Mystery! Controversy! Dance Music! feat. Anthony Fantano

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

if the phrase post ringtone music makes

you wonder where we went wrong as a

society I feel you but that is just one

of the many ways people have tried to

describe PC music a thing that I will

now attempt to describe shall we there

is an inherent risk in covering

digitally native music genres at best

the history is purposefully murky like

with vaporwave and you make an episode

about it and you get comments like this

at worst you make an episode about

soundcloud and trolls literally find a

way to take the video down for two weeks

so if you are someone with an angry

comment prepared I am ready for you

onwards into the pop cube PC music is a

record label founded by AG Cooke in

London in 2013 those are the only facts

I will deliver with any certainty in

this episode I'm pretty sure that this

is AG Cooke


so why all the confusion am i just bad

at my job

no I'm amazing at my job but ever since

the first PC music track was uploaded to

SoundCloud the artist identities have

been deliberately obfuscated and

sometimes extremely fluid we'll tackle

that in a moment but first let's

highlight why anyone would give a shit

in the first place all PC music is

insane sounding on the surface it's

dance music but it does have several

distinct characteristics that give it an

extremely unique sound unlike

contemporary EDM percussion tends to be

very thin and synth based Friday night

so the club don't usually sound like

this I like the way I like a lean and

meaty and then there's the vocals lyrics

about crushes that pitch shift all over

the place and chords that change

constantly on the surface it sounds like

pure gross pop until you listen

carefully and realize how terrible it

would be to dance to it

I actually saw some beefy EDM bros

accidentally walk into a PC music

showcase at South by Southwest this year

and it was glorious to experience the

show through their pained expressions of

loss and despair take me away all the

way to the light of the stars will be

shining shining you and I together so

first and foremost people noticed what

PC music artists were doing because it

was so weird and different and they

either loved it or hated it

The Guardian called it contemptuous vice

wondered if they were the worst thing to

happen to dance music and the Atlantic

offered the backhanded compliment

gloriously tacky as if GF oty is tacky

years ago that were places to be places

to hang out places where we used to go I

would know that you were just with me

saving in a tree kis s ing okay maybe GF

oty or girlfriend of the year is one of

PC music's manufactured pop stars like

Hannah diamond or cutie or princess BAM


each one of these artists came right out

the gate with a distinct look a

sponsorship like princess Bambi's

Pacific kiss fragrance basically acting

like a world dominating star with one

song on Soundcloud which led to

questions like of the 20-ish artists

associated with pc music how many are

real the vocals are so pitch shifted you

can't tell if it's a man or a woman

singing and up until southwest southwest

in 2015 most of them hadn't performed

live and since then the performances

have been weird

that's QT the most prominent of PC music

star brigade in fact she's actually now

signed to excel and has her own energy

drink called cutie

in general PC music have not done much

to convince anyone to ever take them at

their word the first show from

previously anonymous producer Sophie

who's worked with many of the labels

acts just consisted of a drag queen that

he had hired to stand behind the decks

and pretend to be him

while he stood at the side of the stage

in a suit

that's not Sophie

this guy is Sophie Sophie is now

producing tracks for Madonna PC music is

putting on events with redbull and Agee

Cooke is meeting with Miley Cyrus's

production team by pretending to be pop

PC music is really becoming pop so what

does the internet's busiest music nerd

think of all this

let us transition thanks Samuel it seems

you can't really say much of anything

comprehensive about PC music until you

start taking your focus off of the music

in one breath I kind of feel like when

I'm listening to the labels latest

compilation I'm listening to a bit of

uninventive chipmunk pop music but then

again it's kind of disingenuous and in a

sense unfair to label PC music as simply

that not just because there are some

worthwhile artists on the label but also

because I think they're making more than

just music what PC music is doing is

kind of like a really weird bit of

performance are inspired by pop music

and electronic dance music it may even

be satire in most popular forms of music

up until this point have had their

significant moments of evolution that

involved a lot of parody of satire maybe

a bit of rebellion against its own self

take punk rock for example or maybe even

just a bit of introspection and now it

seems that something as simple and a

straightforward and as direct into the

point as electronic dance music is is

now getting that treatment in the age of

social media and maymays while I don't

really love PC music for simply its

music yeah I do think their efforts thus

far have given us something to kind of

ponder especially with how we treat

music as a bit of a commodity a

commercialized product more than a piece

of art sometimes especially with how


they're inspired by a lot of the

commercial music and fashion of the

early aughts I'm sure Sam if he can

we'll throw in a bunch of pictures of

people wearing like crazy silver

clothing and looking all crazy

futuristic in the in the aughts I mean

man the Spice Girls they had some sweet

fashion back then

sweet Spice Girls it was a spice world I

think that's that's everything I have to

say about this

Samuel back to you what do you think is

PC music contemptuous is it tacky is it

good let us know what you think in the

comments and be sure to subscribe for

new episodes of this exists every week

thanks so much to anthing fan channel

for dropping in and giving us his

knowledge he is by title the internet's

busiest music nerd and i appreciate him

taking time to school us in his distinct

manner so thanks so much dude be

excellent to each other

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