published on August 2, 2020

What is up crypto gang welcome back to another episode hack crypto where we hack our cryptocurrency and blockchain education if you guys are brand new here we do a small little giveaway at the beginning of every single episode just to get everybody a little excited about

The episode today's winner is vincent tolentino thanks so much for commenting on the previous video vincent i just sent you some crypto on this episode i'm going to be going over a brief overview

Of an experience that i had with travala and using the mco or mycryptocom token it is very exciting uh to see that partnership go live what i want to do in this video is show you guys an actual

Experience that i had booking a vacation for my wife and i to take a baby moon uh to a place in florida that we're really excited about important to give credit where credit's due guys

And i think that you know with cryptocom taking some amazing initiatives towards these partnerships i've been in their patron program for over a year now i'm super bullish on their project mainly because they have

Millions of users now they have staking they have these discounted allocations of partnerships like engine and algorand and things like that now where you can get 50

Off 25 off of this pool of tokens by staking you get access to that so it's like a little membership club on there and you can also use their visa debit card to get involved on all of the places that visa are

Accepted so you can literally go to home depot and buy a new door for your bedroom that people just keep banging in and of course i am wearing my dinosaur walking and corgi drinking a

Coffee shirt so back to the experience that i have with travala i've heard a lot about it i've had people actually message me all over social media i've had people send me emails about travala

And it is a pretty bullish project i've even seen some guy uh value add tax clear value tax guy who talks a lot about the current stimulus checks i'm sure you guys have seen him on youtube he actually talked

About that token as well and it's basically a website that's very much like an expedia or travelocity where you can go on there and you can find all of these different hotels i think they have over a million

Hotels they have a token on there but you can also just pay using bitcoin ethereum bnb token and now you can use crypto dot com so that was what i was really interested in trying out and we did it

For our baby moon that is like a honeymoon like i said but you're expecting a baby so surprise there once i created an account basically you go through this really

Pretty simple process of entering in your information where you're based and things like that and then they give you the option to search for these different uh hotels that are available on the site

And they don't have every hotel they have a lot millions of hotels at this point so you can go through what they have in inventory and they pull from a lot of different sites

So what i assume is happening is they're actually booking it themselves and uh taking the bitcoin from the people that are purchasing on their platform in exchange for them booking it and then

It's just kind of playing the the middleman there that's how i assume that they're doing it but in a nutshell you can seamlessly go through the process of picking out which room you want you can pick out

Uh where exactly you want to be and get your rate and they claim a guarantee of the lowest rate so after you go through that process the payment process is the next big thing here now i will

Say something a little bit negative about my experience and this is something that is just a fault of my own and something that you will run into when you're dealing with

Services that are accepting cryptocurrency it's very important to have custody of that cryptocurrency if you have it in your own wallet where you control your private key not your keys not your coins so if you

Have an exchange uh account on finance coinbase kraken uh gemini any one of these big exchanges for example if you have it on gemiini and you want to withdraw

To make your payment towards this trivalla trip that you've booked there is a delay in the payment that is going to take place to travala from these exchanges it's not

Instant where as if it was on your own wallet where you're custodying your own currency it is going to be close to instant or it's going to at least show that it's processing with the exchanges

There is a lag time because they have you know hundreds of thousands if not millions of users on these exchanges and if they were to sit there and try and do withdrawals from all the users that

We're trying to withdraw at the same time it'd be like a run on the banks and they would just explode there are a lot of them so the idea here is that you know you're going to be using

Or try to use a wallet that you actually have the custody of the crypto on because with an exchange there is a latency there and on travala they have a 10 minute time frame so if you haven't made the payment within 10

Minutes it's going to show that it is expired and then you have to reach out to support especially if you've already sent it you need to reach out to support and say like hey

I sent this here's my transaction id this is my name this is my order number and things like that and the support was amazing they got back to me in like under a minute and they said everything

Looked okay uh it had expired on me so they literally just walked me through the process and said alright they're gonna reach back out to you they're gonna send you a

Confirmation email this happens all the time mainly when people are withdrawing from exchanges because that is the slowest transaction that you can possibly send doesn't matter

If it's cryptocom doesn't matter if it's ethereum bitcoin bnb doesn't matter it's going to be a delay and they said you know everything looks fine

You're good to go and i got my confirmation email so really pretty good process i will say i've done processes on overstockcom uh one that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore is purse

Dot io did some transactions on there a lot of platforms have done this in the past but this was a really good user experience i'm impressed at it so far because

It presented it in a very seamless way in order to get normal people using this you know they do have a travala token on the platform where you can go on there and you can convert to trivalla and use that as like a

Virtual currency very similarly to like a credit card point system where you can actually accumulate these points you can accumulate trivalla tokens by purchasing and you can actually you

Know book trips so i think that it's a really good utility token use case here based on the experience based on talking to support that was really fast they solved my problem immediately and

The fact that it was seamless with cryptocom that i love and i'm super bullish on along with a lot of other youtubers i've seen i haven't seen many people talking about the travala partnership so i was

Surprised to see it on there i was like what that's on there that's fantastic so the moral of the story is is if you are planning to take your husband or wife

To a outing or travel across the world with covid going on right now not a good idea to travel too far i mean we're only going like an hour and some change away not far at all from home uh

Massed up and protected and everything like that but i think it's very important to you know show things like this to your spouse show things like this to acknowledge that this is

Accepted in places uh that are establishments that actually fulfill a need like a hotel a resort things like that and i think that this is a really great

Sign for seeing a partnership like cryptocom that has immense amounts of functionality and then you have trivalla that has a ton of usability here with actually using crypto to buy

Hotel rooms and book rooms so that is my experience had a great time 5 out of 5 stars i would definitely do it again i do plan on doing it again once things lift a little bit

I am going to be doing a trip uh towards the end of the year depending on what goes on with the pandemic but i will be going up um you know on the southeast eastern coast

And i plan on using travala again so highly recommend it i'm going to leave the link to it below it will probably be an affiliate link just to accumulate some travala for future trips but definitely check it out

I mean not because it's an affiliate link but because it is actually a good service i'm impressed by it i think that it is kind of the next generation of overstockcom's integration

We have that 10-minute window and that's like pretty seamless in my opinion so definitely give it a check see with the links in the description smash that like button if you want to see more reviews like this of me

Actually using crypto and that is it for this video i hope you guys like it don't forget to subscribe and i will see you guys on the next episode of hack crypto

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