New HP Spectre x360 15.6″ Gem Cut [Honest Review]

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be reviewing the all-new HP Spectre x-360 15 inch gem cut laptop now this is a laptop that just came out very recently in late 2018 and so it's very new even now in 2019 and is what I consider to be

The best laptop for 2019 so I was researching before I bought this laptop I did a lot of research on what the best high performance laptop for everyday use would be for 2019 and this is the one I came up with so in this video I'm gonna

Review it for you guys and show you all the different functions and features of this laptop as well as everything you might want to know about it everything that you'd like when you get it and maybe a few things that HP could improve

In future designs so stick around for this video there is a lot to talk about with this brand new laptop hey Cortana open Spotify

Okay so starting out for the mechanical aspects and the aesthetics of this laptop looking in the corner right there this is the top right corner you can actually see this is what they mean by gem cut so you have not only on the

Entire bezel of the laptop where you have this really nice sleek look where it's gold or kind of brass and it has like a top and a bottom so it reflects in two different directions but on the corner they also chopped it off so it's

No longer a square corner and this is very convenient on both sides so here you actually have your wire didn't come out the side if you want to charge with that or you can actually go on the other side I'll show you in a second is where

You're gonna find the on button so this is great if you're flipping between the laptop mode and tablet mode maybe tent mode presentation mode whatever you're using it's great that you can access this from the corner now as we go along

You actually have another USB type-c right there now the first one is actually a thunderbolt USB type-c which means that you can plug in you know a lot more than you might normally do so it's a very high capacity port right

There over here you have USB type-a then you have your fan right here and as we continue you have a microSD slot now one thing I sort of missed right there if you go back you see this little tiny switch right there that's which is

Actually really cool it's one of the newest features they have on this laptop which really sets it apart in my opinion and that is the ability to mechanically turn off with this little switch right here you can mechanically turn off the

The webcam so no longer are you gonna be using tape on the webcam or a sticky note or anything like that a lot of people that are worried that somebody's gonna be watching them through their webcam well without their permission you

Can just turn it off right here and then without having to peel tape off whenever you want to do a Skype call you can literally just flip the switch and use your webcam as usual now as we go across the back you see the hinges these hinges

Are the same as they've been using for you know quite a few years now they look really nice how you can they still have the gem cut kind of design there as well so over here on the left side this is what I was talking about we have the

Power button up on the corner right there which again is very useful if you're in tablet mode or laptop mode and it's also great because you no longer have to worry about sliding your hand up and down the side to find the on button

And you know what to worry about picking up your laptop and accidentally hitting the on button so the on button is always going to be right up in the corner right there very easy to find and very honestly I really like that feature a

Lot as you continue down you have the power jack right there where you plug in your power now this is one of my complaints I wish they used a USB type-c to charge here so you could use port for something else but instead you

Just have your traditional HP power port right there as you continue on you have an HDMI type too so this is a very powerful output right here you can have up to two five K screens playing off of this right here so very high output this

Is definitely related to their up there upgraded process or I'll talk about that a little bit in a second here you have the second fan so as I mentioned you have two different fans that allow you to have quieter cooling on your laptop

And again there's a lot more to the cooling this time on this laptop you can actually control it within your in within your settings you can control how fast the fan is going to be running here you have your headphone jack and then as

We continue around you just have your traditional keyboard on this laptop now there are three different settings you have on the keyboard when you're trying to light it so you can have you know a regular off mode you can press the

Button once and you can go into a full brightness and then you can press it again and go into a slightly less bright mode so you see is on half way on all the way off so you don't have to work in the dark with this laptop you can

Actually work when it's you know semi dark really dark or very bright so you have lots of options very versatile laptop and it is a very durable hinge design so more mechanical aspects of this laptop the screen is absolutely

Incredible with a 4k screen very dark blacks on it a very slim bezel all the way around it so it really has a really nice look and of course you have on the bezel you have that goldish brass trim all the way around it so it really has a

Nice aesthetic to it this is honestly more of an accessory than an actual laptop so it really is a nice looking laptop in every aspect HP did a great job on this one now speaking of aesthetics

There's also another color so this one here is the dark ash silver they also have poseidon blue which is slightly different i'll just pop a picture of it up on the screen right here so this is a 15.6 inch 4k display and as i said it's

Very clear very good colors very good contrast on the screen and it's actually very responsive touch screen as well and that is what this little thing right here is you can also use the HP pens this pen has two different buttons on it

In a clip it really is pretty sturdy it looks just like a regular pen you can really squeeze it as hard as you want you're not going to break it the tip feels very normal like a pen it kind of Wiggles around a little bit like a pen

But not too much and not too little so it really is very natural to write with the two buttons one of them is going to act like a click the other one's going to act like an eraser and then the other thing is

When you're hovering over the over the screen it actually shows you where the mouse is before you actually touch the screen at all so you can kind of hover around and move the mouse around with just the pen right here also the pen

Stays off and saves the battery until you touch the laptop or somehow bumps the tip then it's going to activate the pen it's gonna turn on and it's gonna be very responsive right away one strange thing about this is it actually is a

Quad a battery so I don't have any quad a batteries kicking around so when I bought this I got home I tried to use it and I realized I didn't have the battery for this so I had to run out to the store and I had to buy a new one so

Beware before you buy this laptop you need quad a batteries I honestly didn't even know those existed before I bought this laptop as far as the audio goes it's definitely very high quality audio these speakers are made by Bang &

Olufsen again so this is something that HP has been using on their higher-end laptops for quite a few years now since they got rid of Beats about four years ago and so these are definitely high quality speakers they have speakers on

The top and on the bottom so you definitely get a good base response that sort of resonates through the keyboard and throughout the rest of the laptop although sometimes if you're playing certain frequencies at a very high

Volume it may have a little bit of a buzz on on the speakers so if you're trying not to crank it if you keep it at like volume 70 it's really clear very nice quality audio so here I mentioned the thermal profile you have three

Different options and so there's dual fans in here like I said and it cools it a lot more efficiently like that but you also have the option to control how fast the fans are blowing so if you're okay with it being a little bit warm and you

Want the fans to be quieter just going to sort of optimize to whatever you're doing right now you can go to HP recommended if you want to go to performance like if you know you're gonna be running like Adobe Premiere or

Some big programs the fans gonna run a little louder with this and then comfort is like if your laptops warm and you want to cool it off you just go to comfort right here and it's gonna like crank the fans and cool it off a lot

Quicker now let's check out the speakers so only when you really crank the volume you start to get a little tiny bit of that buzzing which they're really you know when it hits the perfect resonant frequency but otherwise that's an

Amazing set of speakers right there on this laptop so let's talk about some of the negatives now so the first one as I sort of mentioned before was on the side where they have the power jack there i really wish they made that a USB type-c

Where you can charge sort of like the Dell XPS 13 where you can just plug in and charge through the USB port but you can also use it as a regular USB port so sort of a two-way port would be really nice on this speaking of the power jack

How about the power pack look how big this thing is this thing is huge so this is honestly bigger I used to have an HP Envy I still actually have it and even that from four years ago from five years ago

Is smaller than this charging pack so because this is such a slim laptop in such a good travel laptop in my opinion I want something small that I can carry through an airport I don't want this giant power pack that I have to haul

Around everywhere I go so that is a huge drawback on in my opinion this is what the webcam looks like and this is what the audio sounds like from the two onboard microphones and this is what it'd be like if I shot my videos with a

Webcam so if I no means is this a studio quality camera but it's great if you're just trying to do Skype calls it definitely gets the job done it also has a really wide angle lens to it so this right here is my background which is

Really close to me and as you can see it's ten feet wide and in the corners you can actually see the edges of the background so really a wide-angle lens I'm really close to the laptop right now and it's I think it captures audio

Decently but it might be lagging a little bit with the camera app onboard so definitely not the best but it definitely gets you by with the 1080p camera and thirty frames per second now before I go back to my other camera I

Also want to show you the case that it comes with so just a simple little black leather case with a Velcro closing right there so not a great case by any means but it's nice that it comes with a case and I'll probably be using that until I

Buy a new one so looking at the front of the laptop the part you would actually be seeing when you're using it you have your traditional trackpad down there with up to four finger multi-touch so that's pretty standard for a lot of

Laptops then up here you have your full keyboard you have your number pad over on the right so I use a number pad a lot and I really look for that that's one of the reasons I didn't get the 13-inch model because I really needed that the

Number pad right there the keyboard is actually really nice they're very clicky keys showed you the keyboard lighting before and then over in the bottom corner right here you actually have your new

Fingerprint sensor which is relocated to right here because they have a lot of components underneath that make it actually more secure of a fingerprint sensor than their older models so when you're using this laptop the hinges that

Are actually really nice where you can just simply push it and it doesn't actually lift up so some of the old ones when you push them it would like lift up the bottom you had to hold it needs two hands to open it or close it so this one

They actually really got it right where you can just simply push it open it's not too stiff and never lifts up the bottom it's really well balanced and it's actually also very easily it'll stand in like any mode it can even stand

On it like that angle it does really well it's a perfect stiffness of the hinges in my opinion and of course because of that you're able to use it in tent mode like this or you can go into presentation mode like this you can go

Into full tablet mode or you can of course go back to the traditional laptop mode so because it is the x360 of course that means you can fold it around 360 degrees so definitely really good with the hinges I know HP used to have

Problems with their hinges I'm hoping that this one lasts a lot longer than some of the older hinges they made you know four or five years ago so let's talk about the internal components of this laptop so the processor is an

Absolute powerhouse with an Intel i7 eighth-generation whiskey lake hecta core processor so this new processor is absolutely incredible you can use anywhere from two point two

Gigahertz or you can get all the way up to four point one gigahertz depending on what you're looking for you also I chose the one where I have the NVIDIA GeForce 10 51 TI with 4 gigabytes and then you also have 16 gigabytes of

On-board ram so this thing has a great GPU a great CPU and you know definitely more than uh RAM than I will be needing so storage options you can definitely have whatever you want really they're all solid state hard drive so you don't

Have to worry about a disk that's what makes this extra thin and extra fast when you start it up so it comes with as low as 256 two gigabytes but all the way up to 2 terabytes of solid-state hard drive

I chose 512 because honestly that's really all I need after that I save everything on external hard drives anyway the battery is a 6-cell 84 watt hour battery which they claimed to go up to 17 and a half hours on the 15-inch

Model honestly that's a little bit unrealistic when I use this laptop I usually get anywhere from 8 to 10 hours just on basic use if I'm doing heavy lifting stuff if I'm exporting videos it might be a little bit less than that

And if I go into like extreme power saver mode and I really limit the processor and limit the brightness of the screen in the resolution I could probably get a little bit more like 12 hours out of the battery so definitely a

Really good battery in this laptop as far as a lot of these powerhouse laptops might only last four or five hours this one is really good at lasting longer than their previous laptops the Wi-Fi the 2×2 intel Wi-Fi is actually much

More powerful than the old Wi-Fi so definitely really cool feature there you also have bluetooth 5 in this and 135 watt AC power adapter plugging into it so you can charge your battery very quickly as far as security goes HP did a

Great job on this laptop and really focused to make it more secure than their other laptops so the first one was the webcam where they have the mechanical switch I mentioned that before they also have the fingerprint

Sensor which again I mentioned was more secure than their other fingerprint sensors and then lastly they have the screen you have the ability to not really see it from other angles so people looking over your shoulder won't

See it as well as you do so what is actually my opinion of this laptop before I bought it I saw a lot of positive reviews and I was skeptical I wanted to know for myself if this laptop was as good as everybody says it is so

Once I bought it I really tested everything I exported videos I used the processor hard I felt everything mechanically and to be honest HP really outdid themselves with this laptop this is by far the best laptop I

Have ever owned and I think it's really well ahead of its time so it's very nice and aesthetic it's also very powerful it's a little bit more expensive but to be honest for those features you're getting it is absolutely worth the money

Anybody who's looking to do anything powerful on a laptop more than just everyday browsing this is the laptop for you now if you are somebody that's looking for something a lot cheaper so this is anywhere from like one to two

Thousand dollars but if you're looking for like a real cheap laptop check out my other video there I reviewed a Chromebook before that is also very great it's very useful and it can be like $120 so depending on what you're

Looking for cheap laptop check that one out expensive very powerful laptop this is by far the one you need to get so I think that's pretty much everything I wanted to say in this video about this laptop I'm very impressed with it let me

Know down in the comments section below what did you think of this video do you guys like my Hardware reviews where I review laptops and phones or do you really like more of the app reviews that I do so if you like this video let me

Know in the comments section below and of course remember to like subscribe to my channel I think I'll be doing a few more videos like this in the near future to see if you guys like them I think I have a phone video coming out

Soon I'm not gonna tell you which phone it is but it's a pretty big one that was just released so let me know if you guys want to see that one don't forget to subscribe to my channel as always thank you all for watching I'll see you next

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