NEW FITBIT VERSA 2 (Honest Review) || 8 Day Battery, Alexa, and Spotify

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

The Fitbit Versa – looks a lot like the Versa one redesigned and loaded with amazing new features to make this watch compete with almost every other SmartWatch in the industry this watch has an 8 day battery life comes with Amazon's Alexa smart assistant built-in

Comes in at under $200 and has a 1.4 inch AMOLED touchscreen after wearing this watch for 11 days I realized that there is a lot more to this watch than what is shown on the box there are some very big pros and some very big cons

That could easily sway you to buy or not buy this watch and without watching this video you may not know what these are hey guys welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and like I said this video

Is all about the Fitbit Versa – which I've been wearing for 11 days now and I want to share with you my experience and the pros and cons of this watch before you buy and so I want to start off just by showing you guys a quick tour of this

Device so if you just look at the front there you have a 1.4 inch AMOLED screen this is a really nice screen it's very bright in the daylight it's also very dim at night so it is very useful in every situation I haven't had an

Experience where I couldn't see the watch and behind the face there there is actually an ambient light detection sensor so what you can do is if it's you know in bright daylight it automatically goes brighter and dimmer settings it

Automatically dims down really nice so you don't have to like some watches we have to go in and change the brightness all the time so it's nice that it does that automatically so this watch does have a faster processor than the fitbit

Versa one and you'll notice that the aesthetics on this while there is still a large bezel it is smaller than it was before and this watch generally is not too thick you don't really notice it on your wrist it's very comfortable and it

Is sort of like an apple aesthetic there so they have the rectangular look unlike a lot of other watches and they have the rounded corners so this is similar and aesthetic to the previous watch is made by Fitbit but I really do like this one

Better so they have five different colors and two special editions I'll pop those up on the screen right there seeking a look at those then when you flip it over on the back you'll see just a couple things there is really pretty

Simple so you know as like most other fitness tracking watches like this you have the heart rate sensor right there that's pretty standard then we also have the four little pins up there the four little nodes I mean and that is for

Charging so one sort of downfall to this watch is that it does not have wireless charging while it kind of is Wireless it's not like the wireless induction charging that you're used to instead you have to put it in there and it just goes

Up against those little pogo pins and that's how it charges then you'll also see that you can switch the bands there are many other bands you can get for this watch and of course on the right side there we have a microphone the

Microphone is used for Amazon Alexa and I'll test that out and show you guys a lot about that later on in the video and then of course on the left side or it could be on the right side depending on which way you have this oriented is just

The button this button is utilized essentially as your power on button it will be if you press and hold it it will activate Alexa or you can press it to go home or backed in the watch so nice to have a button right there I wish they

Had a few more functions for this similar to like the Galaxy watch active where the buttons do a lot of different things but nonetheless you have a simple design here for a very intuitive SmartWatch so just a quick aside if

You're new here and have not yet subscribe to my channel but you're interested in finding out more about similar watches to this one make sure you go down and click the subscribe button and the bell icon I'll be

Reviewing the Galaxy watch active 2 next so next I want to get into the watch interface real quick give you guys a brief tour of that before getting into the pros and cons and you'll notice right away that I have a different watch

Face than maybe you might have seen on the box or something that's because there are dozens maybe hundreds of watch faces and you can customize almost all of them to do whatever you want there's one with like bitmoji zon them there's

Some that are like this one that tell you a lot of information so there's tons of different watch faces you can choose from and I'll show you those later on in the app now this one right here reads out like the you know how many steps I

Took today which I will say is not actually that accurate that's a drawback that I'll talk more about later then it also tells me my heart rate it tells me you know how many like active points I have in a day or whatever and it tells

Me the battery of the watch so I like having that and if I tap on the top corner you can change the color or the aesthetic of this one then you'll notice if you swipe from the left to the right nothing actually happens that would be

Nice if they utilize that I'm not really sure why they didn't utilize that if you swipe up to the bottom it gives you just your basic like today's statistics so it tells you again how many steps you took you can go swipe through and see how

Many floors you went up how many miles you walked or kilometers whatever now going back to home pressing the button you can go swipe down from the top and this is where you have you notifications you can clear them all you can do

Whatever you want and reply to notifications so if we just tap on one notification you can either mark it as red you can reply you can open it or you can just clear it and get rid of it so a lot of options there if you swipe down

Again this is pretty cool this is where you get your quick settings so you can control your music right here you can go to Fitbit pay which is the middle one right there so you do actually have that on this the Fitbit versatile one did not

Have Fitbit pay unless you got the premium one for my understanding and so this coming on all of the devices is actually really nice then if we go on the right there you have your quick settings so it's kind of weird yet to

Swipe down twice and then tap on that to get to quick settings seems like it's not that quick to get there but regardless these settings are pretty useful you can go into like now mode you can turn off like auto wake

When you lift it up you can change the brightness change always on display or go into do not disturb so just a few quick options there I use those a lot I really do like that then as we swipe across this is where you start to see

All of your different apps so for example you have the exercises and if we go and check those out I think there's only about five or six on here right now so not a ton of exercises I wish I could have more on here at once but regardless

You can really get by with five or six there's a general workout one which kind of encapsulates anything else you're trying to do then you have like alarms and timer and Spotify unfortunately one caveat with Spotify so good that it came

On this one that's definitely a big upgrade to have Spotify controls on here of course you do need Spotify Premium to use the controls remotely from your watch but you can't actually go downloading songs from Spotify in here

At this time at the time making this video so maybe they'll release an update so as we go across you also have some other things like music controls you have your settings here you have relax you have weather and then if you are a

Female there is female tracking on this watch I'm not sure if that's something you manually input or if that is like something that uses your pulse I I'm sorry guys I don't know how to I didn't test that so if you did comment down

Below and let me know if that works I would I really appreciate that then of course going across you can download other apps on here so there are some cool answers like Starbucks and Pandora and deezer I don't know if you guys

Listen to that and then there's also some games you can download some simple games so that's basically everything for this interface you'll notice that this watch does not have nearly as much going on as maybe like these Samsung watches

Or the Google wear OS one so like the new fossil Gen 5 I reviewed they can do a lot more but at the same time they are more complicated so if you're somebody looking for a sort of simpler more intuitive watch this one is definitely a

Very intuitive watch and I do like that so that's the interface that aren't getting into the pros and the cons so Amazon Alexa I'll test it out right now to show you I think that's a pro that it has it but you'll notice that it is a

Little bit slow sometimes it just says thinking so if we test it out right now remind me to go for a jog at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow so I'll actually can do a lot of things you can actually turn on and off like

Smart devices in your home control like you know Amazon devices you can do a lot basically anything you do with Alexa on your phone it is just a little remote right here to talk to your watch the heart rate is inaccurate again every now

And then this happens my heart rate right now is 72 measured on my pulse and this says I'm well over 100 so clearly that's not correct going down some other things I think it's great for watch faces that's a big Pro there you have a

Lot of different watch faces and they really utilize all the corners of the screen very well and speaking of the screen I think having a rectangular screen may be beneficial although personally I'm more of a fan of the

Aesthetic of a round screen just because it's a more classic watch look but having the rectangular screen you know it is kind of nice because it mimics a phone a little bit closer so the apps are a little smoother the keyboards and

Things like that are a lot smoother speaking of keyboards this watch unfortunately does not have a keyboard so when you reply to text messages that come in as notifications you will have to either do voice replies or a few

Quick replies that you typed up on your phone or some emojis another Pro on this watch there is custom training if you want to have the subscription for Fitbit so in the app I'll show you later on you can subscribe to set you know set up

Some custom training or programs for you some other pros the 8 day battery is absolutely uncontested in my opinion by almost every other SmartWatch out there there's also a sleep tracking built in so you do have your sleep score which is

Really nice tells you how well you slept one day compared to the next with a single number which I think is a lot easier to interpret than having you know to analyze how many hours of REM versus deep versus light sleep you had so

Coming up with a number is very convenient this has Fitbit pay it's water-resistant those are both really great features of this watch and you can download up to three hundred songs with the onboard memory so that's also great

If you're trying to listen offline with some Bluetooth earbuds that's pretty great if you're going for a run with this watch but I will say if you're running with this watch you can't use GPS because it only uses connected GPS

So that's a little bit of a logic inconsistency there where they make it convenient to run without your phone by having music on here but then you can't use GPS which is honestly the only really accurate way to track your runs a

Pedometer you may be off by as much as like 10% so if you're running five miles you could be off half-a-mile very easily and I've had it off by even more than that before so I don't know I wish Fitbit really did have

A GPS on this I don't know that's just me though so another drawback is the lack of a speaker on here which sort of limits you to about half of the Alexa experience where you talk to Alexa but she can't read anything back to you

Instead you just have to read whatever is shown on the screen and likewise you can answer calls from here you can't make calls from here of course but it is going to be essentially just answering for your phone and then you have to talk

On your actual phone or if you have like Bluetooth earbuds or something you can talk on those so going into the Fitbit app here you'll see that there are you know three tabs on the bottom I only use the middle one because it really just

Tells you your analytics and that's what I care most about here and in the analytics you'll see that some of the things are limited and you have to pay for premium so I mentioned before that you have the custom you know workout

Programs or you know fitness programs that you have to pay for a premium to get but there are other limitations so if you got a sleep score for example you can go down it tells you you know a lot about your sleep for today and yesterday

In other days and it gives you your score but if you actually go into the sleep analytics you'll see that in order to see your sleeping heart rate or your restlessness you do have to pay for premium that's not really something I

Like I wish that they just had that there that seems like extra information that would be fairly easy just to put there if you paid $200 for a watch but regardless that's what they want you to do so otherwise the graphs are fairly

Useful I like having them and one other thing is the pedometer is very inaccurate it's not reliable to track how many steps you took in a day because while it might be accurate while you're walking it's very inaccurate when you're

Not walking so if you're typing or you know eating food or whatever you're doing is registering a lot of steps so it's really not good at distinguishing what is a step in what is not a step any kind of motion will be tracking steps on

Here so it always overestimates how many steps you take in a day I will also say that the auto tracking on here so it should it says it should be able to track your exercises your walks your runs I haven't had it do that very well

And when it did it doesn't really show up as a workout that you can go and check and track so that's a feature that definitely lacks on here the auto tracking but regardless these are your analytics right here and the next thing

I want to show you guys if you go up to top on your face right there so just see your profile you can actually go and tap on your device and this is where you can kind of customize a few things you can connect

To Alexa you can choose different watch faces so you know they call them clock faces same thing and you can go over and you'll see right here that there's like a bitmoji one there's tons of other ones you can choose from then you can choose

Different apps and choose them all from here and put them on your watch there's like I said about 450 apps some of them are useful some of them are games some of them are not really great apps but regardless there's plenty to choose from

Then we also have media right there which is where you can you know put songs on your your personal music on the watch that's nice and then there's also a wallet you can connect your phone or your credit card to the watch if you

Wanted to do Fitbit pay so I think that's everything I wanted to tell you guys about the Fitbit Versa – if you are interested in having something that's a little bit cheaper that may compare to this one I would recommend checking out

Some of the cheaper bands so I reviewed like the inspire I reviewed the galaxy fit and the me band I'll link those down below or up there so they're more like $100 or as low as $40 they can do kind of similar things if you want more

Features than this I recommend checking out the Galaxy watch active or the Galaxy watch active – again I'll link those down below but somewhere in the middle sort of a happy medium $200 is more affordable than something like the

Apple watch and this is a simple intuitive design I really like how easy it is to use and how you know if you're somebody that doesn't want to do too much with your watch you just want to track your fitness you want a slightly

Bigger screen this is a good watch for that it also has a nice aesthetic the eight-day battery is again uncontested that's amazing and Amazon elects on here seems to be fairly useful so guys let me know what you think of this watch down

Below in the comment section thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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