My Budgie Update 2015!

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

so as you can see my two buddies are
perfectly healthy they showed no signs
of any lung failure they don't show any
signs of any sickness they are perfectly
healthy and if they do show signs no
windows sit in a corner and they will
stay in that corner for about the rest
of the day okay there will be active
they won't play that went chat but March
they'll just be sit down in a cage in
one specific corner but they are not by
the way this is not that case is just a
little play kind of thing where they
kind of explore when I'm cleaning in the
actual cage so these are the two months
later this is blue and this is yellow I
know how much to look into them but
they're just two bodies which I own I
think Carly tell they are playing and I
think they know that I've very filmed I
think two of them are female but it's
not one of the comments can confirm us
me if there's another female that would
be great okay so back to the body so as
you can clearly see one side of the
bodies of the blues wings you can see
the left hand side is commonly growing
but the right hand side is not growing
that much so if anybody can even invite
you a tip on how they could grow back
then feel free to play your comments
down below but I think the right one is
growing a bit by bit it will be growing
back but it would take some time so
those the one the wing on the right was
a part of the blue body it will take
time to grow back so if anybody can give
me any tips how they can grow back well
then that would be great because my
bodies are perfectly healthy as you can
see the other one however has grown both
of the wings successfully and I haven't
butchered my bodies as most people
commented in the comment box they are
not butchered because if they were
butchered they were able to fly outside
the house my windows are always open my
door is always open for them to escape
but I never do an escape page is always
open and I actually reply to people's
comments in the video
people will say my cage is a bit too
small I told them that you know that I
let the body's cages open us another
wake up I keep it I was there I made
sure that I'm not sure anything which is
also they're not supposed to like my
curtain because there are honest tiny my
curtain so all of these things are
taking precaution when my bodies are
actually out of their cage so those you
have to understand guys that I do take
great care my buddies and my buddies or
something which are part of the family
if they get hurt obviously Olga her
starch yeah okay yeah I think gets the
point butchering my apologies I'm not
doing it intentionally as you can see
the blues with the blue body's wings
I've cut them equally though when I
actually cut them but I don't know why
they haven't grown together at the same
time one is going to this the over
husband so anybody can let me know the
comments wind that there that would be
the wings are fine okay as you can see
this one's fine this is the left wing
completely fine noble feathers are
caught no bloody show now that's great a
bit podium servo like a comedy show you
poor believer so this is my yellow bhaji
on sweetie and I'll just gonna show you
the wings now on this one okay so you
can see this one perfectly fine you can
fly perfectly okay you can see that as
the right wing now I'm sorry the left
wing the right wing you can also see
it's perfectly fine it can fly
okay put that there I'll just show you
so you guys can believe me icon and it
can literally start up with Luke so as
you can see my blue body is trying to
rock climb which is a bit he's gonna get
there as little reach dude dude dude
look at the little film travel rock
climb now what is he'd wasted trying to
do he's trying to reach this Burgi here
how amazing
that's impossible that is actually
mission impossible right there
so guys this is my body cage as you can
see and many people out there say on my
actual setup of the cage
they said this cage the way too small
for your bodies blah blah blah blah they
have no space to fly around it's like
I'm keeping my bodies isolated in the
case for ages so this door Helens you
can seal the left this door is kept open
all day so you know currently open
yeah it's commonly open as you can see
and that door is kept open every single
day okay and that means I let them out
when I wake up for example at 9:00 a.m.
I let them out and I put them back in
the cage about 11:00 p.m. to match the
latest are surely allegedly latest
probably 12:12 a.m. 1 a.m. I put them
back in the cage and that's where they
sleep and I cover them with the cloth
which was right here cover them with
that and they look outside and they just
think about other birds flying it they
just say that ha-ah
you know all the other birds are
probably just with me and see you like
when they do that that means they want
to go to these because that's where
they're sleeping is and many people also
said oh but you have no bird toys in
your cage out 1 2 3 4 I think 4 5 5 bird
toys and I think that is literally more
than enough for a bird I was on a bird
Bob which is hae-jin bird bath and this
was I think it was for the actual square
cages but I actually altered the actual
cage so I've actually altered it I'll
actually pull dy the pot and ensure that
it could fit in the circulating age as
well which is very bit it was a bit hard
but it I made it happen and I kinda I
can do a cool trick with my Bochy every
time I put my hand in the cage a blue
one jumps in the water and I can swap my
hand around and tell them to turn and I
would literally turn listen to me in
turn which is very awesome I also have a
stick there my body to munch on which
you can get from pets at home if it's a
craft the chills guess what Amazon as
well the Lakers delivery yeah but if
your Prime customer all these things all
that excessive reason there it's mostly
from pets at home which is in the UK you
could probably get at Petco if you're in
the US okay so now I'm just going to
show you the trick which I taught my
blue boxer I'll show the trick now
I've never behind this one does
literally it jumps in there turn up turn
up turn up turn around turn around turn
no turn around and then I think more
like between the neck you would say I
love the world and the blue one of the
world so much like about how much love
water but yeah that's it okay so you can
see little trick I taught it you know I
love my bodies I don't want them to get
harmed in any way shape or form so
there's no I don't know why people say
oh my god you know your bodies you're
harming your body you're telling them
you're torturing them I'm not okay these
are my pottery these are my
responsibility of them well of all these
bodies I took I signed a contract that I
will look after them at full welfare or
keep their welfare hundred percent
I will exceptionally keep them well and
you know I am I on keeping that well I'm
keeping them in good condition what am I
not doing right I'm giving them right
amount of food I'm giving them sticks
when they need it I'm giving them water
I'm controlling the amount of food so
the ship then I need a long fat or then
I show you fighting the body you know
all these things are control or taking
and prep and control
okay and without my help without it it's
like I was getting too much and I'm
throwing it in the cage I'm sorry if I
might see like that my video is not I'm
throwing two bodies in the cage was
leaving them there for the rest of their
life then let that be but I know
personally in my heart and something I
don't think all viewers are either out
there somebody so actually understanding
and actually commented my videos Oh
about what other videos are wrong and I
agree that viewers but some of the girls
are understanding but I blame them too
as well okay so I heard this um updated
video so as you can see that currently
what they wanted
no one ever sleeps it is they just ate
at the whole night I hope this our heads
up that this video shows a good insight
by the way the kids are about mamas
unfortunately 1999 yeah
so I hate this okay so I hope this this
video was very helpful to people who
haven't understood about me and said
that was horrible I trust me hours

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