Mystery Tech – Unboxing Time 30

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

bone conducting sunglasses what what's
up guys I want super safe
TV and welcome to another episode of
unboxing time miss Yuen boxing's of cool
tech and whatever else anybody has sent
me this is the second unboxing time
episode this month and that is because
of course it's Black Friday and a lot of
these items will have great Black Friday
deals if you want to check those out
they'll all be linked in the description
below also in the description will be
the address if you want to send
something for a future episode let's get
straight to it right so the first box
we've got is from Lenovo who are
sponsoring this video so a big thanks to
them let's see what they've sent and
look at this this is the Lenovo smart
display with Google assistant we've got
some of the key features here at the
back it works with YouTube Spotify
Google Photos Google chromecast Google
do old nest products philips hue so that
is you're gonna be able to control all
of these through this Lenovo smart
display now inside the box everything is
very simple we've got the Lenovo smart
display we've got a safety warranty and
Quick Start Guide as well as the power
adapter let's power this up everything
is now set up really quick and easy to
do you can see that we've got a speaker
portion and then we've got the display
portion the display is an IPS 10.1 inch
display with a 1920 by 1200 resolution
there is also an 8 inch version if you
want to go for something smaller so how
do you use this well because it's got a
google assistant built-in you can
control it completely with your voice
hands-free or you can also use the
touchscreen now of course time is really
precious and the Lenovo smart display is
gonna get rid of some of those main
tasks like checking your calendar and
what the weather's gonna be like so for
instance if you set up a morning routine
while you get ready you can just say hey
Google good morning and the Lenovo smart
display is gonna show you the weather
how long you commute to work is gonna
take your upcoming appointments and
whatever else you set now because the
Lenovo smart display is connected with
lots of services such as Spotify YouTube
music as well as YouTube itself you can
do things like what YouTube videos
completely hands-free so if you need the
recipe you can just ask the Lenovo smart
display to show your recipe for
something and follow along with it
without having to
get your daddy hands all over the
display the little of the smart display
also comes with a built-in camera and
that means you're gonna be able to do
video calls using Google geo and if you
do want to cover the camera when you're
not using it you can also easily do that
now the lower smart display is currently
on offer so you can actually grab a
great deal the n-th version is for 129
powers at 99 pence compared to the usual
price of 179 pounds a night ten pence
and the 10.1 inch version is currently
for 199 pounds of 99 pence instead of
the usual 229 pounds or 99 pence if you
do want to pick one up links will be in
the description below and a big thanks
to Lenovo for sponsoring this episode of
unboxing time right let's have a look at
what we've got here now this is the nest
hello video doorbell and what's quite
cool with this is that it's gonna work
with the Lenovo smart display as well
and here's everything that you get
inside the box there is of course nest
hello video doorbell itself you've got a
chime some paperwork to get you started
a sticker a wall bracket as well as all
of the necessary bits you're gonna need
to connect this up now I absolutely love
smart video doorbells basically the way
they work is when somebody presses this
then you're gonna get an alert on your
phone wherever you are so you can just
respond that just well that may be if
it's a parcel can you leave it with the
neighbor if it's somebody that you don't
really like and you can just say hey I'm
not in and if you do have compatible
products so like dealing over smart
display then you can actually see who's
at the door
through this display say for instance if
you're in the kitchen or something you
can just be like hey just hold on I'm
coming out shortly or something like
that really cool product I'm definitely
gonna be linking this up in my smart
home thank you guys for sending SOVA
next we have a box from Samsung with a
nice ribbon okay we've got a little note
here from Samsung and then we have cool
so this is a custom case for the Samsung
Galaxy Note line as you can see
Samsung actually had an event last
weekend where they had some artists at
that Oxford Street store who were
customizing cases I only open this now
I'm sorry something but this is really
dope thanks for sending it over right
right what do we have here
this is the Joby Gorillapod 5k kids now
all of you guys may already know that I
big fan of Jodi products they're so so
useful for vlogging they let you reach
out so much further than you would
normally be able to do but also you can
kind of customize these and mount them
up in lots of different places so
compact and so so useful now I've
already got a smaller 1k version but
this 5k version is so awesome especially
if I only use it with a bigger camera
Thank You Jo because then it's over
moving on what do we have here elegance
beard so we've got some beard products
listen we have a beard brush man that's
nice that feels really good and we've
also got some beard balm oh that's the
most really nice I'll definitely be
using this Viet Nam and finally we've
got this piece of material with two
suction cups I'm not sure what you call
this but I believe it's to put it onto a
mirror so then when you are trimming
your beard and it's not going to go all
over the place really cool stuff thanks
Alex be it next up sungold
all right we've got some shades
interesting packaging better than your
ex sunglasses we'll see okay so these
are actually bomb conducting sunglasses
which means you can listen to music on
these without having any earphones it
actually uses bone conducting technology
this is insane let's try these on
firstly what do you guys think do they
match the super-safe style right now
I've connected this to my smartphone I'm
gonna try to play some music on here
okay this this is weird
this is weird I can hear the music even
when I close my ears like my ears are
completely closed but I'm still hearing
the music because it's conducting the
sound through vibrations in my bones
this is this is insane okay so the sound
quality isn't as good as if you've
actually got earphones or headphones but
I can hear the music properly which is
really weird now the other thing is that
you can actually hear the music from
outside so if you've got the music on
here then somebody else is still gonna
be able to hear it so I don't know if
you can hear that it's a little light
but it is still definitely audible so
I'm not sure I'm gonna be that guy who's
gonna be playing music on my sunglasses
but a very very cool concept
I'm still quite amazed how it's doing
that he is completely closed but it's
still playing that music that's that's
insane really cool product definitely
worth checking out I would say from
thank you for sending this over okay
moving on what do we have here these
look like some completely wireless
earphones from Padme so these are called
the paw mu scroll it was actually an
IndieGoGo campaign which reads over
three million dollars or we've got a
scroll case which is quite interesting
it's got this all leather material
available in a few different options and
what's quite cool about this case is
that it's got micro USB on one side to
charge it but also it's got a wireless
charging receiver here at the bottom so
if you do have a wireless charging pad
I'm assuming you can charge these up
wirelessly which is definitely quite
now the earphones charge inside the case
and connect on magnetically and they're
supposed to pair as soon as you take
them out so let's try these out okay
I've managed to connect just one of them
the left one I don't know if the left
ones may be out of battery it's just
flashing red but it's definitely not
paired so I'm currently only listening
to music on my right ear and not my left
ear weird I'm not sure why that is the
right one does sound pretty decent to me
but I can't get the left one to connect
right now I said it might be that I need
to give it a bit of charge which I can't
do right now but a very interesting
product and I think they go for around
$79 which is not bad price either thank
you Tom for sending these over Cheers
right what do we have next photo grip
from a donut I see I don't it I'm not
sure exactly how to say it but it's
basically a photograph for your
smartphone and here it is so this is
gonna be able to go around your
smartphone like so and then it gives you
a really nice grip on your smartphone to
take pictures you've got Bluetooth
connectivity so you can connect this via
bluetooth to your smartphone that way
you're gonna be able to use this shutter
button here and this shutter button is
actually detachable so you can use it
wirelessly remotely so you can have your
smartphone mounted somewhere and then
you can press this to trigger the
shutter that's quite cool now the photo
grip also has this mini tripod so you
can mount it in places and it's got a
standard I think this is a cool
French screw so if you've got a tripod a
plate or mount you'll be able to put the
photo grip on to a tripod as well also
comes with a nice little pouch and a
neck strap and then you've got a USB
type 8 micro USB cable which you can use
to charge this little trigger a very
interesting and cool product thank you
I donate for sending it over final
product here which has a lot of these
peanuts I don't like these because they
make such a mess in the studio right so
this is the self-heating smart mug from
glowstone right so the mug is out and
we've got a power brick I think there's
something else in here but it's stuck
beneath this foam Porsche seriously that
was not easy to take out oh okay finally
right so you've got a little base here
you've got a cable as well as a power
brick and it looks like it's pretty
simple and straightforward you just put
the mug on to the base and have it
connected and it's gonna keep your drink
warm I'm not sure if the color of the
mug changes when you've got a hot drink
in here it's blue right now I don't know
but an interesting product with very bad
packaging ghost own you really need to
work on your packaging but anyway that's
what we have time for what did you guys
think of the products in this episode of
unboxing time is there anything that
you'd like me to cover in more detail
definitely drop me a comment below and
let me know as I mentioned all of the
products featured will be linked in the
description below if you in a pick one
up there are some cool Black Friday
deals as well also in the description
will be the address if you want to send
something yourselves for a future
episode I hope you enjoyed this video or
found it useful if you did then do hit
that thumbs up one for me and if you
haven't already then be sure to
subscribe and hit that Bell icon so you
are notified whenever there's a new
video thanks for watching this Apple
super sac TV I'll see you next time

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