New Galaxy Buds by Samsung [Honest Review] – Wireless Charging, Water Resistant, Touch Pads

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be showing you the all new Samsung Galaxy buds released in March of 2019 so they are brand new on the market today they released with the s10 series by Samsung so these are very new they're lightweight they're small they fit

Comfortably in your ear and honestly they have a really good battery life so there's a lot to talk about these a lot of pros and so in this video I'm not going to make it like a lot of the other videos you see where people just put

Them in their ear and they say wow how yeah they sound so good you can't hear it but they sound really good you know so I'm not gonna do that I want to break it down and show you the different functions the features the pros the cons

And honestly after my week and a half of using these I did come across some pretty big cons you definitely want to know about before you start buying these

So when you first open up the box you get a couple different things inside of course the first thing you're gonna get is your a little cradle right here which is going to be the home for your Galaxy buds they live right in there they get

Charged in there and as you can see on the back they have a USB type-c charging port so of course it comes with a USB type-c charging cable then of course you also get these little different tips to make it fit better in your ear there's

Sort of two different types so you have you know on the on the very tip right there this is what actually goes in your ear and that's going to create the seal and then you also have this little wing tip right here and there's different

Sizes for both of these this also goes on the earbud and I'll show you this in a second as well so the actual case itself they call it the cradle it's about 40 grams so it's really light it has of course on the back where you can

Charge it right there you can plug it in so this is going to be what charges your galaxy buds now it's pretty small I think it has a nice grip to it it comes to three different colors and these colors are gonna match the same color

That your galaxy buds actually come in so they come in either black white or like a bright neon yellow right now as you can see it's very small it easily fits inside your hand within this you can actually see first of all right

There you have a little LED indicator light and then you have another LED right there you can see right down there the two little nodes right there that connect to the galaxy buds those are what actually charge it so in the case

There's also a magnet so when you put your galaxy buds in they stick in there pretty well and if you turn it upside down they're not gonna fall unless you shake it and even then you have to shake it you know reasonably hard before they

Fall out so looking at the galaxy buds themselves they're really small and of course they're gonna be the same color as your case as I mentioned so I chose white of course they also have yellow and black and sort of they have like a

Little bit of a pearl finish on the outside this is your touch pad right here and so you can either touch it once twice three times or you can touch and hold for different features and I'm gonna show you how to set all those

Features within the galaxy wear app so over there you see this little tiny microphone right there that's what they claim improves the sound quality when you're talking on the phone because they have an external and an internal

Microphone so they have a microphone right there they also have two little metal pads right there those are what charge it when it's in the case so this also has other sensors inside such as a proximity sensor so when you put it in

Your ear it actually recognizes that it's in your ear it makes a little beeping sound and then you can start to play music if you pull it out of your ear it'll automatically stop and it will deactivate the touch pad so while you're

Handling one of them if the other ones in your ear remember they act in pendant Li so if one's playing in your ear and the other one you're just holding and you accidentally start touching that you're not going to play

Or pause your music accidentally these also have a Hall effect sensor in them of course the touch sensor right there and they have an accelerometer a lot of technology and here they also run RTOS operating system or RT operating system

And they're capable with bluetooth 5.0 so really cool features on these little tiny things of course the left and right are a mirror image of each other so they fit really nicely in your ear and as I said so you changed these little tips

Out or you change these out to fit better in your ear so some of the reviews I saw about these said that when you put them in your ear you have to like twist them and make sure they're in for these honestly I just like put them

In and as long as you just like push so that the rubber goes into your ear they're easily in there good enough that you can you know they're gonna stay in really well and of course the touchpad right there is easily accessible in the

Outside they protrude a little bit from the side of your ears so they look a little bit like hearing aids to be honest but other than that they're definitely small enough that compared to a lot of other ones on the market these

Seem to be pretty subtle and pretty small so whenever I take it out then because they have little sensors inside it knows that it took it out of my ear it'll stop playing music and when I put it back in it doesn't automatically

Start playing but what it does is it makes this little ringing sound and lets me know that it recognized that it's in my ear so next let's talk about the claims on the block so as you can see right there the first one they claim

That the battery life on this is six hours for the Galaxy buds and then once you put it back in the case you're supposed to get another seven hours so the galaxy buds themselves have 58 milliamp hours of battery life and then

The case has 252 extra milliamp hours so a little bit of energy left in the case that you can charge these back up and get you know another listen out of the galaxy buds so personally that is just the pure listening time so if they're

Playing music non-stop for six hours that's supposed to be the limit of the battery on these of course I tend to pause my music a little bit more I don't listen for six hours straight I listen to like an hour and then maybe turn it

Off for a little bit so yesterday I used these all day listen to music almost all day probably had it off for maybe two hours during the whole day and I easily lasted the entire day before they died so I would definitely say that that

Claim is a hundred percent true next they're claiming that the audio quality is very clear for phone calls because they have an interior and an exterior microphone so let's find out for ourselves whether or not that is true

All right so here is the audio I'm trying to yell right now because I really can't hear much outside of these earbuds and I wish there was a little bit more ambient sound going on when I'm talking on

Bluetooth here so I can't really hear myself but the audio quality in these is not especially great now I think this audio recording app on my phone which uses the Bluetooth is maybe maxing it out so it's maybe putting a little bit

Too much gain on it but nonetheless I don't think the quality is really that special so just for reference these are my Sennheiser urbanite XL headphones which are also bluetooth and these are released in 2014 so five years old five

Years older than these at least and if you buy them new on Amazon today they're about $130 so a pretty similar price point and I would expect a microphone and this should be nowhere near the quality of the microphone on the Galaxy

Buds so based on the quick little microphone test let me know what you guys think in the comment section below let me know do you think that the audio quality on the microphones of the Galaxy buds are actually as good as they claim

To be on the box or is that a little bit of an exaggeration that they just thought most people wouldn't actually notice so the next thing in the box is the wireless charging so this is really nice that you can charge this just on

Any wireless charging pad out there but also it's really nice if you have the s10 you can actually charge it from your phone just by going into settings going to wireless power share they show you this little screen right here which

Essentially just says place it on the back so all you do is set out in the back you're gonna hear a little sound it'll vibrate and it'll start charging so there's a sound you have a little red LED right there

Means it's charging it's taking battery power from my phone battery and charging my galaxy buds really convenient feature if you're on the go and these die maybe front of like a long bus trip or anything like that definitely a really

Cool thing to have the last thing on the box they're supposed to be designed for comfort and stability now since you have these little different rings these little rubber add-ons to change the wingtip and the actual bud right there

These can definitely fit in your ear very custom and very tight so that when you put them in not only is it a good seal so everything outside is sort of blocked out but also it's really hard for these to fall out of your ears so I

Did like a boxing workout yesterday I went for a run the day before with these in and they definitely stay in very well the entire time no matter how much you move so as long as you get the right wing tip in there and you have maybe a

Sort of I don't wanna say standard ear but unless you have like a an ear that they didn't design for there's a good chance he's gonna stay in your ear really well going over to the galaxy wear app within this app you ha

It'll just give you some tips right there if you want to learn more about how to use them that's not that exciting but as you go down you have an equalizer you can turn it off and have a standard sound or you can turn it on and go from

Bass boost soft dynamic clear or treble boost about the earbuds is essentially gonna be your user manual for these located right in your phone right there you can go down to manage notifications and choose which apps actually notify

You through the earbuds going into touch pad this is where you start to see what the controls actually do so if you tap it once it's gonna play or pause the track if you double tap it it's gonna play the next track or it's gonna answer

Or end the call triple tapping of course is going back a song and then if you touch in a hold this is actually what you can customize by going down here so rather than having a voice command on both of them why don't we say quick and

Bian sound for that one as you go down you have ambient sound so if I put these both in my ears you can go into ambient sound mode because as I said it's really hard to hear anything around you but essentially if you turn this on it sort

Of goes into like hearing aid mode where everything I'm saying is like amplified and louder but it sounds it sounds a little bit weird to be honest because there's kind of like a like an echo like it's really really tiny lag between what

I'm actually saying and what I'm hearing and you can turn on voice focus as well so you can really get other voices to stand out so then lastly to find my earbuds now if you go in here let's see what this actually sounds like so so

Kind of science making this chirping sound it kind of sounds like birds chirping I'll kind of hold it closer to my microphone and the volume kind of fluctuates between it quieter and louder so if this was lost if I lost these in

My car I think I'll definitely be able to find them just by using this feature right here so definitely a really cool feature to have if you're gonna lose these which you probably are honestly so what are the negatives of this product

What do I not like about these Galaxy earbuds first of all because it's a rubber tip right there if you put it in your ear and then you have to tap the touchpad right there it can be pretty loud and kind of hurts your ears a

Little bit so not the most comfortable thing to tap and control if you're double tapping or triple tapping or anything like that so that's one complaint and then of course along with having like the soft rubber tips on

These they also tend to sometimes collect a little bit of earwax so you'll definitely have to clean is a little more often as well as clean the case a little more often just because it's like something it's really farther in your

Ear then maybe like air pods for example lastly the biggest complaint have and I think this might just be a small bug fix that they need to work on I was listening to both of these and all of a sudden and one of them just started

Buzzing and the other one got totally quiet so I'm gonna show you right now just I took a quick video of one buzzing you're buzzed for an hour until I went in to my phone and actually reset both of them okay so here we are on Windows

10 and just to pair with this all you literally have to do is open these up and go on to add Bluetooth device so like Bluetooth and it'll show up almost immediately right there it's going to connect to them okay so to pair with an

IPhone all you do is open them up go into bluetooth and turn it on and then at the bottom you'll see right there galaxy bugs show up so you just select to pair with them and then they're automatically paired just like that okay

So now let's try using Syria in here hey Siri what's the weather in Bangladesh okay so let's see if Cortana works I'm just gonna touch and hold the right ear hey Cortana tell me a joke Wow look at that it actually tells fork that's

Really cool yeah so look at that does anyone actually use Cortana let me know in the comment section below if you guys use Cortana on your laptops so now the last one to talk about is using this with the Galaxy S ten so as I showed you

Before you can literally just open it it'll pair automatically like you're seeing right there and let's see if we can use this with big speed or with Google Voice ah so right there as you can see right there you can choose if

You want to use bixby all the time or if you wanted to use Google Voice so for this one let's just try Google and see how well that works so let's say just once hey hey Google what's the weather in

Miami Florida so what's my conclusion on these honestly I like these a lot more than I thought I would so when I first got them I realized they were a little squishy tips and I thought I probably wouldn't like them typically I don't

Like earbuds like that because you know they kind of are a little bit less comfortable in my ear compared to like the typical Apple earbuds now these are very comfortable I think that's because they're so small they're really

Lightweight so you barely even know that they're in your ear you can easily have them in for hours at a time without realizing that and with six hours of battery life and then automatically recharging in the case which you pretty

Much have to do anytime you take it out of your ear these definitely lasts a long time and are great for travel so in the little travel I've done since I got these just around Philadelphia on trains and buses definitely a really

Great thing to have where they're small easy to travel with and this in your pocket is no problem at all I don't even notice it's there so the only complaints of course as I mentioned in this video they are a little annoying to tap on and

Try to control like that and of course I had that one issue with the buzzing so Samsung if you're watching this what the heck man what happened what do you guys think are you gonna be buying these is there anything that you like about these

Or any features that maybe I didn't mention in this video that you want to know a little bit more about let me know down in the comments section and as always guys if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe but try not to blow up

The comment section too much with air pod stuff I'm going to be reviewing air pods and comparing them to these in another video so save it for the next video make sure you subscribe so you don't miss that video when it comes out

Thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video please be sure to click that subscribe button right there if you want to see another video just like this one click right there and for

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