New Galaxy S10 by Samsung [Honest Review] – Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor, 4 Cameras, OneUI

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be reviewing the all-new Samsung Galaxy S 10 now this new Super phone was just released by Samsung in March of 2019 so it really is a brand new phone out of the market today now Samsung released three different phones

At this time they released the s10 II the S 10 and the S 10 plus in this video I'll be reviewing what I think most people are gonna be buying the middle one which is the s10 now this phone has four different cameras on it it has a

Lot of amazing features about it it's what I might consider to be one of the best phones of 2019 so in this video I'm gonna really dive in and explain the differences that make this phone really unique before you start buying it or

Anything like that so stick around for the rest of this video there really is a lot to talk about with this brand new Samsung phone

So starting off with the mechanical features of this phone this phone has a metal bezel all the way around as you can see right there it's really nice and round is not too smooth it's easy to hold and it doesn't fall into your hand

And it's honestly a very good size to hold as well so on the front and the back you have glass its Gorilla Glass I'll talk about how strong that is in a second and then right there you see where you can put in your SIM card and

Your SD card now the SD card I believe can go anywhere up to 512 gigabytes so storage should honestly not be a problem by any means for this phone especially considering the onboard storage for this is a minimum of 128 gigabytes now as you

Go down the side you see your volume up and volume down buttons right there as well as yes that's right the bixby button so the big speed button is honestly you know they're not going to get rid of it it's always around in the

Samsung galaxys people always talk about it but this one is a little bit cooler because you can not only press it once to get big speed or you can press it twice and open up a custom app of your choice so right here if I double tap it

It'll open up snapchat when you get to the bottom right there they do actually have the headphone jack so that's nice for anybody looking to use wired headphones wired earbuds or even maybe an aux cord in their car now as you go

To the middle they have a USB C for charging and four other inputs I'll talk a little bit more about that later in this video you have your microphone right there and you have one of two speakers right there continuing around

The side over here you have your power button right there and then as we look over on the top the other thing I didn't quite mention I don't know if you can see it right here but right there you have your speakers so you have your

Second speaker right there which makes sense that's where you're gonna be you know if you're talking on the phone that's where one of the speakers is and if you play music it'll play out of both of those speakers now here you can also

See the camera which is cut out of the glass on the front so they actually laser-cut this through the AMOLED screen and place it in very precisely so you have a screen all the way on either side now their backgrounds kind of do a good

Job of hiding that so if I swipe down this is where you can really sort of see see how you can you can see exactly where it's cutout right there and sort of just works all the way around it as if that was part of the screen you just

Have a little circle cut out where you can't see now on the other side on the back see if we can get the light on there right so you have three different cameras you have one that's a very wide angle you have one that's a standard

Angle and then you've one that they call telephoto which is a 2 X optical zoom over here you also have your flash and of course you have your heart rates which can also sense your oxygen saturation in your blood as well as your

Stress level whatever that means now when Samsung released this phone they also released their brand new Galaxy buds right here and I'll be reviewing that in another video they pair very easily with this phone so you

Literally just open them up and it'll automatically pair with your phone you can put them in listen whatever you want they have a little touchpad on the side so you can control the songs you can control you know if you want to do like

Google Voice or whatever anything like that and on top of that this also is a really cool feature where you can just set your phone down on a table and set this on top and you can wirelessly charge these or you can charge another

Phone with your samsung galaxy s 10 so if you want to know more about the samsung galaxy buds or if you want to know more about the samsung 1ui so they have a new interface for this phone a new wrapper for Android then definitely

Be sure to go down and click the subscribe button to my channel I'll be making new videos about those in the next week so some of the really attractive features about this phone first of all they increase the battery

Size on this to 3400 milliamp hours which should be more than enough to get you through an entire day with this phone so today I used it and after nine hours I was at 50% battery which means of course I'll be getting about 18 to

Maybe even 18 and a half hours on this battery and that was with a lot of apps open those were the screen brightness up and I was with bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the entire day so definitely a good battery on this so another really

Attractive feature of this phone is the 6.1 inch quad HD plus AMOLED infinity display which is HDR 10 plus certified and has 550 pixels per inch so it's a very high quality display of course and as a side of course you can see right

There this is sort of what they had on the other galaxies where you have sort of the rounded edges on the side to sort of have an infinity display as they call it so the screen is absolutely amazing on this phone and one of my favorite

Features is actually that when my phone is offered when it's face down because it's an infinity display and wraps all the way around they actually have an edge lighting so you can actually have a notification and it'll light up all the

Way around your phone just a little ring of light and it might be blue and green or something depending on what kind of you know phone call or text you're getting and that'll sort of notify you and if you can just see that when your

Phone's face down or face up or whatever it's a great way to not have your phone loud or vibrating or anything like that so definitely cool feature there on top of that they also have behind this screen you have a fingerprint sensor

So the feature you might have heard the most about on this phone is the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which is behind the screen so this works based on sonar waves bouncing off your fingerprint and recognizing the little

Ridges and grooves within your fingerprint sort of like how echolocation is used for bats so the way it works is you can just put your finger right there and it'll recognize and sign in right away without even having to

Turn your screen on so it is very quick honestly I don't know if it's as quick as you know the face recognition for me I think it's you know just as convenient if I turn it on and look at my phone and then the only other thing is you have to

Swipe up so no matter what you're touching the screen but if I'm looking at it a lot of times I find that it recognizes me before I even get to put my thumb right there to sign in so definitely a really cool feature I would

Set up honestly both the fingerprint sensor and the face recognition for the fastest way to get into your phone no matter what the lighting is so as I mentioned this phone is very strong it has Gorilla Glass six on the front and

Gorilla Glass five on the back that means it's really not gonna be scratched or broken very easily compared to what older phones might have been doing it's also IP 68 certified which means that it is good to drop into water for up to 30

Minutes and you know only a couple feet deep but still if you drop this in like a toilet or something hopefully you're not you know diving in with your hand and grabbing anything from the toilet but if you ever did drop this in the

Toilet it should be fine to get out and still use so you don't have to worry about dropping a thousand dollars in a toilet and totally losing it forever so as I mentioned before this phone has four different cameras so let's just try

Them out right now okay so nothing super exciting here on the front-facing camera although it can shoot 4k so this is definitely a very high quality camera if you're trying to shoot any kind of you know personal vlogs or anything like

That it's not a bad camera to use so with the rear facing camera you can shoot in 1080p or 4k and you can shoot up to 60 frames per second in 4k as well and you have three different lenses so here's your first lens which is just

Going to show you your standard angle then you can go into telephoto mode which is really zoomed in as you can see that's purely optical zoom right there and of course you can then do you know digital zoom even beyond done you can

Zoom smoothly between the different lenses so right there suddenly starts using you know the last lens and you can't really tell it's almost seamless unless you zoom really quickly and then when you go back to the original lens

That's right there and then of course you also have the wide-angle lens which is very wide angle and that you can actually see you know the bookshelf over on the side right there so let's talk now a little bit more about what you get

In the box when you first buy the Samsung Galaxy S 10 so when you first open the box you are gonna get the phone in the box the price surprise the phone comes in the box so next you'll get this little adapter right here which

Goes from usb a to USB C and notice how this is not totally centered and the reason for that is so you can plug it into your phone and it sits flat on the ground so that your phone's not being bent up at all like that now this might

Be useful if you're plugging in something to your phone that's USB a so maybe for example like a security key or something like that to sign in to you know different accounts so good job on that one Samsung that is definitely a

Neat little thing to have next we have a little turbo charging block right there this is obviously going to come with your phone as well as the cable right there which goes from usb a and one side to USB C on the other so you can use all

Of your standard charging blocks or charging ports around your house next it comes with Wired earbuds so that is we're gonna be using that wired port the headphone jack as I mentioned before and so these are you know a braided cable

Right there and then it sort of goes to rubber up at some point and then it has a little control right there with the volume up volume down and just I guess a play/pause in the middle so nothing really special about these these are

Made by a EKG and as I said I bought the Galaxy buds so I didn't see any sense in you know getting these and using them so I haven't really used those yet at all to be honest I've been focusing all my time using these so I can make a good

Review for you guys about these the last thing you get is this little shish kebob right here of different earbud sizes so if you don't like this size you can just plug on any one of these just pull it off and plug it on and it'll fit you

Hear correctly so this phone is honestly lighter than I expected it seems pretty light it's easy to fit in a pocket it's easy to hold I have you know slightly larger hands but still is not a bad phone to reach all the way across and

The 1ui also moves a lot down to the bottom right where your thumb might be so it's a lot easier to use now I think it weighs about 157 grams and if I'm doing the math correctly that's about 0.3 pounds so it really is a lighter

Phone that I expected considering you know how much there actually is in this so not only is wireless charging available with this phone as it is with most nice phones out there but this one also has a reverse of that which is

Going to be the wireless power share which means that if your phone if somebody else's phone dies and that maybe it's an iPhone or whatever it is anything that takes wireless charging can be charged from the back of your

Phone and I'll tell you if you're my friend and you're hanging out in your phone dies I'm sorry but I'm making phone calls for you I'm not giving you my battery power what we'll be using this for is to charge

Things like my galaxy buds right here which also accept a wireless charging I can go into wireless charging mode and then simply set them on there they make a little sound and then they'll be charging from my phone battery and going

Directly into my galaxy buds this phone also has some really cool gesture features so if you want to take a screenshot for example you can just swipe your palm across the screen it'll take a screenshot if you want to triple

Tap that button it'll do some emergency calls where it sort of gives video from all the back cameras and the front camera if anyone's attacking you or anything like that definitely a great feature to have right there the phone of

Course just wakes up whenever you pick it up you have some really cool tools on here like a pedometer which automatically can track your steps all day within the Samsung health app this phone is equipped with 8 gigabytes of

RAM and if you get the s10 plus you can get all the way up to 12 gigabytes of RAM this is equipped to handle wireless charging 2.0 technology for the fastest charging of your phone this also has an octa-core chipset for a processor that

Can do honestly more than you probably will need it to do so plenty of horsepower in this phone and then the four cameras are you know the primary rear camera is 16 megapixels then the two peripherals are each 12 megapixels

And on the front you have a 10 megapixel selfie camera this phone has Wi-Fi 6.0 for up to 1.2 gigabits per second of download speed and LTE for up to 2 gigabits per second download as I mentioned this has two different

Speakers on it and their Dolby Atom speakers they're tuned by AKG so not only do you have two different biometrics on this phone that you can use to sign into your phone or maybe like your your Samsung pay or any other

Apps you want but it's also secured by Samsung Knox so it's a more safe way than their previous phones to secure your data within the phone the s10 is available in four different colors as I mentioned before which is prism white

Black flamingo pink prism blue and if you get the s10 plus you have the ceramic options of getting ceramic black and ceramic white I'm a really big fan of the Bigsby routines on this phone so you can really define everything and say

If this then that for every single possible situation so you can say for example if I'm connected to my car by bluetooth going to driving mode which is going to turn on you know do not disturb it'll make the Fond really big it will

Open up Android auto you can turn the volume up and play Spotify right away and do all these different things and then as soon as you unpair from your car and walk away it goes back to normal so you don't to change a bunch of settings

When you first get into your car now I'm a big proponent of not texting and driving so my opinion that is a huge safety feature of this phone so what are the drawbacks

To this phone what are the negatives here honestly there really are not many this is a really well-made phone in a lot of different ways I'm very impressed with the build quality as well as the different features onboard I'm very

Impressed with the one UI the only thing I can actually think that might be a struggle with this phone is actually finding a screen protector so because you have the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under this screen you can't just

Go slapping on any glass screen protector on this one and because you have the round edges it might be a little more difficult to apply a standard screen protector so application might be difficult and finding a good

One might be difficult but other than that I really can't see that being a reason not to buy this phone so another struggle I noticed is actually the fingerprint sensor while it is really accurate and really quick when you're

Consistently using the same hand of the same orientation if you rotate your phone a little bit and try using the same fingerprint sometimes it doesn't recognize it and quite as well as it would have from the other orientation

And so it might take a little bit longer to sign-in like that or you might just have to use your PIN so guys what is your opinion of this phone honestly I think there's a lot to talk about here and this is not the last video we'll be

Making on this so as I mentioned before please remember to subscribe to my channel to see the rest of the videos about this phone also in the comment section below let me know if there's any other questions you have about this

Phone anything you want me to talk about in future videos or anything you really like about this phone that I didn't mention in this video so as always guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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