MSI Prestige 14 – Every Inch Matters

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

sometimes there are these products that
I get super excited about the moment
they get announced because I understand
what the company was trying to go for
and it's something that I would actually
want to use personally so this is the
prestige 14 from MSI and it's this thin
and light reasonably powerful gaming /
content creation device that is special
because of its size it's thin it's light
it's also a 14 inch screen instead of
the traditional 15 inch screen that we
see in a lot of more powerful gaming
laptops so this is similar in design
idea to something like the razor blade
self this is the 13 inch razor blade
itself it's their new one it's running
some powerful Hardware in there but this
is the smallest in the world they think
it's like a $1,800 device the razor
blade stealth this one is a lot cheaper
I think this is 1,300 1,200 I'll have to
double-check I'll link the prices below
but this is a significantly less
expensive version of the razor blade
stealth and it's good I think a lot of
people will like it but it's not perfect
and if you had really high expectations
of what this fortunate device could
deliver you might be disappointed so I'm
gonna talk about the design and build
first this is a fully aluminum device it
has pretty good build quality it's
really good for an MSI device but it
doesn't feel as sturdy like if you
compare the bottom panel in particular
there's just a little more flex to it it
does really seem like they used a
thinner metal on this bottom panel
compared to other devices but overall
I'm content with the build quality in
terms of ports they have to use BA and
to use PC both of which support
Thunderbolt 3 and there's also a micro
SD card slot it uses USB C to charge and
the AC adapter is 90 watts it's always
nice to see a USB C charge device that
has a dedicated GeForce GPU as well as a
pretty powerful CPU okay the keyboard
and trackpad it's kind of like your
standard MSI layout very comfortable
keyboard and very easy to get used to
the one thing I would say isn't perfect
about this keyboard is that the keys
don't spring up super fast I feel like
they're not as responsive as I'd like
but I think a lot of people are really
gonna like this keyboard the moment they
use it trackpad is pretty big it's got a
glass surface and
print sensor on the top left now the
screen on this device has two options
there's a Tandy P version as well as a
4k panel this one's running at 4k screen
this is a really nice screen it's bright
and color accurate and if your video or
photo editing I think you will like the
4k panel let's talk about performance
this is running a gtx 1650 max q as well
as a 6 core Intel processor their 10th
gen u processor now because it's a
fortune H device you have less room in
here to handle the heat that this thing
puts out it has a single fan to cool a
decent GPU as well as the six core CPU
and it's running to heat pipes to
connect everything together and at stock
settings this system can get hot and
depending what you do it can throttle
and even if you crank the fan to the
maximum setting and let it get loud it
can be tough for the system to keep up
with what you're doing but the thing is
it's really close to being able to
handle it so what I did was I undervolt
to the CPU I undergo to the GPU like I
set it to a lower clock and once you do
that the gaming performance on this
system is very good to get steady frame
rates and the machine becomes a solid
performer for games but this laptop was
originally marketed as he creators
laptops or if you're into photo or video
editing this could be a good fit but no
matter what I tweaked on this thing no
matter how I kind of manipulated the
voltages and stuff on this device I
could never get it to perform as nicely
as I wanted in Adobe Premiere playback
performance was good but when it came to
render time there was just a clear
deficiency in thermal performance this
system can handle the CPU going
full-tilt or the GPU going full-tilt not
together when you run them together it's
just it overheats and that is what video
editing is it's using both components
pretty aggressively so yeah now here's
the thing because it's a 14 inch device
and it's kind of like the only thin and
light six core device on the market
right now that has this kind of setup
it's hard for me to compare this to
anything else when you compare it to
like a 15-inch gaming device it's not as
good but I don't think that's a fair
comparison it's just that I wanted it to
be comparable I wanted to replace my 15
inch blade with this a smaller thinner
lighter cheaper 14 inch device so there
is a brother to this or a twin or
another variant of this with a 15-inch
screen it's like the prestige 15 and
that is going to have better thermals
that has two fans but I was less
interested in that thing because I mean
it's similar in size to other 15-inch
devices it's lighter but I wanted to see
if this fortunate thing could work the
components are great and it is a
significantly more portable device than
a 15-inch gaming laptop but if you get
this if you do want to invest in this
smaller form factor understand that you
do need to under both the CPU and
potentially the GPU to maximize the
performance of this device is not for
everyone so if you're not technically
inclined then I probably skip the 14 and
stick with the bigger version but if you
are interested in the 14 and you're
willing to tweak around settings you
have to be also willing to eat like a 15
percent performance reduction compared
to the bigger device just because of how
much smaller the cooling system is on
the 14-inch okay a couple things that I
don't like about this machine I feel
like I should mention it first are the
ports it's got a decent port selection
but the devices don't insert that deep
into the ports so there's a little bit
of play on the cables not that there's
any disk connections or anything but I
would have loved to seeing a snug fit on
those cables like on most other laptops
another thing the battery life on this
machine is short I'm only getting around
like six and a half seven hours of
battery life which is significantly less
than the bigger 15-inch version but
those are the only real concerns I have
about the prestige 14 it's a good device
just don't hype yourself up like I did
and think that this can replace a
15-inch gaming laptop because it can't
okay hope you guys enjoyed this video
thumbs we liked it subs have you loved
see you guys next time

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