Moto Z4 review: This time with 5G

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

the Moto Z series has undergone an
identity crisis over the last four years
what used to be Motorola's showcase for
flagship to your hardware has since
shifted focus to the mid-range sector a
strategy that seems to be working since
the company finally turned its first
profit since being sold to Lenovo back
in 2014 if no secret that the Moto G
series is the company's bread-and-butter
these days but the Moto z4 has me fairly
convinced that Motorola may be
completely done with the upper end space
or maybe just that it should be if
you've seen any moto Z phone in the last
four years
you already know exactly what the z4
looks like it has the same design and
roughly the same dimensions as its
predecessors and that's out of necessity
to continue support for the magnetic
Moto mod attachments motorola only
promised three years of support when it
first announced moto mods back in 2016
so it's great to see them go above and
beyond here but the newly rounded
backing means that there is an annoying
gap between the phone and most mods
including the 360 camera mod that for
some reason comes in the box with
certain bundles still I kind of like
that Motorola is sticking with what
makes it unique with moto mods you can
instantly attach a bigger battery or a
better speaker or even a 5g modem to
gain access to Verizon's ultra wideband
Network more on that in a sec the
speaker grille has been moved to the top
of the phone and new to the Moto z4 is
the return of the headphone jack for all
of you wired listeners out there what I
love about the z4 is it's six point four
inch OLED display which takes up almost
the entirety of the phone's face
obstructed only by a tiny teardrop notch
it's big and it's vibrant and it finally
gets rid of that Motorola logo on the
front of the phone but it's not terribly
bright and I struggled with using this
phone in broad daylight what I don't
love is the in display fingerprint
sensor which is slow and just
frustrating to use and I wish Motorola
would have stuck with a side mounted
reader from the z3
on the bright side the moto z4 has the
biggest battery ever put in a Z series
phone at 3,600 milliamp hours and it
shows I wouldn't quite call this a 2-day
phone but I rarely went to bed with less
than 30% remaining which is a lot more
than I can say about my pixel 3 software
is also great on the z4 it's the same
bare-bones Android experience we're used
to seeing from Motorola with useful
add-ons like the double twist and double
chop gestures for launching the camera
and flashlight respectively I wish I
could say the same about performance
though whether you're switching between
apps or just typing out a text there are
way more hiccups than there should be on
what in theory is perfectly capable
hardware motorola moved back to a single
camera system this year with a half inch
48 megapixel sensor that uses pixel
binning to output 12 megapixel photos
there isn't a ton of fine detail and
textures like hair and wood grain but
the z4 captures decent colors and it
does a great job at preserving the
highlights in most shots there's also a
new night vision mode that emulates what
the pixel does with night sight and to
my surprise it actually does a pretty
good job so here's the real kicker the
Moto z4 costs $500 retail that's $100
more than the pixel 3a which takes
better photos and has years of
guaranteed software support though in
the z4 s defense it has twice the
storage and a much larger battery for
that kind of money I have a pretty hard
time recommending the z4 to most people
unless you're a new customer coming to
Verizon in which case you can get the
phone for just $240 on discount you'll
also get $150 off of the 5g moto mod
making this an extremely affordable 5g
phone at just 440 combined if you live
in Chicago or Minneapolis where a
Verizon is already soft launched its 5g
network this might not be such a bad
deal but for everyone else your money is
probably better spent elsewhere
you just got the condensed version but
if you want to read our full thoughts on
the moto z4 check out our written review
over at android you can also
subscribe before you go so you don't
miss when we upload new videos which is
getting to be pretty often these days
and until next time thanks for watching

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