Mystery Smartphone UNBOXING from Red Magic

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

that is one of the most different
smartphones I've ever seen so you've
probably heard about the red magic 3 the
frankly insane value for money gaming
smartphone but you probably haven't seen
what's inside here so where's my knife
ok there is a insane amount of packaging
here as well as product so far you can
see these two massive boxes you'll be
good to just okay so this unboxing
experience has actually four primary
tiers so in a stop with one work our way
through to four and in my opinion they
kind of get better and better
okay so first up is a red magic t-shirt
pretty simple design it's just the
company's logo it's a large size which
is kind of generous but I'll take the
compliment and the second part of this
first tier over here is this little box
over here let's take a look
failed I failed again just going
terribly cool these are the red magic
nerds and they're definitely some of the
better reference you can get for just
over $20 they've got a snug fit and warm
BC sound okay so the second tier of this
unboxing is kind of a lot so let's get
cracking on that
that is efficient packing right there
that's how you do it
one two three enough to get rid of these
okay so 10 red magic threes and we're
not done yet and 10 so this right here
is a case designed specifically for the
red magic 3 with a particular function
in mind the packaging is pretty simple
and the case is self made of
polycarbonate and this adds bulk to an
already massive smartphone but the end
of the case allows you to slot another
accessory on to it and so as you can
probably imagine there's another thing 1
9 10 so this right here is what they
call the pro handle it comes in a matte
black cardboard box and it's pretty
simple you just get an instruction
manual as the first thing on top and
then the handle itself and essentially
it's a controller but because it's built
with the phone in mind it works
particularly well you've got shoulder
buttons on both the top and the bottom
and what that means is you can slide
this over the top of your phone as you
would expect to be able to but also you
can flip it round and slide it the other
way as well
to map the buttons you literally just
give this red key at the bottom a tap
and then drag the overlay on top of the
virtual buttons of your game and then
straightaway the physical buttons of the
controller will be controlling the
virtual buttons of your game and it
feels good
at least definitely a step above a cheap
$7 controller you could find on eBay and
we're still not done on the second tier
of this unboxing 510 so this right here
is what they called the red magic
docking station there are essentially
four elements to this you've got the
glowing red magic logo on the back and
then a headphone jack ethernet port and
a USB type-c port the ethernet is pretty
self-explanatory but the other two are
ports that are already available on the
phone itself and so the idea behind this
is that you can have your cables coming
outwards from the back of your phone so
they don't interrupt your gaming so
there are still two more pretty amazing
things I wanted to show you but as you
can probably tell we've definitely got
the quantity of stuff here to do a
giveaway and so if that's something you
want to keep up-to-date with then be
sure to follow the mister who's
boss Instagram page there's a couple of
logistical things we need to figure out
so it's not 100% confirmed but if we do
launch it that's where it will be
Tier three and on the outside this looks
pretty similar but inside the box it
looks quite significantly different ok
so you've probably seen the black
version of the red magic three before
this is the version I was given this is
the version most reviewers would have
been given but there's also a red
variant um yeah but it looks visually
quite distinct and is definitely the one
that I would go for high at the – it's
quite cool how they done this the red
version of the phone is pretty much the
inverse of the black version pretty much
all of the accents the highlights have
been flipped from red on the original
model to black over here so also inside
the box underneath that you've got the
standard three compartments one of which
has the fast charging brick inside that
one right there the other one has the
cable which is USB type-c and the third
one is your standard stuff your sim
ejector tool your instruction manual but
then you also get a few red magic
branded stickers that's done but there's
one more thing I want to show you the
thing that I personally was most excited
to see out of this entire unboxing and
that is what is inside this box over
here this is a limited edition version
with a bit more of a punch
that's the one that is one of the most
different smartphones I've ever seen
you'll probably think the same it's it's
out there so this is the camo edition of
the red magic 3 it's based loosely off
the original black model but with a camo
texture and then another decal on top of
that and it's kind of ironic that for a
phone that already stands out with this
much camo is the finish they've gone for
it's definitely not gonna blend in but
at the same time that's not really a bad
no I mentioned that this device packs
even more of a punch
and so compared to the black and the red
models which have 8 gigs of RAM and 128
gigs of storage this thing right here
has 12 gigs of RAM and 256 and so if you
boot this up into gaming mode which
turns on the fan which restricts
background processes and then you run
antutu you get a really really
impressive score on my first run I was
bordering on 390,000 now whilst it does
have its caveats the red magic 3 is a
shining example of value for money even
if we go for the slightly less price
efficient camo variant with all three
accessories bundled in it is still
cheaper than the Asus rock phone here in
the UK which has a last generation
Snapdragon 845 chip and eight gigs of
ram bear in mind that that device
alongside a couple of other gaming
phones are pretty likely to get a new
2019 variant soon they'll definitely
need to offer more because I've no doubt
they'll be more expensive the magic also
has a huge five thousand milliamp hour
battery a house capacitive shoulder
buttons and a dedicated fan inside which
in my testing was keeping the phone
about 8 degrees cooler than my Samsung
the main caveats with this being the
build which is bulky and makes the phone
wobble on a flat surface and the camera
which is only a single cam but does
still have the same 48 megapixel sensor
seen on the Whomper 7 probe alright guys
if you enjoyed the video a sub would be
massively appreciated my name is Erin
this is misty who's the boss and I'll
catch you in the next one

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