by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

roll and we're good we're duty what's
going on guys Carl here back with
another episode we're obviously
somewhere very different you guys really
love my house tour back in Toronto I
think it has over a hundred thousand
views and a lot of you wanted to
actually see the spot that I've got here
in the South of France we're chilling
and probably the greatest place on earth
it is essentially Iranian right down
there this is the perfect spot where I
like to rest relax recharge my batteries
Nick and I actually came here after the
World Cup in Russia we're doing a bit of
content and I guess showing you guys my
spot here how stuart i'm say ball say
let's go upstairs so welcome to castle
Karl maybe you shouldn't call it that as
my parents actually live in this spot
for most of the year probably half of
the time I take advantage of it mm-hmm
a couple of times a year whenever I've
got some down time I guess we can do the
house tour now we are in the entranceway
the first little area just come on this
way I know it's a bit cramped in here
this is the guest washer where everyone
can do their thing like Nick the
cameraman this is close and now we are
entering the main place the living room
area I know it's bright we're gonna try
to get everything right with the
settings sunshine galore here off the
bat I think you can tell their color
scheme that they're going for we've got
an accent wall of red and white we will
review my dad's text set up here dad I
will judge you pretty hard on what's
here I think you've gone for a 32 inch
TV and I've always told you bigger is
better I think you've made it work here
I think you can get a larger TV but it
does fit in perfectly with a little TV
stand as it is layered and over on this
side I don't know if you've ever used
this it's a Bose CD FM radio player
that's all francais we know it's in
English too far I'm glad and working
well the best part about this place is
my opinion and I think everyone else is
the view we're going outside get my
slippers on because it's a bit dusty out
here yeah I know you tell me that we've
got an ocean view that's the
Mediterranean right there and this is
the best view that you can see getting
up every morning having breakfast out
here take it like it is good but I can't
complain about these flip-flops like
what are these we've been swimming
almost every single day every day
whenever we can
we're in that blue turquoise e water
okay so let's continue on our tour the
nice thing about this balcony it does
wrap around this entire condo unit to
here the end it's the perfect wraparound
balcony so this is the coach that we're
using to watch TV onto the dining table
this is where all the eating takes place
my favorite thing to do mom your color
coordination scheme is perfect red and
hints of gray throughout the entire
thing sliding through to the kitchen
area we've got once again all the great
handling and wood what I love about this
place you can get a fresh baguette every
morning we go to the bakery it's maybe a
32nd wah for one year for one year
with carbohydrates say what Nick your
French skills are just stick my
translator this entire trick moving on
to the next area we're gonna go into
this little alleyway so come on follow
careful washroom main washroom people
like to see this stuff for whatever
reason we've got the sink we've got the
shower the toilet and for any of you
European people out there or those that
are a bit risque we've got a bidet
this is not being used by me or anyone
that I know it's supposed to be a lot
cleaner for nerdist refreshing coming on
into the master bedroom this is where
I've been sleeping for the past week
this is it my favorite part though is
actually this photo
it's nice when you're waking up you can
see the CN tower the skyline it's a
great photo to remind me of my true
roots and I obviously think my parents
love to see that when they're here for a
couple months they're homesick they miss
yours truly this is it so yeah that is
the bedroom you can get to the balcony
from pretty much every single room in
this place we will swing now to the
second bedroom this is where Nick has
been staying this is I guess the second
bedroom there's a couple things I think
are really funny about this room first
this is their desk setup very simple
it's efficient it almost reminds me of
when I was a student that's okay the
second thing which I find very funny
this bed is actually small I don't know
who designed this I can't fully lay down
on this without hitting my head on the
top and my feet are obviously at the
very bottom small bed
hanging off the end hanging off the end
the coolest thing is maybe this porsche
poster i actually grew up with this in
my bedroom back in toronto when I was a
kid I think this is what got me hooked
on the brand I had this crazy dream of
owning one this was the dream the 993
and now it's here
I think that is so cool and obviously
this thing goes fast and this thing
might also go faster depending on where
you are this is my dad's Holy Grail
he is inter road biking he brings this
thing into the mountains he's almost a
Tour de France rider just like good old
Lance Armstrong who actually used to
test his bikes in this very town let's
go outside and ride this puppy do you
think your dad could get us somewhere
that juiced Lance had I was very very
careful in one piece that is the condos
who are here in the set of friends maybe
we might go take a swim
Vespas motorcycles everywhere maybe take
a swim now I hope you guys enjoyed this
very different episode let me know about
my parents tech setup maybe you guys can
convince them to get a bigger TV get
some different upgrades and I will
hopefully catch you guys in one of my
next episodes one of my next vlogs that
should be the world-cup one and just
hopefully one of my next episodes peace

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