New Apple Products To Expect In 2020! iPhone 12, SE 2, iOS 14 & More!

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

What's up guys everything out will Pro here welcome to my new setup for the next couple of months I mean a transitionary period right now but in this video I wanted to talk about which products Apple's releasing this year which technologies they're adopting as

Its Apple's biggest year I think since the iPhone 6 and 6-plus release hardware wise they've got so much planned let's go down the list in the order of release date and what's more likely and less likely to happen based on all the leaks

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Free epic champion as part of their new player program also if you hurry you might be able to join my clan EA ki boss links down below alright so we are likely to see a spring event here come March we've heard of several things that

Apple will be releasing at this event starting with the upcoming iPad pros now these may not show up at the spring event as we're hearing some dates in late 2020 but Apple is refreshing their iPad pros the design has leaked for the

Eleven and twelve point nine inch versions and they adopt the camera system directly from Apple's new iPhone 11 pro it looks almost identical now the glass mat back that you're seeing is very unlikely to happen it was a

Rendition from on leaks I mean completely unnecessary to have a glass back on an iPad but just for the feeling alone I think it'd be interesting and wireless charging I mean what's the point on a device this large now this

New iPad pro will be adopting a 3d time-of-flight camera so it's a little tiny pinhole camera about the size of microphone rumored by many and Apple will be debuting it first on the iPad pro you'll be able to point

Your iPad at an object scan it or use it for more advanced augmented reality and while that's up for grabs on the twelve point nine inch iPad is mini LED screen technology Ming Chico is rumored that this would be happening late 2020 it

Would essentially boost LCD into almost organic LED territory with a thinner lighter panel and contrast ratio very similar to that of an OLED display and the next product we'd see at this event is the iPhone 9 the faded SE 2 it's

Finally happening it's Apple's entry-level model there will be a 4.7 inch display the design mostly unchanged from the iPhone 8 as that has just recently leaked the good news is it will have an apple a 13 inside with 3

Gigabytes of RAM and probably a larger and more capable battery as well as a camera so it's the device that many people they're still holding on to the iPhone 6 and 6s 7 even could naturally upgrade to and still feel like they're

Using a very similar device of course it will keep touch ID face ID will not be happening on this device and it'll start at $400 with sizes from 64 to 128 gigabytes and that will only come in three colors silver Space Gray and

Product red according to Ming Chico so next up at this event Apple could launch a product red Apple watch series 5 this was briefly spotted in an Apple listing by watch generation something we haven't heard anywhere else but it's not the

First product red rumor that never materialized so I wouldn't hold my breath on this one then in June we'll be seeing I was 14 the new TV OS watch OS and of course the new Mac OS now the primary focus here iowa's 14 the only

Thing that we know about it only two things is one stability will be its key focus apple's actually revamp the entire process of how developers will create software and they'll be able to flag certain features so that other

Developers can disable those features and see how they interact with the features that they're adding so Apple is looking at how they develop the software and revamping that completely meaning in the end you'll get a more stable and

Better running product and we arrived at Apple's new iPhones the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and then we heard something about a 12 Pro Plus and 12 max but anyways the lineup is completely changing too to low-end devices and to

High-end devices so the low-end devices will be five point four and six point one inches and then the high-end devices will be six point one and six point seven inches so no longer will you have a very small and very large device it'll

Be a medium and large device in the pro section now the design of these iPhones is rumored to change back to the iPhone 4 style which is squared borders and a sandwich with glass on the bottom and on the top may be a tribute to the older

Days or maybe this design was correct all along also most will have a 5g option the higher-end models will come with 5g by default I believe in the lower end models you'll be able to choose between 4G + 5 g so a little bit

Of a scattered lineup but the more choices the better I guess the higher end models will have a triple ends camera with an added time-of-flight sensor this has been rumored for years and finally Apple be adding that 3d

Laser scanning sensor to the back of the new iPhones also regarding the knotch it's very possible the Apple will be shrinking it at least on one device this year but the notch is stained it's very unlikely that Apple will be removing

That even though we got a new report recently that the top end six point seven inch model will not have a notch with an under the screen sensor and touch ID in the screen most analysts do agree that touch ID is returning it's

Just it will likely not happen sooner than 2021 and when it does return it'll work in tandem with face ID so those two technologies will work together to make your iPhone even more secure just unlikely that it will happen this year

And one of the new technologies that I'm very excited about that actually has a very real chance of happening is a 120 Hertz display so Apple may finally be adding the pro motion feature from the iPad pros to the iPhone and that would

Truly be glorious more and more smartphone manufacturers including the new Galaxy S 20 series will be adding this feature so you got to wonder is it about time that the iPhone gets it especially that there have been a couple

Rumors regarding it actually happening also it's important to point out the Apple's new a 14 and a 14 X in the iPad pros will be 5 nanometers and that's a huge milestone as Apple's been killing it in the processor game and we fully

Expect them to keep doing so in 2020 of course these new iPhone will feature apple's latest 3d time-of-flight 3d sensing camera on the rear and the applications for it we don't really know too much yet just

Augmented reality and of course scanning a 3d object and being able to interact with it somehow on your iPhone and the Apple watch series 6 so we've heard that it may be faster it'll feature new silicon this

Time around the series 5 had the same processor as the series 4 this time around Apple will be making it faster they'll be improving the water resistance even further and it should feature liquid crystal polymer antennas

For faster Wi-Fi and cellular speeds and for a long time now there have been many rumors regarding sleep tracking this may be the year that Apple finally adds that to the Apple watch hopefully they'll make some battery improvements in there

As well and from an earlier Bloomberg report they talked about how 20/20 could be the first year where Apple adds a micro LED display to the Apple watch as they've been working on it for quite some time now they've had a huge team

Dedicated just to developing a micro LED display and Apple will feature it first on the Apple watch so soon as 2020 up to 2023 I wouldn't hold your breath on that one and Apple tags which is a tile competitor we've

Seen a lot in beta releases of iowa's 13 regarding this we know it's happening and it's very likely it'll happen this year very excited for it never lose a single thing again and Apple for sure is going after tile with this 102 take full

Advantage of those Apple tags you don't want an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro with me you won ultra-wideband chip which would allow you to locate any lost device in a room to a precision of one foot and Ming Chico is rumored that Apple will be

Refreshing the 16 inch MacBook Pro with a mini LED display in 2020 it could come at the very end or early 2021 but it would be an interesting product Apple's first portable laptop with their new display technology I'm very excited

About that a brighter sharper and more energy-efficient display one thing I'm waiting for before upgrading to a 16 inch MacBook Pro is Wi-Fi 6 for whatever reason Apple didn't include that in last year's release and later this year we

Could see Apple's first portable laptop the MacBook Air possibly with their in-house silicon so an AR M processor could finally come back to the Mac after so many years since Intel has been slacking and they have a

Many gains appleís long been rumored to adopt an in-house made processor in one of their computers will certainly see and also very possible a home pod light so a cheaper version of their current home pod not as capable not as many

Speakers inside so it'll be smaller very likely but hopefully between 150 to 200 dollars and a toss-up very unlikely to happen is the Apple a are glasses these have apparently been in development for many years and Bloomberg is reporting

They could happen as soon as 2020 but more likely in 2022 this is the product that will eventually replace the iPhone I think closer to 2030 and it's a product that's very important Apple I don't think they'd want to rush it by

Releasing an uncooked version this year also is the Apple on ear headphones those have been rumored for a long time also possibly part of the air pod line these are to compete with the Beats headphones but now that Apple owns that

Brand and they just released a refreshed version do they really want to develop these still all right so that's everything we know about Apple in 2020 I'm hoping there are some wildcards in there and again these aren't fully

Accurate but based on leaks rumors from mostly reputable sources this is Apple's game planner for this year be sure to enter to win those air pawns I'll be drawing in about a week here thanks for watching stay tuned for the next storm


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