Motorola Moto G 5G Plus – Unboxing & Full Review

published on August 3, 2020

Hello everybody this is me my unboxings and fun here today and today i'm going to be having the unboxing of the brand new just released moto g 5g plus that's quite a mouthful but this phone got released in the uk about a few weeks ago and i

Purchased it for about 300 pounds this comes with a 67 inch full hd display it comes with a quad camera setup with an amazing 48 megapixel camera which i'll be very excited to get my hands on

After this unboxing in the review and it comes with a built-in 64 gigabyte of internal storage also comes with the latest android operating system android 10 so i'm not going to talk

Anymore guys i know a lot of you guys hate it when i talk too much of my unboxings so let's just get straight to the video and do the unboxing so other part of the box here you can

See it says moto g5g plus and it has a little 5g logo here which looks really nice you have the motorola logo here you have the all of the imei information and the serial number

Information i'm not really interested in that the motorola logo there and then a ton of stuff here which is not really important it also comes with a qualcomm

Snapdragon processor built into the phone as well so as you can see here it's ultra fast 5g speeds ultra wide camera for selfies and also you have many days of battery life i think it comes around

38 hours of talk time so it's actually pretty good battery in this phone that you're getting so without further ado guys let's just open the box now i really really want to get my hands into the phone

And see you know what this phone actually what it actually offers for the price point of 300 pounds 5g as you know guys the latest connectivity that you could get on your phone

Um and 5g speeds are absolutely fast and ultra fast you know most phones like the note 10 plus the s20 ultra is now going to go to 5g as well all of these phones are edging towards 5g the next generation

Of fast internet fast browsing for gaming etc so for 300 pounds guys we're getting 5g into this phone which is pretty amazing so if you really really want to experience the you know the benefits of

5g i would suggest that you get something like this for 300 pounds pretty amazing but let me just open the box now guys and i'll just literally just show you what we get inside of the box so let me

Just pull this up oh it doesn't pull up so i said it myself the phone's gonna be that satisfaction sort of unboxing but it doesn't look like it but anyway

Here it is the motorola phone so i'll just get the phone out oh i'm gonna put it to the side and then we're gonna get into the box first before we get back to the phone

So in the box what do we get so okay so in the box we get sort of all of these instruction manuals so this is the legal uh sort of safety stuff which is not really important so i put that to the

Side you got the sim ejector tool right here so that's really really nice for them to include this because i often find myself having to use like a pin or like an

Earring just to get that out which is kind of annoying but thankfully they include it and this is a let's get started guide here and here we get the charging cable so

I'm just gonna open it up and show you guys there we go get the charging cable usb 30 so you're getting wireless charging you're getting fast charging i'm assuming on this on this thing

So this is the ac adapter so it might be built in with fast charging because it has this usb 30 so that's pretty awesome but anyway getting back to the phone guys this is the unboxing and it

Actually comes with a pre-installed case which to be honest with you it comes with a clear case um a lot of people nowadays like to show off the aesthetics of their phone with a clear case so it's really good

That they included this personally myself i'm not a big fan of these clear silicone tpu style cases i like metal cases or rugged cases that will actually protect the phone all around but some people i understand

Or most people would like these clear cases just to show off their back the shiny back you know that most phones have it nowadays so yeah it's pretty cool they included that as well but anyway as you can see

It says moto g5g plus and i'm literally just gonna wow okay so you can see that very very nice the screen looks nice you have the uh cut out for the actual

Cameras as you can see in the front there and the back actually has no protection so the back is actually naked um so i'm going to show you around the phone now guys so you can see it comes

With this 48 megapixel camera it's a quad setup and it has the 14 megapixel sensors and the other eight megapixel etc sensors at the back which is pretty awesome it has a

Built-in flash the flash looks pretty huge to me don't know if that's gonna be a benefit or not but we will just have to find out in the review um on the side here we have the volume

Up and volume down buttons and you have this i think it looks like a power button lock button but it also looks like it supports this fingerprint style um where you unlock your phone it's

Nothing you found on the for example the zenflip uh the foldable phone from samsung where you can unlock your phone from the side even the galaxy fold houses as well so it's

Pretty awesome that you can do this of course they could have implemented an in thing in and in-screen you know fingerprint uh system but you know for several reasons

That might have not happened you know and actually i'm actually a fan of the actual side fingerprint um thing reader mainly because screen protectors for phones that have this in display fingerprint sensor is

Actually very hard to find and you have often you have like three pictures that have a circle cut out or like you know a little bit of plastic instead of a glass and then you have to like you have

These smudges it's not really nice so i'm actually happy that they did this on the side right you have the um you have the earpiece here where you can hear your calls and then you have this uh

Speaker at the bottom there and thankfully a 35 millimeter hedgehack and a lot of people of course love that 35 meter head jack um to be back so i'm so happy that motorola actually

Included it and not just discarded it because you know many good earphones and headphones still exist that do require a 35 millimeter head jack so having it on a phone is actually absolutely awesome but i

Know you can get like adapters today oh my god did you just hear that that's like hello mods it's actually like it sounds really it just sounds like memory like we're

Going down memory lane but i'm just going to go connect to a wi-fi now do i have to or do i do i don't i don't have to right i'm just going to skip it for now um and then let's see what happens so

Date and time skip skip skip let's see okay so screen it up one two three four okay so the fingerprint i'm going to set up i'm going to show you how it is so that it's very easy that's what i'm

Trying to tell you like you know instead of having it in the display you can quickly just do it here done so it's literally done with that next next next hurry up nice

okay okay okay first impressions guys the screen is awesome like it's really fun so guys i am back with the moto g 5g plus and now i will be reviewing this

Amazing amazing handset so let's just see how the review goes so the first thing i want to show you guys is the internet on this phone i think internet browsing on this phone

Is absolutely amazing i hate who does that we are scrolling through for example google you can see that the refresh rate is very very high there's no there's not there's no lag at all um as you can see

Of course if you have a 120 hertz display like uh the s20 ultra for example it'll be quicker but for this price for 300 pounds guys you're getting a very very good refresh

Rate and it actually is better than my note 10 plus which i'm currently using as my main phone at the moment so i'm actually zooming in and you can now see sort of um the text on the phone you can see

There's no pixelation at all um you know the pixels on the phone are perfectly intact you know there's no sort of rigid edges everything is very very

Smooth which is very very nice so browsing experience on this phone actually guys is actually a 10 out of 10 for me i really really do like it so now let's go on youtube

And see how videos play on this phone so i'm just going to go on library i'm going to go on my videos and i'm going to show you guys uh for example this video here which is the water test or my galaxy a

For the a41 i think how it is rating does it actually withstand water pressure if you buy this thing into the swimming pool if you bring it into place with this and you can even see like

Scrolling through youtube is flawless so i don't know actually is absolutely amazing you know this sounds amazing it's fluid like usually what user experience wise i would say it's probably better than my

Note 10 plus at the moment like scrolling through youtube probably scrolling through instagram scrolling through the browser browsing certain things this is going to give you that very

Fluid experience and even the the sound quality on this phone i wouldn't say it's better than my note 10 plus but it's actually above the standard i was expecting for the price point i've

Paid for this phone so i would say this phone guys in terms of browsing watching videos things like watching netflix even is amazing i like this sort of full body ratio screen

Of the phone and how it has these cameras in the front i'm not a big fan of these two sort of punch hole cameras at the top here you know if motorola actually combined the ultra wide front facing lens into

One system so you only have one cutout hole that would be um absolutely amazing but i don't think that's actually possible with the technology that we have at the moment and you can actually

Quickly scroll through apps you know just by you know doing this which is absolutely amazing as well like if i just show you um let's see if i'm on google and i want to go into use this app i

Just do this so it actually uses that sort of same interface as you would expect on like iphones and stuff as well so it's pretty awesome so i'm going to show you guys um the

Experience when it comes to gaming on this phone so i think gaming on this phone you know a lot of people nowadays buy phones just for gaming as you know i don't know if you know but a phone

Just came out called the asus rog phone three and that phone is meant just for gaming it has a very high i think around 144 hertz refresh rate um and it's very it's made for gaming basically and it doesn't heat up when

You're playing you know intense games like call of duty moba or fortnite for example so i'm gonna actually test out some games on this phone so let's start with fortnite fortnite has to be one of my

Favorite games um that i play every single day on my nintendo switch that i own i'm not a big fan of playing fortnite on my mobile um you know i have a note 10 plus you know it can play at that

60 frames per second but i'm not really a big fan of playing uh games on mobile unless i have a controller that i'm playing with but yeah so i'm just going to check now how fortnite is on this phone

It should play well but let's just see how it goes so it's logging in as you can see it takes my white login but that's what you expect with these phones uh i actually had to go playing before by myself um obviously i'm gonna make

This video guys it's an amazing job and playing the game back now and as you can see the fortnight plays absolutely amazing on this phone like just you know as i'm in the lobby right

Now you can see when i'm moving around the sensitivity is really nice of course you can change it in the home screen but as you can see it plays really really nice so you guys

Really quickly in terms of how it works you know there's no problem with me playing the whole match i'm just going to show you guys how it works and how shooting works and how

Like the sensitivity works there's a lot of people nowadays as i just said they get phones just for gaming and this phone offers an amazing game experience it's actually better than

You can see on the camera i can see what you're seeing on the camera and trust me the graphics are much better than what you can see um on the phone so don't get too disheartened if you see like oh these

Graphics are too classy or whatever and you can feel the vibration like when i'm hitting these bricks you can you can feel the vibration okay

I'm not stupid at this game guys most of you thinking i'm actually bad at this game i'm not bad again i'm actually really good but it has to be on it i'm here but you can see because i've

About getting used to when playing on mobile see okay that's what i'm going to show you oh for a detour so deeply

Okay well i don't wanna okay well yeah we get the point you get the point right the game plays absolutely amazing is one of the games that are very demanding in terms of graphics refresh rate

You know there was no lag at all you know and my internet connection isn't even that stable in my house so from that already you can sort of get a good understanding that fortnight will be actually fortnight

Will be actually amazing don't you go this way monetize okay all right so let's see um astronaut nine because this is one of the games which you have to actually witness itself

Okay can we skip this that's gonna have that classic tutorial and then you're gonna let me ride it okay okay you can see that okay oh oh crap am i am i turning

Our automatic okay cool wow the graphics on this like it turning automatic you just have to drift okay so you don't have to do this with this game

Okay right i'm not trying to show you the game but the gameplay on this phone is actually really really nice you know you can see there's not really you know anything bad with it um

So yeah game experience on this guys again i'll probably give it a 10 out of 10 especially for its price range you know a lot of people i remember my first phone cost about

300 200 300 pounds and in terms of like not first first right first phone except the smartphone cost about 200 200 pounds so if this was there back in the day and i got this phone i'll be like oh my god

This phone is absolutely i mean so guys you might be wondering now what is left for me to review so i've reviewed youtube i reviewed google chrome how and how everything's absolutely amazing and fluid

And gaming as well especially fortnight the game that requires you know intense graphics intense um intense chipsets inside the device to actually run properly and you can see that this phone actually

Runs it perfectly fine without any lags at all especially with my unstable internet connection you know i struggled playing fortnite on my on console um and on the phone as you can see it played

Absolutely fluid so you know imagine playing fortnite on 5g now would be absolutely amazing you know anyway i can't imagine that it absolutely it would be absolutely amazing and probably make

All mobile players very happy but you might be wondering now what is left and the camera of course is left so i bring this phone to riverthames i cycled all the way in the rain

To the river fame to take some snapshots of buildings around the river fames and i took some snapshots of buildings uh in the distance and i could tell you guys the actual camera quality the picture quality on this phone

Was absolutely amazing um some of them were good some of them were blurry you know for example when i actually took the phone and i took some pictures of a building that was in front of um

The camera setup that i had um i actually zoomed into that building to the apartment and it had i think eight times zoom and i have to tell you guys i wasn't impressed with the zoom

Capabilities of the phone and um you know taking pictures i noticed that it went out of focus and in focus relatively quickly so it's switched between those two

In and out focus very very quickly and it made it very very difficult for me to get a perfect snapshot i actually didn't get a perfect snapshot at all in my opinion the picture was actually very blurry but

Again considering it's priced it does an okay job for the camera the thing that actually impressed me the most guys it has to be like taking close-ups like i took a picture of a

Flower so i don't know the name of the flower but i took pictures of the flower very close up and i have to tell you guys even when the camera wasn't in macro mode the picture came

Out exceptional and it was even better than most dslr cameras professional cameras that can take itself so this phone does an amazing job when it comes to macro shots and um close-up

Photography very very good job even when taking portrait photos on this phone it actually did a very good job as well especially beauty but i actually prefer the beauty mode on this phone

Compared to samsung i have to put that out there um the beauty mode on this phone is absolutely amazing it does a very good job make a video actually of the surrounding area i would have to say that the video

Wasn't as smooth as i expected or wasn't as high quality especially after recording in 4k um the video is okay i'll probably give it about five or six out of ten but for the price that i've paid guys

I'm more than happy of the camera capabilities that i have taken on this phone guys i think again it all comes down to the price that i've paid and again with the snapdragon 765 processor

That is built into this phone i think it does an amazing job um in in photography itself and processing those images you know you're not expecting it to have an amazing quality as an iphone 11 pro or an s20 ultra

You have you're expecting it to have an amazing mid-range sort of you know it's still a flagship phone it's still an amazing phone but for the price that you're paying it it does the job and it does the job well

And more than more than expected actually but anyway guys i hope you enjoyed this video this is the full unboxing and review of the brand new just released

Motorola g 5g plus phone i think that's it i might be wrong but whatever don't forget to subscribe i just always have to rain when i'm actually filming outside it

Always has to rain like

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