by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

here we go
buckle on up and at the time of this
video I actually just broke a thousand
kilometres so that's a very big
milestone so are on a bit of an open
road now and the spec that I went for
the exact breakdown it's a nine ninety
1.2 2018 GT s and there's some thought
process as to why I ended up shooting
this model I definitely want it to stay
stick so that kind of ruled out the
turbo the gt3 is kind of an unattainable
beast impossible to get an allocation
especially here in Canada so maybe that
is the next upgrade we'll keep the
fingers crossed but the main reason is
good old manual and that is really hard
to get in sports cars these days you
look at even BMW Audi Mercedes they're
all automatic tool clutch and don't get
me wrong I do think that PDK is one of
the best if not the best dual clutch in
the market it's lightning quick I've
driven them on tracks it even makes the
car feel a bit faster but there is
something about the engagement of a
sting ship something about manually
changing your own gears giving you that
extra control the extra feedback you
have with the kolache
and for the people say that you live in
the city and it must be tiring it must
be a pain in the butt those are the same
people that take escalators and refuse
to take the stairs here literally
pressing one extra pedal if anything
you're burning more calories staying in
better shape I'm gonna make that a
movement staying in shape by pressing
the clutch
oh and when you downshift uh that's when
you get the smile of course we've run
into more more traffic but that's the
perfect time to talk about the bill that
I went for so the first and biggest
choice I think is color it's so hard to
capture on camera how good it looks it's
called chalk crayon if you're in Europe
it's kind of got an off-white grayish
vibe to it it's unique I haven't seen
two too many
it turns heads and it's not a color that
screams out look at me I'm so flashy
it's a bit classy and once again I think
the bill that I went for is for this car
to be a bit unique I opted to go for the
tiny duck tail at the back that's
another aero kit can't believe Porsche
makes you spend close to 2 grand I do
think that's a bit absurd and for anyone
that has SPECT one out you know that you
can spec up your options to 30 40 50
grand if you're not careful and that's
the cost of another car in its own a bit
mind-blowing if you ask me but for the
rest of my exterior package got painted
side skirts and the glass sunroof which
is dope you cannot do that in a gt3 and
coming to the inside of the cabin the
GTS model comes with a lot of alacant
air so you'll either love or hate that
it's technically cheaper to make since
than say leather but it gives it that a
racy feel i still opted though to get a
smooth the leather finish on the
steering wheel and gear shifter because
that's the areas which I'm engaging with
most I just thought it might hold up a
bit better and I have no regrets
choosing the GTS interior it adds all of
the red stitching all of the carbon
fiber bits adding some of the red on the
analog gauges which I'm so happy there's
still analog call me a bit of old-school
I will be sad to see those go digital in
the 90 92 next year just do me the favor
of getting a manual whoo whenever you
downshift over that three and a half
thousand rpm line that's where all the
meaty torque is and you can go all the
way up to seven and a half thousand as
the nine 1.2 you are the first 911 that
have a turbo engine people will say that
they're missing soul they're missing the
naturally aspirated engine I've been
portioned in a very very good job at
hiding the turbo lag obviously doesn't
sound as good as a naturally aspirated
engine but don't get me wrong as this
has sport exhaust I've always got mine
in sport in Google universe I think the
low end torque game is worth it and this
guy's actually around the Nurburgring
gt3 that is impressive
now we're singing on to open highway and
this is where this guy gets fun I get it
you can hold the gears in the PDK but
hammering got down whoo oh I think I've
broke out into little tiny beat sweats
all over my face and legs here and the
next big question I know being a techy
youtuber why didn't you get a Tesla I
think electric cars are the future I've
proven in a Tesla they just don't get
the mojo going there is something so
iconic about a 911 something so robust
about having a manual car probably the
same reason why I still wear an analog
it's the feedback that you get from the
car and that's something that I still do
not feel in a Tesla I don't feel engaged
and I do think that the interiors are a
tad bit too simple but where I think the
911 is lacking is in the tech I do think
it's a bit behind the fact that this car
does not have a wireless charging pod
I've driven BMWs even Honda's Toyota's
that have had them the fact that my
apple carplay doesn't work unless I've
got my iPhone plugged into only the USB
port in the glove compartment I think
that strain and I didn't even end up
choosing to upgrade my radio whether
that was the Bose or burmeister I have
the best radio that's sitting in the
back which is a flat 6

that's the best radio that you need and
just don't let the numbers dictate your
decision and I know that Porsche is
still fairly concerned it would say it 0
to 60 times we are just under 4 seconds
on that mark and I actually have to go
fill up again as this card does get
thirsty and that's the price I pay for
staying in 3rd to 4th gear
90% of the time now that was an OG 911
right there

back to a my spot here where the car
lives sadly for most of the year
obviously wish I could drive it more but
that is life like yours to hear your
guys thoughts on what your dream car
would be would it be a 911 would it be a
Lambo would it be a Tesla but hope you
guys enjoyed this very special video for
me and hope to catch you guys hopefully
in another car video soon catch you guys

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