NEW iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Case Unboxing

by birtanpublished on April 8, 2021

All right let's see if we can get OBS up and running haven't done a YouTube stream in a while I apologize in advance if there's lag okay my ISP has been all over the place lately and I haven't done anything differently so I tried to make sure I you know kept as many devices off the Wi-Fi network as possible but what's up let's get people to join in let's go let's go I'm excited we do have our typical dual cam setup for those of you who have not watched live unboxings before you will be able to see everything and see me both of which our Blackmagic cameras so thanks to that we of course have 2018 iPad pro right here

With the standard folio cover along with the new keyboard case which just showed up in the mail just moments ago did it go from the very very gross and icky UPS delivery drivers hands he didn't even have a mask on but don't worry we D sanitize everything make sure it's super clean and hey thanks Vipers in the chat welcome everyone we're gonna start in just a second I just want to give a moment for the notification to go out let everybody know that the live stream is beginning will start shortly just given everybody I actually was a minute ahead of

Schedule when I went live so give us a second let's let everybody get in first okay how's the medicine it's good you tell me doesn't my like the iPhone notch isn't going away but Drew's forehead notch is going away thanks to Co centex isn't that cool alright let's go unbox the Apple goodness we will we will start it very very quickly just given a D sanitizer I mean deep I didn't mean I mean we killed all the germs you know what I mean sanitize not D sanitized yes we just spewed dirt all over the keyboard case welcome welcome

Do your hair look orange that's how my hair actually looks this is actually incredibly color accurate we'll be getting started here quickly and I'm gonna have to take this off actually man I realize I have actually I have two of these folio covers one was a gift and one I bought myself and now neither of them are gonna be used because I'm gonna be switching through the keyboard case okay all righty we've got lots of mods active in the chat today because there are a lot of BOTS on the last livestream so we're extra prepared this time don't

Don't keep spamming in all caps this time around we're prepared a the tech cousins thank you for the super chat bend your keyboard case okay why didn't we think of that I think it's designed to bend though it's kind of a z shape in that way what do you think we've got our first super tent so I think it's safe to begin let me switch to camera B there you have it they make it real easy and let me just say before we get started this is super heavy from the get-go I can already tell like this is basically like if the iPad pro did not come with a charger it would be in a box about this

Size and it would probably be this heavy like this is this is a lot I can already tell this keyboard case is gonna weigh a lot because these like this recycled paper is not adding much to the weight and I know there's no charger in here so I can already tell this is gonna be a heavy heavy keyboard oh and thanking for the 20 bucks Super Ted he said you're the best youtuber incorrect but I appreciate the donation Jacqueline thank you the two bucks tell me some leaks I'm sorry you must be lost you gotta go check out from page tech for more leaks I don't do leaks here I just talk about

Why most leaks are wrong anyway moving on peel the plastic off the side there Thank You Apple for making that so easy here we go again I apologize in advance if there's any lag yes I'm sure there's a slow fee button on the magic keyboard as well so we're gonna let it slip off like this mmm there we go there's the camera bump that's not gonna fit I mean it fit it works it's just not you know as flush as this one is supposed to be but it'll fit look at the color years later you know what I realize today I have never used a smart connector this is the 2018 iPad

Pro I don't have the new one and it still works for those of you who don't know for the 18th time we've been saying this since the day they launched this keyboard a month ago yes it works on 2018 version but yeah like I have never attached keep it like I never bought those folio keyboard cases because I thought there's a keyboard in the display like you can type on it it works fine iOS is great at that but all these years later which I've had this iPad since October of 2018 I've never docked it to a single smart

Connector accessory so this is gonna be the first time okay does the magic keyboard have 5g and Wi-Fi six obviously of course oh man oh yeah I can I can see what people mean so let's pull this that is a nice to meet you okay the material feels incredibly similar to this one makes sense they're both expensive yeah it does work on the whoa whoa okay this is different oh that snaps into place okay whoa whoa all right this is really rigid so flat obviously but then when you're unfolding it snaps now it snaps there and it's like rigid and then this bends back and

There's the smart connector mmm okay and now we have the paperwork in here oh wow that looks like a legit cable look at that I mean it is a legit keyboard but Wow there's our trackpad which is not a typical Apple trackpad I mean they have not done a regular physical trackpad in years all the track pads on Mac books have always been like the force touch ones but this is just the standard like it physically clicks but from what I've heard it's a way better like it's not just your typical diving-board trackpad you're still able to click anywhere on

It let me test that out Oh Joshua Davies thank you for the super check are you sure are you sure it works with the 2018 the only way it doesn't is if Apple is lying because if you go to the website it literally says works with third gen twelve point nine inch iPad pro and fourth gen twelve point nine inch so I will prove you all wrong if you don't believe me today but okay let me try this trackpad oh that feels really nice actually yep I can click on top works up there you can click on bottom unlike that stupid Amazon keyboard I had for a couple days didn't even make a video

About that Wow okay let me get the box out we don't need that crap mmm okay so this is able to support itself obviously oh that's metal that is a really oh I see how it works now it's like a hinge and then Oh it's stiff that's really stiff yes I know I need to see if it charges at full speed on the third time we're gonna try that out so let me just let me get the interesting part of the stream over with have been dragging this on long enough okay iPad is now nikka Ditu docket use the smart connector for the very first time are we ready

And yes by the way I have an 18 watt charge brick with USB C plugged in already see I think ahead I think ahead and that just reminds me we've got Oh finally another USB C port I could duck with the iPad that's great that's wonderful oh my god like that keyboard looks ooh that feels really nice but this is so thin look at how thin that cable okay what crap what crap was Apple trying to pull when they were like we need to better flag keyboard to make it thin enough this is a traditional keyboard okay you can get it holy crap why do

They why do they claim why did they need the butterfly humor I don't know that doesn't make sense but I'm excited to try this out this feels really really rugged yes I know it's expensive it's very very expensive but it's probably better than any other keyboard case or any accessory as a whole that you could possibly get for your iPad all right let's do this let's dock this thing magnets right whoo well the magnets definitely work and it instantly pairs check that out we've got the cursor support moving what do we want to look at first ooh this is nice okay Safari of

Course we go to and look at the product that we just bought absolutely this that is so smooth I love how like it feels like the touch registering of the trackpad is at 120 Hertz because when I've used other mice with the iPad scrolling it would be really really jittery would be like that but this is like oh and it like has that rubber band effect see how it does it whoa that's cool okay and then to go home we swipe up with three nice swipe up and hold mmm I like that I like that a lot okay Oh before I do anything else we need to plug this in make sure that

The charging speed works because some people let me fill you up to speed on the confusion we have out there because we've heard for a long time that the smart connector is you know it was initially added for the iPad just for like basic and data empower translation I just realized it's backlit and I didn't even notice it's kind of breaking here that's probably why I didn't notice but um a lot of people are like the smart connector is limited to five watts so there's no way you can charge the iPad pro that quickly if it's only charging through the smart connector and

Not the built-in USB C port so we all thought the only thing that USB C port on the keyboard case could do like you know let me get a hand on this the only thing this could do was like sustain the charge of the iPad it couldn't like actually charge it which honestly because since the iPad pros existence I've always wanted some type of additional IO especially one on the opposite of the end of the iPad so you could charge it from either side like a MacBook but I was like yeah okay it doesn't charge at full speed that kind of sucks but I can get over but now that

People obviously I'm not the first youtuber to have this there's tons of other channels that have been testing it and they said it's working fine so it's possible that there's been a new smart connector charging rate then previous than previously known and Apple has just chosen to never activate it until just now even though it was built in and capable on the 20:18 iPad pro that came out in October of two years ago so that's that's why I'm plugging it in and we can see what happens all right so this is not an Apple charger it's actually the eighteen one okay it's

Charging there we go so we're starting at 22% I know it's kind of blurry so it's probably hard to see but the iPads at 22% battery right now so keep that in mind moving forward man I love the way they redesign cursor support I was really worried it was just going being poured over from mac OS but the fact that it like highlights into the apps makes bubbles like that is so cool okay all right so we're using the iPad it's set up and I know a lot of people were upset that well let me mess with the variations a little bit first of all

It's floating I gotta try pulling this thing off how hard is that to do I guess we're doing and charged him or anything yes this is the twelve point nine inch configuration 2018 so that's weird okay I can adjust it more this is so cool I can adjust it way more than I could with my old folio cover this thing looks super slick oh wow that actually that actually goes back quite a bit in the reviews it didn't look like it folded up that much it looked like the this is this is fully pushed back and I know on camera doesn't look like it's pushed

Back that far but honestly using it in person this is way more than I think I would ever use I mean I would probably keep it right at this but I do not think I would push it back for that oh it charged we're at 23% so yeah smart connector on the 2018 and 2020 iPad pro I think they're exactly the same we just gained a percentage and that was not that was just like a couple of minutes it went from 22 to 23 so obviously it's not as fast as using the full speed USB C charge port on the iPad itself it's not that fast but at the same time marques did a test and said it was about

70% efficient so well hello look at that when the cursor hovers over the iPad text it turns into a big line that's cool okay swipe up like dad whoa that's so cool YouTube Oh YouTube is designed horribly for the iPad my god check out what about it cool channel you go home just like that this feels very very natural I need a typing test need a typing test let me make sure I open something here I want to make sure I don't reveal any kind of private information because I have so many secrets for reference when we tested 5 watt it

Didn't go up for two hours correct Michael so this means it is definitely charging faster than a than the typical five watts that we thought the smart connector was limited to the 28th Dean was capable of doing it much much better so let me um create a new note here and then fullscreen it okay so let me do some typing experiments on here okay this is nice I could get used to this I did I've never even used a keyboard with this iPad before that's so natural that's so convenient it's not a force touch trackpad no for those who didn't know this is physically

Clicking unlike the Mac books but it works anywhere you can click here here every corner and there's a lot of weight to this thing in the base it's kind of top-heavy when you lean up a little bit yeah it still comes down I guess it's not that big a deal you Kevin you definitely feel it though because there's at least half of the weight way up here oh that's right I forgot we talked about my youtube salary okay it doesn't really matter that much then this feels nice boomer ok right this way but go to news I love that it rubber bands like that

This this this is what we call a thought through experience people this is the benefit of having products that are built through and through software and hardware put together it's just amazing that I've had this iPad for almost two years and it's still like a new accessory comes out in drastically changes the interface by the way we just hit 224 percent charge so it's definitely working which I'm really happy to hear what I should do is open something like fortnight I know it doesn't have like keyboard and mouse support but when you play fortnight at

120 Hertz that battery goes down fast so I'm wondering if I'm plug then I wish minecraft would also update for keyboard and mouse support Matt Vinton thank you for the super chance so glad I found your channel again thank you I like that comment because it's in insinuates that you knew me once and then lost it you know I don't really care what he's talking about and then you came back and like okay that one joke was funny I guess I'll stick around will you attach with the d-brane skin I'll be honest I mean deep brand doesn't

Send me free products so totally unbiased here but I have bought a deep brand skin before I didn't really like it it was really nice in the first couple days but then after a while it's just it starts peeling and it gets hot around here so it's like it doesn't aged very well I'm not a big deep brand guy I tried it once and didn't really like it minecraft does I don't know if it does how is the backlit keyboard I wish I could show you but I have all these lights in here turned on so you can see it what I can test right now is the pull

Off okay it's pretty tight I don't know if I could take that off with one hand like they did in the commercial oh that's pretty close to inductive charging though I mean think about it you got the you got the cable plugged into the keyboard case you kind of have to pull off on this I think I remember maybe I'm remembering it wrong in the commercial but I thought they were able to pull it off the case with one hand you kind of have to just hold it down a tad just a little bit but I mean putting it on obviously there cannot be anything easier than that that's amazing but when

It comes to like can you just pull it off and you'll you'll pick up the whole thing at least on the twelve point nine inch configuration I don't know if it's different for the 11 inch probably not because that's lighter but if you hold down on the keyboard a little bit you can pull it right off it's still really easy I mean you can't complain too much it's fairly simple one thing I am noticing that I saw a lot of people bring up is it does feel like look I don't really care much about function keys I don't really have that much of a use for them but it does feel kind of

Bizarre to not have like display brightness an escape key or volume control I know there's other shortcuts for the keyboard that you can use on the iPad but not having volume control like the fact that there might be some shortcut I don't know about no you can hold command to get all this stuff home screens which have search Oh command space oh that's cool I like that you can just search things like on command space huh so yeah hold command if you want to know what stuff you can do command H takes you home that's nice and you just swipe

Back and forth like that you guys want to do a pointless Geekbench test on this two-year-old I bet and yeah you can't adjust the the brightness of the backlit keys which is kind of bizarre like if you if you want to you have to go to settings and change all that like manually I believe it's um I'm trying to remember here I watched it in the video is a keyboard it's it's buried in there though it's definitely not easy to find oh yeah that's right in keyboard it's kind of interesting though because if you consider like the only the only

Connection between this iPad and the keyboard is through the smart connector you know this this keyboard case has no Wi-Fi it has no bluetooth and now you're communicating through the iPad hey I want to change the keyboard brightness okay you can see it a little bit you guys see the backlit keys that's full brightness in a very very bright room I'm sure it's pretty bright in the dark and then all the way off if you want we're at 25% now by the way oh that's so great I'm so glad I can charge the iPad from either side that's wonderful

All right Matt super tight it says miss the addict in office days to be honest but whatever works best for your workflow I love your mortgage videos on as I'm 20 and currently saving for the future good for you I missed that well no I don't really miss the addict days that place sucked the office was fun but really really expensive so I'm I'm happy where we are now I've never felt more secure either way doesn't matter let's get back to the case like in adjust it like that if there was a way I don't know maybe you know what let me look at command

Functions here does it not work in settings okay and go home I thought like I thought maybe if command like – did something there there could be a shortcut they could add vias software that's what I would suggest like if they let you do command – and you could change a setting like make make it customisable make it be volume make it be the keyboard backlit keys or make it the display brightness and you could just do command minus or plus because that's not doing anything now obviously so that shortcut isn't taken so I'm yeah why not

26% okay I think we've gotten the point across you know the iPad charges through the smart connector and yes on the 2018 model oh that's so weird I'm not used to seeing that the charger for the iPad be on that side so yeah the camera cutouts a little wide you know it's a little bit of a swole how strong is it upside down axe Javon Johnson I hope I pronounced that right I don't know let me check okay we've we've proven our point at charges right for the sake of future demos I'm just gonna go ahead unplug that I don't know why you would want to do it upside down give me a second ooh

That's a weird way to do it I guess it's still you know the touchscreens Torx no I would not do that I mean it's gonna lay flat like that how far does it that's as far back as that'll go so now I wouldn't recommend doing that that's kind of stupid I thought I saw some people doing like demos where they fold it all the way down but yeah that is kind of a limitation of this is it's like you kinda don't really have much of a tablet mode that's supported with this keyboard case because you kind of have to you kind of have to pull it off if you want

To just go straight back to tablet mode but the good news is obviously they make that super easy you literally just and you're done you know honestly my iPad battery's kind of low I think I'm just gonna keep it plugged in it'll also charge the battery slower which is probably a little bit better for battery Hill no Allah vine asks does the mouse work with sidecar I'm guessing it Dustin I don't know if I can test that for you because I have a bunch of cameras and microphones plugged into my Mac Mini right now by the way shoutout to the Mac Mini

Who's handling this livestream he's handling two angles of Blackmagic cameras and everything Andy's recording it and uploading it hasn't dropped a single frame yet let's let's give it up for the Mac Mini case it's been doing a great job only six cores I bought the Mac Mini the same day I got the iPad Pro it's been doing a great job let's give it up for that so I will try that later because I don't really have a good way I don't have a MacBook right now so I don't really have a good way to test if it works with side guard you could probably look it up can you open it with

One hand I don't believe so I'll try but I believe like traditional Mac books all of their weight is in the keyboard and trackpad section so the display is really thin and you can lift it up with one hand but with this all the weights up here so I don't really think it's physically possible to do that yeah I don't even know oh I try not to use my other hand yeah see I did it something on one hand I mean it took a lot longer but yes you can't do it just I just didn't andum dude saying that I appreciate you man oh thank you Steven that's nice you okay swipe up because I

Like those gestures tho that's really intuitive I like how it works so simply man okay I love the integration between these two things let's see let's go to it these are always fun to look at I love looking at this yeah really I mean it's amazing how they're able to create such a like that's a responsive equal like it's the same click it maybe gives in the corners a tad more but just a really solid trackpad considering how thin this keyboard case is that's amazing what happened to the Talos of app thank you for the super check max I have I've

Talked about it on the twitch streams a lot more but basically it's not really being run by me it was a team of developers that came and pitched the idea to me and I kind of said hey sure make it happen and they they're still working on it they all have other things going on in their life and this isn't really a sensitive things so that's why we're not like treating it as a top priority right now cuz they got other stuff to work on but followed at tailless of dev on Twitter for updates because I'm not the designer I'm not even really overseeing

Much of the project I just helped them out when they need me Toby's super Chad it says does the iPad slide if you lay it on the keyboard what do you mean if I lay it on the keyboard you understand I'm trying to understand what you mean if I lay it on the keyboard do you mean trying to get oh you think you can kind of lean it down like that then there's like no floating that's weird that's like the most awkwardly looking laptop I've ever seen okay well I mean like it's the same kind of material as the folio cover so it's not much different from that trying to

Understand does the backlight bleed through I don't think the backlight stays on when you close it like this you got quite the iPad Sandwich there it's pretty thick I have my Apple pencil on my desk I'm just not plugging it in right now Siri to change volume function routes and not have don't you shouldn't have to talk to Siri to change the volume come on whole idea the keyboard is like you got all your buttons right there at the bottom so yeah it's a little bit different experience than a MacBook I mean it's like you got to use two hands to open it obviously and Oh

Does the caps lock oh it does I was just curious like does the caps lock light actually turn on and it does so it is very much as similar yeah it's a very similar keyboard layout to the MacBook MacBooks but I mean the the process of opening it let me walk you through it again one more time he meant are there magnets on the back of the case does it slide can you open it all the way and flip it upside down yeah I mean I don't know why you would do that I mean if you flip it upside down you you have this very very loose part on the bottom so as soon as you

Start pushing it it just goes right down so I don't know why you would want to do that that's all the way open I can't open that anymore so I don't know if you put it closed on your desk not on the keyboard but on the other side okay what is it it's not sliding still trying to understand what I'm sorry find a way to articulate it better I like how easy that is to unlock that is so cool 28% charge I'm sorry I can't help it I was just I was so nervous about whether or not that side port would be able to charge the iPad and it's starting at great which is wonderful Matt Benton

Super chatted got my seventh gen iPad and Logitech combo touch keyboard today for university as we're all working from home now all for under 500 bucks that's true you can use that keyboard case in combo does that want to have a trackpad built-in I'm not sure you said you meant to take it off of the case and lay it on the keys okay I'll try to understand thank you for the follow-up super chat Toby okay like that I mean kind of slides I don't know why you would use it like this that's that's more like it I think this is the way it's meant to be used one-handed open

From upside down again like I showed you guys what it looks like when it's upside down it's not very good you can't open it more than that so if you close it can open it like the screen won't turn on but yeah I don't know what you're trying to say it works on the iPad and iPad air oh cool cool can you click the top right of the trackpad you can click every single section of this trackpad I don't know if you can hear pick it up on the microphone but every area I can't find a single I can't find a single centimeter of this trackpad that doesn't click and I can click fast

Oh man I couldn't usually go faster then that's better but yeah it's a great track tete it's the only thing is it's you know it's kind of tiny but they're working with what they got could they move it up more I mean with the floating design see actually that this is as far open as it can get and that's actually bit more than I'm comfortable with if I was just sitting up my desk using it like this or he was on my lap like I this it feels kind of high I would I think I would put it more like right here right here feels a tad more comfortable probably depends on

Your height and everything Steven super chatted 4.99 thank you very much it's impossible to have a magic mouse connected while you have the magic keyboard connected so that way you don't have to use a little track that yes other people have tested that I've seen it myself and yeah it will I mean it will start ignoring the trackpad once you connect the mouse to it so if you wanted to do like you know this is for the Mac Mini but if you wanted to connect it to the iPad and do it like this this is why fortnight in Minecraft should update their games on the iPad to

Support keyboard and mouse because we've got a ton of people that are gonna be like using keyboards and mice with their iPads now we got 120 Hertz display if you could do keyboard and mouse with the iPad like that'd be wonderful that'd be fantastic when an iPad track fan can be tracked pad can be clicked anywhere unlike most Windows laptops yeah I've used several Windows laptops and honestly this feels that this feels a lot more solid than most of those like this is it's not a force touch trackpad but it's pretty dang close like this is as physical this is the best kind of

Physical trackpad you can get you can connect the Apple pencil with the case on yes you can I have it okay right here I don't know why I didn't grab it but just so people are aware yes you can just think ooh that's cool and then when you're done hey hang on it likes snap down pretty hard but that Apple pencil didn't want to fall off and now you have your ultimate creativity machine you got everything there whoa that's kind of weird when you open it fast because you got to admit like it's kind of a bizarre I like the fact that the let me take the iPad out so you can see what I mean for

A second this open it is weird I mean like no one else in the tech industry that I've seen has ever made something like this it's like okay there's a to hinge mechanism and this side opens up like almost 90 degrees but not quite like that's all the way open it won't go back any further and then this part goes all the way flat to all the way open like that which is I mean at first glance you're like this is bizarre this seems complicated you know why don't you just put like a kickstand in the iPad or something like that but then once you dock it you know very simply because

There's no hinges there's no locks there's no eject tool like you have on a surface book there's literally just magnets I love how that starts charging like that like that's just that's the closest thing we've ever had to wireless charging on an iPad yes I know a wires plugged in but at the same time if you have this plugged in at your desk setup and you're using your iPad like a tablet like and then you're done you just think and then boom it's already charging you didn't have to touch a cable for it to charge and I'm sure with the display off a charge is even faster okay

Josh's Techland Super China did you return the 20/20 iPad Pro that you reviewed yes I did if you watch my iPad pro review you don't I did because I said it they you the tech cousins for the Super Jack would you rather use the trackpad then the screen if the case was not a new thing and you were used to it hmm well that's that's the ultimate question right that's like the that's like the final review question I'm not sure I think I'll need more practice with it honestly I feel like what they did well with iPad OS is they made sure that even with cursor and trackpad

Support which as you guys know for the longest time I was against that I did not want Mouse support I didn't think that was a good idea because the iPad was built for touch and now seeing how they designed it differently for Mac OS it's like okay you made cursor optional for certain apps but it's still a touch face like they still are built for that fundamentally and I think for general stuff like discord and Twitter in like social media and checking email and stuff like that I probably be fine using just the display the only situations where I think the trackpad would make

Sense are things like video editing or possibly photo editing but I mean photo editing I'd use more the Apple pencil anyway that's primarily like the productivity stuff I use my iPad pro for usually making video thumbnails like every single video thumbnail you see on tailless of tactile is vv tables of talks all that is made on my iPad just because being able to touch and move things around with you know display like the iPads is way better than having a mouse and doing it on a desktop in my opinion that you may disagree that's fine but yeah I think for like certain

Tasks like spreadsheets is something we do a lot of because we do a lot of budgeting so when my wife is trying to like edit and change our spreadsheets which we often do on the iPad she gets so frustrated and mad about the touch interface compared to just having a mouse she's like I missed my macbook I want that we had we used to have a MacBook Pro which we sold because we just weren't using it very much anymore and we figured having like it was a fairly high-powered one – it was like having $1,000 or $1,500 MacBook Pro just for spreadsheets seems a little over the

Top and we have a computer we can sit down to anyway but yeah I don't really do much video editing on my iPad Pro anymore if you've been watching day loads of tech for a long long time you know all of the tailless of tech videos used to be all made on an iPad and that was before luma fusion was even a thing since then I've just discovered for efficiency sake and time management I can do everything much faster on an iMac but honestly for me in my personal uses I did not want the keyboard case for the keyboard and trackpad like that's cool but I would probably have returned it if

That's all it did the main thing I love about this is way more adjustment angles because when I do my FaceTime calls when we record the tailless of tech podcast you know I can pivot it down here I can pivot it up here there's just so much more flexibility than I had with you know just the standard folio cover someone asked me earlier if I can compare it to the old smart keyboard I don't have that and I never did I never bought it because I thought it was a stupid product it's like $200 for just a keyboard no thank you but since 2015 so for literally almost five years now

I've been begging in begging in hoping Apple would eventually add more than one port to the iPad because I do believe for a lot of people not everyone for a lot of people can replace your MacBook but that's a severe hardware limitation is that there's only one port this adds that functionality and as you can see it's charging up and everything which means I can have an extra USB C port free for accessories external drives or external you know whatever it's gonna be I powered the microphone for a podcast the other week and not having to work with dongles and just being able to

Charge on one side and be able to pull it off this easily and then when you're ready to put it back on like that so the for a more applicable use for me it's being able to adjust these angles and charge it from an opposite end so that I can free up the USB C port and the keyboard it's not bad like I didn't I tested out the smart folio keyboards at Apple's source and stuff and I'm like yeah these are kind of nice and everything I just mean like there's a there's a virtual keyboard like pull it off there's a virtual keyboard built in to the OS and it works fine this works

Better than way more of other tablets out there they're virtual keyboards are trash and I'm very comfortable actually typing on a virtual one I know a lot of people aren't like me and they need a physical keyboard but my wife's been doing spreadsheets and that kind of stuff too and she's just gonna really gonna really gonna appreciate the trackpad and just because I was so excited for this product it's my job to review it I was like hey I'm buying that thing and no I'm not returning this thing I don't I don't care if I don't utilize it that much it's like it's just

An amazing product and I was really excited to try it in his way cheaper than getting a new iPad pro which I thought about doing but eventually did it have I considered the 11 inch iPad pro yeah I bought the 20/20 version and I went to that exclusively for about a week and it's nice it's really comfortable if was planning on using an iPad without a keyboard and mouse and I was just gonna be using it as a tablet that's it I would probably buy an 11 inch in fact the next iPad pro I buy i buy whether it's like mini LED or you know 8 14 X

Chip whenever that one comes out I'll probably get the 11 inch because year-over-year I usually switch between iPad pro sizes this one I just knew I was gonna be getting the keyboard case and I was like if I'm gonna be using this thing as a two-in-one and occasionally using it as a laptop I want to have the biggest possible display because I was seeing a lot of unboxing videos of the 11 inch magic keyboard case in that return key being so tiny it looked kind of cramped on there I was like yeah I'm kind of glad I stuck with twelve point nine inch honestly this

Feels I'm much better for a laptop kind of experience I know this is definitely more tablet than laptop but it's absolutely absolutely the best of both I think the only limitations now are software I mean theoretically not that this is going to happen but theoretically we could just Apple could just pump Mac OS arm on this thing and you know that we've got leakers claiming that you know we're gonna get Final Cut and logic and Xcode brought to the iPad all the hardware is there it's all just software limitations and within a couple months we're getting the big relaunch of

IPad OS so I think maybe not relaunch but just update and I think that if they're releasing the magic keyboard now there's got to be some big things in store for iPad OS it dub dub this year so that's why I was like okay I want to make sure it's like a laptop size device but again if I was just buying an iPad for an iPad and I didn't want it to be into and what a two in one product yeah I would I would stick with the 11 inch very comfortable to use what happens if you use touch and trackpad at the same time ooh good question let's try okay so um cursors moving around here and now

I'm gonna take our oh whoa that's kind of weird you can use both the cursors moving and I'm moving the homescreen back back and forth that's weird okay I did not expect the cursor would just go away let me just open mmm notes oh but if I try to click something it won't open so if I let go now it opens huh okay stay that's so cool this is gonna be nice during discord I'm excited yeah this will probably this will bring a lot of people in the server oh there's the other channel let's go to Apple Channel is it me or is the stream oversaturated the

Stream isn't oversaturated night I just have a very vibrant nobuta's saying hello I just have a very vibrant hair color get it right oh that's so nice for discord that's gonna be nice over here I got Twitter mm-hmm first impressions Oh same for my update just got his what's he saying 11 inch iPad pro magic keyboard I need to get the 12 inch version yes I gotta respond twelve point nine inch gang for life or might change later reply boom oh this is nice oh god I knew this was gonna be pen I'm fairly active in our discord for those of you who

Don't know so please check it out um three fingers swipe up on the track bed yeah and I think you can you can swipe between apps like this with three what's the next one mmm jumping around Swit between apps that's cool don't spam the discord okay don't spam it this is the twelve point nine inch still waiting on mine I'm sorry if you're waiting but keep in mind like originally when Apple unveiled this thing they said it wouldn't be ready till May and Amazon said they were accepting pre-orders but Amazon said the product wouldn't be available until like May 30th and here

We are April 22nd and we have it we have it so Rodrigo no there's not really a great configure with this accessory to draw I think if you want to switch to tablet mode and just start drawing on the iPad the best thing to do is just take it off which they make very very easy I know but there's really not a great solution in my opinion to drawing on the thing because I mean you can try to do it upside down but it really doesn't work well because again if you just apply the slightest bit of force it goes down and this won't fold back this is locked in

Place hey Chris dart and thank you for this super chat appreciate it I love their use of magnets it makes everything so easy everything just falls together you know it'd be honestly kind of cools if they had USB see on this side too I know I'm getting greedy here but that would be nice well how's the backlight it's kind of hard to tell I assume it's good because I'm in a very well-lit environment is very bright in here and I can see it I can see it noticeably so let me go back to settings here so you guys can see it yourself so in case you want to know how to change the backlit

Keys when you get yours you go to settings you go to general go down to keyboard and then there's a setting called hardware keyboard and in here you can I change the backlit as you can see it goes down down all the way up down I don't know of a quick and easy way to turn off the lights in here oh wait I do turn off the lights life explosion again here we go see I muted myself so I didn't set off all your other devices you're welcome sometimes Siri lags I'm this is this is the issue I have with those light fixed bulbs sometimes they're laggy Oh see it

Takes like a couple seconds when it goes back all right now all of my lights are off see if you can notice that yeah it didn't really make much of a difference did it the Blackmagic cameras are just too good they're low light sensors are just too reliable all right I'll turn it back on here we go tech video Thank You Siri all right hopefully I didn't set anything off mine hasn't set off slid off yet well good that's good iPad will rest on there fine let's see what's not magnetic you guys are answering your own

Questions in the chat do you even need me whoa it is dynamic keyboard brightness adjust automatically based on ambient lighting conditions okay I just watched it change by itself that's cool what if I cover up those ambient light sensor can it see oh oh you see it it's changing mm-hmm it's going down reveal route it's trying to it match it the backlit is automatic so it doesn't just you know stay exactly the same if I cover these up I know there's some ambient light sensors here oh that got really bright and now what if we just

Freakin you know blind this thing comes back up there we go lovely they've copied Microsoft but made it better in every single way because that trackpad is awesome and I've never had anything like it on a surface product so you know deal with it can you connect an external mouse and the trackpad at the same time I'm not going to because I don't have a spare mouse but yes you can you can use the keyboard while you're also using a other Mouse can you add a window for the keyboard brightness in the control center I don't think so in the control center I should check just

To make sure customize controls I have pretty much everything there and well that's so weird when you hover the cursor over the control center thing it's like it's so bizarre what happens if you you're just any other way I can click and drag but that seems lazy yeah get just give us a software update Apple where you can hold command and then minus and plus and then let us customize that to be either volume display brightness or something like that is there a version with no trackpad yes and it is significantly cheaper if you get the one with no trackpad it's $200

Instead of 350 do you think the keys are too small on the 11 inch I mean size is relative dependent on the size of your hands personally I do think the 11 inch is kind of small but the 12 point 9 inch iPad pro is much more comfortable this this feels like let's compare I have a keyboard right here this is the standard magic keyboard that you know comes with Macs and stuff like that and it's basically the same size like look at that it fits right there it is essentially the same size so the 11 inch is obviously going to be less than that the 11 inch is going to be shrunken

Down on both ends especially the return key I saw the return key on got it confused by the keyboards here the return key on the 11 inch iPad pro keyboard looks so tiny I was like that just feels kind of weird the key size is the same as the 11 and 12 foot no I mean the the the letters maybe but the the sides are like to delete and shift and return those are definitely smaller I've seen the comparison so the 12 point 9 inches of full-size cube it's the same size as the magic keyboard that comes than iMac it's not all about the size

True it's about what you use with your size can you use the port on the keyboard to transfer data so no I don't believe do I want to try even I have a SSD we could try it I don't think so the smart connector I didn't know it was gonna be this fast at charging the iPad but I guess it is but the smart connector is very very very slow data speeds because all it was really designed for was like simple accessories like the keyboard in the trackpad so you can't really send a whole lot of data through it but I'm curious what would happen if I tried to plug it in so this

Is a USBC Samsung SSD I know it can't data trash transfer but I just I'm curious I want to see what will happen will it yell at me will it be like you can't do that exterminate um it's just even lighting up no it's not even lighting up um let me check files here yeah it's not even showing up under locations so literally will do nothing to answer your question if you uh if you try to plug in an SSD via that port but that's the whole point you can charge it through that port and then use your data for the dedicated USB C so use your adapters or whatever you want on the

Full-size port and there you have it Dru's ipad cratchit yes they just deleted everything that makes sense yeah this is this is impressive though I I am very happy with it like I was so excited to review this thing Tesla's website is glitching out there um but yeah I'm just so glad that this adjustment is more dynamic now like there's in you know infinite angles will kind of infinite but you know lots lots to work with it kind of snaps when you lift it up quickly like that this charge plug obviously works at 70 percent speed even on the old iPad pro so you don't

Have to worry about you need the 20 one for it to work which is really really nice can you charge your iPhone through the keyboard port I don't this is all you guys want right whenever we get of new product new plot porch or something you're just like plug everything in see what happens I don't think power goes out can use both USB seaports at once well I only have one USB C charger here right now so I'm not gonna find out let me um I think I have oh my god the poor Mac Mini it's so hot ooh what is this caught on here it is okay I have a USB

Seat a lightning cable that was plugged into the Mac Mini so just for fun I don't expect anything to happen I will unplug will use this new plug and see if the smart connector can actually output a charge what'll happen is the iPhone will probably start charging the iPad okay so one end is plugged into the new magic keyboard port other end I'm plugging into the phone already quit the portlets challenge so don't worry about that nothing it's not this isn't charging this isn't charging the keyboard case just says no it literally is just like

NAB not interested Alfie oh thank you for the donation how does it compare to the 11 inch magic keyboard but you think I'm gonna buy both I didn't buy both I'm sorry I mean it's it's bigger than that one if you want a full sized one get the twelve point nine inch the 11 inch one it's probably decent but just keep in mind it'll be smaller is that a protist bleh XDR of course not I said I would never buy that monitor and I meant it I'm a man of my word how good is excel in iPad compared to PC well I would have to have Excel to know and I don't so that's something I

Can't help you with you can look it up I mean I don't know if Microsoft is gonna update those things right away does the case work with sidecar again if I had a spare USB C cable and a way to plug it in to the iPad pro I would test I I would recommend looking that up though can you run a USBC plug from the keyboard to the iPad why would you even do that you have a smart connector you guys just want to like combine as many plugs on so we plug the Apple pencil into the keyboard cake why I don't know I'm gonna plug this in here because I don't want to lose this again if the

Stream suddenly ends it's because I dropped a cable give me a second again I can't do a sidecar demo but I'll try that later when I can find a cable no escape button any solutions well here's there's a lot of shortcuts you can use so it's just kind of relearning a keyboard a little bit so when holding command you got oh my god look of all these options you have so if you want to go home you can go command H and that'll take you home so if you're ever in an app or something and you just want to get out you can just command H go home real quick I think there's some

Other ones search yeah some command tab you can switch between apps like that which is cool you can alternate even go straight to the home screen if you want it the home one is cool it's kind of like command Q a little bit but a little bit of a different it's it's a little bit slightly curved can you get dirt under the trackpad you could but I'm not going to try I hope you weren't asking me to is it better than a MacBook in some ways yes in some ways no I would say most of the ways it's better than a MacBook our Hardware reasons in most of the ways it's worse than a MacBook our

Software reasons so the biggest limitations now of the iPad are just not having full fledged versions of things that are already available on the MacBook and lack of third-party support but outside of that like you have 120 Hertz you have face ID you have a touchscreen you have a way better screen to body ratio like the display on the iPad pro looks way better than the MacBook you have a way better front facing camera MacBook webcams are all garbage this one's actually you know I've never tried this before but you can using your cursor open camera

And look at the front-facing view I mean this looks way better than an iPad boy because you can actually do like if we switch it to video you can actually do 1080 at 60 on here the lights are not great on it right now but it's smooth you know it's buttery you can get a lot of detail out of this so whenever people say like hey iPad with magic keyboard that's more expensive than just getting a macbook air it's like well yeah but you're getting more than a macbook air can because your macbook air you know you can't pull it off and start using a pencil and have things run at 120 hertz

And unlock things with face ID in either direction you can't really do that with a macbook so yeah you pay more you get more cost versus value cost is what you pay value is what you get Chris then you for the super chatted do a bend test of both right here right now yes let me just bring a bend both really quick here we go I love you iPad it's been fun well it doesn't work look at that it doesn't Bend maybe jurors just weak it's kind of like um you know how your brain will not let you like bite your own like finger off

This is very morbid I know but it's like yet your your muscle memory automatically stops and pulls you back how easy is it to open apps and split screen that's a good question um let me try that when I go to a multitasking here can I dismiss it like oh okay that's how you close apps got it so if I wanted to open discord and now I want to side use Twitter it's like that so that's a bit more clicking I don't know if it's faster than just okay twelve point nine inches the best laptop feel for the iPad yeah I think I I think I agree I think I agree as soon as we get

Some more third-party app support for that just bit my finger I'll what I bet bro are you using this is the 2018 not the 2020 twelve point nine inch iPad pro that I've had since day one in October so it's a little bit of a different opening process compared to a MacBook but you still you're just it's pretty quick you open it pry in between and boom you're done you can tell they tested this they experimented with it could you do a streaming setup just on the iPad pro I mean I feel like the hardware is there I just don't know if the software is there I have a lot of

Different cables and adapters and stuff but I don't know if they'll be compatible with iPad OS you have baby fingers yeah you know those are pretty baby fingers do they use the pro max so the iPad pro now floats more than a MacBook Air yeah I mean does the Mac did the MacBook Air ever float was that a selling point or something I don't know can you customize the key repeat functionality I haven't used a hardware keyboard with my iPad before let me see if that's in settings general sorry let me switch you here a hardware keyboard auto correction auto

Capitalization modifier keys caps restore default I don't think there's a repeater option there is a trackpad section what is that I just saw I lost it I thought I just saw it I thought it said trackpad slide on floating type Momiji stickers where'd it go was it before this oh yeah trackpad natural scrolling so you can change this tap to click I don't like tap to click actually I'd rather physically click to finger secondary click is good and then tracking speed you can adjust if you wanted to improve how fast is the repeat okay good question we're getting into

The nitty-gritty stuff now be there's no repeat well it looks like there's none cuz I mean like I'm not much of a typer but how often do you want to have keys repeat when do you just hold down so it can when do you want to do that I don't know there's probably some weird use case I haven't heard yet do you hate the keyboard I mean magic I mean the magic no Daniel I love it um yeah if you want to repeat keys just let's see you have repeat turned off oh okay nevermind are you planning to unbox the iPhone se 20/20 I am but I don't know if I'll do it on YouTube would that be that

Exciting I feel like there's not that much to play with I feel like I might do the iPhone se live unboxing but I'll do it on Twitch and then I'll do a YouTube video later the trolls use key repeat yeah let's not let's not give in to them enable sticky keys somehow spamming shift it's not working you think the hinge that could hold up the iPad could get loose over with in time yeah it could I'm not sure we'll find out in time but Apple usually I mean this build quality feels excellent so far okay you said it's in accessibility I'm checking

Under keyboards oh here we go no it says key repeat is on C key repeat on now it's off now it's on it's kind of interesting full keyboard access sticky keys about a fire keys to be set without holding a key down huh slow keys it's also off I don't even know why we use that so you can't hold back space uh no I bet that works yeah you can hold back space a little slowly delete stuff wash your eye like that keyboard though that's really nice uh would you buy the magic keyboard if you had the 11 inch iPad pro no I don't think so if that was all I had I've I would probably buy it

To test it but yeah I don't know luckily I have I have the twelve point nine inch so can you right click I believe you can yeah if you right click it's kind of like tapping so like you can click around like this like I want to type here now the type here blah but then if you right-click it gives you like the Select select all paste indentation you know if I want to just select all this stuff and then switch it to bold I can do that so yeah there's a right-click that works it can run minecraft but remember this is just a keyboard it's not a new iPad though I know oh man my

Phone was on the cable um I know that minecraft uses a lot more power so I want to plug it in and try to run like fortnight maybe at a really high frame rate and see if it loses charge right click is kind of like 3d touch kind of but not really I'm so glad I'm not showing you the screen right now the fortnight game launcher looks terrible on I how is using it on your lap to top head be um dang is there a good way I can show you that I got so many cameras in here are you still happily married indeed in

Fact I'm much happier now that I was before I was married oh it's updating fine um we're gonna go to minecraft because it's less cringy let me put this now I gotta unplug it defeats the whole point of the test maybe just a tad okay um yeah that's a little top-heavy I could adjust it like that but I mean your your hands are gonna be resting here I'm sorry I can't show you the whole thing the cameras plugged in so it doesn't run out of battery and it's just kind of it slappable like Marquez said um let's open something here I know keyboard and

Mouse isn't gonna work seed minecraft doesn't work with it properly I'm I was more interested in seeing if the battery would go down that's so much the keyboard and mouse but so let me actually if I'm typing on this yeah yes you can type with this thing it works fine yeah that's nice no it's laughable it works um Instagram doesn't have an optimized iPad app that's outrageous it's been that way for years it's been incredibly frustrating and Instagram does not have a good excuse for it I don't know why we had a Minecraft realm for a while it

Just got messy do you feel like it's facing you enough when on your lap or you feel like pushing it back further thank you for the super chat Brian Aaron that's great um thanks for answering my question oh I don't know what I answered but you're welcome if it's sitting in my lap no I mean it's pretty much exactly the orientation I would adjust it to I wouldn't push it any further back than this maybe that worries people cuz they want the flexibility it's like I mean not that I'm going to push it back that far just want the option to it's like I

Can't imagine leaning it further back than this that's about as far as I would go it fall out see if it'll fall yeah this makes me nervous no magnets hold it in good oh I'm so glad that Apple logo sorry we just got a little bit of lag there I think it's because the iPad went back on the Wi-Fi dang it fortnight always ruining everything let me switch there we go that might help um I wouldn't I wouldn't tilt it back any more than that maybe people are just worried cuz they want the flexibility but no it's enough for your lap that's fine that's more than

Fine I'm if I was watching a video or I'm just Gordon something like that yeah that would be fine this is cool it's like a big pedestal for the iPad to just enhance itself on No you cannot play Minecraft for fortnight with the keyboard and mouse but that's not on Apple that's on the third parties if they choose to support those accessories that can it won't be comfortable lapping for long periods no it's it's comfortable I don't know in fact I would argue that this is more comfortable because you're not gonna get really hot like you would with a MacBook which gets

Really really hot when running you know Google Chrome and then it starts heating up your lap this won't do that because it's just the keyboard there's no internals in there that are gonna heat up your lap no it's comfortable I could no you could I wouldn't say it's any less comfortable than using a regular MacBook on your lap I mean at a normal distance this is exactly the orientation I would have that's the exact orientation I would have my MacBook at if I was sitting one on my desk it's a little bit top-heavy but again you're not like typing on the

Keyboard with your palms in the air when you're when you're typing on the keyboard your hands are right here you're holding it so you're typing like this so just imagine this set up but on my lap and yeah you would be you'd be pretty comfortable so no I would not argue that it's less comfortable than a regular laptop let's see can we spend this time fixing the squares on your bloody wall no I'm in fact I'm gonna there I made it worse just because you asked ask again the weird thing is minecraft on iPad is just the bedrock version which is used on

Windows 10 excetera so it does support keyboard and mouse just not when bedrock does use on iPad well the iPad hasn't really had cursor support for very long so that's why I didn't I didn't expect them to add it but they probably will in time I bet we'll hear about it they'll be like ok they updated it iPad pro with magic keyboard a surface book – I'm the Apple sheep of course I'm gonna say the iPad I like this setup better surface book 2 is not as a seamless transition when switching the tablet mode I've used a surface book 2 before and you have to

Like you know hold the eject key and then it goes blank and then you can pull it off and then you lose like a big you lose a big whoops wrong button sorry you lose a big chunk of your battery life and you also lose out on your GPU I think when you disconnect the surface book 2 from the keyboard whereas if you pull the iPad off the keyboard you don't lose anything and the surface book 2 is in 120 Hertz so now please fix the squares in the back oh sorry much better sorry about that glad we fixed it can you compare the keyboard with the iMac

One oh yeah I did that earlier but I guess some of y'all are new it's almost identical in size this is pretty much this is a keyboard you get when you buy an iMac it's pretty much the exact same size let's see dislike for the tile no if you dislike the video YouTube removes your ads oh wait they don't dislike all you want you're a monster plus you get a lot of scam and trash apps on Windows I do think there's a ton of Pro apps on the iPad that are pretty awesome and there's probably gonna be

More coming in June big upgrades can you fix the monitor in the background to match the screen there we go much better glad we fixed it this is a Blackmagic pocket Cinema does this feel bulky to carry around it still looks slim I mean it's heavy it's definitely like the keyboard case is the weight of the iPad so oh yeah no that's yeah it's got some weight to it for sure I mean it's not unbearable but it's definitely very concentrated you kind of need it though it's not like they really could have made this lighter any games that can be played with the

Keyboard not yet though it literally just came out like people are just now getting it so now you guys just want me to ruin my entire studio I got to put all this back later no is it comfortable to use the pen with the iPad at that angle you mean the pen still do you guys know you can use the Apple pencil on the Mac C you just press the keys it's amazing um let me try something here draw yeah I mean it's sturdy it holds up I have terrible handwriting let me see Waal cool we can do that now all right

I'll donate $100 if you trash something money first obviously no that's not worth it I don't need $100 that bad I don't want to trash anything someone's gonna come into the stream see the background and they will immediately convert to Android yeah that's fine besides I've been over an hour anyway we got to wrap up the stream I apologize if your question didn't get answered but keep in mind I also do lots of live streaming over on Twitch that's where I live stream way more regularly than YouTube so if you feel like you're not getting questions answered there go

Check me out on Twitter there's a link in the description I don't think it works but you can do the work you're a responsible adult or a child you can be responsible look up twitch download the app and find halo so tech it's not that hard you don't need a link everywhere you go but there is not to worry a tech video that I had made before the keyboard case got here and it also happens to be about the iPad just not the keyboard case so stay tuned for that I'll be dropping it shortly thank you guys for watching and I'll chat with you all later all right have a good day

Take care bye bye

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