Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing!

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

So yeah this is a not a joke this is the highest value Samsung unboxing I've ever done let's get inside so four packages in total let's see what we're working with package number one this is seriously exciting okay so you might recognize

What this one actually is before I've even opened it and that's the next package and the last one and we'll come back to that one and we're gonna start with this this is a brand new Star Wars limited edition Samsung smartphone and

It's a tie in with the new rise at the skywalker film and i wasn't really planning on checking it out until I saw the renders of what the actual phone looks like and then I have to get it when you take the sleeve off it says

I'll show you the dark side and inside the box you can tell this is made by someone who cares about the Star Wars franchise there's a embossed case over here let me actually grab my phone and see how it looks like this is the

Fun bit so that is a really nice texture to it and I don't really know what you are it's just kind of a plaque really and just take a look at this packaging here you've got Star Wars rise of Skywalker and it's very own brand and

Actually got me thinking that there's a good chance this collaboration happened because Samsung Galaxy is kind of linked to the Star Wars okay there's another layer now if we take this bottom section out very nice so the

First package is galaxy buttons but unlike I think you've ever seen before interesting to note that the galaxy birds actually became the second most popular true wireless earphones on the entire market you probably guess which

Ones first I personally prefer the neck band style earphones because you could just kind of forget they're there but nonetheless it's cool to see these in the box it's not something you get with any standard

Samsung smartphone this is a special edition on the outside has got a black charging case and when you you've got a red interior red and black is kind of symbolism for the dark side in Star Wars so that makes all the sense

And now the smartphone and this is a 12 get Graham at 256 gigabyte storage galaxy note m+ and this is where it becomes clear that yes there is a price premium here but also that this limited edition is not a lazy cash grab because

There's a lot going on that's you're worth noting this is not the retail package for the note M plus it fern is the first thing you see and I don't think there's anything out of the ordinary on the inside you still get

Your standard AKG earphones as well so we've doubled up on the audio that's pretty nice we've got a logo on the back which is okay but what I do like are the red accents on the power and volume keys the camera ring around the back and

Right here that is the coolest bit the red S Pen inspired by the lightsaber that the darkside uses even after booting it up there's a lot going on for starters a completely new red and black theme it's a bit of a shame it doesn't

Cover all the pre-installed apps I feel like that would have made it pretty easy to do and would have massively up to the immersion but it does cover most menus and UI elements and you meant to combine this with the suite of new Star Wars

Themed wallpapers it gets better though you get a custom boot screen and a custom power off screen which meant to look like your phone is shooting into hyperspace as it shuts down wow you've actually got red navigation keys at the

Bottom of the phone oh and the last thing is sound effects and actually heard what if you take out this stylus yeah it sounds like a lightsaber let's try that again I like it so this whole package in the UK it cost 1200 pounds

Or the US about $1,300 which it's expensive but as far as limited editions go I think it's fairly priced you pay about 20 percent more than the phone alone but you're getting the Galaxy buds extra accessories and of course a cooler

Looking phone alright three packages left so we're gonna go one two three and let me tell you this one in my opinion is the highest value of them all this thing you've probably heard of Samsung's

Galaxy home aka big speedy speaker and whilst we wait for that to release you might not have known that Samsung already makes a smart speaker and it's probably pretty good a few years ago Samsung acquired the audio brand Harman

And that's a massive company who themselves owned AKG JBL and many more and so Samsung took advantage of this with the VL 3 Khan looks like an iPod up top this is a weird device it's actually controlled with this magnetic dial that

You just kind of drop on the top and then start adjusting sound quality wise I'd say it's slightly above average for the 65 pounds or $85 you can get it for but it has a few tricks it can upscale audio that was previously

Lower resolution to sound crisper it works over not just bluetooth but Wi-Fi too so you can control it even if you're two floors above it and it's got Alexa voice control and they were quite smart about this you don't need to scream over

The volume of your music you can talk into the remote that has a built-in mic in it a third package is a little different and it's actually got two things in it the first thing is an official Samsung case and the reason I

Got this is because it is a 50 pound on the Samsung website or $65 and I just couldn't understand why so I had to buy it to try it I went terribly so this is the clear view smart case and it really had me

Scratching my head what exactly a smart case is so we use our Galaxy Note $10 Edition and tested out to be fair the quality is really nice but this style of case has never made sense to me it looks great like this but when you open it

This is super weird to hold in my opinion but there are a few perks the phone recognizes the case the instant you put it on there is zero configuration needed each time you close it the phone activates a custom ambient

Display that shows you all the info you could want and even matches the text color to the case color you've got you can flick up and down to see different screens and just visually speaking this is one of the better-looking cases to

Launch with a phone samsung has had some really bad ones this isn't one of them it is a little weird though how it flips open every you tip the phone upside down it's a shame there's no magnet involved anyways

To answer the original question I could see a situation where this case is delivering a lot of value but at the same time you are not at all paying for the materials here there is nothing smart about the hardware of this case

The video is paying for the software the fact that Samsung has made the phone work really well with it okay just before we get to the main one at the end we've got one more package and remember how I said that Samsung owned AKG all

These are their top tier headphones as a result of this and they're called let me get this right the AKG n700 NCM twos I think I got it but I do have a separate video all about what I actually think – naming conventions like this I'll leave

That linked somewhere here anyways let's unbox them both school packaging the headphones themselves fall into this emerging category of active noise-cancelling headphones so what happens is when you turn these on a

Microphone picks up the sound waves around you it sends that signal to the inside of the headphones which then fire out sound waves there are a mirror image of that external sound and this ends up mixing with that and this ends up

Cancelling it out if the equivalent of how when you add the numbers plus 5 and minus 5 you just get 0 stating for a spin I would say it's not the best noise cancelling out there but the highlight

Here is that they apparently work 23 hours on a single charge and that is with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation turned on and now what Samsung calls the premium collection this is a limited edition box created to

Celebrate 10 years of Samsung Galaxy actually it's better if you see the front like that so you can see 10 Anniversary and interestingly it is priced identically to that limited edition note 10 plus we unboxed earlier

So we're gonna open it and you tell me which one you think is better value also just on a side note if you do enjoy straight-to-the-point tech videos like this a sub would be amazing okay that is nice now I'm not really sure this is for

Its kind of presented like a Christmas gift but at the same time is far more expensive than any Christmas present I've received that's it if you do add up the RRP of everything in this box it's one of the better value things on the

Samsung store so first up is the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 and genuinely speaking I think this is the more broadly appealing watch versus their standard Galaxy watch I've never been much of a SmartWatch person I always

Feel like having a phone and a laptop all the time anyway is kind of enough distraction anyway I feel like I don't need it another thing to take me out at the moment that said I am gonna be giving this a go and so if I do end up

Sticking with it I'll let you know what I think from the perspective of a non SmartWatch user there's a pair of galaxy buds at this time I believe they're just silver yeah so this is kind of the aura glow similar to the finish that Samsung

Released on the actual note 10 firm and the abbot's have a matte gray finish all the way around except for the end pointing outwards which has a pearlescent Sheen and then we have a samsung galaxy note n plus and this is

The retail package you would normally get with the phone so this is the or aglow version of the phone it's not a limited edition its exact same model you'd get if you went into the store and bought one and I've

Not really used this since launch but my second impression of it is exactly the same as my first impression it is bold it is incredibly colorful with bright light sources but it's not my personal favorite I think the note 10 plus is

Actually quite a sleek device and benefits from a sneaker finish but of course there's a second layer to this special 10th anniversary edition and the first thing is to watch straps so you've got a 20 millimeter sport band and a 20

Millimeter leather band let's take a quick look it's got a nice rubbery texture and a matte finish yeah I mean it's a watch band I don't really know what else to say it's left one and this one actually feels cheaper to me I

Definitely prefer the sport band and then we've got the Samsung silicon cover this happens with every single Samson case I've ever unboxed and actually worth noting is that you get this ridged finish on the inside that's meant to

Help with drop resistance so I definitely prefer how this case feels compared to the wallet style case but I think I prefer the way the other one looks obviously as this is an official case made by Samsung you get really good

Access to ports and the buttons of course feel great as well so what I'm gonna do now is lay out side-by-side the contents of the starwars package and the contents of the anniv package and you can tell me which one you think is

Better value so on the left hand side is all these Star Wars stuff and on the right is the 10th anniversary box stuff and I put a poll any cards above tap on that and vote for what you think is better value anyways if you enjoyed this

Video I've got an entire playlist of massive smartphone and boxing's like this so I'll leave that linked up here as well and without being said my name is Aaron this is mr. who's the boss and I'll catch you in the next one

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