NEW FOSSIL HR HYBRID SMARTWATCH [2 Week Battery, E-Ink AOD, Sleep Track, Heart Rate]

by birtanpublished on August 20, 2020

The all-new fossil HR hybrid watch was just released by fossil last week and as you can see I have one right here this watch is an intersection of smart watch capabilities and fossils famous analog watch aesthetic this watch promises to have a two week battery life

Heart rate tracking sleep tracking an e-ink display that is always on and is customizable to meet your needs and more in this video I'll be testing out the bold claims of this watch going over the pros and the cons and giving you a tour

Of this new hybrid watch hey everyone welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and like I said this video is all about the fossil HR which

Is a hybrid SmartWatch and I'm really excited about this watch in particular because fossils been making some really big moves this year so they came out the fossil Gen 5 which is arguably the best SmartWatch for Android phones and then

Now right here what they have is a hybrid SmartWatch which is essentially the best hybrid for any phone so I think this watch right here tackles three major problems that most smartwatches face and people that would complain

About that would definitely love this watch so the first one which is the obvious one and that is the battery life so an average SmartWatch last maybe two days three days max and this right here is lasting two weeks which is absolutely

Incredible now secondly it might be anybody that doesn't like the always-on display or lack thereof so if you have a watch first of all no always-on display that means your watch yeah you're saving battery power but everyone else is

Looking at you you just have a black circle on your wrist until you look at it right so if you have always-on display you're either draining your battery or the watch always on display is like to

Kind of faint white hands on a black screen so not that exciting this right here is an analog watch with an always-on display underneath it that doesn't drain your battery and then the third thing that this watch really

Offers that standard smartwatches don't offer is just a classic aesthetic I know it's becoming more popular to wear smartwatches with suits but it still really doesn't compare for a lot of people to a classic analog watch I want

To start off by giving you guys a tour of this watch to show you what it's all about so looking at the front you first of all have two hands right there it's a classic analog watch and then behind that you have your e-ink display which

Is very sharp it's monochromatic in the refresh rate is decent it's not extremely fast you're not gonna watch videos on this but for the purposes of this watch it definitely gets the job done now you'll see that you have four

Little icons right there you can customize those to do essentially whatever you want so I like the heart rate I have my steps I have how many active minutes I had today I have the weather and there's so many other

Options for that I'll show you later on in the video now if you double tap the watch face what's really cool is you can actually turn on this little light behind there four little LEDs so you can see this in

The dark now if you don't feel like tapping on that or if you just want to look at your watch you know you wake up in the middle of the night you roll over and look at your watch the watch hands also glow in the dark so then on the

Side we have three buttons none of them are dials so there's no crown on this but the three buttons are totally customizable to do essentially whatever you want I'll show you that later on as well then there's actually

On the back you'll see that you have your heart rate sensor there so you can you know track your heart rate you can track your sleep there's an accelerometer onboard so it is also a pedometer built-in so all nice basic

Health tracking features that you need right there and the accelerometer is also useful because you have some cool risk gestures then so for example if you flip your wrist really quickly it'll spin the watch hands around and you

Might say like why would you want to do that and the reason is because you have these analog hands in front of your screen it might be covering up something you're interested in and so flicking your wrist would make it move and you

Can see everything you need to in the screen now typically when you go into like a workout or some other situation where you want to see the whole screen it reorients the watch hands horizontal and stops telling you the time of course

Hey guys a quick a little aside here if you are new here and have not yet subscribed I have good news I'm actually making another video in the next couple weeks where I will talk about the best SmartWatch of 2019 if you're watching

This after 2019 go to my channel and check it out otherwise make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon so you don't miss that video now the straps on this watch are leather on the outside and rubber on the inside the watch has

Three atmospheres rating for waterproofing or water resistance which basically means you can wash your hands it can get rained on but you really shouldn't be showering or swimming with this and honestly with a leather band I

Don't plan on doing that anyway the watch is 42 millimeters and the watch bands are each 22 millimeters and there are several different designs available this one right here is the dark brown Collider there's also a charter version

Which I they don't really say it but I'm pretty sure the Charter is like the women's version and the colliders like the men's version just based on the sizes of the watches and the size of the bands but overall looking at the

Aesthetics of this watch I think it looks really good it has its same shape same size as the classic fossil watches you might have seen elsewhere so they really do a good job of making this blend in you can

Find you know all these different watchbands that are easy to interchange you just pinch the side or the back and it just comes right off I think this watch also does a good job of tackling the bezel problem a lot of

Smart watches have a very chunky bezel around the outside this one has like the minute mark so it makes sense that it's there as far as comfort goes I'm not a huge fan of this rubber interior right there obviously leathers a little stiff

When you get it so it kind of has a weird feel at first but it was the same strap that we had on the fossil Gen 5 which after a couple days kind of started to fit better and it really felt really nice now I want to give you an

Interface tour and show you the inside of the watch right here so you have like I said you have those four little icons I'll show you how to customize those in the apps later but looking at the three buttons the top button what I have it

Set to do right now is go into workouts now you have six different workouts you can choose from and they're pretty straightforward pretty simple once you have weights you have treadmill elliptical you have running and then you

Have just basic workout one and so those essentially because you only have a heart rate sensor an accelerometer and just the smarts on this watch it ends up really just telling you like what your heart rate is right now essentially how

Far you went but it's not using GPS it's just using like a pedometer so it's not that accurate and then also it's going to show you like the elapsed time of your workout maybe it'll predict calories based on the time and your

Heart rate but that's basically all you're doing it's not gonna be the best watch for tracking fitness but it definitely gets the job done if you're trying to work out over your lunch break or something

This information is done relayed back to the app or you can have it relayed to Google fit as well and I'll show you that later on that's what I personally use google fit works pretty well for me so then if we tap and hold the middle

Button it'll bring you home from any screen you're on and then from the home screen tapping and holding the middle button again brings you into settings now the settings you really only have three options here it tells you about

The watch so you can find out like the serial number if you just really want to know the serial number for some reason then you have notifications which you can turn on or off and then lastly you can go over and call your phone and so

Ringing your phone is a nice feature if you lose your phone it'll just start making a sound you can go find your phone a weird caveat here though is that you don't actually turn this off with your phone so it just keeps ringing

Until you and off with the watch so from home if I tap the middle button once it goes into my essentially my summary of my fitness for the day so it tells me my steps my active minutes my calories and then if I

Go down it starts measuring my heart rate and so the heart rate sensor I'll test it out later on in the video and see how accurate it is but I don't think it should have a problem you have the two little sensors on the back not as

Good as the eight we have on the act of two or the four we have on a lot of other watches but – it should get the job done then lastly from the home screen right here if I hit the bottom button it brings me into my music

Controls which is what I chose to be there again you can customize any of these three buttons to do anything but I chose music so I can play and pause my music it shows what the artist is it shows

What the song is and then if you go down to controls there so if we hit down and go over to controls you can either skip board or back a song and you can control the volume as well so nice to have that simple volume control and music control

On the watch but that's essentially all you're going to be doing on this watch now of course you do also get notifications you get calls you get text emails and a bunch of other notifications whatever you choose from

Your phone essentially will show up on here maybe not everything but calls texts emails that's what I use it for now you don't have quick replies unfortunately but what you can do is if you get a phone call you can accept or

Reject it from the watch as you can tell we're obviously not running we're OS right here so is fossils own interface right there which it's pretty simple it makes sense that they just made their own for this one

Okay so within the fossil app right here when you another thing I forgot to mention is that you can actually change the watch face itself by going to the little paint icon right there and then you have several different options so

You can go with circles some fancier circles some circles with some rings around them or some other kind of circle looking things so lots of different options if we just apply one of them you'll see that the watch does look

Pretty cool then first go to home it tells you just basically your health stuff so I said you can connect this to google fit but essentially for most of what you need it's really going to show up like right here and so it tells you

You can track your sleep you can track your heart rate your calories and stuff like that and it gives you a pretty in-depth record I really like this app I haven't had any problems with it and so if you scroll up it tells you a

Actually what watch you're connected to in case you have multiple watches customization then if you go over you have a couple different options you can swipe left and right to find some different presets so if you say like

Yeah Fitness one I want a daily one I want to travel one or you can create your own kind of nice to easily switch between them if you're traveling and you're like I just want to control my music when I travel and you can easily

Set that right so those are the options right there if you want to customize it you can tap on any one of these little circles right there and you can choose from like tons of different things here so you can have a time zone a date a

Chance of rain you can have your active minutes you can have the weather right there you can have your heart rate you know lots of different options there and of course if we tap on the buttons again you have

Many options as well so you have a stopwatch if you're interested in that you have notifications you have a timer you have weather honestly I don't have a stopwatch set because if I just go to a workout that already starts a timer

Essentially so yeah I have a false workout there but it's kind of like a two-for-one workaround if we go over to alerts you can set alarms on this which is nice because it lasts for two weeks you can set an alarm and every morning

You don't have your watch charging somewhere it's just on your wrist so you can wake up with a regular little buzz on your wrist a nice subtle way to wake up in the morning you can also have calls and messages you know do you want

Them to vibrate only from certain people or nobody because it could get annoying if you get a lot of text messages and your wrist is vibrating all day you might want to kind of slim that out then we have move alerts if you want it to

Have like an activity alert and say hey you've been sedentary for too long lastly if we go over to profile it just again kind of summarizes some other stuff you can set your goals for how far you want to walk in a day how long you

Want to sleep and stuff like that you can choose different connected apps like I said so Google fit is one I use you can have Under Armor record if you want I've never used that but or you know of course you can also change your units it

Comes with like metric units on there so you might want to change that and then it shows you the battery right here which the battery I you know I haven't had it for two weeks so I can't tell you if it lasts two weeks but just

Extrapolating from this morning until now so 13 hours of using this it went down 4% so if you extrapolate that this is gonna last like 13 days so that is very promising very close to they're two week mark and I'm I have no

Doubt it'll last much longer than your average Smart Watch okay so now getting into some of the tests let's test out the heart rate so I just took my own pulse and my heart rate is 78 right now and if we go into today's activity go

Down we have 79 so I've done this a few times sometimes it's plus or minus three sometimes plus or minus one other times I've had a little farther off so it's not the most reliable but more times

Than not it seems to be fairly accurate so a few complaints and limitations about this watch first of all you don't have quick responses if you get a text I think that would be nice to have seems like you'd be pretty simple to add into

This maybe they'll update the firmware someday I'm not sure but for now we don't have that all the things that are limitations of this watch I wouldn't say they're drawbacks you kind of just know what you're getting into this does not

Have Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth for your headphones so it connects to your phone by bluetooth 5.0 low-energy but you cannot connect headphones to this you don't have any internal storage that you can you know save songs or

Anything it doesn't have LTE you don't have a microphone you don't have a speaker on there a smart assistant you can't get different apps it doesn't have a touchscreen and you don't have other watch face design so those are the

Limitations if you're willing to accept those this is a really great watch I really love wearing this and I think it's gonna be a good alternative for me to you know my everyday when I watch I've been wearing for the past couple

Months has been the active two which I really like for tracking my fitness and basic stuff like or advanced stuff like that but the simple stuff if I want to wear something to look good wearing a suit just dressing up however going to

Work or something this is a watch that I think I will be wearing for a long time so guys comment down below what you think of this watch do you think it's something that you would get or did they cut away one too many things for you or

Many too many things for you to enjoy this watch comment down below as always guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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