NEW GARMIN VENU SQ (Accurate HR/GPS, Offline Spotify, 5 Day Battery)

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

right here we have a brand new
smartwatch the garmin venue sq
and i think this one's going to be bad
news for the apple watch so
not only is it selling at less than half
the price of the apple watch
it has three times the battery life uh
it has a
very accurate heart rate and gps
tracking that i'll show later on in the
and it has offline spotify music that
again we don't yet see
on the apple watch so we have a lot
going on here i'm gonna dive in and show
you guys everything you need to know
about this watch the garmin venue
sq and also what's different about this
compared to last year's garmin venue all
right so i want to start off with a
physical tour and right off the bat
the design kind of reminds me of an
apple watch kind of the same size kind
of the same dimensions there
the rectangular design but it doesn't
have a rotating crown on the side
instead we just have two buttons on the
front we have an amoled screen
and a relatively thick bezel going all
the way around it but for the most part
the screen background is going to be
black so you won't really notice where
the bezel is
but regardless it's something to note
now the amoled screen
means you have a pretty bright display
it's going to have vibrant colors
and it's much better than most other
garmin displays out there
so that definitely makes it a little bit
more like an everyday smartwatch and not
just a fitness watch
now we have a really nice bezel all the
way around the entire watch the gold
design here
there's a couple different colors i'll
show you on the screen right now and
this watch actually has two different
versions so
i said it's half the price of the apple
watch apple watch obviously has a huge
range of prices
but assuming you're looking at the 400
watch this one starts at 199.
so there are two different versions of
the watch the first one is 199
and then if you want to spend an extra
50 you will be able to get music on here
which i highly recommend doing for most
people just to be able to run without
your phone i think is
half the point of a smart watch in the
first place looking on the right side
like i said we have two buttons there we
don't have anything that rotates but
it's a pretty simple interface
so i don't find that that's really
holding me back on the back you'll see
that we have the standard garment set up
with the heart rate sensors
i'll talk about what it's able to do in
a second and then above that we have our
little charging unit
so it clicks in it's not wireless
charging that's a small drawback for me
because when i'm traveling
i will have to bring a charger the
battery life on this however is pretty
good so if you're traveling for a
you definitely won't need the charger
with a five to six day battery life from
my experience here
you know it definitely has a decent
battery the straps on here are easily
replaceable but i think these are really
comfortable and i like the design of
these straps
i can wear them if my wrist is wet if
i'm swimming
it never really gets too uncomfortable
from my experience now you might notice
that this watch does not have any
microphone or speaker which means you
won't have a voice assistant you won't
be able to
field phone calls on here but you will
be getting notifications
by the haptic motor on there and
displayed on the touchscreen as well
so you can reply with quick replies or
whatever you're trying to do so as far
as connectivity and transponders go in
this watch we have wi-fi to download
songs for spotify
and to download different apps for this
we also have bluetooth to connect to
your phone but also bluetooth to connect
to headphones or earbuds
so if you want to go for a run and leave
your phone at home you could listen to
music just off of your watch
a really nice feature to have we have
nfc on here so if you're going for a run
and you want to stop and buy a gatorade
at the store
you can just walk up and tap your watch
on there and purchase you know your your
drink or whatever you're trying to buy
and of course we have gps and heart rate
data on here for accurate workout
tracking so with that being said i want
to get into some testing right now to
show you guys just how accurate the
workout tracking
actually is all right so i have right
here one of the workouts i did with the
garmin venue sq and what i really like
about garmin is that
i can actually go on their web
application and see even more data than
i can see on my phone
and so looking at the accuracy of the
gps first of all
we can zoom in this was not really an
especially long run but you can see that
it was very accurate there was no drunk
wandering almost at all so
just some slight meandering back and
forth but still within the road because
i was on the sidewalk
sometimes i was running on some of the
back roads and for the most part it was
extremely accurate the only discrepancy
i really see
is like right around here it cut that
corner a little bit short and then over
here i had a little bit of confusion
there as well
uh but it does it gives you a heat map
here so it shows you i was doing some
sprint intervals on the back half of
this run
and a more consistent pace in the
beginning so i think that was a really
cool thing
that it does right there and then as we
scroll down you can see the other things
that it's actually showing you
and looking at the heart rate compared
to a known accurate device i found that
this was really accurate on almost every
part of the entire run
with the exception of right here it
plateaued at 200 for a little bit
which was slightly higher than my actual
heart rate and in the beginning
this little dip was slightly slower it
should have actually come up a little
bit more like
that but otherwise it was very very
similar to the correct heart rate for
the entire run i was very impressed with
the accuracy
of both the heart rate sensor and the
gps on the garmin venue sq
now looking at the app right here you
can see that this is the garmin connect
app and it shows you a lot of your
analytics you can actually rearrange it
but there's a ton of data here
very digestible as well so you can go
down and see how many steps you did
how many calories you the estimated
calories you burned and if you go into
any one of these so for example my sleep
it shows you a ton of other information
you can see like your pulsox your
and just like a lot more information as
you want to dive into any one of these
metrics so it's really nice how easy
that is
on the top right there you can also go
into your device and down here you'll
see you have some quick settings here
but the majority of the settings
are actually going to be not here
instead they're going to be if you go to
applications and more right here it'll
open up the garmin iq app so you can see
right here it should be opening that
it'll bring us over to this app here and
this is the app where you can do most of
the app
adjustments within your watch so if you
want to add widgets you want to add
watch faces
you want to add some other like spotify
or deezer for example
across the top you see that's how you're
going to be sorting them so it's really
easy to do and then if you go down to
the bottom right
you can also change some other things
like i think you're allowed to have 32
apps widgets on here uh so you know
that's a
reasonable amount of space considering
there really aren't 32 apps i want
but most of them are really watch faces
anyway all right guys let's take a quick
look at the interface and so starting
off with the watch face here you can
actually change this in the garmin
iq app and i'll show you that in a
second but as we swipe up and down it
goes through an entire loop so we're
going to end up
at this one right here so remember this
one and as we go down you'll see that
first we have the my day thing and you
can go through these widgets
change uh based on you know whatever you
want to add here you can change them in
the app as well
and so we have a bunch of different
things like your heart rate tells your
high and your low your body battery
and just like a bunch of other things
like that we also have some calendar
reminders for what's happening today and
you get your notifications on here and
notifications also pop
up on the screen you can reply to them
if you want with quick replies you're
not going to be typing out full replies
i skipped this one accidentally this is
spotify right here as well so you can go
to spotify
and actually within settings you can
change the volume you can change what
the output is so which earbuds it's on
uh and so we can hit a little back
button then we can go down and you'll
see that it keeps bringing you through a
ton of different widgets i have a lot
set right here
this is the last one the one that you're
supposed to remember and it brings us
back to here so that's how you know it
is actually a full loop
and if we swipe left or right from any
of these nothing actually happens but if
we press and hold the bottom
right button you'll end up with the
settings for whatever you're on so press
it once to go
back press that little button to go back
or to go home
and then if we press the top button it
brings us into kind of like our apps but
it's weirdly enough including
our workouts as well so you see that's a
lot of workouts and then like a my car
one that i added also and if you swipe
it shows you even more of them so more
workouts and also like a navigation app
that i added as well
so it's interesting that those are mixed
together here i'm not sure why garmin
chose to do that
but if we tap and hold the top button it
gives us our quick menu right here
and we have this is really what i'm
doing the most of so we have
uh garmin pay on the top right if you
want to set up a credit card with this
we have spotify in the bottom left we
have some settings to change the
to go and like find my phone is the
thing on the top so if we tap that my
phone will ring and that's essentially
everything in the interface of this
all right so i think by now you guys are
probably getting a good idea of what
this watch was designed for what the
specs are
and how well it actually works but i
want to get into some of the nuances the
pros and cons that i found
after wearing this watch for about a
week now now starting off with the pros
the first one i think that's an obvious
one here
is offline spotify is a really nice
feature to have i love being able to run
and just have spotify in my wrist
instead of downloading mp3 files
because so many other watches like apple
watches and google wear os
watches and just you know fitbit watches
so many other ones out there
can't handle offline spotify so this
garmin watch here having that
is definitely a huge plus there now
other ones i really like the clean
simple aesthetic this watch is not
trying to do anything too crazy
it's not big it's really a lightweight
watch on your wrist it's very
and i think it does a great job of just
working so when you put the watch on it
just works it tracks your workouts
it does what you want it to and it's not
really that
complicated so i think that's definitely
a good factor on this watch
because a lot of people have been saying
that to me i've been getting a lot of
comments and a lot of friends asking me
like hey mike i want to watch
i just want i want to track workouts i
want to listen to music
i want it to be accurate and i want
notifications but i don't really care
about having
like siri on my watch or google
assistant i don't need to answer phone
calls on my watch
like what should i get and i mean this
watch kind of
satisfies all of those criteria really
so this is going to be a really easy
watch to recommend but of course there
are some drawbacks you should be aware
so the first one is that spotify
downloads at least from my experience
take a really long time so
i wouldn't expect to be walking out the
door and say oh wait let's download a
spotify playlist
and in 30 seconds have 100 songs it's
going to take a lot longer than that
depending on your internet speed and
depending on you know a bunch of other
for me to download like 150 songs it
took around an hour
or even longer so that's a pretty long
time but if you you know if you set that
and you let it go
and then you run later on in the
afternoon you know obviously it's not
going to be a problem
the second thing is that the interface
on here is just a little bit less
curated i think some people don't care
about that because
they're looking for a watch that just
simply works but i think they could
refine it a little better to make it
just make a little bit more sense i
think some things are
located kind of in a weird place like i
said before where you have
the workouts and the apps are in the
same location just like it just
that kind of stuff just seems a little
strange to me and then of course like i
said it doesn't have wireless charging
for some people that's not a big
at all for me i travel a lot so that's
kind of something i don't really like to
and then really the last one is that it
does require multiple apps on your phone
so having the garmin iq app and the
garmin connect app i wish garmin would
just kind of get their software together
and just
figure things out on that end to just
make one like clean robust app
so overall guys that is the garmin venue
sq who is this watch really for
i think i explained it earlier on in the
video it's really for anybody who is
looking to
have just a basic everyday smart watch
that they can wear for notifications
uh they can track their workouts
accurately and reliably
they can track their sleep they have a
nice app to really give them meaningful
analytics from their workouts
and they want a longer battery life at a
much lower cost than the apple watch but
of course
if you're somebody looking for a lot of
apps out there if you want to have uber
on your watch if you want to have
like a voice assistant you want to field
phone calls all that stuff you're not
going to be doing with this watch
and if that's the case i highly
recommend checking out my watch playlist
i'll link it down below and i'll pop it
up on the top of the screen there
so you can check that out because there
are a lot of other watches that would be
a better fit for you but for
i think a pretty large crowd this is a
really great watch and i i think i
recommend it
pretty highly for those specific
individuals so comment down below
let me know what you think of this watch
if they have exactly what you want or if
you're looking for other features i want
to hear from you guys
and if you enjoyed this video please
consider liking and subscribing
thanks for watching guys i'll see you
next time

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