MSI GE63VR 7RE RAIDER Review – Gaming on a 120hz LAPTOP!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hi guys it's mark from silenced Tech
today we are checking out for this
beastly laptop from MSI the GE 63 vr 7r
e Raider and I'll only refer to it
because of that extremely long name as a
GE Raider from now on is priced around
1600 US dollars and 1500 UK pounds and
it's considered mid-range even at those
prices there's some pretty decent specs
as well and it's going to be a great
gaming laptop for hardcore csgo players
since the panel has a whopping refresh
rate of a hundred and twenty Hertz for
extremely smooth gameplay the GE Raiders
IPS panel isn't sluggish Eva with a free
millisecond response time keeping
ghosting to an absolute minimum on the
1080p 15.6 inch display viewing angles
are fairly good as well due to the IPS
panel and is not much color shift on my
sample until you view the display and
extreme angle viewing the panel on a
completely black background in low
lighting I could only notice a very
small amount of IPS glow if any at all
the display has a hundred percent srgb
color range making the laptop great for
working and gaming all in one package
according to MSI each panel will undergo
a thorough examination and an intensive
factory calibration process build
quality seems excellent with a premium
black brushed aluminum or aluminium
surface lid and inner deck everything
seems high quality and the notebook
doesn't creak or bend under pressure the
hinges are also very smooth when opening
and closing the lid they support the
screen well and they allow the screen to
go back 150 degrees inside the Raider
has one of the best CPUs you can get for
a gaming laptop right now and that's
i7 7700 HQ it also has Nvidia's GTX 1060
16 gigabytes of ddr4 which is clocked at
2400 megahertz and for storage
one 256 gigabyte SSD from Kingston and
one 1 terabyte 2.5 inch Seagate hard
drive the 802 dots 11ac wireless signal
is very good I can keep full signal all
around my house no trouble at all and I
also have no trouble connecting all of
my Bluetooth devices has a reader
supports up to bluetooth 4.1 if we take
a look around the outside there's a 720p
30fps webcam and while it is usable I
certainly won't recommend it for high
quality streams Skype calls are best
what's really impressive about this
laptop considering its specs is the fact
that it runs off a 230 watt power supply
which is pretty small compared to the
size of some of the bigger laptop power
supplies I've seen in the past and you
won't have too much trouble lugging it
around to gaming or LAN parties there's
also a good selection of ports on the
front IO on the left there's an rj45 LAN
ports one HDMI 2.0 ports plus one to
spay port 1.2 and both are capable of 4k
60 Hertz there's one at USB 3.0 ports a
funderbolt free port / type-c and lastly
a headphone and microphone jack on the
right side is a bit scarce there's a
memory card reader two USB 3.0 ports and
a DC power inputs
another really impressive part about
this laptop now you know exactly what's
inside is its fin profile measuring the
rounds of 28 millimeters at the back and
20 millimeters at the front it's
mind-blowing how they've managed to fit
everything inside the screen is also
ultra thin at only 5 millimeters in
but the bezels are pretty big around the
edges at 15 millimeters on the side and
27 millimeters at the bottom hermus I
could have made this laptop look a lot
more premium if they found a way to slim
those bezels down other dimensions on
the laptop it has a width of three
hundred and eighty millimeters and 260
millimeters in death
the keyboard feels nice to type and game
on with adequate spacing between each
there's also perky RGB backlighting
using the SteelSeries software
customizing the lighting is really easy
plus the laptop has a dedicated button
to cycle through various effects the
trackpad has a smooth surface and
tracking was extremely accurate the left
and right clicks have a nice tactile
bump for the money this laptop costs
there is no shortcomings regarding the
keyboard and trackpad both feel
extremely nice to use even over a long
period of time when I booted up the
laptop from cold it took around 16
seconds for it to hit at the windows
login screen very impressive
jumping into the control panel to see
what's installed from factory I noticed
there was a lot of bloatware
and I would highly recommend
uninstalling most of it for even faster
boot times battery life seems very good
the GE Raider managed to hit well over
the free hour mark until it died and
that's with a mixture of heavy gaming
for two hours and the rest spent
browsing the web and listening to music
something I feel a buyer would
personally do in the real world
I also found nice levels perfectly
acceptable for a laptop her idle is
pretty much silence here's a noise
tester idle and under full load
temperatures are pretty high like always
on in sales I 770 700 HQ while gaming on
a CPU intensive game like GTA 5 the CPU
temperature hits 82 degrees Celsius the
GTX 1060 on the other hands never hit
above 73 degrees Celsius which is more
than acceptable now it's time for the
main event of benchmarks I've reviewed a
few desktop of 10 60s in the past so
it'd be nice to see how the radar
performs against them let's roll those

the benchmark showed that a 1060 inside
this laptop is more than capable of
pushing enough frames to the hundred
twenty Hertz IPS panel what the
benchmarks don't show is how great that
is even at 1080p gaming at 120 Hertz on
a laptop is an amazing experience
visuals appear so smooth and if you're
looking to buy a laptop and you love
games like csgo that really benefit from
a high refresh rate panel I can highly
recommend this laptop the specs all tie
in together nicely delivering one of the
greatest gaming experiences I've ever
had on a laptop or notebook yes the
display is only 1080p which might turn a
lot of people off but the screen is only
fifteen point six inches and overall the
pixel density is still really good I
personally wouldn't recommend using a TT
x10 60 anyway for a resolution any
higher than 1080p finally the award for
the GE 63 VR 7r e Raider is gonna be
gold I looked hard for things I didn't
like about this laptop but MSI have
knocked the ball out of the park just a
shame it comes with so much bloatware
and the display has some seriously big
bezels around the edges hope you've
enjoyed the review guys my name's mark
from solid tech goodbye

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