by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

cryptogram welcome back to another
episode because you're gonna hear we do
a giveaway at the beginning of every
single episode and today's winner is
crypto dropper thanks so much for
commenting on the previous video for the
dropper I just sent you some quick kill
on this second episode of the crypt of
collectible series we are going to be
diving into my crypto heroes for the
series I have partnered with open sea
grow your base and also my crypto heroes
for this episode specifically and we
have agreed to do two items in this
giveaway so not one but two different
crypto collectibles the people in the
comment section and that apply through
very base and sign up through using the
instructions below as a quick disclaimer
this is not a sponsored review per se
but the project's all ten of them have
contributed in one NFT or non-functional
token to me to showcase you guys to give
away to all of the viewers of this
channel via the platform grow your base
stick around until the end of the video
and you can actually see what the
collectible is and then we're going to
be giving away on the platform to grow
your base my crypto Heroes is an RPG
strategy game that is built on the
etherium blockchain and you can go
through and collect all these different
rare items within the game you can
battle against each other you clan
together and do different battle within
the microphone hero ecosystem and there
are four different types of heroes
themselves there are creators or there
are farmers there are traders and there
are warriors each of these different
types of users can go throughout the
game they can collect items and then
sell them or buy them on third party
platforms like open sea so the way that
it works is players can buy these
different heroes they can go through
they can farm lands and they can also
and collect all these rare items and
then they can buy and sell them and they
can level up and battle each other with
diehard fans coming out of Japan that
they are growing extremely fast there's
over 5500 daily active users using the
game there's been over 50,000 users in
total and interestingly enough they have
2,500 crime users and that means that
people are paying
one or ten percent of one cerium to play
the game every month so like a
subscription as a service model where
people are paying literally at this
point about $25 a month to participate
in the game and there's also additional
features where when you battle and using
your hero let's say you win against
someone that's a little bit more skilled
than you or has a rarer item than you
you can actually own a percentage of the
revenues coming from the business one of
the most interesting parts about the
fact that people can buy land and micro
heroes is that people get access to this
passive income piece to show you guys
the scale of this they've already sold
5000 etherium worth of land meaning that
30 percent of their revenues is going to
these users that have purchased that
amount of land within the game with
crypto heroes part of the rationale
behind giving players this revenue share
is the fact that microcut Heroes was
built by gaming veterans for gamers
effectively they are OGIS in the Tokyo
gaming scene they raise two million
dollars from a very very popular gaming
company they're gonna do now is dive
onto the open sea platform under my
craft of Heroes so you guys can see
their volume their market cap on both
the activity that's taking place on one
of their rarest items on there so you
get a chance to see and people are
paying over $10,000 for some of these
crypto heroes in-game and I'm also going
to show you guys a little glimpse of the
gameplay so you guys get a chance to see
what these player versus player battles
look like where there's people that are
you know collecting all these really
rare items competing against each other
for a potential rev-share in the
business so without further ado let's
dive on to the open sea platform going
through our structure at market cap
volume and counts the market cap is
estimated at four thousand six hundred
and twenty one eath the average price is
0.8 one E's so that's actually a pretty
hefty amount that's over a hundred
dollars on average the volume was 75
eath this week in a total of six
thousand eight hundred and eighty nine
eight in total volume on open sea the
count tokens is eleven thousand nine
hundred and twenty five so that's the
items and then holders is seven hundred
and sixty
with a market cap of an estimated 4621
eath that's over a million in market cap
that's like 1.2 1.3 million dollars in
market cap at an average price of the
point 83 and eath they're able to pull
that off that's almost $200 pride in it
so what I want to do now similar to the
previous episode is I want to go through
there one of the most popular items on
here you can see the hero name is na
bong Oda the last sold 447 eat that's
over $11,000 worth so this hero here is
one of their rarest on open sea when we
go down to the properties to this really
rare NFT we see that the active skill is
read strike and 11% have that trait then
we go to the name only nine of these
have ever been created out of those
thousands of items so that makes it
point zero eight percent have this trait
passive skull rule the Empire point zero
eight percent had that and legendary one
of two hundred forty eight making it two
percent had that trait one of the unique
things about this platform is that you
can see a lot of the trading history
I've covered that in the previous
episode but the idea that you can see
where it started where it was born and
then also the trading auction as it goes
through so the ledger is showing a nice
little graph here you can see that it
flattened out looks like it was sold
three months ago at the forty-seven eath
price mark lastly in terms of popularity
on open sea my crypto heroes comes in
second as far as the DAP activity on
here and this is under rankings so you
can see their daily volume is 158
overall this news statistic here is
twenty seven thousand nine hundred and
fifty-one assets on the platform here
which is quite mind-bending to think
about but these are the second most
popular items on the entire platform so
since we've gone through the overview of
the market cap the volume and the
ranking on the site as well as one of
their most popular NFT is available
let's dive into a quick demo of the
actual gameplay of micro Doki Rose once
we are
the homepage we got a quest and then you
can go to these individual little worlds
here and you click departure it will
take you in and you click the level and
the team so I'm gonna go team one level
20 and it's load here and this is my
first little battle review of an
individual character if you could see I
suppose theme music in the background
there's skip and we lost that battle
unfortunately let's go to our next
little realm here let's try level one
team one let's do another battle here
let's do it
hit yeah got him alright next hit
beautiful beautiful keep going hit
alright alright basically just keep keep
the ball and keep it all to keep solid
and we want we won yes and if you see
that we leveled up here the warrior
tactician and artist who gains serious
points here 33 for each so this is where
you can go in the market and actually
purchase items directly you can purchase
the gum currency in here using eath
there are people actually putting up
listings here for gum for their heroes
so you can purchase these different
heroes all the different levels there is
a referral program when you go here on
the menu and you look down you can go
right to your referral and it will bring
you to your referral code and you can
just just copy this and share it on
Twitter right page and they are doing an
update on June 19th you will earn the
five percent paid and eat not gum the
in-game currency you're actually earning
that in each which makes it so that
you're getting liquid cash for referring
people which is a fantastic
that is it for the overview from my
crypto heroes on the open sea platform
and what I want to do now is go over the
collectables that we are going to be
giving away which is two different items
the first one is called Saint Valentin
and this is in a very very rare item
there are four different properties
associated with Saint Valentin the first
one is called blue blossom and 5% of the
collectibles have this attribute this
one is the name of the hero which is
Saint Valentin there are only 60 other
of these different Saint Valentin's that
exist and will ever exist and then the
other one is a passive skill this is
called the blessing of Valentin and
have this trait which means that that is
probably the rarest feature of this
collectible and the last property of
Saint Valentin at the collectible that
we're giving away is the rarity of this
collectible specifically which is one
out of 3541 coolest thing about this
collectible specifically is Saint
Valentin was birthed and just for this
giveaway just for you guys as the
viewers and participating on grow your
it was birthed a little over four days
ago and as you can see from the ledger
if you guys will look it up on open sea
you will see that it was birth and
ledger only has two transactions which
is sent to my wallet which will be sent
to the winner's wallet
the second micro cojiro collectible that
we're giving away if you guys have stuck
around throughout this entire video is
called a spartacus spartacus also has a
four different properties associated
with it and the first one is an attack
that is 11% in rarity across the entire
collectibles group it is called red
strike and then the second property is
just the name Spartacus and that is one
out of 487 that share that name in this
collectible and the passive skill is the
gladiator warped is one out of four
hundred and eighty-seven the rarity is
that Spartacus is actually one out of
6100 so that is it for the episode of my
cricket heroes I hope you guys like the
overview and the game demo footage as
well as the collectables that were
actually giving away and that is it for
this one I hope you guys liked it if you
guys are new here
subscribe for the remaining rest of this
series we have some really exciting
projects coming and also if you want to
participate share this video on social
media with friends and family that are
interested in collectibles in ERC 7:21
tokens or non functional tokens very
exciting space growing space and it
would really help if you guys shared
this video so that is it for this
episode I hope you guys liked it if you
did slap a like leave a comment about
the collectibles that we're giving away
for a chance to win them and I will see
you guys on the next episode about

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