Motorola One Action review

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey what's up guys will here for GSM
marina these days a lot of phones are
coming out with strange or unique
features that could compel you to spend
your cash and the Motorola one action is
no exception with this GoPro like action
cam but is that enough word to stand
above the mid-range competition and what
else does it offer let's find out in our
for review

as far as looks go the Motorola one
action isn't too surprising almost
everything about the build is the same
as the Motorola one vision which came
out earlier this year it's screen has a
tall 21 by 9 aspect ratio which makes
the moto 1 taller and narrower than most
other phones the back looks and feels
like it's made of plastic and so does
the frame ours is in denim blue and
there's also a pearl white option the
back is shiny with a textured pattern
beneath the surface as far as water
protection goes it will handle a few
drops or light splashes but it isn't
fully waterproof so try not to drop it
in the pool on the front we have a 6.3
inch IPS LCD with a 1080p resolution the
tall aspect ratio reminds us of Sony's
Xperia 10 plus one benefit of having
such a tall screen is that you have more
vertical space for tags and scrolling
apps one thing I'm not a fan of is the
hole punch cutout for the selfie can
maybe it's just me but it seems bigger
and more obtrusive than the ones I've
seen on other phones you can select from
a variety of options to try and hide it
but these don't make much sense at all
either applying a huge black bar across
the top of the display or applying a
black area to a few other spots for
balance I guess we also notice light
bleed around the whole punch
and around the bottom bezel content
looks pretty sharp on the screen at
around 430 PPI but the other aspects of
the display didn't impress us we've seen
better contrast on other LCDs and colors
aren't particularly accurate either
regardless of which color mode you
choose the screens brightness is decent
though at a maximum of four hundred and
sixty minutes census an LCD there's no
always-on display and there's no
notification LED either you'll have to
catch the notification as it comes in
and lights up the display or wake up the
phone periodically to check what's going
on waking up and unlocking the phone is
quite comfortable though with the rear
mounted fingerprint scanner placement is
good and is pretty responsive and
accurate the face unlock feature is
another option for unlocking but it's
not as secure
the moto 1 action has a single
loudspeaker on the bottom sound quality
is decent and escort a very good rating
on a loudness fast

if you want to plug in headphones there
is a regular 3.5 millimeter jack up at
the top of the phone sound quality
through headphones is impressive it's
loud and you get good clarity and stereo
separation there's FM radio onboard too
and if you wanted to keep your own music
another content on the phone you can do
it no problem there's 128 gigs of
storage on board and it is expandable
through microSD as part of the Android
one program the Motorola one action runs
basically stock Android on PI you'll get
the latest security updates and upgrades
to Android Q and R when they're
available the interface is basically
what you'd expect from Android with very
few extra features you can access the
app drawer with a swipe up from anywhere
and the notification shade by swiping
down quite handy so you don't have to
stretch your fingers you have a variety
of gestures or moto actions they can use
to control different features gestures
can also be used for navigation with
Moto's custom setup you can also use
Google's pill setup or on-screen
navigation keys if you want to and the
Moto does have NFC too if you wanted to
use your phone for mobile payments under
the hood of the moto one action is a
mid-range Exynos 9 609 chipset along
with 4 gigs of ram it's the same chip as
on the Motorola 1 vision in benchmark
scores turned out quite decent in the
phone offers dependable performance
across the board the UI runs smoothly
and gaming is pretty smooth as well
thermal throttling wasn't a big issue
but now we come to battery life and this
is where the moto 1 action stumbles it
has a thirty-five hundred million power
battery a pretty decent size but in our
battery life tests during an endurance
rating of just 66 hours it's quite
similar to the Moto 1 vision and it
really doesn't hold a candle to some of
the battery life monsters we've seen
come out in the mid-range segment with
the phones bundled 10 watt charger
charging speed isn't that fast we went
from 0 to 30 percent charge in half an
hour moving on to the cameras the
Motorola 1 action has a triple camera
set up is a 12 megapixel main camera
picks of death sensor for portrait mode
and a special ultra wide cam which the
phone is named after let's check out
this action cam purse
unlike any altra wide camera we've seen
this one is mounted at a 90 degree angle
it will record a landscape video even
though the phone is in portrait
orientation while you can take videos
with the main cam the ultra-wide is
meant to give you a stabilized on-the-go
experience similar to a gopro it only
shoots it up to 1080p resolution though
thanks to EIS the moto 1 action does a
pretty good job of delivering smooth
footage there is no OIS or auto focus
though we did notice a slight jello
effect in the corners but it isn't a
deal-breaker even in a more demanding
scenario like running we were able to
capture some pretty nice results as far
as quality goes its overall quite good
at 30fps you get a nice detail and
colors are quite saturated dynamic range
is good too switching the 60fps does
take a toll on fine detail but it's
still decent and we were impressed with
the action cams ability to capture
nighttime footage which is brighter than
many competitors now let's look at the
main camera which can shoot in up to 4k
colors look nice and dynamic range is
about the same as the ultra wide but the
footage looks a bit over processed here
with some artificial sharpening while
you do get electronic stabilization when
shooting in 1080p 4k videos can't be
stabilized so you should have some
steady hands or use a tripod now let's
look at regular daylight still photos
with a main camera these look alright
detail is decent and noise is well
controlled and an immigrant is pretty
wide colors tend to look dull and meet
it unfortunately you can't shoot photos
with the ultra wide action camera it's
only used for video recording you can
take screenshots while filming though
which come out of 3 megapixels portraits
taken with the main cam and the depth
sensor look decent the results have good
subject separation though there are
occasional imperfections as you'd expect
in low-light photos don't impress
they're generally soft with washed out
colors in some visible noise dynamic
range isn't as wide as during the day
and you end up with some clipped
highlights and there's no night mode
here to help things out
the one action has a 12 megapixel selfie
cam which takes really nice shots in
good light they have great detail and
spot-on skin tones dynamic range could
be wider though and sometimes you come
out underexposed if there's a backlit
scene you can take 4k selfie videos
which would be great if you want to do
some vlogging except these don't have
stabilization they're nice and detailed
but dynamic range is a bit narrow and
you have to hold the phone the right
distance away to be in the sharpest
focus so that's the Motorola one action
you get stock Android great audio
quality for the speakers and headphones
solid performance good selfies and of
course that unique ultra webcam for
video recording and plus some people are
just into that tall narrow form factor
there are some things which I'm not a
fan of though the large hole punch
cutout is kind of annoying and the main
camera is still photos or lackluster but
it's probably the battery life that's
the most disappointing especially these
days when so many mid-range phones are
battery champions overall the moto 1
action isn't a bad phone and this price
is competitive at around 250 euros but
those downsides I mentioned could be a
deal-breaker for a lot of people and you
can get ultra wide cameras on many other
phones just not rotated that makes it
kind of hard to recommend this one
thanks for watching guys and see you
next time


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