by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

hey guys what's going on it's Carl here
back with finally an episode that I know
a ton of you guys have been waiting for
and something that I've personally been
moving for myself it is my condo tour
slash this episode is all about the
okay so first and foremost this area
here it's almost a thousand square feet
which for being in downtown Toronto is
nuts to think about it's definitely the
selling point of this place it's huge
its massive and I knew when I saw it
this was the spot to be and I spend as
much time as I can outside because it's
way better than being indoors there are
actually quite a few pieces of tech
around here and will maybe start with
the front place here you can see piece
of tech I guess number one of course is
a barbecue fully functional I actually
have a gas line and number two who has a
piece of –n in a condo is that even a
thing to tell you the truth haven't used
it yet have the wood maybe one day we'll
get is burning up in here and they are
some little secret pieces of tech first
the non so techie tools to be the
ultimate grill master and this little
guy right here which I just picked up
this is the e5 knife sharpener and this
helps keep all of my knifes razor sharp
for when I'm cooking up my steaks
cutting them I think it's a dope little
piece of tech that is a handy little
addition to your home Tech game steak
knife numero uno we've got the e5 right
here we'll set it to the second speed of
razor razor sharp it also comes with a
little ceramic polisher just to make
sure everything is very it's very sharp
you can also grab an upgrade kit with
different types of belts or of course
different types of knives I think that
is pretty dope we want to make sure
everything is razor sharp that's tech
numero uno in the balcony sliding on
down coming to this massive ten person
table which I think for dining is
obviously great I think it might be a
tad bit of overkill it did come with a
place this is actually what I call the
landing zone and this is where I
actually test out all of my drones
so I still think being over a year and
half old the DJI maverick Pro is still
perfect for traveling it's had a few
close calls as the years have gone on
but I also do have the Phantom 4 pro
this guy usually bring around when I've
got a bit more space a bit more time it
did honestly though become a weed
whacker when I was recording a Porsche
video it's still though works totally
fine just had to replace one or two
props I'm sure we've all had those
near-death runs with our droughts and
area number three this is maybe my
favorite part it's the gazebo area this
is the spot where I like to chill out
relax you can see there are some little
birch trees here all of this stuff kind
of came with a condo this is literally
the chillaxing spot I'm actually very
sad as winter is kind of approaching
it's the end of August into September
maybe the next thing I'm looking to get
is some portable heating lamps or maybe
a little fire pit just to stay nice and
toasty and to maximise and use outside
as long as I can and if you actually
look around here this is where you spot
the first additions to the upgrade game
that these were the outdoor lights that
I got to light up the gazebo to light at
the patio area they are powered by
philips hue lights so they are coloured
which is dope the ones inside the gazebo
are the Calla outdoor bollard these ones
kind of rest on the ground and they do
come in sets of two and the ones that
kind of circulate the outside those are
the lily
outdoor spotlights both like I mentioned
are controlled by my Google homes so
when I'm inside I just need to activate
hey Google turn on the terrace lights
I've got them set to a nice little
calming blue color but of course I think
there are 16 million combinations of
color that you can change them to so
literally your heart's content whatever
you end up picking whether it's orange
orange orange or blue into the gazebo
area now to share the last piece of tech
which I always bring outside which is my
favorite Bluetooth speaker it's the SRS
xB 41 from Sony I
we'll admit it is a tad bit big which i
think is perfect for a place like this
perhaps a bit too large to always carry
with you and say a tech travel pack it
does last around 15 hours before I have
to juice it up but maybe the coolest
thing maybe slightly cheesy it does
light up which kind of matches some of
the lights that I have going on and
especially at night that's when the
music is bumpin
if anyone knows who this DJ is big big
brownie points– you've just won the
internet for the day
this is literally me so that kind of
wraps up the balcony tour and some of
the text which is still possible to have
outside that kind of lives here some
upgrades though in the potential future
I am really thinking dad I know that
you're probably gonna shake your head at
this is having some sort of hot tub
maybe a three to four person one kind of
take up this little nook area here maybe
in perhaps the second upgrade that would
run across and this strip down here
would possibly be a putting green this
one is probably more doable just get a
piece of turf and of course a little
hole at the end to get my short game up
anyways that is my condo a balcony tour
I know this one was different but I know
there are still other rooms in my condo
that you guys want to see let me know
which one should be next down below in
the comments it actually might be my
bedroom up next hope to catch you guys
in either that episode or the next one
on the channel catch you guys then peace

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