Mystery Tech – Unboxing Time 31

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

– What's up guys. Saf here on SuperSaf TV
and happy new year.
First video of 2019.
We've had so many boxes over the break,
and I thought why not start off
with a brand new episode of UNBOXING TIME.
Mystery unboxings of cool tech
and whatever else anybody has sent me.
Of course we do have an open address.
So if you do want to send something yourselves
for a future episode, that address will be
in the description below.
Also in the description below will be
all of the items that will be featured
in this video if you want to pick any of those up.
Let's get straight to it.
Right, first thing we have is
BlackBerry Key2 LE.
Right, so I haven't had a chance
to check this out yet, but it is sort of
the budget offering from Blackberry.
It comes in at about 300- to 350 pounds,
and this version here does have 64 gigabytes
with four gigabytes of RAM.
It is dual SIM and we've got some of the key features
here at the back, let's open this up.
Right, so as well as the device, inside the box
we do have the Quick Start Guide, there's
a SIM card ejector tool, there's a USB cable,
a power brick as well as some earphones.
These are 3.5mm earphones and that's because
the Key2 LE does have a 3.5mm jack.
Just taking a quick look at this.
So as with the main BlackBerry Key 2, we've got
this sort of soft touch back
which does give it a lot of grip
and then we've got this red-colored frame.
Now there are some other color options available as well
but we've got the red here.
Now for the display it's a 4.5 inch IPS display.
It's got a three by two ratio and that's because
we've got this visible keyboard of course.
They keys do feel quite nice and I've said this before
but if you are somebody who likes a physical keyboard
on a smartphone, then BlackBerry is definitely
the one to go for.
It is a niche, I know it's not something
that everybody prefers.
So this has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor,
we've got dual cameras on here, one is 13 megapixels,
the other is five megapixels.
We've got an eight megapixel camera here at the front.
There's a USB type C port here at the bottom
and we've got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack
here at the top.
And here in the keyboard as well, in traditional
BlackBerry style, we've got a fingerprint scanner
within the spacebar.
Good use of space here.
Once again, as mentioned, if you are somebody who wants
a physical keyboard, this might be something to check out.
Cheers, BlackBerry.
Moving on, what do we have here?
Pro Wireless.
So this is a package from Logitech.
It is the Pro Wireless mouse.
Let's have a look at it.
Lightspeed wireless, Hero sensor, 16,000 max DPI,
zero filtering, zero smoothing, zero acceleration,
80 grams, 50 million clicks, designed with and for pros.
Oh okay, we've got some other goodies here.
So we've got one of these G caps
as well as a little water bottle.
And then we've got the mouse.
Right, so let's open this up.
Oh, hello.
So here's everything that we get inside the box.
There's of course the mouse itself, there's
a micro-USB cable to charge this up, and then
we've got this little adapter.
So this has got micro-USB on one side and USB type A
on the other side.
This will go into your computer to sync this up.
We've got some spare left and right keys and then
let's power this on.
Right, we've got some lighting on here and I do see
a light sync symbol here as well which is pretty cool.
Feels really nice.
I was actually after a wireless mouse
for when I'm traveling, actually.
Be pretty useful having this.
I don't like smaller mice.
This is full size, which will be pretty good.
So cheers, Logitech, for sending this over.
Nice one.
Right, this looks like a package from Amazon.
Yep, it is.
Aukey makes lots of different accessories and things
which you can easily pick up on Amazon.
These are two things that I actually wanted.
Let's firstly look at the USB-C Desktop Charging Station
with Power Delivery.
Now I'll explain why I wanted this.
So I'm somebody who travels a lot as you probably see
from my Instagram and things and when I'm on a plane
and I'm using a laptop, the laptops that I primarily
use are something like the Dell XPS 15
or the Microsoft Surface Book 2.
Now those are pretty powerful laptops
and that means they require some pretty powerful input
when it comes to power delivery.
Now the problem when you're on a plane is that
the maximum power output that you have on planes
is around 70 watts I believe.
That's according to my friend David Kogan, @theunlockr.
Cheers for letting me know.
Now the issue I was actually having is whenever
I was on a plane and I was editing on my laptop,
the battery would run out very quickly and sometimes
I have flights which are like 12 hours long.
Now how do I carry on using my laptop when I cannot
actually charge it because the power output
on my normal adapter is around 130 watts
which is not going to work on a plane.
And here's where something like this comes in.
So this has an output of 60 watts
so it should work on a plane.
It has a USB type C output as well as two USB type A outputs
and in theory I should be able to plug this in
while I'm on a plane.
And then the USB type C output,
put that directly into my laptop and it should
in theory charge my laptop.
So that way–it's not going to be at the full power
but I can still use it for a much longer
period of time than I would've been able to
on its own battery.
So cheers, Aukey, for coming through
and sending these over very quickly.
And I'm going to be traveling–well, I think
when you're watching this I'm probably going to already
be in the plane, so nice one.
And Aukey have also sent this five port Desktop
Charging Station which has Qualcomm Quick Charge
3.0 technology.
Now these once again are very, very useful.
If you've got a few different devices like I have
and you want to charge them all at the same time
and you don't want to be having like 12 different cables
running from your power ports to all of your devices
then you can get one of these.
This is really cool, it has one of these orange ports
which is the Quick Charge 3.0 port, and then you've got
four USB type A ports.
So what you can actually do is you can plug this in
and then you've got these ports and then you can have
your cables running from here and you can charge
all of your devices at once.
Another very cool product.
Aukey make lots of different products
and if you want to pick up a quick gift for somebody
on Amazon then just check out lots of the Aukey products.
I'm going to be linking these in the description below.
Check them out.
Next package, what do we have in here?
This is a Fast Wireless Car Charger.
Very, very interesting, it's from Choetech?
Is that how you say it?
I'm not sure.
But it's got 10 watts max output, so that should
charge faster than the traditional I think it's around
five or seven and a half watts that you normally get
on a wireless charger.
That's pretty cool, and of course this is for your car.
So you can hook this up into maybe your
car vent or something and plug this in.
It's got a USB type A to micro-USB cable.
And that way you can charge up your phone
and have it mounted as well, so–
that's wireless as well, so you're not going to
have to have a wire going into your phone, it's
going to be going into this thing.
Pop it on, charging, very cool.
Thank you, Choetech.
And in here, what–okay.
So this is the Orbit.
"Find your wallet, find your phone."
Okay, I've just ripped it because I couldn't open it.
Right, so this is very cool.
It's the size of a normal credit card,
maybe it's slightly thicker, and you can
put this in your wallet
and then you can use this to charge it.
Battery life is up to three months apparently.
And if for instance you lose your wallet,
if you're within 30 meters or 100 feet
it's actually going to play a ring,
so you're going to be able to go and find it.
And if you're away from that region
then it's going to show up on the map
where you last left it, so then that way
you're going to be able to go and track your wallet down.
It also works the other way around, so if for example
you've got your wallet but you've left
your phone somewhere, then you can use this
to track your phone.
I'll definitely be carrying this around in my wallet.
If you're somebody who does lose your wallet often
then this is going to be really useful.
Nice one, Orbit.
Moving on.
What do we have here?
Soholine all-in-one.
Okay so this is pretty cool, it's a USB type C hub.
Which also has wireless charging.
So you've got your initial USB type C input
and that's where you're going to connect
to your laptop or something.
You've got a pretty thick USB type C to USB type C cable.
It's braided.
Pretty short.
But then you've got HDMI, three USB type A 3.0 ports.
There's an SD card reader as well as a micro-SD card reader
so you've got both covered there.
Then we've got another USB type C output.
That has a power symbol so you are
going to be able to get power out of there as well.
And on top of all of that you've got wireless charging.
So you can place your phone on here.
I've not seen one of these before;
a USB type C hub that also has wireless charging.
A pretty interesting concept.
Thank you, Soholine.
And let's see what's in this package.
This is a Smarthome camera.
This is the C6T Internet PT Camera from EZVIZ.
I think EZVIZ have also sent some stuff before.
I'm looking at some of the key features here.
It's wifi enabled, you've got full HD recording,
it's got a micro-SD card slot, you've got secure
cloud recording as well.
That's optional so I'm assuming
that's going to be a separate charger for that.
Day-night vision as well as a local alarm
and alarm information immediately sent to the app.
So if you're out from your home and this detects
some motion or something, it's going to alert you
outside of your home.
Really useful.
Let's check this out.
So here's everything that you get inside the box.
There's of course the camera itself, which rotates
almost full 360, which is pretty cool.
There's a Quick Start Guide, there's the power cable
as well as the power brick, and you also get
a Cat 5 cable so if you do want to
connect this wired, you can do that.
And I've said this before but it's so useful
having a Smarthome camera.
You can be anywhere in the world but you can
still keep an eye on your house with one of these.
Very easy to set up and they're usually
very reasonably priced.
This will be linked in the description below
as all of the other products.
Thanks, EZVIZ.
Another Amazon package.
has some stuff from Brainwavz.
So we've got some Delta All Metal In-Ear
Stereo Earphones, and then we've also got the
Hengja Headphone Hanger.
Let's have a look at this Headphone Hanger first.
Which looks pretty straightforward.
So it comes with the actual hanger as well as an Allen key.
Now this is going to pretty easily attach onto
the side of your desk.
You can rotate this around as well so you can either
have it this way or that way.
Really solid metal build, looks pretty slick, and of course
then you can just go ahead and hang your headphones.
Nice, neat way to keep them out of the way.
I actually wanted one of these for my desk,
something I didn't have, so thanks to Brainwavz
for sending this over.
Now let's have a look at these earphones.
Right, so these come in a red and black case.
And they are wired.
They're 3.5mm, interesting.
You've got some spare earpieces and things like that.
I'm not even sure if my…
I don't think I've got an adapter for my phone right now
so I'm not going to be able to test these out.
But if you do still have a 3.5mm jack
and you want some in-ear earphones like this,
then you can check these out.
Some of the key features on here, you do have
dynamic 8mm drivers, and it says here the Brainwavz
Delta produce vocals and instruments with detailed clarity
letting your music sound as good as their artist intended.
These all-metal house earphones are tuned to sound good
with any genre of music.
I'll test these out another time since, unfortunately,
I don't have a device with a 3.5mm jack
that I can use immediately.
And I don't know where the dongles are, so.
This is 2018–2019 problems, actually.
Alright, we now have this huge box
let's see who it's–oh, okay.
You can see that it's a massive speaker
from KitSound.
It's the Slam XL Bluetooth Party Speaker.
And you can see here that it's got a massive
100 watts output.
Which should be really, really loud.
Stereo pairing, chill modes, party modes, strobe lighting.
So, going to have some cool lighting with this as well.
This is pretty awesome, let's test this out.
Right, this is all plugged in.
You can see all of the lighting effects here in the front
which look really dope.
I'm going to try to play something.
I've connected this via Bluetooth on my phone,
I don't want to get sued so I'm playing some YouTube
copyright-free music.
Let's try something out.
(funky music)
Okay, we'll put the volume a little higher.
(funky music)
(funky music)
Okay this thing goes really loud
and you can definitely feel the bass.
You've got some of the different moods here
which you can switch between, so let's just try
a few different ones here.
You'll probably be able to see different lighting effects.
(funky music)
Pretty cool.
Alright, I'm going to leave it at that, because
otherwise my neighbors are going to start complaining.
Thank you, KitSound, for sending this over.
And thank you guys for watching
this episode of UNBOXINGTIME.
Remember, if you want to pick up any of the items
featured in this video, those will all be linked
in the description below.
And if you want to send something yourselves
for a future episode, there's going to be an address
in the description below as well.
What did you guys think
of this episode of UNBOXING TIME?
Is there anything that you'd like me to cover
in maybe a little bit more detail?
Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know.
I hope you enjoyed this episode and found it useful.
If you did, then do hit that thumbs up button for me.
Thanks for watching, this is Saf on SuperSaf TV
and I'll see you next time.
(soft percussion music)

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