NEW FOSSIL GEN 5 [Fossil Tries to Fix The SmartWatch] – WearOS, Battery Controls

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

So fossil just released their Gen 5 SmartWatch series as you see I have one right here and essentially what they claim to do with this watch is take all the biggest problems of all the other smartwatches out there today and they fix those problems that's what they

Claim so they really made a bold claim here that this might be one of the best smartwatches on the market today in this video I'll dive in and figure out whether or not the battery controls actually work on this whether or not the

Other features that implemented with their own software work and whether or not this is the watch for you so there's a lot to cover this really is a very impressive watch for a lot of reasons and like I said I'll dive in this video

And help you decide whether or not you want to buy this watch okay guys so starting off with a mechanical tour of this watch I just want to show you guys what it looks like what it feels like and essentially a little bit more about

The physical aspect of this before getting too far into the software so right here you'll have a 44 millimeter body on this watch so essentially that's pretty standard for a lot of watches out there just to give you guys an idea I

Have another fossil watch an analogue one I've been using for a while and it's essentially the same size so you can see the thickness right there is not especially different the watch faces approximately the same size and it

Really feels a lot like just a regular analog watch and speaking of that they also have the same buttons on the side where you have the top button the bottom button and then the crown right there so looking at the buttons on this watch

You'll notice there's a button on the top and on the bottom there's also this middle button right here which is essentially the crown you can spin this and it does a lot for the watch and I'll show you a little bit more about the

Interface later on but looking at the watch itself when you go and look at the side right here so if we can get a close-up you actually have a speaker right there so that's gonna be your output any time you're doing a call on

The watch or any time you talk to Google assistant or anything of that sort when you need the watch to have any kind of audio it's coming out of that little speaker right there I'll test the volume of that later on in the video as well so

Looking over on the right side then next to the buttons you'll see there is a small pole I believe that's the microphone there's another hole up on the top which I believe to be a second microphone I'm not positive on that

Though now when we look on the back you'll see this is your heart rate sensor right there it's relatively small and it doesn't stick out very much at all you really don't even notice it when it's on your wrist that it doesn't leave

Any kind of you know depression on your wrist or anything like that it's very much not intrusive now here you'll see the watch band is easily removed by pulling this little tab and taking the watchband off there are a lot

Of different watchbands that you can buy for the fossil watches and this one is honestly very easy to use so now looking at the actual interface starting off on the watch face right here you'll see that you just have a basic watch face

And there are a lot of other ones you can choose from so if you tap and hold that you can go and choose many different ones and then of course you know I have three saved on the watch but they have dozens or even hundreds that

You can download or find in the Google wear OS app so there's a lot you can do with this and there are plenty of different watch faces to choose from on this one in particular you can set you know different things that you can have

Maybe like the battery right there you can have date what moon phase it is which nobody even cares about anyway but there's a lot going on right here so if we go up from the watch face you'll see this is where

Your quick settings are where you can do basically most of what you'll be needing to do in setting so you have Google pay right there you have your watch face you can turn on and off you could also do that just by palming your watch like you

See right there then when we go back up you have do not disturb we have airplane mode volume and essentially the last one is what is very unique to this watch in particular and that is the battery options so fossil came out with several

Different options for their battery as you see right there they have time only mode they have a custom mode so essentially what this is saying is that if you are in daily mode you'll probably have to charge your phone everyday in

Extended mode you might want to charge it every two to three days if you go down to time only mode you should easily be lasting about a week so there really is a lot to choose from here and after testing this for a few days I can say

That there is absolutely a huge variable with how much or how long your watch lasts so if you are in daily mode and you have everything on and you're using your watch a lot all day it may not even last all day so it really depends on how

Bright your screen is how often you're reading your heart rate how much you're downloading using NFC and obviously you know you can drain the battery fairly quickly if you really push this watch to the limit now on the flip side if you go

Down just to extended it already last significantly longer right now in this custom mode I'm in which is basically daily mode – like one or two features I think NFC like I said is turned off and I'm easily lasting much more than a day

So right now you saw it's at 30% and it's about 6:45 p.m. right now so this will without a doubt lasts the rest of the day with really no problems at all so let's go back into settings and you

See that at the top settings is where you start to get a lot of different things that you can do with this watch I'm not gonna dive into all of them right now but you'll see right there connectivity just shows what this watch

Is capable of so you can connect Bluetooth right here of course that will be connecting to your phone if you're using you know obviously you want to connect your phone to your watch this is a smart watch and it's not a 4G watch

And it's not an LTE watch so for that reason bluetooth is very important what I was going to say is that you can also connect headphones to this so if you are going for a run somewhere or if you were just going anywhere that you don't want

Your phone you can easily connect headphones – or earbuds to this wirelessly by bluetooth and have music saved on here with the eight gigabytes of on-board storage now as you go down you also of

Course have Wi-Fi you have NFC and you have GPS right here so you have untethered GPS in particular so again if you are somebody who likes to run or maybe go on a hike and you don't want your phone with you this is a great way

To track your runs and your hikes with something like the you know Strava app from the watch face right here you can actually go over to the right and you'll see this is where you get your basic tiles so I have Google fit I've got my

Weather I have my you know events today and I have a timer there really aren't a whole lot to choose from so it's really not that exciting I don't use the tiles nearly as much as I use actually just the normal app drawer so when you go and

Tap on the side right here on the crown you press that and it brings up all your apps and you scroll down you can see all the different apps you can you have of course you can get many different apps I think it's in the thousands that you can

Get from the Play Store but they don't all work really as well as I would like some of them are a little bit kind of half-baked where they're really not the best apps out there so when you go over to the left this is where you can

Actually get your Google assistant and you can do this actually in an easier way if you just press and hold the crown down it'll bring what's the weather in Miami Florida so as you can see right there definitely has sufficient volume I

Can hear everything it's saying Google assistant or it's just fine on here and phone calls actually work very important Oh impressively well so let's test that out right now as well holding it up talking pretty normally

And I'll show you in a second what it sounds like when I'm talking on my phone just to give you guys a reference for how the audio sounds in comparison hey guys this is what the audio sounds like on my actual phone right now so just a

Quick little side right here if you are new here and have not yet subscribed but you're interested in the latest tech videos like this one please consider going down and clicking the subscribe button and the Bell icon so you don't

Miss the latest updates as they come out so another thing to mention with this watch is that it is actually swim proof meaning that if you're washing your hands or swimming or showering you don't have to worry about getting this watch

Wet of course if you have like leather straps maybe you don't want to get that wet but as long as you have maybe the rubber ones or the metal ones it shouldn't be a problem at all just to give you guys a couple specs on this

This is compatible with iOS and Android phones as long as you have Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 9.3 or higher so what I want to do right now is actually go through some of the apps and talk about some of the key features of this watch

Based on the apps that I have so starting with google fit I really like having Google fit on the watch because what you're able to do with that is essentially track a lot of your activities

There's guided workouts right there guided breathing and just a lot of other information you have there so it's going to be working based on the pedometer based on the heart rate sensor and based on the GPS so a lot of inputs for some

Very accurate workout tracking going down you have agenda right there actually you also have google play music I don't to skip past that so whenever you're working out if you're going for a run and you don't want to bring your

Phone I recommend using Google Play Music it just kind of works the best with this watch when you're trying to download music on the 8 gigabytes of on-board storage download the music using Google Play guys then you can use

This and it works very well there is also Spotify in this watch so go down to Spotify and you'll see that Spotify works really well except most of the time you know you're not I haven't figured out how to really download songs

Easily on the watch and for that reason I recommend using Google Play or at least that's what I've been using lately going down there's a couple google fit ones so workout breathe and just regular fit they're all essentially going to

Just help you you know they're self-explanatory their flashlights a cool one where your screen brightness goes up to 100% and it just drains your battery as fast as possible really the fossil app is

What this top right button is preset to do and we have there as you can set different watch faces and really customize it based on where you are so if you want a professional one for where you're at work and then a fun one for at

Home you can easily just change the watch faces like that so if we go back and say no I don't want that one I'm home right now I want the home one so back at the watch face you'll see that it has whatever I customized it to look

Like so really cool thing you can do right there so going down through some other apps you also have maps on here of course there is GPS which is unconnected to your phone but you can also use connected GPS with your phone so just a

Little more accuracy on finding out where you are on a map you have media control so if you are listening to anything on your phone so watching a youtube video or listening to any kind of music you can control it with media

Controls remotely you have other things like noon light which is a safety app so if you fall basically this is the life alert for your phone so continuing down you have other apps like uber I downloaded then also Google translates a

Really nice one so of course if you just speak into this it'll translate it on the screen a little bit helpful if you're in a restaurant or something in another country and you just need to communicate something really quickly you

Can use your watch to do that the top and bottom buttons you can customize so right now the top button is set to open up the fossil app like I showed before and then the bottom button is set to open up google fit now if you double

Press the top button it opens up Google pay for me right now so if we just double press it it'll open up Google pay and of course I have to turn on NFC in order to do that it's really cool I'll show you right now essentially Google

Pay it works really well if you're in much just like a vending machine or anywhere that has Google pay you just tap your watch against there very easily now the only catch is when you're using that you need to make sure that you have

A password or a pattern or a pin on your watch so that it is secure it's something that the watch requires and so it's just a little bit of a headache if you take your watch off and put it back on every single day and you don't feel

Like doing this then maybe you don't want to set up Google pay charging this watch is also very easy you'll see that the charging pad has two little nodes right there and they essentially connect onto these two little metal rings on the

Back there is a magnet so it stays on very well it doesn't matter what orientation it is so if you set it down and you move it around a little bit it slides around on your table next to your bed you don't have to worry about this

It will charge very easily like so good job on the charger fossil I really do like that earlier I mentioned that you could customize the buttons on this so if we go up to the settings on the top and tap on settings right there

You can actually go down to personalization and in personalization you are able to customize hardware buttons so you can change the top and the bottom button essentially to chain open up any app that you want that your

Watch has so now when you get notifications on the watch it'll vibrate and make a sound and then when you flip your watch up you can go down into notifications there so you'll see notifications you can tap on the

Notification of course and then you have some options you can either call or you can reply so let's just say I want to reply right now you have three options after that so you can reply by voice to text right there

You can go over to the keyboard on the right and you actually do have a full keyboard on here you can do all the typing with swipe texting or whatever you want to do or you can actually draw an emoji so if I want to send myself

Like a cheeseburger see if I can draw one boom so I drew my best cheeseburger there oh and it actually guessed it knows that's a cheeseburger so yeah I will send myself a cheeseburger within the actual where OS app you'll see that

There really are not many options on here you can't really do a whole lot from the app most of what you're doing is on the watch itself but what you can do is go and select from a lot of different watch faces so you'll see

Dozens of watch faces over here you can also download many more on the watch itself if you go into the Play Store so just looking at these though you see there are quite a few that really look pretty good some of them are more

Professional some of their minimalist some of them are kind of you know bright and gaudy and just look ridiculous and some of them are really fun so there's a lot to choose from there really should be a watch face for just about anybody

Out there looking for whatever kind of watch face they want to have on their wrist here you'll also see the lift to wake works very well although sometimes it is a little bit slow sometimes when I lift my wrist up I want to see it a

Little bit quicker than that so as far as the heart rate tracking goes I did measure this in compared to what the watch says and I was accurate within plus or minus about two on most of my measurements so it definitely is a

Reasonable way to measure your heart rate of course it's not going to replace any medical equipment though so really quickly I want to do a quick speaker test just to show you guys how loud this is what is the

In Colorado so that's basically loud enough in my opinion to understand what the watch is saying in almost every situation so some of the things I really like about this watch I really do like the battery controls I like the loud

Speaker and the clear microphone on here I like to Google assistant and I like all the different ways you can connect so Bluetooth GPS NFC Wi-Fi that's great to have a lot of different options on here like I said before there is no 4G

LTE or otherwise having any cell service on here this is totally connected just to those four connections that I mentioned earlier some more positives I do like the fossil options right there we have

Categories so you can save different watch faces for different settings based on you know where you are so home and work is a good example in my opinion I think it's also important to mention that the aesthetics of this watch look

Really good so fossil has been in the game of watches for a very long time as you can see here on the right is an analog watch made by fossil on the left is this smart watch right here the Gen 5 and they look really similar I really

Like the aesthetic of them they kept everything they do well with the watch and I really do like the round face on this one a little bit more than some of the rectangle watches that you see out on the market lastly I do like the

Physical button feel I am picky about that and I think I like how clicky these are so they're not allowed click but they're definitely a satisfying press that when you press it you feel that it did register and you know you pressed

The button having three buttons is also really nice on a SmartWatch because you never know it's a tiny screen and having physical buttons does add to the ease of use for whoever's using this watch some of the

Negatives on this like I said before lift to wake is a little bit slower than I would like so another drawback if you are left-handed I'm not left-handed but I could imagine if you are using this on

Your right hand might be a big drawback because reaching over to use that dial is going to cover up the face and you won't be able to see what you're doing so some more things I would like to see improved on this watch so I will say

First of all I wish there were more tiles on here so swiping over and only having a few tiles and a few to choose from is a little bit of a drawback in my book I don't want a ton over there but just having a few other options could be

Useful also some of the apps on here like I mentioned before are not the best apps out there so a lot of apps of course are made for a phone and then kind of retrofitted for the watch and sometimes they're not always as good

As you think so the best way I could explain this is kind of imagine how there are apps on like a Kindle Fire how they look similar to Android apps but they're slightly different and sometimes there isn't the same selection that

You'd have on your phone lastly I wish there was more you could do on the phone on the app itself so you could actually control a little bit more about the watch but regardless guys I think this is an

Excellent watch so overall I have tried a lot of different smartwatches some of that I liked some that I did not like and this one is definitely one that I really like so I like the aesthetic of this watch a lot I also really like how

Customizable the battery options are so the fact that I can make this watch lasts one day or five days or maybe even longer is something that I really like for my own use because sometimes if I'm going on a trip and going camping I

Don't want to have my phone my watch on for one day and then have just a piece of hardware in my wrist that does nothing for the rest of my trip likewise if I go to work I like having all the different features on there I like doing

All the other things when I'm exercising and this watch really has a lot of capability so that's my opinion on this let me know what you guys think in the comment section below do you like this watch do you not like

This watch will you buy it or what would you like to see improved on this watch before buying something like this guys thank you all for watching I'll see you in the next one

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