NEW APPLE WATCH 6 (LTE) All About Health And Continuity

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

the apple watch series 6 promises to be
one of the best smart watches of 2020
with tons of great features on board
but just taking a second to look at it
you'll notice that it's almost
indistinguishable from
just about every apple watch ever made
in fact it's practically the same
dimensions as the apple watch series 4
5 and se which leads me to ask the
being that this watch starts at around
400 and easily goes over 700
why would somebody be buying a watch
that costs more than most phones on the
well after wearing this watch for a
couple days i believe apple's answer to
that question
would be health and continuity and i'll
talk about what that means later on in
the video
but i want to start off with just a
physical tour of this device to show you
guys what we're dealing with here
assuming you don't already have an apple
watch 5 because physically it's going to
be really similar to the apple watch 5.
but just bear with me
assuming you've never had an apple watch
you can see on the front we have really
small bezels and
obviously a rectangular screen the
display overall is an excellent display
it's one of the best in the smartwatch
industry right now which for this price
point kind of it better be
there is a 40 and 44 millimeter version
of this watch this one right here is the
44 millimeter it's actually the lte
version as well
and if you've been on apple's website
you'll see there are tons of different
different materials different colors and
those two different sizes
to give you pretty much any apple watch
configuration you could ever imagine
and then on the right side we have a
rotating crown on the top which is also
a button which is also an ecg monitor
so good job on apple for making that
multiple things
and then below that we have another
button i'll show you what these do later
on in the video
and in the middle we have our microphone
now on the left side we have a speaker
which i will test out later on in the
but that should be allowing you to talk
to siri or answer phone calls and do a
lot of things like that
and then if we flip the watch over
you'll see the entire array of health
tracking hardware apple added on here
and i'll talk about what these actually
are able to do because like i said this
is kind of the big direction apple's
wearables or watches in particular is to
be able to track your health in so many
different regards from ecg to heart rate
uh to blood oxygen and just everything
like that and flipping back to the front
of this watch you'll notice that not
only is it a very large display
with thin bezels that are actually
really hard to even detect
with this watch but it also has you know
tons of different watch faces one of the
best things about the apple watch
is actually being able to choose from so
many different watch faces and also
being able to customize them
of all the watches i've ever tried i
would say the apple watch faces are
probably the best
and with the always-on display it really
completes the package giving you a
pretty solid watch to wear
on a day-to-day basis and then inside
this watch we actually have nfc for
apple pay
we have bluetooth to connect to your
phone or to connect to earbuds or
when you're going for a run if you want
to leave your phone at home and just
listen to music directly from your watch
you can definitely do that we have gps
we have heart rate
this model has lte and of course we also
have wi-fi as well so
there's a lot going on with this watch
oh and actually the last thing this is
also water resistant up to 50 meters
which is great means if you're swimming
showering washing your hands whatever
you're doing
you'll have no problem with this watch
taking out any damage as long as you're
not like scuba diving
okay now i'm going to test out the
accuracy of a bunch of these in a second
but i mentioned that one of the big
focuses of this watch was going to be
the health tracking so health tracking
kind of splits into a couple different
aspects so
one of them is going to be if you're
older and you're more worried about your
day-to-day health when you're not doing
anything you're worried about things
going wrong
then this has some great features from
ecg to heart rate
notifications if your heart rate's too
low or too high stuff like that
is definitely really good now the second
thing is going to be if you work out a
lot and you want analytics on your
uh then obviously the gps and the heart
rate and the blood oxygen data
will be very useful to you and then
thirdly if you don't work out enough
but you're not necessarily worried about
your health yet then this watch is going
to be a great way to incentivize you to
work out more
being that you have an expensive piece
of hardware on your wrist it gives you
it kind of gamifies it shares it with
your friends if you want to
it just makes it more likely for you to
go and work out and become
active and develop healthy habits and so
while a lot of the other watchers could
do that they actually added some
features on here so
just going through a lot of the health
features that they have on here the
first one is blood oxygen that's a very
exciting one being an indicator
of your general fitness we also have
sleep tracking we have an ecg
which again that kind of goes into the
first category i mentioned if people
worried about their health if you're
worried about
some afib problems you can do that you
can check that with this watch
you have heart rate on here of course
gps auto workout detection which
from my testing i think that kind of
needs a little bit of work like it does
a good job detecting when i'm
on a workout but i just wish it was a
little bit smoother with
automatically starting and stopping the
workouts i felt like i was a little bit
more involved
with that process now it also hasn't an
always-on altimeter you have fitness
plus integration so the new apple thing
is fitness plus
where you have workouts that you can
stream on your phone or your ipad or
whatever device you want you have female
period tracking on here breathing
fall detection and you have an sos
feature as well so
just a lot of health features on here
and with that being said let's actually
get into
some testing that i did from my previous
workouts with this watch
to see how accurate the heart rate and
the gps and the sleep tracking
actually are so to talk about the
accuracy i want to take a look at a
recent workout i did and if we scroll
down and look at gps first of all
you'll see in the big picture it did a
pretty good job it showed me where i ran
and how fast i ran
in each location but as we zoom in you
can see there's a little bit of
variation here i ran on the same
sidewalk both ways
so i'd say the variability on this is
probably within two percent so
overall very accurate for most runners
and i was definitely very impressed with
the gps so looking at the accuracy of
the heart rate data you can see right
here the apple watch on this side and a
known accurate garmin watch over here
and for the most part the workouts
looked extremely similar obviously
apple's displaying their graph slightly
different here
but for the whole back half of the
workout they looked really similar they
have the same maximum
and the only difference was the average
in the heart rate i believe because
there are some missing data there in
there as you see on the apple watch in
the beginning
and i believe the reason for that is
because the apple watch is pretty heavy
and if you don't have it located
properly on your wrist
it'll end up not reading data in certain
parts of your workout but overall i was
very impressed with the accuracy of both
the gps and the heart rate of the apple
watch 6.
and now taking a quick look at the
interface for anybody who never had an
apple watch before
if we swipe up from the watch face you
have your quick settings there we swipe
over this way you just go through some
different watch faces that we have
we can also tap and hold and go to the
different ones there swiping down from
the top gives me my notifications
and then swiping over this way like i
said is going to give you the different
watch faces now we press the crown
it gives us our entire app drawer all
the different apps we can get on here
and if we scroll backwards or forward on
that it zooms in and out and pressing it
brings us back to home now pressing the
bottom button here
gives us kind of all the apps that we
have open so we can switch between them
or like i said you can just quickly go
into your app drawer but overall it's a
really robust operating system
everything's easy to find
and i really like using it
so getting into a quick speaker test
this is what it sounds like if you're
answering a phone call on the apple
watch i'm just on another phone right
now talking at a normal volume so
comment down below
let me know what you think of the
speakers on the apple watch and if you
can hear what i'm saying all right now
this is what the apple watch sounds like
if you were just on a phone call and
holding the watch at a normal distance
talking at a pretty normal volume
comment down below let me know if you
can hear what i'm saying
uh and what you think the overall
quality of this microphone is all right
so clearly there's a lot going on with
this watch
it's basically a smartphone on your
wrist but let's actually get into the
pros and cons of this watch i talked
earlier about the health features
being one of the main focuses of this
watch and one of the main pros of this
but the other one that i didn't really
talk as much about was actually the
continuity so
that's what this watch is i think the
other focus of it and that's kind of the
focus of apple ecosystem in general
and this one just ties things together
really well you can also do some really
cool things like automatically unlock
your mac when you get nearby
if you're wearing your watch so with an
extremely powerful chipset on here
and a great operating system you feel
like you're very connected to your phone
and everything else that you want to be
without really depending on it so i can
leave my phone in my pocket and answer
phone calls from my watch
i can see who texted me and just decide
i don't need to reply to that right now
and i find that when i'm wearing this
watch i i tend to take my phone out of
my pocket
less which is that a good thing or is
that a bad thing i think it depends on
your lifestyle if you're trying to be
more efficient
i think that it could be really good as
long as you're not prone to distractions
now some other pros you have tons of
apps to choose from like i said you have
pretty much the best watch operating
system in the game
and i've tried quite a few different
watch operating systems now of course
this watch is not perfect and there are
some complaints i have the first one
is the battery life and this is
something we've seen with a lot of other
apple watches as well
so i mean there's tons of other watches
on the market that have five day
seven day 30 day battery lives like some
watches last a really long time
this one you're gonna be charging it
every day maybe every other day if
you're lucky
it just depends on how much you're using
it but you're gonna be charging it
pretty frequently and being that you
have sleep tracking
you're gonna have to find some time here
and there to just kind of quickly charge
sometime during the day this watch also
doesn't have offline spotify
yes apple music goes offline but spotify
is what i use and spotify is what a lot
of people use out there so i really wish
they would kind of integrate
offline spotify in here so you don't
just have it on samsung and garmin
the next complaint i have is actually
the price of this watch not everyone can
come up with five or six hundred dollars
for a watch
which is why apple also released the
apple watch se and i will be comparing
this head to head with the apple watch
if you want to see that go down and
click the subscribe button click the
bell icon so you don't miss that video
coming out in the next couple days and
then of course the last complaint i have
is even though this watch looks really
nice and it does some great things
i think the overall aesthetic is a
little bit plain if i was going to wear
a suit
or if i was going to just dress up for
work or something i mean
i think it's a little bit plain there's
a lot of other ones like the fossil gen
5 for example
that just look a lot better and so i
kind of wish apple would start adopting
some rounder watches or some just
different designs
besides just the same sporty look on
every single watch
so guys in conclusion how much would you
pay for a smart watch i mean comment
down below i have some other really
interesting videos
that i'll be making about what you can
really do with this watch
but who is this watch really for i think
it's going to be for anybody looking for
the best everyday smartwatch you can buy
in 2020
if you have an iphone of course it's a
really strong competitor because it has
so many great features on there it's
great for fitness tracking it's great
just so many different things and then
who is this watch not for
it's not going to be great for anybody
looking to go off the grid if you're
going on like a 10-day backpacking trip
this watch is going to die right away
and you're going to have a dead piece of
for almost your entire trip also anybody
looking to dress up very formally
this watch again is not necessarily my
favorite look you might be more
interested in maybe a hybrid watch for
and of course if you're on a budget
again this is definitely not the watch
for you
maybe the apple watch sc would be a
better pick but comment down below let
me know what you guys think of the apple
watch series six
and if you enjoyed this video please
consider liking and subscribing
thank you all for watching see you next


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