NEW GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE 2 by Samsung (Honest & In-Depth Review/Tutorial) – Touch Bezel, LTE, Speaker

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 is the latest SmartWatch from Samsung with promising specs and innovative features similar to but better than the watch active one but is it different enough to compete with other smartwatches with the touch bezel a slim aesthetic design

Uncontested watch faces Samsung is cutting edge health tracking technology and many more features packed into this slim esthetic watch this watch is easily in the running for best smartwatches of 2019 hey everyone welcome back to the

Channel I'm Michael Bryan and like I said this video is all about the Galaxy watch active 2 which was just released by Samsung only six months after the active one came out so clearly Samsung was very excited to release this product

There are a lot of updates with it although it may look the same on the outside there are some significant differences about this watch so this video right here is going to be a very in-depth review of this product as well

As a tour of the features and the interface and on top of that I will be testing out the claims that Samsung made about this watch so I want to start off by showing you guys what comes in the box so of course this comes very similar

To most Samsung fashioned a small white box a picture of it on the front a nice shiny logo right there you have the manual on the inside of the lid there then you have your watch and inside the little middle thing right there is the

Charger so that's actually all they give you they give you the charger the watch and a manual you get nothing else so looking at the actual watch itself there are several different versions you can get so unlike the watch active one you

Can get LTE with this one if you want and you can also get the 44 millimeter watch or the 40 millimeter watch so I have the 40 right here they're both very similar watches though and very similar functions for both of them and I'll pop

Up the colors on the screen right now to show you just some different options you have now getting into an actual physical tour of this device you'll see that it does have a very soft rubbery strap right there so 20 millimeter strap it's

Very very comfortable I have no complaints about that whatsoever then you'll see the watch itself is a little bit different on the back because on the back they do now have ECG capabilities and they have a better heart rate

Sensors so this unlike the last one has eight photo diodes on there I'll talk more about that later on why that's more accurate then on the front you'll see that we have a 1.2 inch screen it's 360 by 360 pixels of Super

AMOLED screen honestly you can see this in the brightest daylight ever or in the dim setting the screen of course like most of watches like this one there is an ambient daylight sensor so the screen is

Really good to watch weighs 26 grams so it's honestly really really light considering the amount of power that's packed into this little watch there are two buttons on this watch so the bottom button is your home button you press it

Once it brings you home press it again from the home screen and it opens up your app drawer then we also have you can double press it it'll open up whatever app you want or you know I have like media player opening you can press

And hold it and that'll you know bring you the power menu you can power down your watch then the top button is your back button you can double press it to just go back twice or you can press and hold that and it open up Samsung pay so

The buttons are very similar to what they were on the Galaxy watch active one then one really really cool difference about this watch one of the things I think is you know probably the biggest feature and most exciting feature about

This watch right here is the touch bezel so a lot of people really liked the original Galaxy watch made by Samsung how it had the the rotating bezel so a mechanical bezel you could turn around and it made it so much easier to just

Navigate through the entire watch it's similar to the rotating crown unlike the fossil Gen 5 or the Apple watch the Galaxy watch active one didn't have that so this right here has a touch bezel where you can go around the bezel very

Easily and it has a haptic feedback so it it kind of clicks is what it feels like and it feels very natural very useful and almost feels like a mechanical dial right there then we have a microphone on the right and on top we

Have a barometer now on the left side we have a speaker which I will test out later on in the video to show you how loud it is and how clear it is but regardless this enables the watch to do a lot more than you could have done with

The Galaxy watch active so one of the things that can do of course is have Bixby talk to you so actual verbal responses but you can also make phone calls with the watch down which is a very exciting upgrade if your phone is

In a different room or if you have the LTE version the audio sounds like so a few specs about this watch it is water is up to 50 meters they recommend you don't go scuba diving or surfing with it I'll

Definitely go surfing with it anyway though and then this also has Bluetooth Wi-Fi and GPS the one I have is not the LTE version you can get one that has LTE and there are several other sensors onboard as well

This has ECG coming soon so you kind of have your electrocardiogram measuring your heart eventually but for now it just has the heart rate sensor this has a 247 milliamp hour battery and I will be testing that out later on in the

Video to see how long that actually lasts then lastly we have four gigabytes of storage on this watch which is not a ton but it's enough that you can have music on here and you can go for a run with your earbuds and to watch and just

Leave your phone at home so a quick little aside here in case you're wondering I have the watch active one and the two right here I will be wearing them side-by-side on my wrist again looking like an absolute fool in public

Doing this but I'll be doing it for you guys to show you what they're like side by side make a full comparison video for you so if you are interested make sure you go down and click the subscribe button and the bell icon so you don't

Miss that video so now let's test out Bixby and test out the speaker to see how well that actually works hi Bixby what's the weather in Denver Colorado so she sounds a little bit like a robot

But overall that's actually pretty impressive how quick it was for Bixby and the volume is decent hi Bixby what's the square root of pi so getting into the watch interface right now just a brief tour of that you'll see that there

Is some very unique watch faces and I'll show you some more later on in the video but if you swipe to the right this will bring you all of your widgets instead of swiping through them you can also use the watch bezel right there and swirl

Around it and you can have like your sleep widgets your heart rate you can have the weather popping up and there's a lot you can do within your heart rate or within any other widget for that matter you can tap on it and it'll bring

You and show you a little bit more about that again you can easily navigate by swirling around the bezel to scroll up or down and the entire time it has that haptic feedback where it clicks or kind of vibrates on your wrist so if we go

The other way you get into your notifications so you can have snapped popping up you can have any notifications from your phone will pop up on here if you allow them to of course not everything has to so if you

Swipe down from the top you'll have your quick settings right here and I really do like these quick settings so you have you know night mode right there so it doesn't wake you up when you're sleeping you can change the brightness you can go

To do not disturb always-on display which I usually leave off because it does kill your battery if you leave it on then right here you can change your ringtone volume or different volumes on the watch so you have media you have

Notifications and bixby voice you know if you want to change the volume that's where you do that then going across you can go into theater mode you can have a flashlight rate right here which basically turns your watch to full

Brightness I always like underwater mode and I'll point that out right here and essentially if you're swimming you won't have any false touches on the watch or false presses which is very nice and then what you do is press and hold the

Home button and once you do that it actually ejects water as you can kind of hear that sound right there that's very interesting that's how they get the water out of the speaker by kind of forcing out with the high pitch sound so

That's basically all you have across the top of course there are many other settings you can do with this you can go and find your phone I like that one I've shown you guys that before where essentially you press that even if your

Phones on silent it'll make it ring and you can find out where it is so if you go to the app drawer from the home button right there you can actually use the touch bezel and swirl around and navigate very easily similar to what you

Might have done on the Galaxy watch original or any of the other Galaxy watches and I really do like having this feature on here having the touch bezel where it's a small thing that's not mechanical you don't see it but it

Clearly functions very similarly now there are many apps you can get on here Samsung Apps work best but other apps that are third-party apps tend to not really work that well so I generally avoid them so next I want to give you

Guys a tour of the app you will need two apps with this like most other Samsung devices so Samsung health gives you all the analytics from your workouts and your day and your exercising and everything like that Galaxy wearable is

Going to be how you change the settings and really customize your watch so looking at the the galaxy wearable app first you can change what notifications you get you can you know go through this and change a whole bunch of different

Things some things I really like first of all I want to point out that when you get this don't be alarmed the touch bezel is not enabled right away so you have to go to advanced settings then you go down to touch bezel and

Turn that on I don't know why it comes disabled it seems like one of the really key features of this watch but regardless it does now if we go down you can change you can set an SOS you can add some content to your watch so

Pictures and music the four gigabytes of storage on your watch you will be transferring everything from your phone in the app right here now going down you can set up Samsung pay and fix me right here I recommend doing both of those

Samsung pay will require you to have a pin though of course which makes sense you don't want anyone taking your watch and spending your money but regardless it's something that you want to know when you set that up then if you go over

To watch faces this is really where it gets interesting and this is what I really like about the Galaxy watch active – so some of the interesting things about the watch faces right here the first one is if you go over to this

One right here that you can see and then you go to customize you can actually change this to match whatever you're wearing on any given day so you tap on the camera button and then I can just take a picture of whatever I want so

I'll just take a picture of what I'm wearing right now and then you choose what part of the picture you want so your shirt for example and then it'll pick stuff to match whatever you're wearing and then there are several

Different options so six different designs here using the colors from what you're wearing of course I'm wearing a white shirt right now extremely boring but I do this a lot of other days and it'll look really good

Secondly if we go over to an analogue watch so let's say this one for example and we go to customize and you go down you can change the ticking sound on or off so because this has a speaker or something I really think is pretty neat

About this is if you have an analogue watch face you can have a ticking whenever you look at the watch so it makes it feel a little bit more like a classic watch could get annoying because some of the analog watch faces don't let

You turn it on or off and it's just always on the live one right here so you go to customize that and there's several different live wallpapers where you lift up your watch and it moves around the last watch face I think is really

Interesting is the classic series now when you use any of these you can actually change the angle of the watch and you'll notice that it shines differently as if it was actually a metal backhand like it was a real analog

Watch so the battery life of this watch in six hours I lost about 28 percent of this watch so you could probably last about two days with this watch of you using it obviously if you're using it non-stop for 24 hours it could problem

And is there's a lot of variability here you can change what you have on always on display GPS you know bluetooth whatever you have going on you can make this watch last maybe three days or as little as one day so let's talk about

The pros and cons of this watch some of the pros I really like how there are different sizes for this watch and different options so you can get LTE not LTE bigger or smaller it makes it more useful for anybody interested in a watch

Secondly I think the bezel is a huge fix on Samsung's part from the active one and I think this is the way a lot of watches will eventually start the head so having fewer moving parts on a device obviously means there's less to break so

We also have ECG which is coming soon kind of a con that it's not out right now but I probably will make a video about it when it finally does come out of this watch so make sure you check out that video if it's not out yet make sure

You don't scrub and click the Bell icon so you don't miss that video when it does come out other pros I like that this does have auto tracking on it of course a lot of the Samsung devices do have that but now you can Auto track

Swims as well as runs and walks and whatever else they could do before there are tons of workouts on this you have like 39 or so workouts you can do so pretty much anything you want to do you should be able to workout with this if

You want to go backpacking or yachting or sailing or whatever it is it's probably on this watch so next thing watch faces are something that are extremely impressive to me I love how you have all the

Different options for things that look more realistic things that kind of move around a little bit things that are brighter things are dimmer so there should be a watch face for anybody with any style and if there's not you can

Always use the customized one where you take a picture of whatever you're wearing and your watch automatically matches you for the day some of the cons this one's an otacon for me but I could imagine about 50% of the population

Would be upset that this does not have female tracking so I don't know why they didn't get on the game with that one pretty much everyone else has that in the watch industry another con only four gigabytes I don't want to be too whiny

Right here 4 gigabytes is great but it seems like if they could fit maybe a little bit more in there I would like to have more music on here when I'm running but regardless 4 gigabytes is probably it's good for me at least

So one last complaint which might sound a little nitpicky here but some of the analog watch faces that I said have ticking some of them don't allow you to turn that off which is kind of annoying if you want to look at your watch and

You don't want a ticking sound but regardless I guess analog watches don't you turn that off ever so so over all guys I think this watch is extremely exciting I'm very impressed with Samsung's engineering on this and it is

A good sign that it shows that they were listening before to the complaints from the watch active one so adding things like a speaker and a touch bezel and many other features of that sort I think are a huge step in the right direction I

Would argue that this could be one of the best watches in 2019 of course there are different people that want different things out of watches but for me this one actually might be the perfect watch so comment down below what features you

Like about this watch or if this is not your favorite what features you like about a different watch that you maybe like better than this one guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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