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by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hey guys Anton the tech chap and this is something pretty special if you're looking for a new high-end fin and light gaming laptop well this is probably what you've been waiting for it's the msi gs70 is the world's first gaming laptop to come with both Intel's

Latest tenth generation comet-like processors and and videos brand new r-tx super series of graphics cards I've got the 8 core eye 9 chip along with the RT X 2080 Super Max Q oh and also a 300 Hertz refresh rate screen and a massive

99.9 watt hour battery this thing is an absolute beast in terms of performance and as you can see it's also pretty portable and it's not very often you get a new generation of processors and a new series of graphics card at the same time

And combined with a massive battery as I say this is the biggest you can get well still beyond tickets on the plane and all that with a 300 Hertz refresh rate screen it is so buttery smooth and unfortunately it's just not something I

Can show you through this video I'm recording my a role here at 30fps most might be wrong because I'm showing games 60 but nowhere near close to 300 you really have to rather come to my house or go to a store neither of which I

Really recommend right now to experience that for yourself and we've managed to cram it all in this super thin and light chassis we're looking at 2.1 kilograms as g rust under just a smidge under 20 centimeters thick it's incredible now

Obviously with these thin light laptops we're getting the max q variants of the graphics cards but in this form factor right now this is one of most powerful gaming laptops you can buy now before we get to the gaming and the benchmarks and

All that good stuff first thing you'll notice when you open it is that it supports Windows hello so I can actually unlock this with my face the next thing you'll notice as I try to avoid the light reflecting off it you can tell

This is a matte screen but it's not particularly bright I measured a peak brightness of around 180 190 nits which is actually quite dim for a laptop and considering the price of this thing which I'll come to in just a second

That's actually one my bigger disappointments this it's fine if you're doing some late night gaming sessions but if you're trying to make a video about this in the middle of the day in a very bright

Living room and kitchen then maybe it's not the best option or they're not sure how many people would do that next up the design and MSI have said they've gone with a core black design ethos for this so I actually have last

Year's msi gs70 5 laptop here this is the 17-inch version which came with a r-tx 2080 so we will do some comparison benchmarks here between the super and the regular 2080 max-q cards I quite like this because you've got this gold

Coppery trim around the trackpad on the hinges and around the edge and also on the MSI logo gone are all those accents so everywhere you look from the hinge to the logo it's completely black the only thing that kind of makes it a bit more

Gamer E or even a bit more interesting to look at is the full RGB keyboard and everything can be controlled including programming macros for any of the keys in the SteelSeries app which is pre-installed where you can also adjust

All the RGB lighting alongside this we also have a dragon center for changing speed profiles turning on game mode and all the other usual command center bits and pieces MSI also say that they've made the hinge a bit more stable which I

Think they have if I also bring up last year's one again this isn't the direct replacement this is the 17-inch one so we'll probably get GS 76 as well it's a little better maybe but not night and day although for some reason I don't

Feel quite why you'd want to do this but you can actually push it all the way down the twin speakers they've also been moved up top we've got little slits down here on the left and right side and they do sound good they're very very loud but

I still think a little bit tinny obviously a pair of headphones is going to be what you want we've also got this new design of the fan exhaust on the side they do look a little bit like USB ports don't put it

Here to be driving their slightly annoyingly I found that when my mouse is here the fan is blowing right onto my thumb was a bit irritating at sort of have my mouse are naturally far away from the laptop in order for my hand not

To start warming up personally I quite like it when they put the ports on the backs all the cables are sort of hidden behind the screen but with this MSI they're all pretty much bang in the centre of the size but we do get a good

Selection including three USB as2 USB C's one of which is Thunderbolt 3 and can also charge this it'll probably still trickle down if you're gaming but you can plug in a USB C charger and that will top you up or at least keep you

Stable well you've probably noticed as I've been talking though is that this thing is a fingerprint magnet it does get a bit greasy a messy I'm a pretty clean person I wash my hands at least twice a week but particularly the lid

And also around the palm rest gets a bit grubby so keep it microfiber cloth to hand the keyboard and the trackpad on this also one of my favorite on a gaming laptop it's a precision trackpad extra wide so you got loads of space there and

The keys themselves have one half mil of travel but it's lovely the type on I've actually weird in all my notes for this video on this laptop and it's been great so we've got through the boring stuff let's get to some games and also some

Benchmarks because I wanna see how fast this is and to do that I'm actually gonna bring in my iPad pro with the fancy magic keyboard which is for another video but I've got some notes on here because I ran a whole bunch of

Benchmarks and game tests on this and the results I'm actually really really interesting now I also had as to say the previous GS 75 I'm gonna get the right which has the RT X 2080 Mac's cube not the super which we get in here however

This does have a two generational processor the I 78758 whereas now we're on tenth gen so I will give you the full comparison but mainly we're looking at the GPU performance between this and this and I put this through its paces in

Geekbench 530 mark times by uni engine superposition test and also pass marks 3d test and as you can see it's a pretty small 4.2% books on average with the new super card and while these are only synthetic benchmarks they are all GPU

Tests and a reasonably good indicator of the performance difference for fairness I'm not including the GS 75 in my gaming benchmarks as I say there's too many variables but while the main that appeared to be a

Huge upgrade with the super cards let's see what average frame rates we can get from the GS 66 every single game is in triple digits and csgo League and Rainbow six siege will break that 200 FPS mark triple digits across

The board maxed out games at 1080p but it does raise the question of that 300 Hertz refresh rate now of course you can drop the settings to get better performance which a lot of gamers do particularly in eSports and competitive

Multiplayer because that edge of frame rate is obviously more important than the fancy reflections or the dynamic shadows so yeah if you're playing a mobo on an older less intensive game and you drop some of the settings you probably

Will be able to hit 300 with DES the other question of can you even see the difference between 240 and 300 Hertz well as sales even struggling to get to 300 to actually perceive it myself but looking on a desktop compared to the

144 Hertz screen that I have on this guy yes I can see a difference however when I use the next to my 240 Hertz LG gaming monitor that I have again it's not something I can show you easily in this video I don't think I could tell but I'm

Also 29 years old and I'm not a pro gamer so maybe my eyesight and my reflexes aren't quite up to yours maybe you'll be worth it for you for me to fully Hertz is absolutely fine and is still a noticeable increase over 144 but

What about throttling well first things first and while my tests did show a peak of 5.3 gigahertz on the i9 as advertised it quickly drops to around 3.5 gigahertz under load I measured a peak CPU temp of 98 degrees Celsius before averaging

Around 95 as I'm running benchmarks the GPU though never went over 72 cells is running Cinebench are 25 times in a row the score dropped from around 3,600 to 3100 that's a 14.5 percent drop which is quite significant the same thing running

Uni engine super position to test the graphics and I saw only a 2.4 percent drop now after cooling we have three fans and seven heat pipes which MSI say gives us 10 percent more airflow than the previous model it does still get

Quite warm though I recorded about 42 degrees around the WASD Keys about 32 on the touchpad and a peak of about 45 46 from the event so it's not super comfortably hot but as I say the vents on the side blowing out

That hot air did make my hand on my mouse get quite warm they can get pretty loud as well this is the loudest they'll get it's not usually that much I've just put it in sort of overdrive fan mode but I'd say it's about 80 percent all of

That when you're playing games so you're gonna probably want to plug in a pair of headphones since I already have the bottom off you can see we've got a PCIe m2 SSD here you can actually upgrade that yourself there's also a second pci

M2 slot if you want to have two different drives in here this particular model has 16 gigs around although you can spec it I believe in the u.s. up to 32 gigs or you can upgrade it yourself up to a maximum of 64 gigabytes of RAM

As a battery I got a good four hours of light usefulness thing which given the specs inside is actually pretty impressive but you'll be wanting to play this with it plugged in anyway obviously to get that performance from the GPU now

Prices start at 1700 pounds on navigating our TX 2060 and according to this that's a full fat one it's not actually saying max Q so that's pretty interesting but not a super version of a card if you do want a super graphics

Card then you have to pay at least 2300 pounds which will get you 90 X 2070 super max Q but if you want a top spec model which I have here with a 2080 super max Q it's gonna cost you 3,000 pounds and that's the same indoors as

Well I think if you do have quite deep pockets and you fancy buying one of these I would pay twenty three hundred to get the twenty seventy super max q 300 Hertz and i7 that's probably gonna be the best

One to go for this really is a pretty special laptop as I say world's first to come with the 10th gen and the super cards along with 300 Hertz and that crazy good battery life but nothing is perfect the webcam quality's a little

Bit iffy as I say it's a little bit frustrating having that warm air blowing on my hand when I'm using a mouse the speakers while loud are lacking in base a little bit tinny and while there is a subjective thing I did quite like the

Gold accent on the previous gen laptops it looks a bit bland a bit gigabyte hi guys this is a Tom from the future just jumping in for a second because while these laptops with the new super cards and also the tenth genital

Processes are coming in at a slight price premium they are very expensive and I don't know if they do represent necessarily good value for money yes it's faster we do see a performance boost but whether it's worth that

Premium obviously it's up to you and your individual situation whether you're having to spend that kind of money but the good thing about this you know cutting-edge tech is always gonna come at a premium but there is always a

Trickle-down and we're now seeing full-fat RT X 2060 gaming laptops I reviewed another MSI one last week that costs just under a thousand pounds and that also comes with a high refresh rate you know i7 processors and

Crucially it also means that last year's model may actually be cheaper now so you might be to get a good deal on that but how about you would you consider buying something like this or do you think this is way too expensive and overkill and

Let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching guys if you enjoyed the video and want to see more from me then make sure you do hit that subscribe button down below thanks for watching I'll see you next time right

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