NEW MacBook Air 2018 Gold Unboxing

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up guys sack you're on super-safe
TV and here we've got the brand-new 2018
MacBook Air I don't think we've unboxed
a MacBook here on the channel before so
this is gonna be a first a thumbs up for
that would be appreciated this is the
gold version I can't wait to check it
out so let's get it on box
now the box itself is very clean just
has a picture of the side of the MacBook
Air just to kind of show how thin it is
fifteen point six millimeters thin and
we have a little pull tab here which we
can use to get it out the plastic lots
of shakes there we go
ready for it all right nice now this is
pretty light around 1.2 5kg of course
that's why it's called the air and as
well as the MacBook Air you do get your
USB type-c to USB type-c cable this is
around 2 meters you've got your power
brick this is a 30 Watts and then we've
got this little pack in here which has
gold Apple stickers this is the first
time I've seen coloured Apple stickers
they're usually white right or my ronk
anyway really cool and as well as that
some people work of course let's get to
the MacBook Air all right we're gonna
get it out of the plastic all right and
there we are feels nice and cold I love
the touch of metal when it's cold this
has been made with 100% recycled
aluminium or aluminum as you Americans
like to call it I don't mind either
honestly like just stop beefing with me
because the comments just go crazy let's
decide it once and for all
is it an iminium or aluminum I'm gonna
leave a poll in the cards anyway so we
do have the gold version here which does
look quite slick now depending on the
angle that you look at it I don't know
it kind of has a hint of rose gold to my
eyes anyway I don't know if it's coming
across in camera or I just my white
balance in my eyes is not tuned
correctly right we're gonna try open
this up with the one hey hey it does it
okay just move around a little bit but
it kind of does let's try that again so
we're just gonna try to pull open laptop
with one thumb kinda works kinda not
perfect right so I'm gonna head and set
this all up
the first thing you'll notice is the
displace a 13.3 inch Retina display this
time so it's got a 2 560 by 1600
resolution that's around 227 PPI pixel
density you've also got 48% more colors
compared to the previous generation and
the bezel is also 50 percent smaller so
that's a big improvement I wouldn't say
the bezels are as small as lots of other
devices out there and you do have this
border here at the top but the FaceTime
HD camera is also within this top bezel
it's not at the bottom like we've got on
other laptops which kind of look at your
double chin this is the reason why I
have a beard but the FaceTime HD camera
is only 720p I mean it'd be nice to have
1080p I know it's mostly used for video
calls and things but you know 1080p
20:18 now taking a look at the keyboard
it is the butterfly style keyboard so
we've got some travel but it's not as
much as maybe what you're used to it is
gonna come down to personal preference
I've seen lots of people complain about
this in my quick testing it seems to be
ok but I'm gonna have to spend more time
with it there's also a large force touch
trackpad which does feel pretty good now
the 2018 MacBook Air also comes with
touch ID it's here at the top on the
keyboard and let's go ahead and test it
out well very very quick and easy you're
gonna be able to use this to unlock your
MacBook Air but you can also make
payments and things with Apple pay and
you do have apples t2 security chip
embedded within the MacBook Air specs
wise you've got the eighth generation
Intel Core i5 1.6 gigahertz a dual core
processor up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and
up to 1.5 terabytes of SSD storage now
of course the different storage versions
will be at different prices this starts
at around 1200 pounds or dollars and
goes all the way up to around 2,500
2,600 pounds so you're going to be
paying a lot for that 1.5 terabytes of
SSD storage on with those specs you
should be fine for general usage Apple
had told me that you should be able to
also run final cut on here for 1080p and
also 4k editing Apple devices of course
are very optimized with software such as
Final Cut Pro X will test this out and
see how it goes but we do have two
Thunderbolt 3 ports here on the side and
that's great so not only can you
your MacBook Air to an external display
but if the Excel display also has power
output it's gonna charge it at the same
time and you can also connect this to an
external GPS oh if you are somebody who
wants to do some graphics editing on
this on your workstation then you can
hook it up and do that but then once
you've disconnected it you can take it
out and about
we've got stereo speakers here on either
side of the keyboard these are 25
percent louder compared to last year and
will give you two times more bass for
full of sound there is also a 3.5 mm
jack here on the right-hand side and
that is the 2018 MacBook Air what do you
guys think of it definitely I'm you know
in the comments below let me know if
there's any additional coverage that
you'd like me to do with this I hope you
enjoyed this video and found it useful
if you did then do hit that thumbs up
button for me if you have already then
be sure to subscribe and switch your
notifications there's a lots more
content coming up on here thanks for
watching this app on super staff TV I'll
see you next time

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