Moto Z4 hands-on: New host for the same old Mods

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

when Motorola announced the original
moto Z back in 2016 it promised three
years of support for its Moto mod
we're on year for now and the new Moto Z
still supports them even though it
doesn't have to with some caveats I'm
high outside with Android central taking
a quick look at the Moto Z for the Moto
Z for looks nearly identical to every
other Moto Z before it that's partially
because it has to in order to continue
support for Moto mods but it also allows
Motorola to keep refining on what I
think is a really good design the rear
glass comes in a matte finish this time
around which feels remarkably similar to
the pixel three and recent oneplus
devices and there's a new six point four
inch nineteen by nine OLED panel taking
up most of the device around front yes
there's a tiny notch at the top of that
display but the Moto Z 4 makes up for it
by reviving the headphone jack along the
bottom chassis all while maintaining
impressively slim bezels and a slim
overall profile there's a whopping
thirty six hundred million power battery
inside the largest ever in a moto Z
device and new to the z4 is an optical
in display fingerprint sensor I'm pretty
lukewarm on this tech in general but
early impressions with this sensor
aren't looking particularly great for
speed and reliability as far as specs go
there's a middle-of-the-road snapdragon
675 processor inside along with four
gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of
expandable storage the z4 runs a close
to stock build of Android 9 pi and so
far performance seems perfectly fine
given the hardware of course you can
still chop twice to toggle the
flashlight and give the phone a double
twist to launch the camera something I
miss every time I move away from a
Motorola phone so let's touch on those
moto mods for a second there are no new
mods unless you count the five G mod
that went on sale last month but the z4
still works with all of the existing
ones like the turbo power charger and
360 camera mod the problem is that
because Motorola gave the z4 ever so
slightly rounded edges
on the back there's a noticeable gap
between mods and the phone itself it's
not the end of the world and the
severity differs from to mod but you
definitely feel it in your hand and it
makes the mods feel a bit more like a
Frankenstein project than an elegant
attachment system one more thing to note
the Moto Z 4 switches back to a single
camera system rather than the dual lens
as we've seen in the past with a 48
megapixel sensor that outputs 12
megapixel files through pixel binning
backed by OAS and a new night vision
mode there's also a 25 megapixel sensor
on the front with smile detection for
automatic captures the moto Z 4 will
retail for $4.99 when it launches in
early June that puts it at an awkward
price point between the pixel 3a and
higher-end phones like the 1 plus 7 pro
but motorola is betting on its 5g mod
and other attachments to drive sales
I've used Verizon's 5g network in
Chicago and while the speeds you can get
are incredible I'm still not sure I'd
rush out to buy a 5g phone until the
network is a bit more widely available
if you like to be an early adopter
though new lines at Verizon can get the
z4 for just $10 a month
totaling out to 240 retail with the 5g
modem on currently discounted to $200
that means you can get a 5g capable
phone on Verizon for just 440 out the
door if you live in Chicago Minneapolis
or one of the 20-plus cities set to
deploy 5g by the end of the year that's
a pretty killer deal we'll have more
details on the moto z4 in our full
review be sure to subscribe so you don't
miss when that video goes live and check
out android for our written
impressions thanks for watching and I'll
see you next time

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