Mystery TECH – Unboxing Time 32

by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

What's up guys sack you're on super staff TV and welcome to another episode of unboxing time mystery unboxings of cool tech and whatever else anybody has sent me or I've bought and I don't think we had an episode last month because it was crazy with the launch of the s10 and

Everything else that was going on with MWC so we're probably gonna have two episodes this month just because there's so many boxes these are just not even half of them so I think I'll be likely we'll have another one later on but

Let's get straight to this episode remember we're gonna pick up any of the items featured in this video they'll be linked in the description below it's gonna send something yourselves for a future episode the address will also be

In the description below let's go so first up we have the Samsung Galaxy buds and confession I've actually had these for a couple of weeks but I wanted to show you these on this channel and I've really been liking these so I

Was using the gear icon X's a few of you guys may already know I did like those but they were a little bit large in the year and I also found that they did drop a lot in cords these have not had a problem with the overall package is also

Smaller and let me just put these in fee you can see that they're actually quite comfortable and they don't fall out as well because they kind of hook in to your ears and they sound really good as well

Battery that's pretty decent and this case actually can charge wirelessly and that's probably my favorite feature so what that means is you can just use any standard Qi wireless charger to charge these up or you can also use your

Samsung Galaxy S 10 s 10 e or s 10 plus you can just drop these at the back of those devices when you've got pouch it on and it's going to charge these up I've been using these on cools a lot and they definitely have not been dropping

As much as the gear icon X's did so I'll let you know how you get on with these but so far I'm definitely liking them thumbs up right we've got this box here next which has lots and lots of bubble wrap and in here we have some real me

Threes so we've actually got two real me threes here box so slightly different sizes for some reason shaky shake these outs we do get a clay case and I'm really surprised at how cheap these devices are they go for roughly

Around 130 dollars or I think it's around about nine thousand rupees in India and you're getting a pretty good package here for that price now we have two different color finishes here both of them have this gradient look which

Looks really slick now these are plastic because of the low price point but they'll feel too bad we've got the fingerprint scanner at the back there's a 13 megapixel primary camera there's also a 2 megapixel secondary camera just

Powering these on 4230 mas batteries so pretty decent size we're still using micro USB so because of this price point they don't have USB type-c and we've got six point two inch dewdrop display so the screen to body ratio is also pretty

Good you can see that there's this small drop here for the front-facing camera which is 13 megapixels and the resolution is not as high as what we've got on the redmi note 7 I believe a lot of people have been talking about that

Let me know if there's any particular coverage that you'd like me to do with these they've run on either the Helio P 60 or P 70 depending on your region come with either three or four gigabytes of RAM with either 32 or 64 gigabytes of

Storage and you do have a micro SD card slot so seem really good for the price in my opinion let me know what you guys think next package what do we have in here who is from Casio the protrek smart where OS by Google so

This is a SmartWatch and the model we have here is the f30 so I've tried the previous version of this as well and it's definitely targeted towards people who are really into tracking and outdoor activities let's just go ahead and try

This on it's definitely got Cassio's design language and you can tell it's an outdoor SmartWatch and looking at some of the key features you've got a dual layer display so it's OLED as well as a monochrome LCD so if you're not using it

With the OLED it's gonna save you a lot of battery when you use in that monochrome GPS function with the wearable map so GPS is built-in that's gonna be really valuable if you're are about in the middle of nowhere

Military standing durability and also five bar water resistance so this is gonna really take some punishment this is of course a compass ultimate as well as a barometer and a microphone as well looks really

Good once again it is targeted towards people kind of into hiking mountain climbing activities and things like that quite niche in that sense but definitely an interesting product thanks Cassie of ascending server moving on we have this

Box here which doesn't seem to open properly but this has a bunch of cases from totally now we've got cases for lots of different devices the one I've tested out is a super thin one or the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus now I'm not

Exactly sure how protective will be but it was so so compact I really did like the feel of it and how little bulky actually added to the s10 plus so if you're somebody into a really minimal case then you can check out totally they

Do have a wide selection I'm gonna be leaving a link to them in the description below if you want to check them out we've got a clear one here as well seem to be pretty good california-based and you do get it two

Year warranty thanks totally and it's finally time for me to upgrade my camera and I have decided to go with the Sony a7 three after lots and lots of thinking I've actually been using the Panasonic Lumix

Gh4 it's what you're seeing this video shot on and I've absolutely loved that been using it for a few years it's got full K it's got a flip-out display which to me is very very important I've been waiting and waiting for a full-frame

Camera that has a flip-out display without any crazy crop and I've just not found anything and it's just becoming a bit of a hassle when I'm out and about travelling the Lumix gh4 is fine for the studio environment where

I've got lots of light but when I'm out and about and I'm struggling with low lights and just generally that depth of field I can't do that with the gh4 unless I get some crazy adapters and things like that which I don't want to

Do so finally after being convinced by my buddies EPROM bored at work David Cogan from the unlocker I'm gonna head and got the a7 3 I bought it myself this was not sent to me and I went for the default package with a

Standard 28 to 70 kit lens but the kit lens doesn't usually cut it so I decided to also go with this one which is the tamron 2875 f 2.8 this is something that I've been hearing so much good about and here is a set up fully

Linked up it's a very compact camera the lens isn't as heavy as the G master which is also something that I was looking at and just things like do to focus which is really good on this as well as the in body image stabilization

I was just like you know what I'm gonna go with this and hopefully Sony will have something with a flip-out display on the a7 s3 this only goes up to here I mean come on Sony if it can do this it can flip out why are you giving us so

Many issues but nevertheless I needed a good quality camera for now to take pictures and videos when I'm out and about which I am a lot these days this seemed to be the best option hopefully the a7 s3 will have that flip out and I

Can use this as a B cam so I'll let you know how I get on next we have it's a book and this isn't regular book this is actually a book authored by my friend hamza from diary of a bad man some of you guys may have already seen him he's

Another youtuber who does like comedy skits and things like that and the title of this is little bad man and the invasion of the killer bees got a little message here from hamza and i'm super proud of him for publishing his own book

For a lot of you guys who don't know i always talk about being british and asian and just how underrepresented the community is in the media and you know on books and things like that and it's so awesome to see this coming from my

Buddy hamza definitely go ahead and check this out I'm gonna be giving it a read I'll leave a link below if you want to pick one of these up next up we have of course the Apple watch you know a lot of you guys know that I've been using

The Samsung Galaxy watch for a bit of time I've actually really liked using it but I like to have a balanced opinion I had not used an Apple watch properly before and all my friends were like hey you need to try this out as well and a

Lot of you guys will already knows well that I always have an Android phone with me as well as an iPhone because I don't like to be tied down to one ecosystem I like to think of myself as flexible and being able to use it both and we've got

The Apple watch Nike Plus edition now we went for the Nike Plus mainly because I really like the watch faces I know that's probably not the best reason to go for this and you also get this pretty cool-looking sport band but

I also went for a plain band as well just because I think it would go better with most of the things that are not sporty and here it is this is the Apple watch I actually prefer the aluminum or aluminium look I just prefer a matte

Finish compared to the glossy one of the stainless steels so that's what we's one of the reasons why I went with this and it looks pretty slick let's put it on I did go for the 40mm version I just prefer a bit of a larger watch and I'm

Pretty glad that I went with this version I did put a poll out on Instagram to ask you guys if I should go for the white Nike edition or if I should go for this space gray combo and I'm glad I went for this it really does

Suit my style a lot more and I'll let you know how I get on with this in comparison to something like the Galaxy watch once again it's nice to have a balanced opinion in what I do moving on we have a few bits here from

Mojo so there's some touchscreen gloves and there's also a leather wallet case let's have a look at these touchscreen gloves Wow ok impressed I gotta say they feel very very comfortable and they also look really slick and let's test them

Out here so I have the iPhone 10's max and I gotta say they're working absolutely fine nice I'm actually going to Finland I'm not sure if it's gonna be before after this video is published but regardless

These are gonna definitely come in handy very nice quality very impressed and we also have a leather wallet case for the iPhones and s Mac and there's this compartment here for your card so you can put so many credit cards in here

Looks good and feels really really nice thanks mu job next up we have something else that's not tech and this is from Rascal Kovac for those of you guys who don't know f2 freestylers some awesome youtubers who I collaborate with a

Couple years ago awesome awesome guys and they have some crazy crazy skills they have a clothing brand which is rascal and they've sent me this package which of course is gonna be the morasco clothing so let's go ahead and check it

Out okay so we actually have a few different bits alyssum so we've got some track pants here in great as well as black this hoody there's some t-shirts these look so awesome let's let's try one of

These on right so we've got one of the hoodies on I gotta say the quality is really really good and it feels super super comfortable I'm definitely gonna be wearing these on Instagram so look out for me with some of this gear on

There big shout-out to rascal for sending this over if you want to pick some of these up I'll of course be leaving them linked in the description below next box ha of course spigen we have a lot of cases

From spigen for the s10 the s10 plus as well as the s10 II right there's so many cases that they just about fit in the top down camera I'm a big fan of speaking cases I do like some of the ultra hybrid clear ones so that's if you

Want to really show off your s10 and s 10 plus s10 II without covering it up too much but if you want something that's a good balance between protection and size then I definitely recommend something like the liquid a nice and

Compact design but I've dropped my phone so many times with one of these honours it's been absolutely fine and if you're somebody who doesn't like carrying around a wallet and you want somewhere to put your cards then something like

The slim almost yes is gonna be nice you can pull up to two cards in there but overall a great selection from spigen I can definitely recommend them I'll be leaving a link to a range of speeding cases in the description below do go

Ahead and check them out right I think this is the last box that we've got and this is from crave so there's one USB type-c and there's one Lightning I'm gonna open the Lightning one up oh very nice I like how it's kind of around this

Barrel and of course braided braided cables are great this is supposed to be super super strong okay I've just noticed that they've got a picture of Bill Goldberg on one side so oh that is officially signed edition by Bill

Goldberg I did not notice that so the lining one is regular but we've got a bill global Edition as well that's uh that's pretty crazy huge fan of gold-bug what a legend with that spear anyway okay I'm just gonna super

Strong I got no doubt that that's gonna really put up to some it's actually signed yeah it's signed by the legend himself bill Go Bag awesome I'm actually really happy about this huge huge fan and once again

This USB type-c cable super-strong braided and crave are claiming that this is the world's strongest cable that's quite claim to make and I'm pretty impressed that's it from me guys hope you enjoyed this episode of unboxing

Time if you did then to smash that like button definitely let me know in the comments below if there's something that you'd like me to cover in more detail and as mentioned towards the start all of the items featured today will be

Linked in the description below also in the description will be the address if you want to send something yourselves if you wanna see more videos like this be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell icon thanks for watching this is SAP on

Super-safe TV I'll see you next time

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