy things from their website but they're just not shipping it for now so and they've changed their policy that if you wanted to get a refund before it was shipped you can do that so you can still

Technically buy from their site it's just your order won't be dispatched until things start to clear up which could be a long time yeah but they also released a whole bunch of stuff throughout the month the

Only other thing I think of notes would be the full bait blending sponge kit where they released I think it was it was like a reproduce ponders with the original one yeah so like the great one I think the green one is the same shape

Is what they've had in the past it's been a different color I think sorry but that was a good deal like if you what a cheap sponges odds also may be really are coming about Thanks maybe one day or another brand that did

Release some stuff but hasn't stopped shipping temporarily is holy stalkers they released five new nail polishes in the unicorn skin collection so they released three unicorn skin now policies' for thirteen US dollars each

So these have sort of like flaky iridescent bits in them and they also released the not milky white and in Indy go away shades are they're sort of creme shades and they're 11 dollars each or you could

Buy the whole collection for sixty US dollars but again they have stopped shipping also since we last spoke about their last release they did change their shipping terms they've added on taxes and also customs

Unlike all international orders which makes shipping very very expensive so pretty much if I were to buy one nail polish I would be paying something like it was like 30 US dollars or 40 US dollars to get it shipped

Even though Australia doesn't charge customs so yeah just be weary of that they have to be fair for everyone they've sort of incorporated taxes and customs but they've even done it for countries that don't charge taxes and

Customs which i think is a little bit unfair so hopefully when they come back shipping they will revise that maybe because this would stop me from ever buying the nail polishes yeah it's very expensive I really want to try them but

I'm not I'm mmm I don't like the really really expensive shipping I just I'm not about it but people really like this collection they think it looks really cool and I do alright let's just run through some other things that released

One if not ABH released their first mascara took him a long time to get there yeah the lash Bragg volumizing mascara extreme volume yeah look I'm glad they released a mascara I haven't heard anything about it so I totally

Forgot that they were listed and I got and the name lash brag but I am glad that they released a mascara because it's something it's been missing for the rain from their Ranger look for a long time another thing that I released was

They brought back the Nicole Guerrero glow kitsch so for a limited time this was out in 2017 and it was like they best-selling glory kit we both have it from truth at 17 and yeah they launched this as on

They're just bringing it back for some reason so if you missed out on that or you loved yours from three years ago and you've sort of like you pounder you could buy it again it's available for $4000 but limited time only we did see

Some new additions to drunk elephants range and it wasn't just skincare they've actually dealt into hair care products and body care products which I think the odorant D are the roots that's that's a bit drastic my fingers

Go sorry yeah there's body cleanser body lotion deodorant and then there's a shampoo conditioner and tangling spray and a scalp scrub yeah so if you're a huge massive crazy trunk elephant fan which I know there's a lot of people

Like that on there you can head to toe in John Kelly's man yeah all of it all of it everywhere okay we've got we did see a few brown pellets coming out this month or yeah we serve you nude and brown pellets that have

Been the last couple of months coming out which I'm very happy about but one that a lot of people were sort of talking about was the melt cosmetics rust collection so the most populous stack as far as I'm aware was there rust

Stack yes and it's being disappeared from like being off their website out of stock for quite some time and they did announce that they have turned it into a pellet and released a collection it's it's out

Came out in March essentially what they did was they turned the five pen all not stack into a ten pen I should I pellet so they added a couple of more mats and a bunch of shimmers so it's essentially just like a really warm Brown palette

Which a lot of people were digging they also released a new red brown gel liner color which is the shade burnished and they Bri promoted some lipsticks in there as well so if you dig in the Brown which is like the grungy beautiful

Brown tones there we go a few people are wanting to see like the smoke sessions part 2 coming next month or this month sorry April I don't know if they will do that because they do I suppose their Valentines collection was like late fibs

So they also do releasing a collection at month or worst yeah yeah they they have been releasing a lot to be honest and I think it will be very interesting to see if they do a smoke sessions to what's currently going on in the world

So Massey okay so some really fast-paced news Natasha Gennaro have released two new mini products people are particularly excited about this mini retro I should have color it because it's got a bit of a retro but cool toned

Pinky gray vibe this is out so you know I don't know what people think of it yet but people are excited and along with that they've released a sort of it's a mini bloom highlighting blush so this is designed to be a blush that also that it

Highlights your face it would be a good way to sort of sample some of her formulas without having to buy the big sort of face palettes but yeah a lot of people were digging the sort of muted but a little bit unconventional but also

Sort of retro vibe I think I think she's done a good job ah sugarpill we did see a new capsule collection eyeshadow and pressed pigment palette this is in situ so that's true that we've seen in two months are we

Gonna get another one in April that remains to be seen this green yes yes this one was a lot more sort of nude and earthy tone inspired with a pop of blue green and yellow yeah as you do as you do yeah

Too Faced did release a few this month they have been releasing quite a few things recently actually an angel yeah they've got some more coming out in April as well so what we saw this month was a new concealer it's the peach

Perfect concealer it's essentially a tub concealer and it's supposed to be an instant coverage map formula so long we're supposed to hide redness dark spots blemishes etc etc and it's available in 18 shades so they've done

That and they've also added to their melted matte lipstick range which I am super chuffed about because I love this range essentially they've added I think it was 13 yeah and that's their $21 each new sort of

Patting out the range with more nerds pinks Browns Reds with a new diamond delight diamond fire bronze up so yeah they're calling it a bronzer but it sort of looks like a really warm toned highlight is the beautiful deeper skin

Which they should have great alright last thing is a release from Bazaar we have the petite Pro Shu Shu palette so this is one of their tiny little 8 pan palettes it's pink with like sort of wearable nudie colors and a pale blue no

It's it's a silver oh is it okay it's silver all right well there we go yes sir a lot of people are Dean this color story this is sort of like this summary version they did say that they're going to release one new one of these like a

Limited edition one every season so we'll be probably seeing a pastel type 1/4 ring coming up but I think this was a talent of some I know this would have been tail end of winter no this would have been almost midwinter for that I'm

Confused so they've said that this is a summertime their palate inspired by summertime travels so unless this is their summer palette which they're releasing in

Advance for summer in the US and then they're gonna release their autumn and winter and spring one in advance for next year or maybe this is like their talent of winter but they're doing the whole we want to get it's cold some

People go to the other side of the world just to get away from the cold seems like the releasing something of this color story doesn't make sense to release it in the off like oh it's inspired by summer holidays but we're

Releasing at the end yeah I know I went into space and this is what happened so that's it for our March recap guys and let us know down in the comments what you purchased what you loved and what you hated from the March releases and

We'll see you in the next one

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