Muslim History – The Conquest of Makkah – Mohammed Hijab

published on August 2, 2020

In the previous episode we talked about the prophecies of the qur'an and sunna relating to the Islamic expansion and we talked about how these prophecies indicate the effectiveness of the Sharia the Islamic law because a lot of those prophecies were talking about where

Islam would expand to and as we know Islam did expand to those areas where the Prophet of Islam predicted that they would be expanded to this facilitates a miraculous Islamic proof because the future is something which you can't

Really have a full authority over in the sense that you can only have a speculative relationship with it if someone tells you something about the future or is if someone speaking about the future and they get the information

Right and consistently do so this is certainly something which you would ask where did they get the knowledge from to do that today we're gonna be talking about the first phase of such expansion and we're going to be doing so in

Relation to the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic expansion in the Arabian Peninsula now there are two verses in the Quran which particularly kind of identify such expansion one of them was in chapter 24 verse 55 in sort of

Unknown well allah subhanaw taala talks about the muslims having successions in the land and places some conditions on such succession but another verse is in Chapter number 48 verse number 27 well allah subhanaw taala says la posada

Kalehua rasool allah will be able Huk that indeed allah shall fulfill hid the true vision which he showed his prophet and this was when the prophet had a dream he saw a dream but he entered Mecca along with his companions having

Their heads shaved and there and cut short at the same time which of course is one of the rites of Hajj of pilgrimage so the Prophet had this dream and we know from the hadith and from Islamic tradition that whenever

The prophets have a dream that this is a revelation it's a revelatory dream so allah continues insensate at the Hallandale masjid al-haram inshallah amanina mahalia Pienaar wars economic arena

Latter half won so allah says in relation to this he says certainly shall enter al-masjid al-haram where the Kaaba is you know in Mecca if Allah wills secure some having your heads shaved and others having

Their head cut short having no fear Allah says finally my male EMTALA and this is the amazing party he knew what you knew not he knew what you knew not Virgil I mean do need Erica fat hankari bear and grantee and he granted beside

That a near victory fat Han Kariba it's also the word for conquest fat now bear in mind here the verse is making very specifically clear where the Fatiha will be it will be in the Masjid al-haram you will go into al Masjid al-haram like

Where the Kaaba is and you will perform the pilgrimage that is a prediction and of course predictions like this are contingent on military success which no one has any power over to make such a daring prediction itself is an

Incredible part of the Islamic miracle now you got to remember something in the beginning of the message of Islam when the Prophet became a prophet at the age of 40 and he went to the cave har har and he was given revelation and then he

Went to his family people like Hadiya his wife and so on and so forth for a very long time there was a general weakness of the Muslim very they were weak respective to the wider society where people were you know

Polytheists and pagans and so on and so forth in this context there were hostilities which graduated from gentle ridicule to open conflict now for example to take one of the most prominent examples probably in the whole

Of the serie just to take two or three of those examples one examples of is of belly burner about who is of the slave class a black Ethiopian individual who was being tortured and screaming at the top of his voice I hadn't I had not only

That but saying act for ability was there what me noble air he was saying that he disbelieves in a let and Inasa and he believes in Allah because those individuals in that state of torture who had their economic interests at heart

With the pagan with the idols right they were attacking and torturing people like Bela Lib naraba to the point of torture to the point where he had to scream but he would resist such torture and proclaim his faith not everyone in his

Position did the same thing but this was the state of the Muslim so he imagined now you have in the middle of a desert an expansive desert you have a group of people who are proclaiming a monotheism a puritanical monotheism who believe in

This monotheism because they heard the message from this prophet who had shown them the miracles and the science and as a result of their proclamation of faith they are being tortured and they're resisting this torture there's only a

Few Muslims in this situation here you have haben a lot another person who was tortured you have amar and soo Miah who were tortured and we know the situation of amar and Samia Samia herself who was killed a woman who was the first martyr

Of Islam and she was killed as a result of her proclaiming that she is a Muslim our first motto in Islam is a woman yessir was killed amar his child saw this and so the state of affairs for the Muslims

Was incredibly weak this is referred to in serie as the Meccan period now when you visualize this weakness and then you look at where Islam was and then what it became it's nothing short of a miraculous thing especially when you

Have such predictions as I've just recited from the Quran and showed you the implications of now the Prophet Muhammad he went salario Salim he went to to Medina eventually he would go to Medina which was called the aether at

That time and he spoke to a group of people and I went as Raj and there were six people who initially became Muslim and then you had something called baya at Lochaber which literally was a pledge of

Allegiance which was of maybe you could say 12 individuals in total the first Bay as Lochaber was of 12 individuals and it had in it you know conditions of never to commit shirk or polytheism and not to commit lewdness fornication and

Not to steal and not to kill your children and so on and so forth solidarity in this case was based on religious and not tribal lines and this is one of the turning points in all of not just Islamic history but human

History and this is something really interesting because Fred McGraw Donna says the following he says formation of a state in the Arabian Peninsula and ideological ie religious coherence and mobilization was

A primary reason why the Muslim armies in the space of a hundred years were able to establish the largest pre-modern empire until that time now this is incredible because the main thing here is that Islam was established

On as a grocer's religious and not tribal lines and so this solidarity which would be based on the Eman of the Muslim and not of the tribal lineage or genealogy of the Muslim is what really changed the game the tables were not

Going to turn the tables who had already turned at this stage because all of history had been defined by this metaphysical phase because if you think about it what did the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu wasallam

Actually offer at aussolas Raj who had then become the you know the the military conquerors of all of Arabia and a large part of the pre-modern world he offered them a metaphysical promise a metaphysical promise of Jena of heaven

And from this metaphysical promise all physical things came about all physical success came about which gives us a lesson lesson is the lesson is for us to have trust in the metaphysical because from that trust in

The metaphysical everything that you want in the physical reality will take place just like Bilal ibn Rabah gives us a lesson as we'll come to know a sea because him shouting out and screaming out in his loudest of voices at a time

Of severe humiliation for the Muslims I had on a hat meaning one and only one and only referring to the one and only God that has been worshipped would translate into him being able to do so at a time of strength as we'll come to

See so in about six aah the pagans and the Muslims the Muslims wanted to do a pilgrimage and the pagans stopped the Muslims from being able to do so now you've got to

Understand when the medinan period took place and the Prophet Muhammad was in Medina for ten years scholars of ceará of the biography of the Prophet Muhammad say that there were about 19 was aware was aware our major Wars you could say

There are different definitions of what Allah's way is but if you think about 19 that's an average of almost 2 a year some years obviously had more and some years had less but when people think about the prophets motivations and

Question the prophets motivations on Ilario sallam they've got to realize that his life was one of warfare and it's true maybe not in the Orientalist way that is trying to be portrayed by some right-wing individuals because most

Of those in fact you could even argue all of those 19 were defensive but his life was a life of warfare he put himself in a state of fear and anxiety fear of death and anxiety in the whole period of time some of those wars were

Incredibly fatal like people will know offered the war of offered was incredibly problematic for the Muslims to the extent where the Prophet Muhammad would make Doha to the to allah subhanaw taala

That if we are wiped away from the face of the earth then no one will worship you o allah so the muslims had to persevere and be determined in cases where there were only a few hundred individuals and the battle of azib which

We referred to in the previous episode there were 10,000 individuals waiting outside of al-madinah waiting outside to take over and to destroy the muslims and they were defensively digging trenches around the city

This was the state by the way and this was the context where in which these predictions predictions that the prophet mohammed salah salem would make about conquering a sham the roman empire which if you put things in perspective

Eclipses the American Empire I mean look at the American Empire for how long has it been around and I'm calling it an American Empire for a reason for how long has that been around let's be honest I mean the Cold War probably

Ended about what 30 years ago maybe even less than 30 years ago so it's been the dominant superpower of the world for thirty years we'll talk about the Roman Empire which has been around since you know 55 a BC or something like that

Before Christ and this man in that state of weakness in that situation where they're digging around trenches around the city where ten thousand people are threatening them from different tribes is saying that I can see when we're

Gonna conquer this place the Roman Empire not just the Roman Empire of course but the Persian Empire and this place and that place in the other place absolutely incredible but let's focus on one thing at a time

Because we talked about the truce that was put in place of hudaibiya and when that truce was broken when that truce was broken now things were turning the game was changing you could say 100 percent and this brings us to the last

Part of this episode which is all feta Mecca itself which took place on the 19th of Ramadan on the 8th year of hijra a after hajar the conquest of ramadan the conquest of Mecca where the prophet muhammad sallallahoalyhiwasallam

He gathered an army of 10,000 individuals after having been threatened by 10,000 as we said in the Battle of azib now he has 10,000 individuals who marched towards Mecca in secrecy and they went through the Prophet tilting

His head in humility and he was wearing a red bandanna with incredible simple symbolism they're wearing a red bandana or a turban you could say going towards the Kaaba the place where Ebrahim ELISA Lam him and

His son built this place and they went together to the Kaaba and of course the symbolism is so clear here the imagery is so vivid here 360 idols broken he broke them with a miraculous turning of his staff just like the way Moses used

To do and those idols would fall and break in rock his former and he stood there he stood there and the gates of the Kaaba are open and he made his speech and he started by saying let you lay here in the LA why not Salah I'm

Dead what's other Kawada well has emeliza what he says there is no God worthy of worship except for Allah there is no God worthy of worship except for Allah he Iowa give gave victory to

His slave and he was truthful in his promise and he destroyed or he defeated the as AB the parties ie those enemies of Islam wada by himself this speech that he said subhanAllah is an incredible thing which

Tells us about the prophet muhammed sallalahu serums character he says Kulu cumin adam adam Interop all of you are from Adam and Adam is from dust and then he quoted the verse in the Quran yeah you her nest in the halacha neck you

Mean the Corinthian a commercial urban walkable little ravu in a chronic mind the like of all human beings we have made you we have made you into from a man and a woman and created you into tribes and nations so that you may get

To know one another and certainly the best of you are those who almost got conscious now bilal ignore a bar the black man who was tortured in mecca remember we talked about him in the beginning and there is a saying in the

Arabic language we could say it's an Arabic proverb Kemah to Dino to them another way you could say is al jazeera vengeance enamel you know algae's I mean gin slamming in other words this these sayings mean that

The recompense will be in accordance with the type of action that you do so just like a Bella Bella of Naropa who was being mistreated and humiliated and had to scream in resistance I had an ad was being tortured in Mecca

Now he is doing the a then on top of the Kaaba proclaiming the towhead in honor and in strength and dignity and Isis a might over and above the enemy that used to torture him which shows you that the tables will turn the lesson for us is if

You're facing a humiliating circumstances so long as you are on the truth and you have faith that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala will turn the tables over and it might not be today it might not be tomorrow but you will face your

Enemy that is oppressing you and you will be victorious over them just like Bilal was victorious over his enemy just like the Muslims were victorious over their enemies and just like the for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

Victorious over his enemies and the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah raised LM tenderizes metal known in the phantom become what do you think I'm gonna do with you what did he say he says what do you think I'm gonna be doing with you

Now what do I do what do you think I should do with you kind of thing and of course they wanted the best thing to be done to them the prophet muhammad salallahu alaihe salam who is rahmatan lad i mean he is the mercy of all

Humankind in this situation where he could have massacred just like the crusades have done he could have massacred those individuals in that place that were against him he forgave those individuals and he

Quoted the verse and sort of let everybody know that there is no trip on them that day they will not it's a word of forgiveness that Allah is he is forgiving them in a sense giving them a new chance giving them a new cha ed

Chance and the Prophet Muhammad SAW solemn Duntov around the Kaaba with the camel and he prayed some say to some day six rock art and so on and so forth the point being is this was the this was the white the promise of allah subhana wa

Ta'ala and the quran so what will make us think that we're safe from the promise of allah subhanaw taala about the hereafter heaven and hell about the day of judgment about all of those things that Allah sperrit Allah has also

Promised about the future these things are all future things just like Allah subhana WA Ta'ala he knew what was going to happen in the future when it relates to these things do know he thinks material things he also knows what's

Gonna happen in the future relating to the the effort or type things as well in the next episode we're going to be talking about the expansion into a sham which is one of the major first major expansions excursions outside of the

Arabian Peninsula in the meantime I trust you you would have taken many lessons from this I certainly have assalamualaikum warahmatullahi okay

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