Motorola One Zoom hands-on: shooting above its price

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

this week at UEFA 2019 we got to see a
lot of new devices and this one here is
the new Motorola one zoom it's a
high-end mid-range device running on a
snapdragon 600 v processor with 4
gigabytes of RAM brand management seems
ok with that amount but 6 gigabytes
might have been a little bit better
there's also a four thousand milliamp
power battery and then a six point three
nine inch display up front with a
resolution of 1080 by 2340 with a notch
cut out right at the very top in the
middle for a 24 megapixel front-facing
camera the other cameras though on the
back you're looking at a quad camera
setup you get a 48 megapixel main sensor
with an F 1.7 lens and then an 8
megapixel telephoto lens with 3x optical
zoom and a 16 megapixel ultra wide lens
and then finally a 5 megapixel depth
sensor for those bouquet effects shots
now of course with there being 4 camera
sensors on the back of this phone that's
actually the main highlight here the
images that you can capture on this
phone are probably on par with some of
the best flagship devices of 2019 the 48
megapixel sensor actually delivers only
12 megapixel images due to pixel binning
but the images that you get out of it
are incredible motorola is also
implemented a low-light function as well
which allows the camera to capture
incredibly bright images in extremely
low light conditions they're doing a lot
of work in the software here in order to
achieve this but it's not yet on par of
what you can get out of the pixel 3
devices with night sight as far as the
design aesthetic of this phone it falls
in line with what we've seen from other
recent Motorola 1 devices we've got
glass on the front glass on the back
with a little bit of a curve and then of
course there's that quad camera setup on
the back which features a pretty large
camera bump out towards the top middle
of the device and then you get that six
point four inch display up front and
though it's not the highest resolution
to display on a device of this size it
is really bright vibrant and
and one of the other highlights of this
device is actually the Motorola logo on
the back the logo itself is actually
transparent allowing light from an LED
behind it to shine through which is
actually customizable so that you can
choose which notifications or when that
light actually turns on motorola has
launched the Motorola 1 zoom across
several markets in Europe and also the
US and Latin America starting at 429
euro over in Europe and 399 dollars in
the u.s.
thank you guys so much for watching and
for more coverage from Aoife 2019 make
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