NEW iPad Pro Live Unboxing

by birtanpublished on May 11, 2021

Okay let's see if we can get started here I'm apologize in advance to all the people that have been watching the scheduled time go all over the place because ups told me the package was up for delivery since 5:00 a.m. this morning so as soon as I saw that I was like okay cool can come at any time so I started scheduling the stream for me like up probably by noon and it wasn't ready by noon so we had to push it back by two full hours so I apologize for the confusion but for those just joining in welcome thanks for coming here we do have our classic dual camera

This time so you will be able to see the iPad be unboxed as I'm unboxing it and we'll be doing it live so I'll give everybody a second just to join in obviously for those who didn't know I ordered the 11 inch iPad pro base storage which is 128 gig and yes today I will figure out if it's six gigs of ram or four gigs the internet can't decide right now I'll figure it out and Wi-Fi only didn't get cellular I don't think I'm going to keep this one because I'm actually way more interested in the keyboard case and that's come that's not coming till May although today I did

Just order a third-party keyboard with a trackpad case for the iPad pro that should work with my 2018 iPad which I have right here so I'll compare the two and we can see what they look like side-by-side I'd also like to get some augmented reality comparisons to see how those perform with the lidar chip light our sensor sorry and before everybody says a 12 Z Z Z Z because the a 12 Z chip is apparently just the same as the a 12 X the point is the a 12 Z chip is supposed to be better for sustaining high-end performance so it is still an improvement over the a 12 X while it may

Not have an overall higher you know maxed out clock speed it's allowing you to hit those max out clock speeds for longer periods of time so an upgrade nonetheless not to mention doubling up on the default storage options which is excellent and the dual camera I don't know if I'll use it that much but I've actually I've actually never used the 11 inch iPad pro before I've always been on the 13 inch iPad pro ever since 2018 so I thought today would be an interesting chance to try something else and see if I prefer the 11 inch iPad pro maybe I do okay I'll give it a shot but as we begin

Let's take a look at this gorgeous wallpaper for one yes you can see the microphone so we got plastic on the side here peel that off like so we get the front of it here love these new wallpapers looks amazing oh it's okay hold up we better de sanitize this thing – there it is it looks so clean – oh my god I forgot how amazing the unboxing experiences for these iPads it looks awesome there's a decent amount of weight to this thing oh dang I'm already scared I'm starting to like this size whoa look at that that's so weird to see

On the back okay here's 2018 2020 quite a big difference there wow that is a large camera bump for an iPad not used to seeing that there okay let's get some of this plastic off dang it I'm already starting to like this form factor off clean nice okay I assume there's oh like how they had to redesign this box to accommodate for the enormous camera module even the packaging had to be redesigned yeah let's do our bend test now here we go no it's fine not doing that sorry – those who wanted it not giving it to you let me set it up here though and wow it looks so clean

Look at that gorgeous no fingerprints it's never gonna be like that again if it comes with a charge first of all does it come bent out of the box doesn't look like it looks a little straight to me but the camera module actually does not stick out as much as I thought it did it's still pretty dang thin like I wonder how much this rocks when you set it down on a desk but I'll set it up here we'll get Geekbench five and then I'll do a side-by-side with the I'm already starting to like this form factor a little bit better and that's concerning

Because originally I was like now I'm not keeping this thing but now I'm like this is kind of comfortable this is kind of comfy a quick start oh that's right I can just hold this iPad next to this iPad oh yeah here we go unlock to continue I did not actually get a smart cover for this one I figured that because it was a 11 inch iPad I would be okay just holding it though I might end up getting one we'll see okay so I just hold up the camera to it like this as lighting is messing around or it could authenticate manually wait I feel like I'm doing this wrong I should

Unlock the iPad first this doesn't seem right let's see you should download Geekbench to see the amount of it yes that was that was my initial plan is to get Geekbench first as soon as I put this thing on okay um continue there we go the iPad was like on the lock screen so it didn't want to do its thing position the pattern in the circle okay I'm doing it it's not want to what's the problem oh there it goes I just had to hold it a little bit closer if only the iPad had a telephoto then I could use it that one time okay

Um unlocked this this is cozy this is a comfy little iPad here I wondered how I'd feel about this as a laptop though this is pretty small for a laptop that's for that's for sure but so much lighter than my gargantuan beasts here hey Eric thank you for the superjet 11 in squad join the crew true okay I'm in the crew and it's I'm already noticing when holding it in Lance this is definitely wider it's not 4×3 it's just a little bit wider oh we can set up face Eddie you know I'll set that up later we just want to get into the Ross specs what can I do oh yeah same

Stuff well I got some bad news for you Gorgon if you're expecting giant upgrades to the iPad to come there's not gonna be very much and before you all say will in just a couple months there's gonna be a 5g a 14x mini LED ipad 4 one we thought this iPad was coming in quarter four of 2019 it didn't actually came out very end of q1 of 2020 so given we're getting leaks that there's a new iPad coming at the end of the year it could be March of next year we don't know and the mini LED rumors they're all for 2021 they're not 2020 for the record also all that mini LED is gonna do is

Make it an iPad pro XDR which just gives it that dynamic range branding so if you consider the display upgrade from the 10s max to the 11pro max is that substantial now well they've got the higher dynamic range to restore from I don't need to restore from a backup don't transfer apps and data we just want to get straight to the home screen run the Geekbench simultaneously at the same time yes I'll set all that up I'm currently you know selling my soul to the devil here let me focus on that I also want to test the microphones which apparently are better so I'll do a test

With that I don't know if I'll do it during the live stream but nakaya's I wish I could give this to you but I think they're supposed to be distance between us at least right now we will be going from LCD to mini LED but the thing is LCD is gorgeous it looks fine you're gonna look at the mini LED iPad and it's gonna look exactly the same from the front and you're just gonna be like oh yeah this is a slightly deeper blacks cool whatever the point is it's 120 Hertz and I would much rather have 120 Hertz over OLED

That's way more important test the speakers yep you don't have a salt that is correct Francis I am a ginger that's how it works okay go home they're teaching me how to use it even though I used an iPad pro to set it up come on Apple think about this welcome to iPad let's get started okay first of all I want to do the measure app because that's a quick and simple AR demo okay so we're booted up here do I still get a year of free Apple TV Plus let me do a measurement on the Mac Mini so if I open this up it's taking a second here

Ooh it's focusing good oh it didn't I didn't even have to like move it around much we try to add a point see how that goes well oh I'm getting pop-up something Mac Mini that worked pretty well it's not tracking perfectly which I expect perfection that's given a whole lidar chip and try that again hmm um I need to do a side-by-side I don't know if you can both see them but let me make sure I get Geekbench before anything because I did get the smallest storage configuration a lot of youtubers do not know if they if they brought six gigs of RAM by default because they all

Got the one terabyte version which we knew came with six gigs of RAM before I can type with one with two hands so easily now Geekbench five of course brandon Rogers super chatted he said I love you I take those words very seriously Brandon but thank you I appreciate it appreciate the superjet yes of course I will obviously do a bin test oh also DJ thinker super chatted did I totally miss that it said unboxing two pounds thank you from DJ would be interesting if maybe the 11-inch has four in the twelve point nine inch s6

What they do it differentiating on the size maybe I guess they do that on MacBooks okay so to make sure this is a fair test Oh guys Geekbench five just opened its as memory 5.56 gigs I didn't even run the test yet does that confirm it or is that a software glitch so so six gigs of RAM is standard then hold up hold up I gotta I gotta get a close-up on this one who'da let me change the focus on that check it out six gigs of RAM is a standard for those who were confused now we know because I did get the smallest storage configuration this is not a one terabyte

This is the cheapest possible new iPad pro you can get this one's the $800 one 128 gigs and six gigs of RAM is indeed included so whoa ok glad we got that mystery solved because Apple hates telling us how much RAM is in the products especially at events so okay that's that figured that out I'm glad we solved that mystery after marques said that Apple wouldn't give him a direct answer I was kind of convinced I was like oh okay so there's no six gigs of RAM which kind of sucks I thought that would have been like a nice over the cross update but um almost six gigs of

RAM well they don't put they Geekbench doesn't have access to all of the RAM so if it's if you have four gigs of ram it'll say like 3.5 I think let me actually do I have Geekbench on my old iPad that would have been a good thing to download before this see drew likes to plan things and then throw that plan out because he's lazy not that there was an event or anything I don't think you see honestly despite what people may have claimed I don't think there was gonna be a March event do you really think they had that much to talk about with this thing the light art demo would

Have been like minecraft unreal productions thank you for the super champ what are you planning on doing with the $1200 stimulus check what does that mean oh is that for the you know the VI R Us situation I don't know we'll see okay I just downloaded Geekbench 5 on the iPad come over here so as you can see no apps are open and yeah see right here I don't know if you can zoom in on that but take my word for it this iPad from 2018 with 64 gigs has 4 gigs of RAM and that's why Geekbench vice is 3.6 6

Gigabytes because Geekbench doesn't have complete access so for the record we are expecting both of these to have near identical results okay I've seen other CPU tests I'm not expecting to get anything different so a 12 X a 12 Z apparently their top clock speed is supposed to be the same so you know let me just shut up and start it CPU benchmark oh I can't hit can I hit both at the same time let me try to this is so cool I love having both okay well there we go okay now we're doing both and they're gonna do their thing

Wi-Fi 6 is confirmed yes that's for sure this has Wi-Fi 6 this one does not but yeah as you can see from the front very very similar not much differences there test the GPU as well because they added an 8 to GPU cord that's a good point yeah you can switch back to me here so you can see my gorgeous face 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gig base storage are bigger deal than the lidar Ram on iOS but people just like the tech spec of it especially if this is becoming more of a laptop replacement so yeah anyone deciding between the 2018 slash 2020 hype approach to just get the 2021

I don't know I mean I personally would say if you already have a 2018 iPad this probably is not worth it just because the changes are gonna be so small for you but I I don't agree with the statement so many people were making of Apple should not have released this they absolutely should have because making sure people have the latest and greatest you know just selling an iPad from 2018 in 2020 like even if it's a small upgrade it's appreciated doubling the storage option increasing the RAM by 50% even if you're doing stupid things like adding a dual

Camera or lidar it's like hey if it's the same price can you really get that mad because if someone was in the market and they were willing to spend 800 to a thousand dollars on a new iPad pro before this came out you know like a little over a week ago that would have bought them a way worse product and now that money can take them a lot further not to mention makes the 2018 iPad pro way cheaper from certified refurbished locations or on sale from Best Buy or Amazon or whatnot you can get them cheaper so upgrades nonetheless or good

Doesn't matter if they're big or small it's kind of like when the 2018 iPad pro was so drastically far ahead of its time I think the Geekbench test is almost done it's not going to have a follow-up that's major you don't get two big follow-ups in a row if you have one big major upgrade it's gonna be followed by several incremental ones like an S here for example even though this one is older it was so drastically ahead of its time oh this one finished a little bit 45:10 one one six almost identical so yeah multi-culti core score a little bit higher on the older iPad actually but

Yeah pretty dang close so when it comes to yeah this is the GPU so there's there's your numbers in case you couldn't see it they were pretty dang close let's do the GPU okay running both done but for those who didn't know let me repeat it for those of you in the back a 12 z chip is still an improvement nonetheless it is not just a rebranded a 12 X chip it is prioritizing sustaining those higher clock speeds so it may not be a higher overall speed but here's the thing no one was really complaining about the 812 X speed you know so many people I noticed we're like I really

Really angry about the 812 Z not being an a 13 X or not being faster but before the iPad pro came out no one was like the a 12 X is way too slow we need a faster CPU but I think enough people would have benefited from the idea of well maybe hitting those speeds consistently more reliably would have been a better improvement nonetheless and again this is something that we didn't have a week ago that we now have so I appreciate that what's that band you're rocking oh this is a super exclusive in hard-to-find Apple watch black sport

Band really really hard oh oh now there is a difference check this out okay so I just did the Geekbench score for GPU we got ninety one forty seven and now the GPU score 98-84 so not identical in this sense that that shows you a noticeable substantially higher GPU performance that's much closer to ten thousand whereas this one is closer to nine thousand okay so there's your example of a 12z not just a rebranded a 12x okay get it right people all right Gabriel Jakobi Cooper thank you for the super tat please tried my free AR game fly high AR with lidar I'd like to see how

Oh message retracted I was gonna finish reading that what happened why did you retract the Gabriel what was it called fly high radar if they just called it the a 13 X no one would have been angry they are going to avoid the number 13 anyway who knows maybe they'll keep it around I want to see if like I open something you know on apple's website how they let you like look at things in a are now i want to see here it is i want to look at the magic keyboard and stuff i want to see if that does much better see an AR okay let me um readjust here is your covent updates this is not

A virus channel i'm here to talk about technology don't get mad when i talk about technology a tech channel okay so like see iPad pro and they are like this right man I'm sorry it's hard to fit it in there woo shrink it down like that that load it up real quick dang Tracking's not bad mmm ooh it's like right on the whoa look at the masking on that that's like darn near perfect whoa look how close look how fast it's able to render that out it gets it a little off if I good that's so trippy yeah and it didn't require me to move the iPad around like

A does okay let me let me show you this exact same demo with the older iPad so that's where you see a noticeable difference with lidar is the fact that I can cover that up and it's almost like it's really there look at me using my tiny type that's so weird the lidar is just beaming solar radiation every way okay um all right let me look at that that's so trippy it's like a window to another world it's kind of jumping around a little bit but I guess my hands are a little shaky

Innovation put your hand behind it oh that's a good question oh you know it's really trippy just now I don't know if you saw that on the live stream but this um when the camera went out of focus for a second the AR went out of focus with it which is really trippy I don't know if I could oh I can go behind it oh whoa you guys see that it's like cut it off that way and then if I go back here it knows it's like huh he's not he's not in front of it now that is trippy it knows where it is in real time cover it up go behind lidar gives you cancer correct

Okay just for those who don't know let me bring up that same demo on my old iPad from 2018 we're gonna hit let me just set this down here I think it's easier that way okay old iPad see iPad pro and AR and let's see how this experience goes with the 2018 iPad it's loading once Oh move I see this is the thing that lidar when you don't have light or you have to do this okay so let me shrink it down ya know I mean almost but no yeah that's I mean if I hold my hand really really close it'll cut it off but not really the same yeah I mean that's that's not doing the same thing

At all not even close I mean the tracking is still pretty decent and this is again with one camera on this iPad but yeah the the masking part is probably the trickiest part no I'm I admit that it is cool for a are stuff but it's an improvement nonetheless and again it doesn't come with a price increase so I'm not complaining also I wanted to try out the ultra white I wanted to see how that looked because some people were curious if you get 4k because this is not the same ultra wide camera from the iPhone 11 because it's 10 megapixels instead of 12 so some

People thought that meant that 4k at 60 was not coming to the ultra wide but let me look here okay so we got video here there's a well oh it's on this side oh that's weird I didn't expect that okay so if I go ultra whoa yep that's weird that's trippy okay let me go to camera settings here make sure updates nonetheless people if you're getting an update to a product in the price is staying the same there's no reason to complain it's just providing options for people who haven't upgraded yet no I would not say someone who got the 2018 iPad should get this

One but if you have a 2017 iPad and you're looking for an upgrade this is great for that okay so camera record video switch to 4k it's 60 will it tell me that in the app oh yeah it does oh it does work look at that so uh let me adjust the focus here for a second can you guys see it just focus it's because the okay there you go 4k it's 60 at the top we're at the ultra ultra wide you can switch and we're still four at 60 so despite it being uh when we changed focus here despite it being a compromised ultra-wide you still don't

Have that video framerate limitations hilarious thing the galaxy s 20 cannot say the same thing the galaxy s 20 ultra a $1500 phone still would not let you do 4k at 60 with the ultra wide oh man I can almost hold this with one hand look at that new vlogging camera I gotta have bigger hands oh I can almost hold this with one hand until release a new processor called core own ooh okay bad joke unreal productions but thank you for the super chat too soon Stevens 2a8 thank you for the super chance should I wait from any led you

Think it'll happen I do think it'll happen but if anything's been true about our iPad rumors and leaks in the past it's that we don't get the timeline very good because for the longest time people said that the iPad with the dual camera or the light our sensor that was coming out the end of 2019 and we were like four three months off there so if our leaks and rumors right now are claiming the next iPad Pro is going to come out at the end of this year I think it's very likely Apple for the sake of not you know dating this one really really

Quickly they might make this one they might not release a follow-up until March of 2021 so don't consider leaks and rumors sacred this is coming from a guy who reports a lot of leaks and rumors don't look at those timelines and say they're absolutely going to happen because they're not there are a lot of timelines we get off all the time so I don't believe this is going to be one of those iPads that comes out and then six months later another one comes out so I don't think there's gonna be a new iPad pro in September but if you're looking for an upgrade and your old iPad isn't

Holding up very well this is a fantastic upgrade to make if you don't have one of these already if you don't have the 2018 Pro you'll be very very happy with this one if you're coming from a 20-17 iPad pro or any iPad this will be a fantastic upgrade it'll-it'll have a bunch of bonuses and if you don't want to spend the extra money i mean you can obviously find certified refurbished 2018 iPads for a lot cheaper with the biggest differences on this one being again six gigs of ram on the cheapest smallest configuration double the storage so 128 gigs where as

You know I paid a thousand bucks for this thing in 2018 and it still 64 gigs now I'm paying 800 bucks for this thing in 2020 and it's 128 gig by default so that's kind of a neat handy upgrade have you tried the cursor yes I have I mess around with it on my 2018 iPad pro slit Bodmin Padma thank you for the super chat should I also get the magic keyboard in May if I already owned a smart Keyboard folio for my new iPad pro the magic keyboard is a tricky one because it's a it adds a lot of functionality to the product in fact I would say that the new magic keyboard is

More exciting than this because I kind of just demonstrated to you guys all of the biggest changes that are available with this iPad between the ultra wide camera which does support 4k at 60 yes and the six gigs of ram is confirmed to be available even on the cheapest one so we know that the lidar sensor does help with augmented reality I did see a noticeable difference between the AR tests on this iPad versus the IAR test on this one but we all know augmented reality is not something we do very regularly it's not a very common thing and I personally think that

There's a bunch of photo and video options that are going to come to the iPhone once the iPhone gets light out and they're going to provide a bunch of benefits as you saw how lidar was masking out my hand in real time when I did the AR demo with this thing I bet they could do something like video bokeh with that technology they just don't want the iPad to have photo and video exclusives before the iPhone so I get why they software are not really showcasing all the things the lidar can do let's see Stephen let me catch up on

Super chance here I get that to scroll down YouTube is broken again shocking knowing Rockford media super chat it says UPA ups screwed up but it's constant with ups I don't have it yet but Apple is helping okay thank you for the super chat um let me scroll up here Steven says yeah I don't have any pro now ordered this new one just don't want it outdated in six months I don't think this will be outdated in six months personally a 12 X a 12 Z still incredibly fast high-performing CPUs and GPUs that are not going to be dated in six months no

Matter what Apple unveils even if they unveil a 5g I okay let's talk about that for a second 5g iPad for one that's a cellular option so it's not even going to affect the entire iPad lineup for to whatever Apple can come up with in the next year is not going to be so drastically ahead of whatever the a12 Z chip is already offering that you're not going to be able to do certain things on this iPad that you can do on the next one okay you can still edit 4k at 60 footage in you know fairly high-end editing apps on this iPad you still have that option and

You're gonna have it with a 14x it's still getting export relatively quickly so don't act like this iPad is just going to become outdated really really quickly let's say sorry the language don't worry about it rockford media but appreciate this super chat let's see wow we got an over a thousand people watching thanks for tuning in guys appreciate that um follow mini LED okay guys for the last time let me correct everybody who's mixing up like I mentioned this off the top of my head in one video and I think everyone heard it wrong the rumors in leaks are all

Pointing to a mini LED iPad which again would not be a big difference it would just be iPad pro with better dynamic range that's it it would not change the look it would still look like this that wouldn't change but all the leaks and rumors about that iPad are for 2021 not 2020 okay there's a big difference there it's not 20 it's not the 20/20 iPad that's getting mini led most of the leaks and rumors are not pointing towards that so don't act like this iPad is going to be come out dated next to the minion oh also by the way all you guys getting

Excited about well later on there's gonna be a 5g a 14x iPad um 5g costs more money so if they're adopting 5g modems in a device that you know can replicate a laptop experience so therefore it can give you better access to download and upload use cases it's gonna be more expensive so before you get all excited for a new iPad pro coming out with 5g support it's probably gonna be $1200 so if you're waiting for the next iPad are you also gonna wait to spend more money keep that in mind too this is not everything Apple Pro no I apologize much better channel why do you

Have a big hole in your beard I do not do much trimming with this oh you mean my mouth I don't know it's just God put it there but I'm happy with it I guess is this already like oh I see I was like I didn't setup face ID but it has like a passcode lock thing but it's just asking me to put in the code but yeah portrait mode does only work on the front but I gotta be honest guys like on the other side of this review this is the first time I'm using an 11 inch iPad pro this is kind of comfortable this is kind of a nice footprint I kind of like this size and I'm concerned how much I like it

Because I don't want to keep this someone was asking for a speaker test I might do that let's see the speaker's I'm hearing them click when I tap on them they already sound good let's see should I buy discounted 2018 iPad pro or the new one uh if if you don't care about the dual camera you don't really see yourself using that and you don't care about augmented reality and you don't care much about GPU performance because that's the biggest difference this has you guys saw that geek bench test unless you came in earlier if you came in later by the way we did a geek

Bench 5 test the CPU speeds pretty much identical almost identical GPU speeds noticeably better on this one so it got pretty close to 10,000 on a GPU test whereas my old iPad pro from 2018 got it closer to 9,000 on the GPU test which is a bit more noticeable of a difference so if you care about graphic performance a 12z kinda gives you that advantage also if you don't want to pay for the one terabyte storage configuration because if you decide to go with the cheaper you know certified refurbished 2018 iPad pro from you know way back when this has 4 gigs of ram

Okay every single new 20/20 iPad pro gets 6 gigs of ram so if you care about multitasking and stuff like that be aware there are some differences okay opening YouTube I do not want notifications you know what let's just use YouTube signed out I don't want to sign in right now Seanie tech magic thank you for the super chat I love your videos keep up the great content I will as long as you guys keep watching them I can keep making them if you all stopped watching then I would stop making but until then they should give it a glass back oh man can you imagine dropping a

Glass back to iPad I feel like glass is heavier than aluminum so it would probably make the device a lot heavier and maybe that's why they don't want to do it what about bending my iPad pro my never bent and I've had the same one since 2018 and pretty much anyone I know who takes good care of their technology has not had iPad pro bending problems there are people who are I know for not taking great care of their technology who have bent them but my guess is it was not a big enough oh the wallpapers good point my guess is it was not a big enough

Issue for Apple to do anything about it because if it was a big problem that a lot of people were facing then they would have changed it by now because it would have affected theirs their sales right oh cool look at this so when you go to the wallpapers and you go to stills I don't know why they have like the default wallpapers up here but if you scroll all the way down you get these which are dependent on light mode versus dark mode so the wallpaper will change for that and I love it when wallpapers do that that's actually one of the reasons I

Didn't get these wallpapers for my iPhone was because I want them to change with dark mode and light mode so which one well this is the one on the box I think so we should use that one set both there we go do you prefer the bigger the smaller iPad Pro and why did you choose the bigger one before I've gone through this explanation a million times I guess I'll go through it once more since we got you know over a thousand people here that's crazy look at that isn't that gorgeous looks beautiful the main reason is every time I buy a new iPad pro I switched the

Size I never buy the same size twice in a row because when I buy new iPads year-over-year I want it to be noticeable because when from the front when they all look the same it's not as exciting to unbox and compare the two whereas when they look different it's easier to be like okay this is the old one this is the new one so when I when I first bought an iPad pro is in 2015 and I got the 13 inch version that was the only version after that I switched to the ten and a half inch iPad pro because that was the new screen size that wasn't there before and then after that I

Switched to the 13 inch iPad pro again because big display but thinner bezel so it was more reasonable and then after that ya know I'm trying something else so it gives me a fresh new perspective to try out new sizes alongside the new features so just to mix things up basically to keep things from getting boring Matthew Ingalls thank you for the super chat thanks for a comparison of iPad enjoy your channel I glad you guys enjoyed it is Apple likely to make new iPad pro for 2020 towards q4 there are some leaks and rumors but again I would

Not trust them very closely because the same leakers and the same analyst that claimed there is a that are claiming there's gonna be a new iPad pro at the end of 2020 are the same ones that said this one was coming out in q4 of 2019 and they were wrong ok they were off by three to four months so if they end up being wrong again you could be waiting a full year before they actually make a follow up to this we don't know are you keeping it you know I wasn't going to but now I'm kind of digging this footprint this this form factor is kind of nice and I hate acknowledging that

Because originally I was like oh no I got to keep my 13 inch because this this one's you know I like the big dirt i'd like the big display and i want to have the biggest display possible but this one is so much more easy to use with you know just holding it instead of having its stood up on a desk now I don't know now I'm not sure I should do a microphone test huh okay let me record something test test this is the first recording with the new microphones on the 20/20 iPad pro all right let me rename that to make sure we got it and see how that sounds

Test test this is the first recording with the new I mean with those speakers it sounded not bad to be honest well they've got the same number of holes on the front and back haha funny Groody thank you for the super chat what when Apple runs out of ipad names iPad pro XD are I mean they've been calling it the iPad pro for five years now and they've just been calling it first generation second generation third generation so I guess they're not gonna run out of names but yeah I think if they do a mini led iPad for one don't act like that iPads gonna be the same

Price as this one if they do a mini led iPad that thing is going to cost more I guarantee it but yeah they would probably call it iPad pro XD are what I'd be kind of interested in now which sounds funny after you know unboxing and giving you my impressions on an 11 inch iPad pro is now I think it would be really cool if they want to get iPads replacing more mac books if they made an iPad pro max if you will and started like making a 16 inch iPad pro that could rival the 16 inch macbook pro and give it like to to minimum hopefully four full size full

Speed USB seaports so put like two on each end and then you would start having an iPad that I could actually replace like a high-end MacBook Pro with why wouldn't you keep it because I'm fine with this one and this one costs a lot and there's not really a huge number of differences but the two so if I can it's like I said I will take my own advice guys like I said at the beginning of this video the 28 if you already have a 2018 iPad pro probably shouldn't buy this there's not a lot of reasons to buy this if you already had a 2018 iPad pro I recommend

This to lots of people who haven't bought a 20-18 iPad pro and are looking to buy a new iPad or perhaps even replace their laptop now that we know the specs on this thing it is still an upgrade so be quiet on the whole a 12z is just the same as a 12x it's like GPU matters for one and sustaining performance is also really important so it's not all about just clocking in higher speeds you should sell the bigger one and keep the smaller one that was something I was considering doing but given the current climate we're in right now I feel like I shouldn't try to sell

This well if the people that are like we're facing this you know situation right now why are you still talking about tech it's like you clicked on this livestream if if you if you think we're in this giant like I agree we're gonna we're in a serious pandemic right now but if you think it's a big enough problem that we shouldn't be making tech videos on tech channels why are you watching this videos you're like hey how are you guys still talking about iPads amidst all this stuff going on it's like how are you on YouTube how are you watching this light go out you know it's

Like not don't go out but just like why are you on the internet just like savor the moments and just read the news like if but if you're gonna come to a tech channel expect tech content okay we have a lot of people self quarantined not working or not at school at home and they want entertainment they want to not think about it for a second okay so let people talk about something else please just for a second let them think about something else anyway people need mental breaks exactly thank you can you get an emoji on it I'm sure I don't know I don't get why people think the world

Should stop spinning because of the pandemic yeah less less human interaction obviously keep distances from people but in the mean time I think it's it's not that bad considering we can enjoy each other's presence and we can still communicate we can still talk about things and get excited over things from a distance while we wait this stuff out because that's what it needs right now is little human interaction but anyway let me pull up YouTube and do this speaker test but the microphone sounded pretty good to be

Honest in that initial first test so for the first audio test I'm pulling up Telos of music obviously because that's where I listen to all my music that an Apple music I don't want to get copyright claims so I'm not going to turn it up too loud let me wait for the drop okay now I'll boost it for just a second they sound pretty good I don't think there is bass thumping as my 13 inch iPad pro but that makes sense because it's such a larger device but yeah check out Talos music if you haven't yet he

Found some good artists to promote over there but yeah the speakers sound pretty decent I'm impressed with them just the fact that you can get a product like this for 800 bucks is pretty amazing it's insanely thin for those curious on the back they didn't I don't think they changed anything other than the camera some people were thinking that got rid of the iPad text they have not that's the same it still says designed by Apple in California so that's all still there take some ultra wide shots – how does that work yeah this is a nice viewfinder for taking photos look at look at that I

Mean it's I know it's blurry but it's so funny how your face looks it I've never looked in detail at this light our sensor your face always looks so funny with the ultra light no I'm not getting a Mac Pro I made a video on that go watch it uh let's see does it have Dolby Atmos support I don't know I think that's mostly branding stuff I did have an iPad Mini 3 don't laugh at me I should upgrade there's no no criticism worry about that I actually I know there were a lot of people saying before this livestream a lot of you guys were saying when are you gonna use a Magic Mouse

With your iPad when are you gonna use a Magic Mouse and I tweeted earlier that I don't have a spare Magic Mouse all my magic mice are paired to Macs and I hate unpair amande repairing them but because I did found an old I did find an old amazonbasics wired mouse I realize you know what I'll just plug that into the Mac Mini I'll disconnect I'll disconnect the Magic Mouse from the Mac Mini so I can pair it with my iPad pro here my old one and we can see kind of how Mouse support works unless you guys have any other questions about the 20/20 iPad pro let me know and if you feel like there's

Too many people here and you can't get your question answered please download twitch or follow me on twitch because we do lots of live streams over there throughout the month it's not a once in a while thing it's like several times a week so check me out over on Twitch those streams are much smaller much more personal but while we're here on YouTube let me finally do demonstration on the mouse on iPad OS so I'm gonna disconnect pet the Magic Mouse was at 69% that's funny so if I disconnect here how can I get it to show I'll cut to the B camera in a second I'm just trying to get it

All connected do you think it's worth it worth the subjective people worth is subjective if you're not using a 20-18 iPad pro currently and you care about augmented reality stuff or you care about having the best GPU or you care about having six gigs of ram or you care about having 128 gigs of storage at a decent price point then sure for a lot of people this could be worth it if you already have a 20-18 iPad pro or you don't care that much about GPU performance or you don't care much about a are ultra wide it's pretty simple you guys know if it's worth it for you and

You also know if it's not worth it for you when will Apple bring 120 Hertz to the macbook man I wish I wish soon that would be nice yeah any mouse works with the iPad but many many people were hoping I would okay well I disconnected it from the Mac Mini do you want me to turn off Bluetooth here and turn it back on to the on switch here I don't want it to connect to the Mac oh there it is okay it's working go to back up here and switch to the beat camp there we go whoa that's weird okay now you can see

It sorry it's a little blurry let me put it in focus a little bit more there we go okay we now have Mouse support oh that's so weird I love the way it that's cool oh that's really smooth I was doing it with this old amazonbasics mouse over here that sucked oh that's so cool trying to think of something I can open that doesn't have private info on it um probably podcast you can click it open like that whoa that's cool look at this look at how it like adapts to the touch interface that's so cool you bring it down here

And it activates the doc see this is what I mean by like a hybrid of it it's still letting touch be the dominant interface that's so cool you bring it up here and it highlights it highlights the whole widgets at the top and drops this down dad's that's so cool whoa talk podcast I can scroll through it wow this works much better than the stupid scroll wheel oh you know what I'm noticing with the mouse with the mouse scrolling on them on the Magic Mouse is I can't stop it so if I scroll like this it won't stop

When I press it press it again yeah when you go to Control Center you just click and it drops down that's so cool huh I wish there was a um okay you click up there and it's like it brings down Notification Center when you click on that thing that's cool huh if you drop down here you can owe you goes right home that way huh just drop down and whoa whoa is refurbished by Apple any good yes if you buy certified refurbished from Apple that is basically new it's almost indistinguishable from new I like that a lot though Wow yeah there's still I'm

Sure it's a little bit buggy because this is the first time they've tried it but I like it a lot try it on Safari before I do that let me make sure when I open Safari it's not going to show something important oh yeah okay it's just Apple that come now we can go back ooh okay so that you can add the tabs and they in the cursor blows up like that is so fluid how is Apple able to make stuff so like buttery can you pinch to zoom I don't think the Magic Mouse ever did pinch to zoom that's that's more of a Magic Trackpad thing do they know I don't think so huh Tech Specs oh

Wait did you see that when you're like oh it turns into like the the little blinking line when you're typing stuff I don't have a keyboard connected which is why that popped up can I swipe with this no I can't type like this that's weird I don't know why anyone would do that weird that's cool though that's cool yeah certified refurbished from Apple guys is a great way to find discounts on Apple products because they usually are really fair with the discounts and when you get the product they replace the battery they'll replace the externals like that they make it very very close

To new to the point that you can't even tell it was used at some point so I'd highly recommend certified refurbished I've done it before oh I'm sorry Matthew Ingalls donated earlier he said thanks for comparison no sorry Brandon donated earlier and he says what do you mainly use my my iPad for I primarily use it for making video thumbnails so every single thumbnail you see across the entire table is of note pretty much all of them are designed on my iPad pro which is why I'm not an artist I'm not a student I don't take notes but I do have an Apple pencil

Because it helps me mask out objects that I put in videos and stuff and I also use it just for general media consumption I'm on discord a lot so if you want to talk to me more feel free to join there but I use it a ton for discord and the iPad app for discord has been designed pretty well I use it a ton for Twitter I use it for email basically stuff that my phone can do but the iPad just has so much more screen real estate and I also love the fact that it 120 Hertz my iPhone is not I also love that it's USBC my iPhone is not so basically when I'm doing stuff at home which is a

Lot these days I use the iPad because it's just more comfortable to use and it's got decent display I take 120 Hertz over OLED every day of the week OLED is something I feel like you have to actively look for it's like oh yeah this is dark pixels are all the way off where's 120 Hertz you notice it like immediately and I get it some some of you guys are probably the exact opposite that's fine it's a personal preference thing but yeah for me at least like 120 Hertz super noticeable OLED it's kind of noticeable but you get used to it very quickly

Let's see do you have a gaming console into your game on any of your Apple devices I don't game too much anymore I'm just busy working these days I do have an xbox 1x but I haven't touched it in a long time I'll probably give it to a friend or something we'll see probably was asked before you like the 11 inch or 12 point 9 it's more debating on which to buy see that's the question we have both here 13 inch here 11 inch here and there can I how easy is it to let me swipe this up here how easy is it to switch pairing so obviously this pencil

Is paired with this right but if I drop it here whoa welcome to Apple pencil cool that that little drop-down thing only shows up like once which is why I got really excited so that's it is it paired over here now yeah just like that that's how that's how pairing and unpaired accessories should be that's so simple this takes up a lot more of this side though oh I see what people were saying now the Apple pencils really close to the volume buttons on the 11 inch that's that could be an issue compared to this it just connects to this one right away there's

A little bit of room between the volume and the pencil here so that's a little better 13 inches more immersive true I don't go on the go very much because I'm working from home obviously Sachin super chat it says total how many Apple devices do you own that's a tricky question like how many do I actually use regularly because I do have like an old collection of Apple products that I'd never use but I have them I have like three iPhone 4s I have an original iPhone I have an iPhone 5 a 5c but I never look at them I have like old Macintosh's that are in storage that I

Never used but in regards to products I actually use Apple watch Mac Mini iMac Pro iPhone did I say iPad that's about it I have an Apple TV but honestly we don't use it that much I'm using the Roku most of the time anyway why is the iPad pro less expensive than the new iPhone 11 Pro because making stuff that is smaller is harder than making stuff that is bigger also the iPhone has peptic engines in it and probably has too all iPhones have cellular modems whereas not all iPads do but making things smaller and more compact can often be way more difficult

That's why a TV which is much larger than my iPad and is 4k so that has more pixels than an iPad right well it's a lot larger so and also there's no battery that's so it's like just because it's bigger doesn't necessarily mean it's harder to make sure you don't use air pods oh yeah ear pods I guess that's an Apple product I use those a lot worth getting the 20/20 just for small video editing and normal user should I stick to the 20:18 one uh it kind of comes down to your price margin I mean if you think that Ram

Is important because now we know that's a big difference between the new iPad in the old one six gigs of RAM is that worth the extra couple hundred bucks or if you're editing videos with it maybe storage is important so I mean this gives you more storage by default but you could probably find a certified refurbished iPad pro with 256 gigs that would be cheaper than this maybe I don't know but depends on what they have available at the time I'm 15 and I saved up and I finally have the money should I buy it if you think it would be good for you my my goal with this channel in

These live streams in these video guys it's not for me to come forward and say yes buy it you need it or no don't buy it you don't need it because you all have your own use cases and you're all in different walks of life and you all have different financial situations and you all have different use cases so Dell there's no there's no yes/no answer that all depends on your uses and my goal is to just help you realize the main differences – you can figure out for yourself is it worth it for some of you an extra 200 bucks for new versus a certified refurbished from 2018 200

Bucks could be a ton of money or for some of you 200 bucks could be next to nothing you know just comes down to you Marcus Cruz super chanted debating between the MacBook Air and Mac Mini well I mean there's not a lot of similarities for the sake of I mean one you can take with you one you can't write like that's about it are you going to be doing a giveaway no plans – not really in a financial place to do that and I've done giveaways before and it just kind of attracts a weird demographic of people that are just wanting free stuff and

They don't really care I want you guys to watch my videos or follow me on Twitter or join my discord because you want to talk with me or you want to enjoy my content and when you start doing giveaways you start getting a lot of people that are just there for free stuff and they're not really interested in anything you have to say so I've done giveaways in the past but my goal is not to get as many followers as possible my goal is to have you know in an engaging good conversation with you and there's lots of people doing giveaways just look it up

Let's see if there's any Oh using the wrong mouse it's so weird to see it on the iPad like that though whoa trippy okay I'm not a gamer not really no why can't you tube let me scroll through these is there anything I missed I don't think many people should wait for mini LED because that could to come out long long past the actual time people think it's coming message retracted let's see Daniel QWERTY super chat it says I have a joke how much does a hashtag weigh one pound oh I get it one pound that is hilarious oh my god Thank You Daniel I apologize

For missing your super chat and yet tech cousins super chatted before the live stream even started so shadow to tech is the 120 Hertz screen useful or not it's definitely more of an aesthetic thing I mean games are actually supporting it now so you can play fortnight at 120 Hertz I know everyone's a 14-8 screen D but I'm like okay it's just common game people play it a lot and now it's one you can play 120 Hertz on on seven hundred eight hundred dollar device which I find pretty impressive but 120 Hertz is more of an aesthetic thing go to an Apple store well I guess you can't

Go to an Apple store now but if you if you've used 120 Hertz display and you can't tell the difference then yeah some a lot of a lot of people can't tell the difference and I don't blame them like I've shown this to my parents or my family or my wife like hey do you notice the display you notice it being 120 and they're like no not really it's the iPad pro waterproof no it is not enjoying animal crossing at 30fps right everybody's playing animal crossing right now I get it you cannot get 120 Hertz with a Mac that's true do you think the iPad pro can be considered

A computer especially with the new magic keyboard anything that computation is technically a computer don't get hung up on the definition of that I hate apples marketing for the iPad of being a computer not a computer computer not a computer it's a computer that isn't a computer it's did well I hate that but um yes the iPad can replace more laptops now than ever to be fair it was a laptop replacement for a lot of people long before iOS 13 that's why Apple still makes laptops is because they're acknowledging that the iPad cannot replace every laptop but it

Can replace the laptops for some because some people just use laptops for email social media watching videos you know writing documents for school and if that's all you needed you didn't need mouse support you didn't even need an external keyboard for an iPad to be a laptop replacement I know tons of people in my personal life that replace their laptop with an iPad like five years ago but what Apple is doing with the iPad is giving it more and more use cases so that those instances where you do need a laptop and you can't make a tablet or an iPad work those instances

Are falling away so now that they're giving a mouse support external drive support and the keyboard thing and the the magic keyboard case and everything we're getting to a point where there's less and less reasons to stick with a laptop there are still reasons I'm not saying they're not there if there was no reason to get a laptop Apple would not be selling them but they still do they still sell Mac books and they're still releasing new ones that's Apple acknowledging hey there are reasons to keep using a laptop but there's less and less as these things get more capable

And they get more powerful and they get more hardware and they get better and I know like a 13-inch new iPad pro with the magic keyboard case that's you know thirteen fourteen hundred dollars after taxes that's not cheaper than a MacBook yeah but that MacBook does not have 120 Hertz it doesn't have Apple pencil support doesn't have a touchscreen doesn't have a rear facing camera doesn't have face ID so yeah there are laptops that are cheaper than the iPads that are becoming two-in-ones but they're not they're not the same hardware you're getting a lot out of the

IPad and sure you're getting maybe some hardware that you care more about with the MacBook so they're just becoming comparable now I think the best upgrade will be the magic keyboard rather than the new iPads can't wait for that thing to come out I am super excited for that in fact I could not wait for the magic keyboard with trackpad to come out because I wanted to try out using an iPad more like a laptop so I found a third-party accessory on Amazon they're not a sponsor they didn't contact me they didn't ask me to test out the product or anything I just

Looked it up and I was like has any third parties made a keyboard case for the iPad that includes a trackpad yet and there is and I found them on Amazon and I ordered one today and I'll get it next week at some point and I'll probably do a video on it just because it will mean I will have a keyboard and trackpad with the iPad no it's not apples elegant solution and it doesn't use the smart connector I don't even remember what it was called just look up iPad with a keyboard and trackpad case and you'll probably find it I forget what it's called what is it what is a

Good cheap iPad to get the ten point two inch iPad I'd recommend that's a decent one and it goes on sale a lot should I get this one or the twenty eighteen one Victor I I don't know depends on your situation or what you have does both versions thirteen and eleven inch have six K's of RAM yes we tested it in this live stream it does in fact have six gigs of RAM on the cheapest possible one so I think it's logical to assume all the new iPads have six gigs of RAM by default all of them do and Wi-Fi six like I said guys I don't remember what it was called it could be the bridge

Keyboard I don't know was it like $40 no I think it was like eighty do you think full screen support two external monitors do I think Anthony night do you think that will come that's my hope I think a big help with iPad OS would be if Apple updated it in June with like a revamped external monitor support because right now like the monitor behind me has a USB C plug in and I plugged my iPad into it all the time but all it does is is mirror the display of the iPad it would be really really cool if it would treat it more like an external monitor for a MacBook you know

Like because these things are becoming more like a laptop what size do you prefer I can't decide yet I can't make up my mind because this feels really really comfortable but I've also been using the 13 inch iPad for so long that it feels weird to go to something like this it just doesn't I don't I don't want to go backwards but at the same time this feels so much more comfortable I can't decide if I want to keep this or not now any suggestions for Photoshop iPad tutorials asks lac chez Rana thank you for the super chat um I don't just play

Around with stuff I don't really I didn't I didn't watch tutorials on Final Cut or photo editing they're in the video thumbnails when I started doing YouTube I just did it just start doing it and then figure out what you like and what you don't like Dawson price to pretend it says calculator equals computer iPad OS has no calculator app ding it so it's not a computer because there's no calculator it's been decided I haven't had an iPad yet should I get the new one or the old one if money is an important factor to you get the old one if you can afford to

Get the new one kid to do it bah bah well the 2018 one still be supported by Apple in like four to five years yes yes the new iPad pro was incredibly ahead of its time I believe the iPad air 2 is still getting iPad OS and given how fast the a 12 X chip is yes it's very safe to say the new iPad pro and the 2018 iPad pro are gonna get software updates for at least another 4 years probably more probably more than four years can I do a Wi-Fi speed test you know that's a good question I don't know if my router even supports Wi-Fi 6 and I might not be

Worth testing yeah I'm on the 2g network anyway that's ok I'm sure Wi-Fi 6 is faster ok I just don't want to do a test if it's not gonna make a difference because I don't have a wife like faster router light art Skinner useful for you probably not there's not a lot of uses for the lidar scanner I have but I think that there's gonna be a lot that come to the iPhone when it gets light armed do you think the magic keyboard is overpriced overpriced is a tricky word it kind of depends on some people just will call something overpriced for being expensive anything that's expensive is

Overpriced my definition of overpriced is when you can get the same thing for much cheaper and the reason I don't consider the magic keyboard case overpriced despite it being expensive I acknowledge it's a high price item is that there's nothing that provides the same thing for cheaper that case let's the iPad float above the ground which is really cool makes it easy to take off it has the smart connector support which makes things really easy for docking and pairing and getting power it's backlit which the last keyboards were not

Backlit it adds a USB C port so you can sustain your battery charge when you plugged in you have USB C on both sides of the iPad which is cool and you're getting a trackpad built with it which the last keyboard case did not offer either so you're getting protection you're getting extra USB C you're getting it to float off the ground you're getting a backlit keyboard with the trackpad nothing no other accessory really offers that to any other two and one which is why I don't really consider it overpriced despite yes I agree it's expensive but

Is there something cheaper that does the same thing not really the keyboard the biggest disadvantage is like the keyboard case I ordered off Amazon today you have to charge that separately because it doesn't work with the smart connector obviously turbo Pikachu thank you for the super chat is there cursive support for non pro hype ads yes I believe it works on every iPad that can support iOS 13.4 or iPad OS 13.4 as long as it supports that lets sees the new iPad is bendable as you think yeah it's it's um the durability wise has not changed

Since the last one if you were concerned with the last one bending you should be concerned with this one bending if you're not concerned there's no reason to remain concerned Chris Norton thank you for the super chat hello have for your new iPad thank you Chris appreciate that I've had a hardware is already amazing it's time for developers to take advantage and make their apps more powerful do you agree yeah including Apple it's not just third parties I think Apple it would be really smart of them to start doing like like Final Cut Pro X code and logic

For the iPad you know I think it would be amazing if we could see that at Worldwide Developers Conference this year that would be awesome I did not order a Tesla cyber truck try out side to side scrolling a little fusion timeline with Magic Mouse okay I guess I could try that I don't know if I have any projects open on the iPad right now Oh side scrolling works check this out guys wait wait wait wrong window go back and forth oh I mean I don't have a keyboard so I can't like see if I had a keyboard I would probably have a quick command to that swipe back

And forth now I'm already seeing how this could potentially be something I edit videos on go back and forth like that that would be a lot faster than a stylus that's for sure good you can scroll up and down that way and so I decided this way that is awesome oh my god okay for the last time for those who just got here every single 20/20 iPad has six gigs of RAM in order to get six gigs of RAM with the 2018 iPads you had to get the one terabyte option if you didn't get one terabyte they were all four gigs this one is the smallest storage 128 gig that's as low as it gets

And it has six gigs of RAM we confirmed it with Geekbench five so we know that for sure now so it's been decided let's see when do you think the new 13 or 14 inch MacBook Pro will come out what camera are using right now this is a Blackmagic pocket Cinema Camera which I have plugged into my Mac Mini which is live streaming this and the first part of your question 14 inch MacBook Pro I feel like a drop like next month it could come out in June but soon all I know is the 13-inch MacBook Pro as it stands today is very dated it's very dated and there's absolutely updates

Coming to it I can't tell you sorry I love your videos thank you chris darden don't worry about it yes it has six cases of RAM have you run a benchmark test on it yet how does it compare to the old one so yes at the very beginning of this livestream we compared the Geekbench results of the old iPad to the new one and we discovered that the GPU is noticeably better on the new iPad but not the CPU CPU performance is identical GPU performance noticeably higher and the a12 z chip is supposed to help with sustaining performance longer than the

812 X so it is still an update nonetheless it may not be a higher clock speed but a better CPU still are you going to do a gaming test with the iPad yeah I could run up a fortnight on it or something that book came out with the new Apple watch main colors and no one noticed yeah I saw I saw people talk about it no one cares because there's always new watch bands coming out but whatever what mic am i using this is the same microphone I record all my videos with the zoom h6 plugged into the Mac Mini no durability tests here sorry you're gonna

Have to go to another channel to find that I like the Apple silicon cases but I prefer having no case at all so I don't have a case on my phone do MacBook Pro will ever get 120 Hertz promotion there's no leaks to suggest it so I'm guessing no they probably want to leave that as an iPad thing because it's good for the stylus whereas the Mac not a gaming device not really a lot of reasons to give it a hundred twenty Hertz do you think now that the trackpad support an average person can replace it as their everyday computer and what new features are you anticipating for

Upcoming iPad OS 14 I think there's gonna be a homescreen redesign that'll make it more Mac OS like and I think they're gonna bring some more Pro app support that's my biggest guess when it comes to just general software changes I don't think much multitasking might change a little bit we'll see but I don't think anything that massive is coming to iPad OS other than the pro apps in the homescreen getting a bit more Mac OS like let's see challenge your next video should be recorded audio and video and edited on the new iPad pro yeah people would pick up on that right

Away because these cameras are good but they're nowhere near Blackmagic good and I also used to run my entire YouTube channel off my iPad and that was in 2015 before we had external drive support before the Apple pencil could dock the side and before we had USBC so I know it can be done I've proven it go to my Twitter look at one of my more recent tweets I tweeted a video of me you know how I used to run my entire YouTube network off the iPad it can be done it's just not ideal I hope apples working on final cut for iPad yeah I hope so can the iPad pro

20/20 consider is the most powerful iPad ever as it is still as it is using the all-new a 12 z chip yes this counts is the most powerful iPad ever it's not that much more powerful than the 2018 iPad but it is the most powerful let's see will there be a new iPod god I hope none hey drew is the iPad any closer to replacing the laptop slash computer at all it has replaced it for tons of people but as long as Apple still sells Mac books there will still be some people who need them for certain things but as the iPad gets more and more features like cursor support and the

Magic keyboard case and it's getting you know external drive support it it's getting more laptop like features it will be able to replace laptops for more and more people but not everyone until Apple stopped selling Mac books there were many hoops to jump in 2015 yes a lot a lot of things you had to do to run a youtube channel off an iPad in 2015 but you could do it anyway for those of you who didn't get your question answered it's because I probably answered it earlier I'm reading the chat and there are things I've already said but you probably haven't seen the whole

Livestream so luckily this live stream will be available to watch after so you can go back and re-watch it from the beginning if you want to catch my initial unboxing impressions but I'm gonna be playing around with this enjoying it a little bit more and appreciate all the super chats and you guys tuning in it's been a lot of fun it's been real and stay clean out there alright stay safe and I will chat with you all later this is your absolute pure I'll see you in the next one have a good day bye bye

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