Mystery TECH – Unboxing Time 29

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up guys a few were on super staff
TV and welcome to another episode of
unboxing time mystery unboxings of cool
tech and whatever else anybody has sent
me we've got a bunch of boxes I don't
think we had an episode last month so
this month we're gonna have two episodes
Black Friday is coming up there's lots
of great deals and remember I can't pick
up any day items featuring this video
those will be linked in the description
below and if you want to send something
yourselves for a future episode that
address will also be in the description
below let's not waste any time
and let's get straight to it and the
first box we've got here is from HP who
are sponsoring this video so a big
thanks to them let's see what they've
said so we've actually got three
products from HP the first is the almond
mind frame then we've got the almond
sequencer the optical mechanical gaming
keyboard and we also have the omen
reactor the optical mechanical gaming
mouse let's initially take a look at the
almond sequence a keyboard it's really
fast so you've got 0.2 milliseconds
response time zero input lag and it's up
to 10 times faster by the optomechanical
keys those keys really do feel good
build quality is also very premium it's
made out of aluminium and then we've got
this really dope volume control here so
we can roll this around to increase and
decrease the volume really quite cool of
course we do have RGB lighting which is
fully customizable with any key roll
over and anti-ghosting a lot of
mechanical keyboards they feel so good
next up we have the omen reactor mouse
which is really economic and you can
actually change its shape to match your
comfort so there's this little button
here on the side which is gonna push out
this middle portion and if you put it
back in then you can put it down so
that's pretty cool once again you do
have RGB lighting which you can
customize and you've got smooth movement
thanks to this metal cable which is
really quite dope and of course there is
also dpi control and finally we've got
the mind frame advanced gaming headset
which is really cool
pun intended and that's because it's got
active cooling technology within the
I need to check this out so the inside
of these stay really cool so of course
if you're somebody who's gaming a lot
then headphones can warm up quite a bit
especially when they're over ear
headphones but with these they're gonna
stay pretty cool inside and they're also
really comfortable we've got these
fabric ear pads which feel really really
nice premium bell party and of course
RGB lighting which is very important
there's also a volume control here on
the right ear cup which is very very
easy to access so those are some really
cool products from HP and there's
actually a 15% offer on right now
through to 2nd of December on all three
of these there's gonna be details of the
offer in the description below so
definitely go ahead and check it out
once again a big thanks to HP for
sponsoring this episode of unboxing time
right moving on we've got this little
package here AHA so this is actually the
Xiaomi me 8 Pro which has just launched
in the UK how I'd check that out this
looks so dope with that transparent back
now as well as the phone inside the box
you do get a clear case of course to go
with the clear phone you've got to use
the guide there's the fast charger a USB
type 8 USB type-c cable SIM card ejector
tool USB type-c – 3.5 mm converter and a
speaker's the Xiaomi me8 Pro does not
have a 3.5 mm headphone jack this is
something that we're not seeing on many
devices now now let's take a closer look
at this phone get rid of the plastic so
satisfied we've got this really cool
transparent design which reveals the
internals of the smart phone and I'm a
huge huge fan of this design
my buddy Zack from Jerry rig everything
has been making clear phones for quite
some time and it's great to see that a
manufacturer is now officially doing
this there is a bit of a catch this
circuit board that you see here is not
actually real it's only for display
purposes the real secretary is actually
inside but regardless it does still look
really really done now apart from the
awesome design at the back at the front
there is a six point two one inch AMOLED
display we do have a notch and we do
have a chin however but you do have an
in display fingerprint scanner and
internally this does have the Qualcomm
Snapdragon 805 processor with 8
gigabytes of RAM and dual 12 megapixel
rear facing cameras and what's most
impressive is that this retails for 500
pounds in the UK that comes in the same
price as the one plus 60 and I really
think oneplus need to be worried because
at that price point for flagship specs
there wasn't really much else out there
apart from the oneplus 60 but now we've
got this new kid in the block
and things will be really interesting
let me know if there's any particular
coverage that you'd like me to do with
the Xiaomi v8 pro looks like a very
promising device right let's see what we
have next whoo of course we've got some
dull cases from spigen for the iPhone 10
are now I've actually been using the
liquid air for a couple of weeks loved
that case really comfortable not too
bulky but it also gives you some great
protection but if you do have the iPhone
10 R then you might want to go for the
ultra hybrid which is a clear case so
you can show off those colors there's
two versions of the odd four hybrid
there's one which is completely clear
and there's one that has a back layer
but has a bit of a black border both of
these look really really dope I'm gonna
be linking them in the description below
definitely check them out can always
recommend speaking cases cheer speaking
moving on we've got quite a big package
here haha okay initially I thought this
was a flamethrower but it's not it's not
it is the who knew who knew you are no
idea to say this Onew I think guillotine
cordless stick vacuum cleaner awesome
and here is everything that you get
inside the box of course there is the
handheld vacuum cleaner itself the main
unit but then you've got all of these
different attachments as well as a wall
bracket so you can mount this on the
wall let's plug in one of these
sounds really good as well there's of
course a long pipe in here if you want
to use this upright with the motorized
brush unit here at the bottom so this
should cover all the bases there's one
of these too this is so awesome I can
only have an upright vacuum cleaner the
full heavy one and it's just such a
mission to take it out because this is
cool list you can just have it plugged
in and just pull it out whenever you
need this retails for around 130 dollars
which is pretty reasonable I'll be
linking it in the description below
thank you new whoo I don't know how to
say the company name but thank you for
sending this over right moving on
smaller boxes then interesting Ave kam
car DVR driving recorder so this looks
like it's a dash cam it does have a Sony
sensor a wide hundred 70 degree angle of
view and it's 1080p which is great of
course a bunch of accessories to get it
all linked up a very long cable to
actually power this up too and here is
the dash cam you've got a pretty large
display as well so you can see what's
being recorded and I absolutely love –
comes there so so useful I had an
incident a few days ago and I'm so glad
I actually had a dash cam so I could
look back and see exactly what happened
got mini USB in but you're not really
going to be changing this around much so
that's fine AV ed there is the card
slots as well as the power button you've
got a few different controls here as
well so you can go through all the
different settings and things like that
choose we can next box is this is the
Betty glow SC wake up naturally so this
is kind of like a small alarm clock and
concept for arms it's got a backup
battery FM radio aux-in B is the
adjustment weather report with the app
as well as white noise generator
interesting just go ahead and power this
up you can see the time here we've got a
little speaker portion and also a light
portion here we can't change the light
this purple pink sort of light looks
pretty cool and the color actually
rotates so going to a bit of a blue to a
green the all-important two USB plugs
here that's really cool so you can
charge your devices while you've got
them here and you've got a bunch of
controls here at the top looks pretty
cool Cheers and finally we've got a box
here from Google
says BG on here Google home hashtag
Google home all right interesting let's
open this up Lou it's the Google home
hub oh yeah so this for those of you
guys who don't know was announced with
the Google pixels this year and it's
basically a Google home now with 8
display of course that opens up lots of
possibilities Google home hub hence we
help at home do the key features here
and what's great about this is that
you'll now be able to see things on the
display such as whether maybe your
upcoming appointments previously of
course with the Google home you have to
keep asking it or keep pulling at your
phone this does not have any cameras
either comes with some pretty
straightforward stuff there is the
Google home hub itself with some
paperwork and a power brick right so
I've gone ahead and set up the Google
home hub you can see that we've got a 7
inch display and this kind of adds a new
dimension to your Google home experience
so for instance if I ask it hey Google
what's the weather like today in
Leicester tonight it's predicted to be 9
degrees Celsius and cloudy currently
it's 9 and cloudy so not only has it
told me what the weather is like but
it's also visually shown me what it's
like and it's also giving me a few
options so I can just tap there rather
than having to ask it again if you've
got other smart home devices around the
house then once again you're gonna be
able to control those visually here so
for instance if you've got small light
bulbs like I have then you can switch
those on and off using this touch screen
display and you can also watch YouTube
videos maybe follow some recipes or
something on here play some music of
course through Spotify and YouTube music
etc and there's also an ambient sense
here at the top so the display is gonna
adjust depending on the lighting inside
your room and also when it's not being
used it can act like a bit of a digital
photo frame so it can display photos
from even your Google Photos gallery so
maybe you've got an album with your
family and you can have those playing
there or it can also pick up some
default images if that's what you want
the speaker portion is here at the back
and this is available in lots of
different colors I've got the grey
version here so a pretty cool product
here from Google especially if you're
invested in that whole Google
on ecosystem which I definitely am let
me know what you guys think of this and
that's all we have time for in this
episode of unboxing time what do you
think of the products covered today is
there anything that you'd like me to
cover in more detail definitely let me
know in the comments below if you want
to pick up any of the items featured in
this video of course those will be
linked in the description below as will
be addressed if you want to send
something yourselves for a future
episode I hope you enjoyed this video
and found it useful if you did then do
hit that thumbs up on for me and if you
haven't already and you want to see more
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don't miss the updates because a lot of
people seem to be missing the updates
these days thanks for watching this is
staphon super sad TV and i'll see you
next time

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