Moving my Gaming Setup to the New Office (Huge Upgrades)

published on August 3, 2020

What's up everyone it's mark from silence tech i hope you're keeping well i have some really exciting news to share with you finally i will be moving into the new office in a few weeks i know i know it was meant to happen ages ago but last

Year i was really unwell with a bad chest and then covered 19 hit and my office plans went out of the window and just put it all on hold for even longer honestly it's been pretty crazy

Over the last 12 months especially with the kids being off school for all this time in fact they're still off school even now making content really hard to make at the moment so i'm struggling

To even get a video out every fortnight on the upside in the next few weeks an internet company called truespeed will be installing their super fast broadband in my office it will be a brand new line straight to

My property delivering 250 up and 250 megabits down i am super hyped about this since i'll be able to start streaming again i used to stream from home but i would always lag and rubber band

Around corners because my internet speed here is pretty bad before i show you my new pcs i want to get your opinions on a few changes that i might make to my setup remember my rgb lamps they're getting

Replaced with these lt100s from corsair a set of ambient light towers that work really well with iq i haven't exactly decided where to put them yet regardless they look absolutely stunning

And i love their different effects setting up both towers was very easy but i found it difficult to find them both at home due to the overall size of my setup the cable length you get linking both towers together is only one and a

Half meters although i do appreciate my setup is way bigger than most people's i was originally sent four towers and the only way i could showcase them was to link a third

And have it underneath my desk but i'm going to make a second single monitor setup soon and these will look awesome placed either side of my 240 1440p gaming monitor next i have an iq ls 100

Starter kit and two separate expansion kits these are basically very high end or high quality rgb led strips that will go behind my monitors i have six to go on the top

And bottom of my triple monitor setup and another two smaller strips for either side i'm not going to set these up now until i move but i can't wait to test them out they are super bright i just need to

Find a way to keep all of motor spaceport cables tidy since they will cast a shadow which doesn't look very nice and that's the main reason why i removed my cheap rgb strip from behind my

Monitors a while ago we'll see how it turns out regardless being able to control the leds with iq will be insane but they do require a usb

Cable to be connected to my pc no doubt i'll have to plaster that into the wall as well the last new addition i've added to my setup is this awesome little device the corsair nexus and i'm planning to

Use it to control all of my rgb lighting and to monitor all my pc temps and fans but you can use it to do so much more this device comes with various mounts allowing you to fix it in

Place to either a k70 mark ii or a k95 platinum xt since my favorite keyboard out right now is a k65 wireless i wouldn't want to mount a wired device to it instead i have used the included

Standalone base and left it to roam freely on my desk but you can place it anywhere on top of a monitor even inside a pc you name it i must admit right now i haven't even begun to

Explore the possibilities of the corsair nexus i have my commander pro my 2080 ti every case fan in my pc and my cpu cooler all displayed on this device and i'm able to switch fan profiles with

The responsive touch screen and swipe between each setting it's a very handy bit of kit plus any corsa device such as their virtuoso gaming headset or their dark core pro gaming mouse will

Just pop straight up on the screen now i can change any setting with a quick press of a button it's extremely cool having all these options available like this one drawback though is the screen is

Pretty small with rather large bezels corsair have also added the ability to use the nexus with your favorite games right now i play a lot of rainbow six siege so i'm eager to try this one out in icue you can download or make

Different backgrounds you can run gifs or animated wallpapers i feel like this is going to be used a lot for macros also it can be used as a streaming tool in some ways it's similar to a gato

Stream deck anyway with all the little extras out of the way it's time to meet the beast packed with all the goodies i will ever need to broadcast the best possible stream available

My plan so far is to play games for my 10 900k pc and use obs to send a 1080p 60 frames per second signal straight to this elgato capture card not 100 sure yet it will be trial and

Error with so many calls i might as well just game and stream directly from this pc alone so let's talk about specs this pc is insane featuring amd's ryzen 9 3950x it has a total of 16 cores

And 32 threads that's more than enough to stream 1080p 60 frames per second gameplay for sure testing on cinebench the cpu had a single core result of 505 which is amazing

Since it has so many cores my multi-threaded score came in at just under 9k which is honestly insane i was using a 6 core 8700k for all my editing work not that long

Ago and the improvement is huge and all core overclock would improve the score even more but i like having a good single core speed as well and i'm getting the best of both worlds this way

Amd's ryzen 9 3950x just eats 4k footage and i can scrub along my timeline like never before the difference is mind-blowing also matched with my 3950x for the graphics card is msi's rtx 2080 ti

Lightning z and i'm just testing it out in my editing build because it really helps in premiere pro especially when using neat video a noise reduction add-on that is seriously demanding regardless i just

Can't wait to pair this build up with my new internet to see how easily i can stream high bitrate footage okay all of the other parts i've covered on this channel at one point or another apart

From this amazing creative soundblaster ae9 this eternal sound card connects straight to a separate breakout box both the units together are extremely good the audio quality they deliver

To my headphones are on another level also due to its xlr connector i have now completely abandoned my trusty focusrite solo that i've used for all of my videos since my channel started rip the 89 software is the icing

On the cake with features like noise reduction acoustic echo cancellation and not forgetting all of the other options as well this will be a great tool for streaming and it really

Complements all of the other parts perfect audio is arguably more important than even high quality footage when streaming so i'm glad i will have every area covered and even though it's pricey at 350 us

Dollars i can highly recommend the ae9 lastly here's my gaming pc i've already featured it on the channel before a video link will be in the description however i have swapped out the original

Gpu for this liquid cooled iao aurus rtx 2080ti extreme water force 11g oh my god it is such a beast temps have never reached above 52

Degrees celsius and i've managed to overclock this card to weigh over 2100 megahertz i have tested so many cards in the past including several 2080 ti's but i've come to the conclusion

This is the best of the best so finishing off the video here are some benchmarks showcasing the performance of not only this build but my editing pc as well

me well there you have it two very capable pcs for sure and i cannot wait to start setting it

All up in the new office with my super fast internet i am so excited the 678c case from corsair has fantastic airflow mainly due to the front panel being cleverly mounted on hinges

Hands down it's the best pc i've ever owned and the 10 900k is on another level i'm extremely happy with its performance i may tweak the ryzen 3950x build mainly because of the 680x

Case the lightning z card is pinned to the front since it's so long i would rather mount a 360 millimeter rod at the front as cpu temps are pretty high due to a lack of front airflow we'll see

How it goes back to the office i am planning definitely on moving in in the next few weeks and during that time the channel might go quiet for a little bit but trust me i will record every step of the way

Turning it into a setup series i really hope you've enjoyed this video i shall see you all very soon guys my name is mark from silence tech

Goodbye you

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