by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

so the unthinkable has happened or
getting towed the car has maybe 150
kilometers on it I was gone for the
entire month in Russia came back ready
to drive and discover that I had a low
tire sensor for a low-pressure tire
sensor there is a bolt that big in the
rear passenger tire the little upside to
the misfortune is I get to use this guy
for the next little bit this is the
Porsche Macan turbo a nice little
alternative as a daily

I've actually had the chance to drive a
makan before it was just the base model
so this is quite the big upgrade for me
this is of course the 2018 model 400
horsepower around 406 pound foot of
torque it is the top of the line for the
makan model and I think in my opinion
the best SUV that Porsche currently
offers so how we sit here inching along
in traffic let's get some of the specs
out of the way first
of course we've got the 7-speed PDK in
my opinion the best dual clutch
transmission on the market lightning
quick it responds to exactly what you're
thinking especially when you start
switching into some of the sport modes
which we will get to zero to 60 4.8
seconds we'll be testing out of course
launch control which puts the biggest
you shave off an additional point two
seconds for an SUV that is a
lightning-quick but the main thing that
you need to know about the makan is it
is essentially an SUV that handles like
a sports car and that is what you're
paying the big dollars for the base of
this ninety thousand are just under
around eighty seven thousand Porsche
loves to tack on options loves to make
things ridiculously expensive seatbelts
for example in pebble around 500 bucks
some of the gauges we've gotten white
another five hundred you tack on all the
options that this car has its twenty
thousand extra bucks we're looking at a
hundred and ten grand for this exact
model not cheap so just cruising around
town I have it just set to the normal
setting and as you get familiar with the
makan cabin the thing that I think is it
just a bit ridiculous is the assortment
and volume of knobs I haven't read the
manual but there are a ton but the most
important one is the Sport Plus that's
the one that I've been driving in and
that's the one that gets my heart going
we've got a red light here hammering on
the gas so even if I have to stop two
seconds later it is worth the thrill
okay enough of the ridiculousness let's
switch back into just regular settings
when you swap between sport or Sport+ it
actively changes the suspension to make
it more stiff to give you that race car
driver feel but when you're cruising
around town in pothole city just like I
am now trying to avoid all those nasty
bumps bruises on the road but when you
want to give it a bit extra when you
want to hold the gears and really see
what this car has to offer you're making
that switch into Sport Plus and will
hold all those gears and you can even
change them using the PDK levers on the
wheel so who is this car technically for
and I honestly considered getting an SUV
I've got all my camera stuff in the back
it's something that I was kind of
playing around with of course I went for
the GTS instead but having an SUV with
this much power if you need it if you
need the space if you got a hall around
the kids if you've got our haul around
all the gear in the back
you want to get something that still
makes it grin makes you smile this might
be the one to go for I think they look
great I think they have one of the best
designs of an SUV currently that are out
especially the rear end I'm a big big
fan of the back end
once again that's more of the
compactness maybe the only thing that
would catch my eye more than this as an
SUV probably the g-wagen from Mercedes
but that is more money of course and a
lot of people will argue the makaan is
expensive especially the turbo even if
you're looking at the GTS trim and I get
Porsche gets you with their option to
eat easy a premium price to pay but the
thing that you're paying for as we get
onto the highway as I'm about to slam on
Sport Plus again is the performance is
the handling no other SUV can take a
corner like this can go this quick and
can give you this smile that this guy
does and don't get me wrong I've driven
the x5m great SUV even the x3 the m3 40
or the m4 40 I and I think those had a
louder exhaust than this guy they also
felt very quick but as I hammer the gas
here onto the highway
gears are being held down and this is
where this guy shines
Kendal's obviously not as good as my 911
but better than any other SUV that I
proven you feel planted you feel safe
secure and this is where really the
makaan shines and especially because
we're in Sport+ now we're holding the
gear at fourth if I were to say switch
down out of this automatically we're now
cruising in seventh a bit more
economical better for fuel consumption
of course but if you want hammer the gas
because it's the PDK senses that we're
back into third now forest as we hit 140
150 the PDK gearbox is truly lovely and
honestly it's thinking exactly what I
want to do

but anyways I ended up just getting a
text my GTS is ready we are pulling into
Porsche North Toronto to pick up my car
it's been fun it's being a hint of
perhaps the next SUV the next gear
hauler that I need to get the turbo
makan has impressed me and there she is
the chalk monster in one piece tyre
repaired I can finally start driving
this guy now finally I can start driving
this puppy big shine adds to Porsche
North Toronto fix my wheel without any
problems the tired ages they're all
golden tire replaced hopefully no more
spikes in the road that I'm about to hit
review for this guy coming very soon I
obviously have to get used to it I have
got to start driving it and I will
definitely enjoy I'll of course catch
the rest of you in one of my next
episodes or vlogs it's

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