NEW ECHO BUDS by Amazon [Best Earbuds of 2019?] – BOSE Active Noise Reduction, Alexa, $130

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

The all-new echo buds by Amazon are the seemingly direct competitor to Apple's air pods and the Samsung Galaxy buds coming in at just $130 in promising premium features such as bose active noise reduction the Alexa voice assistant and over 20 hours of listening

Time in this video I will put these earbuds to the test to determine just how good the active noise reduction is the microphone quality is for calls and of course I will show you the pros and the cons I found after wearing these

Earbuds for just $130 these are a very promising product but do they hold up to the claim and are these actually worth your money in this video we'll find out hey everyone welcome back to the channel

I'm Michael Bryan and this video is all about the echo pods which I have right here now Amazon just released these last month and they just came out today as the first day you could buy them when you open up the box

Pretty straightforward all you really get of course you have the echo buds in their little case right there and when I say little case I actually mean kind of large case this is definitely a fairly large case and of course I'm comparing

The size of this to all of the other ones on the market today so we have like Apple make some ear buds Samsung does Microsoft is going to Google's going to pretty much everyone short of like Pizza Hut is making ear buds like any company

Out there has their own ear buds also in the box you actually get a micro USB charging cable so a little disappointing that it's not USB see we'll talk more about that in a minute and then of course these two little bags here that

Come with the wingtips and the actual ear tips so there's three different types of ear tips so you have the small medium and large to seal off and make sure it fits in your ear properly that way you can have the best sound quality

And the best sound cancellation because there is those active noise reduction technology on these and again I'll talk about that later as well then the wingtips are supposed to hold them in your ear better if you're running or

Working out or doing any kind of dynamic activity I found that maybe you don't need those all the time they are definitely optional so you can take them off or you can add them and again three sizes of

That as well now looking at the actual product itself you have the I'm gonna call this the cradle that's what a lot of other companies call this so the cradle right there is magnetically closed regardless they have one LED on

The front and if you press the button on the bottom it'll light up and tell you what the battery level is of the lowest of the two earbuds you'll notice in the cradle these are also magnetically held in when you put them in there the

Earbuds staying actually really well so you can shake it with like almost any amount of force and they really don't fall out under their own weight so you have to take them out good that if you drop this you're not going to lose them

They say that the cradle right here should be able to recharge these three more times so that you know it should give you up to 20 hours of listening so that's pretty much all I can say about the cradle right here on the side again

MicroUSB is how you charge this unfortunately this did not get the mammal for 2019 it doesn't have wireless charging so something really interesting because the echo buds are the same price as the galaxy buds if you start looking

At the features too figure out which one's better it's actually kind of impressive but you know what I'm actually going to review them in another video if you guys want to see my review comparing the echo buds to the

Galaxy buds make sure you go down and click the subscribe button and the bell icon I'll be releasing that video in the next few days now the earbuds themselves like I said you have the wing tip which just slides

On there very easily and then you have the little earbud tip right there you also have these five nodes those are really only used for when you're putting it in the case you have two microphones on the back so make sure you don't cover

Those up when you put the wing tip on but these are really a straightforward design they're a little bit larger than some other earbuds out there like I said before but regardless they fit fairly well in your ear and mostly they stick

Out a little bit but they're pretty comfortable and I could definitely have in my ear all day long and I don't really think that they're a problem they're not uncomfortable and they don't fall out to test out the pass through

And annoys reduction on these ear buds without you actually wearing them I'm just gonna play a video and see what levels I can actually hear so starting off with some white noise this is an airplane and right about there with the

Noise reduction on so I can hear it and then right about there is where I stopped I stopped hearing it pretty much now if we go to off so we turned noise reduction off I can hear it this is as if these

Earbuds we're not even on right so I can hear it and as we go falling down I stop hearing it right about there volume 30 so it was volume 80 now it's volume 30 and if I go to pass through I can easily hear I hear myself at your absolutely

Everything so easily all the way down to like volume 8 it can still hear it very well and honestly that's probably what I'd hear if these weren't even in my ear so these are ipx4 waterproof which means you shouldn't be swimming with them but

If you're sweating or if it's raining or if otherwise they get splashed they should be fine also they have proximity sensors there which is nice and it's pretty standard of a sort of flagship ish earbud like this so it actually

Detects when it's in your ear or out of your ear automatically pauses when you take them out of your ear and if you put them back in it'll automatically play it again your phone just connects to echo buds just a single connection and it

Doesn't matter which one you have in your ears or both it will work just fine on the outside of each earbud you have this little glossy spot that is your touchpad and so you have options you can either double tap

It or you can tap it hold it you can customize that in the Alexa app then you have you know tons of different options and I'll show you that in the app later but regardless having touch pads is

Definitely much nicer than clicky buttons although these you do have to press them a little bit harder than maybe like the galaxy buds for example so a simple gentle tap doesn't quite cut it so this

Is what the micron sounds like if I was on a phone call it would sound something like this so comment down below if you think this is clear enough I will be comparing this to the Galaxy buds in another video but these should have

According to the Box a really good microphone you judge let me know down below we'll take a vote and see what you guys think of this now the quality of these I do think it's definitely a pretty good quality ear but it

Definitely matches the price for this so you do have some pretty rich base on these and it hits the trebles in the mids fairly well and you can adjust that within the app so while we're on the subject of the EQ I'll just open up the

App and give you guys a quick tour and show you first of all starting with the equalizer you actually have 13 different levels for the bass the mids and the trebles so that's pretty nice that you can adjust these so well based on your

Type of music and what you like to listen to also looking through the app one nice thing at the top they give you the battery status to the nearest percent of each earbud and the case I really do

Like having that then we have the Bose active noise reduction or pass through you can select either one of those or you can select neither if you want it to be off and of course if you choose pass through there are five different levels

Of pass through five being the loudest and so that's great if you're in a you know a very quiet environment and you want to hear things a little better you can turn it up that's a really cool feature to have I showed you the

Equalizer the ear tip sizing I'm not going to go through that I feel like you guys can figure out what your tips you want then we have the customization of touch gestures now I kind of mentioned that before how I really like how you

Can customize you know tons of different touch gestures there are a few caveats here things you can't do so for example you cannot turn the volume up or down I don't know why they missed the mark on that one I think that's a really obvious

One that they should be able to do but regardless you can customize the left or the right to double tap or to tap and hold so four different options there and if we just go and open up one of them for example the default is to alternate

Between pass through and noise reduction then you can also voice with a Google assistant on there you can have Alexa of course Google assist in because I'm using Android right now if you're using Apple it's going to be Siri

You can mute the microphones you can play or pause the music that is nice or you can tell Alexa to play and pause the music that works as well and also I should have mentioned you can tell Alexa turn the volume up and down that's

Usually what I'll end up doing anyway then we have side tone I talked before about how important it is for me to be able to hear myself when I'm on the phone just so I don't know I feel like I'm

Yelling and it's hard to talk when you don't hear yourself and so having this you know one two five you can change the level based on where you are or how good your hearing is and I really like this abilities right there

Then of course down there you have enable Alexa hands-free so if you don't want Alexa on all the time you can turn that off or you can even mute the microphones if you're worried about you know like anything spying on you or I

Don't know people get worried about whatever I'm not gonna comment on that but you are able to mute the mics so unlike Apple and Samsung when you open up the echo buds they don't automatically pair to an Amazon device

Such as a Kindle instead you have to pair them like a normal Bluetooth device okay so now to connect it to my laptop what you want to do is you want to open this up and you want to press and hold the button on the bottom of the cradle

Here until the little light right there goes from green to a flashing blue now it doesn't say that anywhere in the instructions but I kind of just figured that out and then you go to Bluetooth so now that these are connected to a laptop

Instead of a phone there is no Alexa app here so when I put these in and I say Alexa it tells me to complete setup pair your echo buds in the Alexa app so you can only use Alexa if it's connected to the Alexa app on your phone so if I

Double tap this it still toggles between pass-through and noise reduction and if I tap and hold this let's see what happens so it's kind of opening it's trying to open Cortana tell me a joke alright there we go there's your daily

Cortana joke so one small complaint about the touch pads though is you're not able to single tap them and play and pause the music so that's something I'm used to having on most other earbuds so like the Galaxy buds and you know many

Other earbuds you tap it once it'll pause the music tap it again it'll play the music so I'm not gonna test out the voice assistant too much on here because I think you know how it already works but basically you can control anything

You with this so if I just say Alexa play My Morning Jacket on Spotify then it'll open up Spotify in my phone and automatically start playing so let's talk about some of the issues I had with

These earbuds the first one as I just mentioned you can't single tap to play or pause your music I thought that was kind of a strange caveat there and then the second one is actually also related to the touch pads so you can double tap

This to answer a phone call you can double tap to end the phone call or if you have multiple phone calls going if you double tap to switch between them but you can't do is reject the phone call from what I saw another drawback as

I mentioned in the beginning of the video you don't have wireless charging and you don't have the USB C on there so micro USB I think you're not really set for the future they're they're already pretty obsolete so finding these wires

In the future is only gonna get harder now lastly the biggest issue I had and maybe this issue will go away with just a software update but for some reason if I open Spotify on my phone and then tell Alexa to skip songs she can't it can't

Do that it doesn't work it tells you you can't play you can't pause you can't skip songs even though the music is playing so you have to control it on your phone now on the flip side if I don't open Spotify and then I tell Alexa

To open Spotify on my phone it still opens up the native Spotify app on my phone but then I'm able to control the song so guys in conclusion $130 for these earbuds is a pretty good deal I like to

Active noise reduction that's a pretty good deal to pack into $130 earbuds like this they're truly Wireless they're fairly smart and I do like using Alexa on them or they are a little bit large and I think really the biggest

Shortcoming is in the cradle here so I think it kind of dropped the ball with this making it so large charging in a weird way and just overall not really hitting the mark with what I would expect a cradle to be for a high-end

Product but the earbuds themselves definitely do pretty well so guys comment down below what you think about these and I will be making a review in the future comparing these to the galaxy buns like I said before so if you like

This video make sure you like and subscribe so you don't miss that video as always guys thanks for watching I'll see you next time

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