moto z2 force Unboxing and Hands On Review!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
today I have something really exciting
for you and this is the Moto z2 force
this is Lenovo Moto's flagship phone for
2017 and a big shout out to t-mobile for
making this video happen and putting
this phone into my hands early let's
take a closer look at this this is
everything you need to know about the
Moto z2 force here's what you get in the
box of course you get the phone itself
you know all kinds of paperwork if
you're into that kind of stuff with the
sim ejector tool you get it power brick
with turbo charging USB type-c cord and
you get a USB c2 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack adapter if you want to
use your existing headphones that are
not Wireless a moment of silence for the
headphone jack the biggest feature that
hit me right away are the dual 12
megapixel cameras on the back dual
cameras I think now has officially
become a flagship trait and I'm glad to
see that here is it just me or does this
look like a ninja turtle face I am right
it's got a solid metal build all around
it is significantly thinner than the
last generation z force and I think it
looks and feels better when holding it
but this thing this means it has a
smaller 2720 milliamp hour battery
compared to the 3500 milliamp hour
battery on the last generation but what
these pins on the bottom this means it
supports the motor mods so if you want
more battery life you can always just
quickly attach this battery mod on the
back and now you have an extra three
thousand four hundred ninety milliamp
hours just like that this combo right
here can give you a total of six
thousand two hundred and ten milli amp
hours so when you put these together I
don't think you have to worry about
running out of battery throughout your
day on the front you have a beautiful
5.5 inch quad HD AMOLED display it looks
sharp the colors are vibrant the blacks
are inky I love AMOLED displays so I'm
glad to see that here and this screen
also keeps the shadow shield technology
so if you drop this bone it won't crack
or shatter it's not scratch proof though
let's keep that in mind watching videos
on this display is awesome if you're
looking for the speaker when you buy
this it's actually the earpiece that
doubles as the single speaker I would
have loved to see dual speakers here but
thank goodness this one is loud and it
sounds good
below the display is a fingerprint
that is superfast it works perfectly and
if you want the most screen real estate
you can set it to where the home button
area can be used for navigation instead
of the on-screen buttons left will take
you back right is multitasking or recent
apps and holding down the button brings
you back home the z2 force has a very
powerful Snapdragon 835 processor with 4
gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of
on-board storage with a micro SD card
slot so the performance is blazing fast
the experience is buttery smooth and
playing whatever game you want shouldn't
be a problem at all
like on previous moto phones the
software is basically stock Android with
a few moto enhancements through the Moto
app this keeps everything nice simple
and fast I love the speed I love the
clean look and feel of stock Android so
props to moto on the software the dual
camera system is made up of two 12
megapixel sensors and the software is
stacked to take full advantage of them
you have a full manual mode to be able
to change whatever you want to get that
perfect shot you have a true black and
white mode to take advantage of that
monochrome sensor I'm a huge fan of this
I just love the way these pictures come
you also have a death mode like you've
seen on other phones you can make
changes in the depth editor like
selecting what parts stay in focus and
how much background blurring you want
and my favorite is selective black and
white where you can select which part of
your photos stays color and this is an
easy way to get a cool artistic shot I'm
digging this and if you want to go crazy
you can even replace the entire
other features include 4k video 120
frames per second 1080p slow-motion and
of course the classic twist to quick
launch the camera if you're wondering
what this camera is capable of here's a
few samples from the camera let me know
if you want to see a more in-depth look
this is just a sneak peek I'll be
posting a lot more on social media so
follow me there if you want to see more
and let me know what you guys think
about the quality the front-facing
camera is 5 megapixels and there's
actually a flash here on the front so
this could be a game-changer for selfie
lovers in my opinion as of right now
Motorola is the only company that's been
able to do modularity on phones right
these pins on the back did this phone
and other
phones the ability to do some crazy
things like turn your phone into a
portable projector my kids absolutely
love this you can instantly add more
battery life to the phone you can give
your phone some style and
personalization make your phone a
portable legit Bluetooth speaker and
trust me this thing is loud you will not
be disappointed but the new mod that you
might want to get is this 360 camera
attachment and it's pretty cool as soon
as you attach it and launch the camera
app everything just works you can choose
and change the view of your video or
still camera shots you can view your
pictures or video right back on the
phone and you can share them to on
social media and other apps and you can
upload it directly to YouTube I'm going
to take ton of this type of video in New
York City and upload them to my youtube
channel so be excited for that I really
love the ultra wide-angle view so with
this attachment this could be the
perfect vlogging setup I can't wait to
use this more I can see this being
awesome with Virtual Reality because
this phone is daydream compatible so
what do you guys think of the new moto
z2 force it's got a lot to offer and
with these new modal mods does it have
what it takes to make you want to buy
this over a Samsung or an Apple phone so
let me know in the comments section
below and also hit me up on social media
and let me know what you want to see in
a follow up video for I'll be using this
phone a lot more make sure you hit that
link down below and pick this up on
t-mobile today and I'll see you guys in
the next one

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