by birtanpublished on September 20, 2020

What's up everyone is Mark from silenced tech and today it's time for my final setup tour over the past months have worked hard saved and at times pulled my own hair outs but it's all been worth it you've seen every step of the build process and my setup refresh series and

Finally I present to you my 2018 insert keyword ultimate gaming setup okay guys just before I start please remember that my gaming setup series a set up refresh will never die

Because I'll just keep refreshing my setup until the cows come home and I'm hoping at some points going into 2018 I can at least water cool one of my PC builds so stay tuned for that anyway let's jump straight in my quad monitors

Are a dream come true featuring triple ASA XP – 7 th news at the bottom and one a sous PG free for HQ ultra wide at the top the ASA panels set me back a lot of money and they support a refresh rate of 165 Hertz which in

Turn gives ultra smooth motion in games especially when you turn on G sync together they have a combined resolution of 76 80 by 1440 pairing them up to create a triple monitor setup like this is mind-blowing tearing up project cars

– is jaw-dropping FPS shooters magnificence triple screen gaming is fantastic on any set of monitors but when it's as smooth as this triple screen gaming really is taken to the next level all of my bottom monitors are

Being powered by my first PC and I'll get into the specs on that monster a little later on up top is the awesome a sous PG 3 4 HQ and absolute beast my favorite wide of all time one of a very few to have a refresh rate of over 60

Hertz at a resolution of three 440 by 1440 this monitor is seriously demanding topping out at a hundred Hertz the monitors extra field of view gives a unique experience especially in third person games but mark I hear you cry how

On earth do you play games on a monitor stuck up in the air like that well my dear friends copper Ludo this okay maybe that was a little

Overdramatic but I used to have an ultra-wide in my previous gaming setup and it was completely pointless even being there unless you wanted a bad neck so I set about and I was determined to find a wall mount that would allow me

To bring my overhead or my ultra wide down to eye level and I finally found this one from Agha Tron and it was seriously expensive but totally worth it so yes the mount is amazing but we're not finished there the assuit ultra wide

Isn't even connected to the same PC as the ace of panels it has its own dedicated PC making the quad monitor setup overall extremely flexible you can game in every way known to man using surround for driving Sims a single 16 by

9 monitor for FPS games a 21 by 9 ultra wide for example for an extra advantage in third person games or get this I can even turn my setup into a dual setup for two people by swinging the ultra wide over to the left or right and

Straightening up one of the sixteen by nine a sub-panels and I've even got a spare chair in my cupboard for this very task a question that I know a lot of you are gonna ask is where are all my cables well I

Connected a power adapter to all four monitors then plastered that and about eight other DisplayPort and HDMI cables into the wall I covered this pretty extensively in my gaming setup series setup refresh so definitely check that

Out if you had time but overall it created a stunning of floating effects moving on let's check out my audio gear underneath my monitors is my USB tack made by Creative the sound blaster x7 a real nice bit of kit that delivers

Pristine audio and I normally use it or wanna make youtube videos and i pair that with a set of AKG 702 s a real nice flat sounding pair of headphones great from during audio levels to the rights of the

X 7 is the katana sound bar and it's the reason why my setup doesn't look cluttered even with a massive desk area I found it extremely difficult to fit a pair of speakers and my PC on the desk at the same time I used to have a set of

White speakers on my desk in my old setup which resulted in me having to relegate my PC to the floor and it was a great shame having such a nice PC that just collected dust underneath my desk looking further across is my focusrite

Scarlett solo that's been custom painted white to match my set of the mic I use is the audio technica at2020 i use a wireless headset due to the fact I can't stand having wires dangling from my head while I play games after all the

Headsets are reviewed my favorite headset of all time his logitech's Artemus spectrum snow not many if any pack a punch like these especially for a wireless headsets battery life isn't the best but the software and customization

Is fantastic and the headsets are useful my second PC is a set of Corsair boy pros in white and black of course paired with a stunning st 100 headphone stand they certainly look the part in the corner of my room now let's take a look

At my mouse and keyboard Chaeronea have Corsairs canine 5 platinum a fully mechanical keyboard featuring cherry MX speed switches overall this is now my favorite keyboard of all time due to the fact it has stunning white custom key

Caps on it although I do love using my ROG claim or from a soos due to the fact it has a modular numpad allowing me to swap it out to the left side giving me much more room for my mouse speaking of mice currently a half

Logitech g930 that mainly for editing and to generally look badass on my desk but for gaming I actually used two completely different mice religiously the first being Zoey's fk2 and the

Second which I've recently got and I'm still just into is Zoey's set a 13 the fact that these mice are so light way around 80 grams and have a perfect shape for my hands make both of these the greatest mice I've personally ever used

My keyboard and mouse game doesn't end there though when I'm using both pcs I also use another keyboard and mouse all together and both are wireless with four Bluetooth capabilities allowing me to switch between both of my PCs seamlessly

I press of a button and there the MX master 2 and g6 BER team from Logitech they are both great for using also in front of my 4k TV as well especially since the battery life on both last for ages onto my desks they're actually

Dining tables but as long as it has a top and four legs anything's game rights I bought two of these and ended up cutting one in half for my pcs and I was extremely determined as you can tell

To get my pcs off the floor a link to them to the desks will be in the description but just to note I don't believe they're available anywhere apart from the UK I've also added a set of Chester drawers to keep my desk as

Clutter free as possible the first drawer has things like memory cards USB sticks charging cables you name it the second drawer is where I keep my camera and underneath that's where it gets real funky is where I keep my HTC vive

Controllers and headsets and no vibe has ever been this world cable managed as is actually plugged in and ready to go just sat in my drawer now if I ever want to use my vibe I can just take it out with the controllers and I'm good to go

And it's fully set up and ready to use and I'm extremely glad I did this as before setting up my vibe was an absolute pain and so was packing it away with all that out of the way it was a lot to cover it's time to check out both

Of my pcs the main events and run through the colossal specs first up is my fan sex evolved builds and I'll just show you some awesome shots and run through the specs the PC features in sales aye 76 course 68 50

K overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz calling the CPU is course this newest aao the H 115 I there's eight teams totalling 64 gigabytes of Dominator Platinum ddr4 special edition Chrome and he literally can't buy this round anywhere anymore

And in total the RAM is probably worth about our ground and they also have custom white tops from cable mod on them as well and they're all hooked up to an asus rog Strix x99 motherboard GPUs are two custom painted white a soos ROG

Strix 10a TTI's in two-way SLI plus of custom painted ACC's ROG high bandwidth sli bridge and for storage I have one a 256 gigabyte Samson 960 pro m2 I have 1 500 gigabyte kingston SSD and a 2 terabyte Western Digital blue hard drive

Power in the PC is course as a X 1200 I a 1200 watt PSU that has never let me down and adding some crazy effects is Corsairs ll series RGB fans my favorite part of right now and this is the PC that's connected to my triple monitor

Setup cable management is on point inside and outside the case I've drilled a hole right behind the PC to route all the cables neatly out of the sides my second PC that's connected to the Asus ultra wide up top

I recently built and the specs are crazy built inside the best looking case of all time in my opinion is the corsair 570 x in white and it has to be white specs include Intel's newest i-76 core 8700 k overclocked to the promised land

Of 5 gigahertz and that's been cooled by core says other newest cooler the H 150 I featuring their first ever 360 millimeter rad the build has four dims of Corsair Vengeance RGB ddr4 Ram in white of course and they're all attached

To Emma size flagship motherboard the C 370 godlike game and it really sets this build off nicely the GPUs are 2 msi trio 1080 t eyes and 2-way SLI and absolutely love the light bar that runs along the outside and also

Have a custom painted hem assai high-bandwidth as leverage for storage I currently carve a 256 gigabyte kingston SSD 120 gigabyte SSD and a 2 terabyte Western Digital hard drive powering the PC as core says white RM 850 X 850 watt

Power supply and lastly this six stunning Corsair ll RGB fans taking a quick look across my room I have a curved 4k Samson KS 75 thousand 55 inch quantum dot TV and it's generally used for times

When I rarely get to sit down and chill I also have a hdmi 2.0 cable running behind my wall because I drilled a massive hole and then it runs underneath my carpets it's my second PC allowing me to experience some PC 4k HDR gaming on

This excellent TV and I also have a black ps4 pro and generally it's used to play exclusive like the Uncharted series and also cannot wait to play The Last of Us – when it comes out lastly I almost

Forgot going back to my main setup I have various figures and posters around my setup giving it a little bit more personality and overall they bring the setup together nicely anyway guys and girls I guess that's it for my final

Setup tour of 2018 all the products I will link down in the description a massive shout out to MSI courser a soos cable mod and Logitech as always my name's mark from solid tech I hope you've enjoyed my 2018 setup tour


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