MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard and Intel’s Core i5-8600K Review

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hello guys and welcome back to Sullins
tech today we're checking out MSI's z
370 gaming Pro carbon AC motherboard
which is priced 189 UK pounds around 209
US dollars the motherboard still has the
same LGA 1151 socket as Z 270 but if
you've recently bought a shiny new 7700
K processor it will not work with this
or any of the other Z 370 motherboards
the lineup only offers support for
eighth generation processors Emma sighs
Z 370 Carbon AC motherboard has some of
the best RGB lighting support allowing
you to connect LEDs from multiple
sources I'll get into that a little bit
more later in the video
my original sample from MSI
unfortunately bricked itself when I try
to update the BIOS and that's why I
missed the release date and there wasn't
any video last week I literally ragequit
YouTube thankfully the new board works
perfectly and I'm finally able to
deliver my force on Z 370 as a platform
and Intel's newest coffee Lake lineup
opening up the box and taking a look
inside you get the usual documentation a
user guide and drivers discs you get
SATA labels a high bandwidth SLI bridge
and a whole host of RGB cables there's
two SATA ports a dual band wireless AC
80 to 65 card with two antennas and
lastly of course the rear i/o shield the
motherboard has dual channel memory
supports allowing for a maximum of 64
gigabytes of ddr4 with speeds up to 4000
it has free pci-e 3.0 x 16 slots the top
slot runs at time 16 the middle slot
runs at times 8 and the last slot runs
at times 4 you'll be able to run up to
free AMD cards in crossfire and 2 NVIDIA
GPUs in SLI the board also has free x 1
slots available for storage the 6 SATA 6
gigabits per second ports and to envy
a solid-state m2 Schloss allowing you to
read two drives together giving
blistering loading times in your
favorite games for audio the C 370 AC
carbon has real tech a RC 1220 codex
some point one channel high-definition
audio and testing the bores audio I was
really impressed although I didn't
notice much improvements compared to the
previous generation the board has
Gigabit LAN as well as Bluetooth
supporting up to 4.2 and Wi-Fi the dual
band wireless AC 80 to 65 card fits into
any x one slots although it provides
great Wi-Fi signal it isn't exactly the
most elegant solution from msi if we
check out the rear i/o the motherboard
has from top to bottom and left to right
two USB 2.0 type-a ports a ps2 keyboard
and mouse combo for anyone keeping it
old school 1 display port for the CPUs
onboard graphics 1 USB 3.1 gen2 type-c
port 1 USB 3.1 gen2 type-c ports for USB
3.1 gen2 on type-a ports 1 HDMI ports 1
LAN ports 5 ofc audio jacks and lastly
one optical s/pdif out connector now
let's take a look at the RGB lighting
options the z 370 AC carbon motherboard
provides a great way to get all of your
RGB lighting in sync even if it's from
different brands Emma sighs motherboard
provides multiple RGB LED connections
around the board there's two standard
5050 connectors one free pin connector
for courses RGB strips and a rainbow
connector at the bottom of the
motherboard a few pet hates I didn't
like about this board is the fact
there's no code reader or any dual BIOS
feature plus there isn't an onboard
power reset or clear CMOS button also
one is stalled the board inside my
Corsair 570 x case the rear i/o cover
didn't allow enough clearance to install
my rear HD
one-twenty RGB fan in fact if you look
at the rear i/o the ports are squashed
down rendering most of them completely
useless their only real way around this
is to remove the rear i/o shield
moving on to overclocking MSI very
kindly provided me with in cells newest
I 580 600 K which has six cores six
fred's a base clock of 3.6 cute Hertz
and a turbo clock a 4.3 gigahertz
it also has nine megabytes of l3 cache
and a whopping 95 Watts TDP at first I
was very excited about the CPU guessing
it would be the go to cheer for new PC
builders but the chip doesn't actually
have hyper threading anyway let's see
how it over clocks when overclocking I
was able to get this chip up to a five
point one gigahertz stable when using
Emma size z3 70 ac carbon motherboards
temperatures were just as impressive as
the overclock and it hits no higher than
69 degrees Celsius which is a perfect
temperature for an everyday overclock it
was very impressive I was able to get
the chip up to five point two gigahertz
but the increase in temperature just
made it not viable for an everyday
overclock in my opinion testing out the
CPU with some benchmarks on Cinebench
r15 the 80 600 k had a multi-threaded
score of nine hundred and ninety-one
stock on 1194 with the 5.1 gigahertz
overclock such a shame it doesn't have
hyper threading but it did beat out the
7700 k clearly with those extra two
physical cores on fire strike the cpu
scored thirteen thousand nine hundred
and eleven beating out the seventy seven
hundred KS thirteen thousand four
hundred and ninety one and testing was
done at stock speeds on both CPUs for
gaming with both CPUs overclocked
players are known battlegrounds at 1080p
ultra settings the eighty six hundred k
performed extremely similar to the 7700
k only beating it out by a few frames
battlefield one again the
600k beats out the 7700 k
ever-so-slightly by a few frames and
lastly GTA 5 that 8600 K edges ever so
slightly ahead by 5 frames
ok now I'm seriously impressed with this
chip single core performance of the 8600
K is on par if not better than the 7700
K plus you're getting those extra 2
physical cores that will be great for
work-related tasks and unless the 7700 K
has a serious price drop there's not
going to be any reason to pick one up
for a build in the future my conclusion
Intel's decision to finally move is
mainstream lineup of CPUs to 6th course
was a great idea clearly it was going to
have to happen at some points but thanks
to AMD they finally arrived a lot sooner
than planned as far as the Z 370 gaming
pro carb an AC motherboard from MSI is
concerned it has a whole host of great
features it's basically a slightly
better Z 217 motherboard which of course
isn't a bad thing
overall the award for Emma size D 370
gaming Pro carbon is going to be gold
it's a great board which will last you a
very long time the 8600 K is a great
choice for gamers although it might
still be worth picking up as 7700 K if
it's price drops that said rice and
still offers great bang for buck and the
so made choices it's a great time to
pick up a new CPU my name is Mark from
silence tech I hope you've enjoyed the
review goodbye

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