New Apple Watch features coming in WatchOS 7

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

The Apple watch is finally becoming a 24/7 companion let's talk about all the new features on watch OS 7 first things first if you have an original Apple watch a series one or a series two you might as well stop watching this video because sadly Apple

Announced that this update is only coming to the series three or higher and that excludes a lot of users now if you're still with me though let's talk about that big one which is sleep tracking and I'm saying it's the most

Important feature here not necessarily because it's life changing in fact it's pretty basic if you compare it to sleep tracking on other devices or sleep tracking on other third party apps it's mainly because of the fact that we've

Been waiting for it for so long it also means that Apple has finally overcome the battery curdle before there was no way the Apple watch was going to continuously track sleep throughout the night because the battery was not going

To last now apparently it is possible for it to continuously track 24/7 now I'll get to some of the details how does it work exactly well according to Apple its main purpose it's to help you get to bed in time so that you can sleep longer

And therefore help you get to your sleep duration goal so it focuses on sleep duration not necessarily quality of sleep it doesn't provide any kind of analysis of what you're doing when you're in bed and so it starts with kind

Of an extension of the bedtime routine it helps you create a healthy habit for sleep whether that involves a meditation app dimming the lights getting some music going whatever that means for you just to get you in bed at the right time

Uses the motion sensors and the heart rate sensors to figure out when you're actually passed out versus just tossing around in bed and once this happens then all notifications are turned off and it goes into the kind of a standby mode

Except for the fact that it's using these sensors until you wake up in the morning and then the alarm goes off and you wake up and you can see the history or a graph of how your night went now the fact that you won't be able to

Charge it overnight means that you're gonna have to charge it in the morning or before you go to bed if you didn't have enough battery life to get you through the night Apple says that you need at least a 30% charge

Before you go to bed to be able to track a full night of sleep so you will get a notification to do this before bedtime or in the morning and the cool thing is that even though you won't be wearing your watch in the morning or at night

That you will get a notification on your iPhone once the charge has reached a hundred percent so hopefully this will help you not forget it as you're running out the door in the morning although I guess we're not running anywhere these

Days but you know what I mean now I'm gonna be honest with you guys I'm not a huge fan of sleep tracking and not because I don't like the feature mainly because I know for a fact that I don't get enough sleep and I don't want

A reminder of that I have two young kids and I just have no control over how much I sleep but I know that a lot of you guys use it and I'm genuinely curious to see what you guys think of this feature this native feature on the Apple watch

Is it enough is it what you were hoping for Are you disappointed please please please let me know on the comments section below now we're going to transition over to the next feature which is the watch face

Because ultimately it's gonna change the look and feel of your watch a little bit and going forward we're gonna have a lot more options than before this is mainly because of the ability to share watch faces Apple watch users will also have a

Lot more options to personalize their watch faces using different complications now this is exciting because it doesn't just apply to Apple watch users different companies different apps can develop their own

Personalized Apple watch face of course using the pre-existing templates this is not Apple giving free rein to developers to create their own watch faces in a third-party watch based or etc etc it's it's a toned down version of that

Because it still requires you to use the pre-existing templates but at least you can add different things to it and you can add multiple complications from the same app so say for example you're all-in on surfing or you're all into the

Baby app which is what they showed on the keynote then you can configure different complications that take you to different commands on that same app now once you have that perfect watch base you can share it in a bunch of different

Ways you can text it you can email it you can send it via social media you can discover it in a link in a web site or in the App Store if it's from a specific app so it just gives a lot more possibilities as to what you're gonna

See on your Apple watch face you will also get a new chronograph Pro Apple watch face which includes that tech committer feature that we had talked about in the rumors which measures time and distance we had also talked about

Different features for the photos on the Apple watch but this now only includes a new color filter for the photos as well as a extra large display with bold text so if you're short of site or if you're just like to see a bigger text when

You're out for a run or on the go then that will be available as well now let's go on to fitness features which is one of my favorites except we didn't get that many new ones this time around so for starters we got four new workout

Types including dancing core training functional strength and cooldown now you've always been able to tag workouts as whatever you want after the fact with the Apple watch but it does use a brisk walk as the baseline for anything other

Than the ones that they list so the fact that they now have these four different types of workouts means that the algorithm is configured to match that exercise and therefore you will get more accurate calorie count for each one of

These exercises the other one that's not necessarily a fitness feature but I'm going to throw it in there just because of the lack of fitness features this time around is cycling directions if you are on a bike before you had to just get

Regular directions now on Apple maps on iOS and on watch OS you can get specific cycling directions which includes the ability to pick a route based on distance or fastest time to a destination you can also pick to avoid

Hills if you're in San Francisco and you'll also get pop-ups when you have to take stairs for example just customized or a cyclist and this is great especially now because a lot less people are using public transportation to get

Around and lastly that activity app is getting rebranded both on the iPhone and on the Apple watch as the fitness app so it'll still show a lot of the same information which are your ear rings and your completion of the Rings

And the amount of activities you've done but at least on the iPhone it's a much cleaner experience and it's more intuitive to find the information that you actually want there's also a couple new health features that were not

Mentioned in the keynote but are worth a second look one of them is somewhat of an extension of the Noize app if you recall the Noize app gave users alerts when their ambient noise was getting too loud and it could potentially affect

Hearing loss over time now this watch OS 7 brings that extension to headphone noise as well so if you're listening to your music too loudly you will get an alert if you've reached your limit and this includes if you're listening to

Music on your iPod on your iPhone or on your Apple watch now the other one has to do with mobility and I'm not too familiar with this metric only because I haven't had to deal with it on a personal level but

From what I gather our mobility is affected by a number of different factors but mainly age and injury if say for example you're overcompensating because of injury and your balance is impaired then the Apple watch will be

Able to detect this using the motion sensors and ultimately you could share this information with your doctor and help prevent a more serious injury down the line because if you catch it in time the hope is that your doctor would be

Able to change it somehow now I can see this feature being very helpful as it works in hand with a fall detection feature and it will give a sense of comfort or at least more information – specifically an older population but I

Guess across the board it would be something helpful even though it's not going to affect users directly on during their everyday

What you might views more often is the new hand washing feature Apple announced that the Apple watch will be able to detect when you're washing your hands and will automatically set a timer so that you wash for the recommended amount

Of time that the CDC recommends to get all those germs out of your hands now that translation app that we saw for iOS 14 is also coming to the Apple watch this means that you're going to be able to translate entire conversations

On-the-fly just using your wrist the other cool feature is car key but sadly it's only coming to the series 5 and beyond assuming we get a series 6 later on and this is the ability to turn your watch or iPhone because it's a iOS 14

Feature into a key fob thereby controlling your car remotely it is still very limited even if you do have a series 5 because it's only gonna work with a couple different BMW models but it's very promising and it's something

That I would be really really excited about particularly as somebody who loses their keys all the time I've been talking for a long time and this seems like a lot of new features coming to the Apple watch even though as I was

Watching the keynote I was thinking that this was kind of a minor update compared to previous years but I guess we'll have to wait and see how it actually feels once we get the public update of watch OS 7 in the fall hopefully September but

You never know because tons are so weird but I will definitely keep you posted and I do want to know your thoughts on watch OS 7 was it enough where there's some features that you wanted that didn't quite make the cut and

Particularly what do you think of sleep tracking you know the drill leave your comments below and I will see you next time

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