New Life Just Discovered Over The Antarctic Ice Wall

published on July 13, 2020

No single country has exclusive ownership rights to Antarctica and barely anybody sits foot on its vast icy expanse making the southern barren Oasis the ideal place to conceal some of society's most damning secrets a recent discovery on the gigantic ice sheet

Sheds light on the formerly ridiculous concept of time travel and even alludes to the existence of parallel universes this plus so much more is hiding down in earth's largest cold desert people have disappeared mysterious sounds have

Echoed through its waters and waterfalls have turned blood-red but why let's find out as we finally reveal Antarctica's biggest secrets for centuries Antarctica has remained an icy wasteland its many secrets which will dive into throughout

This video have started to fall through the cracks however perhaps none of those secrets are as thought-provoking and eye-opening as the recent news coming out of NASA in 2014 and 2016 NASA's Antarctic impulsive transient antenna or

Anita for short detected cosmic ray like particles streaming from the ice moving from the ground in an upward direction Fiza feet normally considered impossible for high-energy particles which is why these particles piqued interest because

That's exactly what they were doing at first notice it wasn't seen as much of a big deal and scientists simply considered it as background noise but in April of 2020 the discussion was reopened according to a report published

In New Scientist Neil Turok from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo Canada has proposed the idea that the particles are actually powerful right-handed neutrinos that are retreating in other words these

Particles are moving back in time what does that mean exactly the report points toward a parallel universe where the laws of physics work in Reverse another theory put forth suggests that the particles may have been blastic in

One end of the planet and are emerging out of the other end all thanks to a distant supernova explosion or even potentially the Big Bang the scientific community is up in arms time travel parallel universes where the

Laws of physics are backward it's crazy right apparently not as crazy as we might have thought professor Peter Gorham from the University of Hawaii simplified at best this could be an indication of some new type of

Physics what we call beyond the standard model in 1997 the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration witnessed the loudest underwater sound ever recorded by humans to separate hydrophones in the pacific ocean spaced

Around 3100 miles apart both picked it up and traced the sound whatever it was to an underwater area around here west of Chile's southern coast the baffling ominous noise lasted almost a minute and was recorded as an extremely low

Frequency Rumble guesses and theory suggested that it came from a large animal but it was far too overpowering to match any current living creature or at least one that the general public was aware of perhaps an ancient aquatic

Dinosaur even the Megalodon name was thrown around for the better part of two decades it remained a mystery or at least undisclosed but now we have the answer the bloop wasn't an aquatic dinosaur or nor a new species in fact it

Wasn't even an animal at all the NOAA has declared that the blue was most likely the echoes of ice violently breaking and cracking away from its main sheet a process known as Calvin considering that there's almost 54

Million square miles of ice down around the southern ocean and Antarctic cracks happen all the time the 1997 bloop was merely one of epic proportions we've actually got an entire video about the bloop check it out after you finish this

One the link is over in the description five years after we heard that blue another Antarctic mystery surfaced this one far more scary as it directly affected human life in November of 2002 a california-based film crew from

Atlantis TV ventured down to the unforgiving Antarctic only to fall victim to the blustery frigid conditions never to be seen again the threats were real temperatures in the frozen continents have plummeted to

Almost negative 130 degrees Fahrenheit which brings with it its own list of dangers not to mention risks of crevasses sub glacial lakes and Wildlife since we've never uncovered the bodies we still don't know exactly what

Happened to that crew however we now have a giant clue to which many believe is an indication of a supposed cover-up when the Navy SEALs were searching for the missing Californians they accidentally discovered a video in an

Abandoned supply dump about 100 miles west of the Russian Vostok research station the video proved the existence of a massive archeological dig one which penetrates almost 2 miles below the ice sheet depending on who you ask this

Video acts as proof that the film crew not only found something but found something that was interwoven with secrecy something that was never intended to be found surprise surprise we've got a video

About this mystery as well you know the drill link is over in the description so check it out afterward if you thought that a parallel universe or a proof of time-travel seemed to be a little out there then just wait for what we've got

In store next alien hunters yes you heard that right believe that they have uncovered a UFO hidden down in Antarctica the supposed spaceship sits on Levicy air island and was found using Google Maps if you ask the conspiracy

Theorists they'll tell you that it looks metallic and that it's sitting in an area which appears to be the location of an ancient alien base ask anybody else and you might get a different answer recently however the US Department of

Defense released three unrelated Declassified videos of what they call unexplained aerial phenomena UAP for short the new lingo for UFOs with the Pentagon now opening up about such issues we may very well see new

Information come to light about the alleged lava sea our island spaceship these days Antarctica is little more than a vast expanse of icy nothingness with a few cute penguins here and there but thanks to the beauty of fossil

Technology we learned that it wasn't always that way the ancient continent in reality has undergone a number of substantial transformations distributed over the course of millions of years before it

Became a frozen desert after the last ice age some 26 million years ago it was a thriving ecosystem chock-full of rainforests marine animals birds and dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period and possibly even civilizations at some

Point how do we know this scientists found a few things that helped to open our eyes the first was a series of fossils indicating the former wildlife the second was fossilized wood imprinted in the wood were signs of tropical trees

And leaves indicating the former existence of rainforests how about that an ancient rainforest isn't the only geographical feature that the Antarctic is hiding not any means if you search deep enough

You'll come across the almost 10,000 foot high gam bird save mountains but you won't see their peaks jutting across the horizon the entire mountain range is buried below an enormous sheet of ice we finally recognize this when Russian

Scientists recorded abnormal gravity fluctuations while crossing a thin ice section back in 1958 thought to be around a billion years old the existence of the GAM burt seb mountain range still puzzles geologists over such a long

Period of time they should have eroded away perhaps the five major ice ages in the earth's history have something to do with their longevity although that part still remains a mystery let's swivel our attention over to the Ross Ice Shelf

It's the largest one on the continent in some places it's near 1,000 feet thick but that's not why it gets a mention today the Ross Ice Shelf has a strange eerie claim to fame it can sing what we're not making this up when harsh

Winds blow across the snow dunes a series of surface vibrations are created forming for better or for worse a melody human ears struggle to pick up the frequencies but when equipped with seismic sensors well here just listen

Thanks to research we now know that the melody changes as the environment Whidden speed and wind direction changes around it these days they can tune in in real time before we began to really learn about the seemingly endless

Secrets hidden down in the icy south to us it was little more than a gigantic frozen void but over the years we've learned that ice is far from the only substance hiding down there Antarctica is actually a gold field of meteorites

The cold dry conditions particularly over on the eastern side have preserved the rocky space fragments far better here than anywhere else on earth more than 20,000 extraterrestrial rock samples have been found in less than 50

Years going back to 1976 finding these meteorites is no easy task though one of the recent NASA funded research teams led by planetary scientist Konstantin Tseng spent two long months searching for evidence of otherworldly rocks

Sometimes the fascinating features come from outer space but most of the time they're natural earth stuff's just waiting for someone to stumble across them and reveal their truth take the ominous blood Falls for example here

In the Taylor glacier in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valley a 5-story blood-red stream pours very slowly out of the ice after geologists first discovered the frozen waterfall in 1911 it remained equally

Frightening and puzzling from where was that water coming from how did its devilish color form well now we finally have our answers in truth there's really nothing menacing going on over here at all the color is fully natural initial

Thoughts that the color came from a collection of red algae were disproven in favor of the explanation that a network of rivers underneath the surface have water abnormally high in iron thus explaining that unsettling reddish tint

Remember the ancient civilization we mentioned earlier well it turns out that there's more basis to that thought than simply speculation stretching almost 400 feet across with an inner and outer circle on display to some this invites

Justification that they are ruins resembling the foundation of a mountain valley Castle a particular castle design symbolic of the 10th to 13th century in Europe if that were the case it would prove to be evidence of a lost

Civilization you can put these coordinates into google maps and judge for yourself the more reasonable and accepted explanation however is that it's nothing more than a shallow lake that has frozen over during the winter

And is beginning to partially melt as spring approaches see those dark blue patches inside the Rings those are patches of water and the Rings ice cracks thanks to the melting process which just so happened to have formed

Two very rough circular ice cracks do you think there's more that governments aren't telling us could time-travel really exist share your thoughts in the comments down below don't forget to like this video

Subscribe to the channel and as always thanks so much for checking out the richest see you next time and have a great day you

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